The Best 2 Second Tents Of 2021

2 Second Tents

2 Second Tents – To fully enjoy your hike over a long weekend or simply to camp in comfort overnight, the use of a tent is a necessity. Whether you are planning an extended stay or not, the 2-second type is a model that will not waste your time. Of course, you have to know how to choose it. If you get Eshowods Automatic Instant Pop Up tent, and you will get a suitable item for all seasons. With Qeedo Quick Oak 3, you will be protected from the rain thanks to its waterproof seams. Besides, the ventilation on the roof will prevent you from suffocating.

The 10 Best 2 Second Tents (Reviews & Tests) of 2021

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1. Eshowods Auto Instant Pop Up

Finding the best 2-second tent doesn’t seem like an easy task. To get as close as possible to the article that will meet your expectations, consider all the characteristics offered by the latter.

For example, in the Eshowods Automatic Instant Pop Up case, you will notice that it offers automatic deployment, thanks to its improved spring mount. You will therefore have no trouble mounting it during your outings in the countryside. It is suitable for use in the sun and the shade, with its three modes.

The waterproof construction will protect you from moisture during the rainy season. You will stay dry at all times, even if it is raining a downpour outside.

It will also prevent you from exposure to UV rays, damaging your health with a double-layer fabric. You will enjoy optimal ventilation thanks to the two doors placed face to face and the high-density mesh.

The Pros

  • Quick Opening: This specimen features an improved spring mount, ensuring automatic opening within moments.
  • Waterproof: Its structure prevents rain from penetrating it. You will therefore stay dry in the tent at all times.
  • Anti-UV: With this construction, you won’t have to worry about the sun’s scorching rays because you will be sheltered.

The cons

  • Stability to review: This model will pitch quite enough in windy weather, as it does not have a cord system to hold it properly in place.

2. Iregro Instant Family Grand Automatic Pop-Up

Remember that determining how to choose the best 2-second tents of 2021 isn’t just about price. Every detail matters during the selection. If you look at the Iregro Instant Family Grand Automatic Pop-Up, for example, you will notice that it has a hydraulic spring system, ensuring a quick installation. You will indeed train it in just a minute.

The material used for its manufacture is 190 T polyester. It has undergone an anti-UV treatment, protecting you from harmful rays to the excellent health of your skin. You will find mesh panels on the door, therefore providing optimal ventilation. This will keep the interior pleasantly cool on hot days.

This specimen will accommodate four people with 130 x 200 x 180 cm dimensions if you want maximum comfort and five if you squeeze a little.

The Pros

  • Quick Assembly: This specimen has a hydraulic spring system allowing you to deploy it in about a minute.
  • Anti-UV: Thanks to this manufacture, you will be protected from the rays that may cause health problems.
  • Well ventilated: In addition to the two side doors, you will also notice mesh panels. They guarantee a pleasant draft inside.

The cons

  • Permeable: According to some consumers, this item allows microdrops to pass when the rain is too heavy.

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3. Qeedo Quick Oak 3

You have to know how to buy a better-value 2-second tent to get good comfort without spending too much. With the Qeedo Quick Oak 3, you will benefit from an assembly time of just one minute.

This product has, in fact, a quick-up system that ensures rapid opening and installation. You will see a roof canopy, which offers you the possibility to store some small things. You will also notice the presence of 2 doors on this specimen and two side exits. These features guarantee optimal ventilation for comfortable nights when it is too hot.

The entrances have a mosquito net, preventing small flying critters from disturbing you during your sleep. With a weight of only 6.3 kg, its transport will not tire you, even if you carry it on your back.

The Pros

  • Quick installation: Thanks to this model’s innovative quick-up system, it is set up in just 60 seconds.
  • Available Storage Area: This specimen has a roof canopy, so you can store essential items there and not lose them.
  • Well ventilated: You will find side openings and two doors on this item, which gives you a pleasant draft.

The cons

  • According to some consumers, fragile chopsticks: When handling these items, be careful as they break easily.

4. Lumaland Outdoor Pop-up Light Camping Festival

Before looking for a store to buy the best 2-second tent, focus on your needs first if you want the low weight and easy to transport specimen, for example, the Lumaland Outdoor Pop-up Light Camping.

The Festival will meet your expectations.

