15 gift ideas suitable for mountain enthusiasts

What is more beautiful than being able to give a person important to you, a suitable gift, to enjoy and please him. Suppose you are passionate about mountain excursions among those close to you. In that case, you will find in the article some ideas, various objects, and at different prices, so that you can quickly orient yourself.

Regardless of the season or occasion, a gift in this field is welcome and appreciated for a mountain lover. You have an extensive range of such items at your disposal for all pockets, and you will make a pleasant surprise. To help you decide what to take, here are some ideas:


A book

For Christmas or rabbit, a book about the mountains, with the experiences of great climbers, mountain trails, or guides, is a good investment for a colleague or a friend who loves hiking. He will be a good companion during the trip or can help him plan his next trips.

Survival kit

Useful and practical, this gift will please him and will help him on the mountain. They are in the form of kits that contain several necessary items, including a first aid kit (with some useful things such as elastic buttocks, bandages, patches, disinfectant, some pills for headaches, digestive problems, etc.), needle and thread, staples, matches, string, whistle, compass, etc.

A flashlight

You can choose a flashlight or a headlamp, which provides light in the evening or explores certain caves or caverns.

Picnic dishes

Here you have several options, and you can choose complete sets with plates, cutlery, cups, towels, made of durable materials and easy to clean, which are well organized so as not to bother you during transport. You can also opt for thermoses for hot tea, a thermal cup to enjoy your morning coffee in the tent, a silicone water bottle that you can collect when not in use, etc.

Accessories and clothing

If you know what they need and the exact size, you can also choose clothes, shoes or other accessories. Thus, a pair of boots suitable for mountain trips will be welcome even if the user has another pair. You can go to hats, scarves, or a thermally insulating suit for the cold winter days.

And a pair of thick wool socks will give him comfort in his feet. A fleece jacket inside will ensure increased thermal comfort, not take up much space in luggage, and waterproof. The gloves are suitable for any season, without fingers and with leather on the inner area that offers a good grip for the summer period, waterproof, and as warm as possible for the winter.


A camping backpack is a significant investment and will be highly appreciated by the person you are giving it to as a gift. Choose it depending on the size, with an optimal capacity for the time spent on the mountain (20 – 30 liters for day trips, 40 – 50 for 2-3 days, over 60 for longer trips) and waterproof to protect the contents and in bad weather.

Sleeping bag

If you often go with a tent, a sleeping bag is handy. Choose a suitable model, waterproof, well thermally insulated, with hood, compact so as not to take up much space, especially if you walk, being very practical, but also to your taste in terms of design, plain or multicolored, with prints that please him.

A hammock

If he often goes to the mountains with a tent, especially for summer days, a hammock will allow him to relax and unwind after a day of walking. There are all kinds of easy-to-install models between two trees or a frame if you drive to the camping area.

You can also choose models with insect nets so that nothing disturbs his afternoon sleep.

Backpack for transporting children

If the people targeted for the gift have small children, a backpack for their transport will be a good purchase. You will find a wide range of models, in different colors, which offer comfort and safety for the little one.

Bike trekking

They are handy when hiking, being telescopic poles, easy to transport, maintaining a good posture while walking, reducing effort, and helping you keep your balance.

A gadget

If it is a more sporty and modern style and likes to monitor his movement, a watch with GPS and control over certain body functions will be welcomed. Suppose he has other information such as a compass, altimeter, step monitoring, flashlight, etc., all the better.

A multi-functional knife or knife

Even if you only go on short day trips or prefer a more extended holiday in the mountains, your friend will need a high-performance knife, useful for various actions. In addition to the classic knives in all kinds of shapes, bottle openers, and cans, they can also have a file, compass, flashlight, scissors, etc. The more, the more practical it will be, and it will help him in all kinds of unforeseen situations.

Ski pass

If you are together on a trip in winter and want to offer him something that will make him happy, you can buy him a ski pass, either for a more extended period or just for a day. For the little ones, you can take a few days with a paid instructor to teach him to ski, a gift he will remember whenever he puts his skis on.

A journal

It is nice to write your impressions during your travels so that you can enjoy the adventures at home, and a diary with leather covers, tied, well protected from getting wet, with a pen attached, can be an inspired choice. , both for an adult and a child passionate about mountain hiking.

A personalized accessory 

You can choose various small objects with a mountain-centered design for co-workers, such as a keychain, a phone case with a drawn landscape, a T-shirt with a message or print. For a woman, you can also go for small jewelry such as a necklace with a medallion, earrings with different shapes, cord bracelets, etc.