Its total weight is 4 kg, which will not overload you during your travels. It has a raised floor, thus reducing contact with moisture and dirt. With its interior storage space, you can organize your small items so you don’t lose them.

Those who like to camp in any season know that this specimen’s structure makes it waterproof.

Therefore, it is not afraid of bad weather, and whether it rains or snows, you will stay sheltered.

Designed for three people, this item is suitable for small families. You will enjoy enough space thanks to its dimensions of 210 x 190 x 110 cm.

The Pros

  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 4 kg, this variation can be transported with great ease. You will have no trouble moving around, even if you carry it on your back.
  • Practical: You will find a pocket in this tent to store your smartphone, papers, a map, and many other things.
  • Waterproof: Its manufacture will provide optimal protection against wind, rain, and snow. You will therefore enjoy good comfort.

The cons

  • Covered: As the roof does not have a window, it will not allow you to admire the stars inside when there are no clouds.

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5. Active Era Large Waterproof Instant Tent

Every detail counts in determining which is the best 2-second tent on the market. If you are looking for comfort, the Active Era Large Instant Waterproof Tent will satisfy you even in the rainy season. Its manufacturing fabric and floor are designed to keep moisture out.

They also exhibit good durability. You will notice a ventilation window at the door. This will allow a draft to pass through, keeping you cool in hot weather. The mesh that composes it will also hinder the entry of flying insects.

The seams on the junctions were doubled, then glued. This will prevent them from coming undone during assembly or folding. Its design will help you set it up in just a few minutes. You will also notice straps on the door, making it easier to open and close.

The Pros

  • Waterproof: The walls and the floor are made of water-resistant fabric. There is, therefore, no risk of humidity entering the interior, neither from below nor from above.
  • Good ventilation: On the upper part of the door, you will find a small mesh window. This optimizes ventilation and prevents the entry of insects.
  • Rugged: You will see double seams and taped seams on this item. This promises excellent strength and longevity.

The cons

  • Stakes not included: These items are not among the components of the tent apparently, as you will not find them in the package. It will be necessary to buy more.

6. High Peak Vision 2 Instant Tent Mixed Adult

The best brand of 2-second tents also offers simplistic products that make opening even more straightforward. This is, for example, the case of the High Peak Vision 2 Instant Tent Mixed Adult.

Its assembly is done in a few seconds, which saves you wasting time for this step. Its manufacture with waterproof seams will protect you during the rainy season. This specimen is indeed waterproof, making your campsite more pleasant, even in times of high humidity.

Dedicated cords for stability are included in the package. A slight gust of wind is unlikely to sway it. The zipper ensures easy opening. You will have no trouble getting in and out of the tent. The elongated design of this item further allows for permanent ventilation. You will therefore stay cool indoors.

The Pros

  • Quick Assembly: The installation of this model is done almost instantly. This will allow you to rest without waiting too long.
  • Waterproof: This specimen has waterproof seams, preventing water penetration, even in heavy rain.
    Stable: There are strings and spikes in the package, allowing you to immobilize the tent better. She will not fear the gusts of wind.

The cons

  • Restricted: This model offers enough room for two people, but not enough to put your luggage in it simultaneously.

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7. Sumit CUB 2 Instant tent

To know which 2-second tent to choose, stability is not neglected. The Sumit CUB 2 Instant Tent meets this requirement. This model is designed with the Flasframe system, which gives it an exoskeleton ensuring both rapid assembly and optimal balance.

The cords and stakes will support the structure to prevent tipping in the event of a strong wind. The interior of the tent is made of breathable polyester. Thanks to this, you will enjoy pleasant ventilation.

The outer layer is very weather resistant. Its impermeability will therefore protect you from the rain.

This copy is suitable for use in summer, spring, and autumn. With a total weight of 3.8 kg, it is not too heavy. You will have no trouble carrying it on the go.

The Pros

  • Stable: The exoskeleton added to the strings and stakes provides an excellent balance to the tent. It will not sway in the wind.
  • Quick assembly: The Flasframe system guarantees easy installation and in a short time. This step will only take you a few minutes.
  • Waterproof: The construction of the outer surface prevents moisture from entering inside. The seams have even been taped.

The cons

  • Restricted size: This reference is not suitable for two people, but instead for one if you want space and comfort.

8. Arvioo Waterproof Dome Tent Anti UV

Note that finding a store to buy a new 2-second tent is only done after determining your product requirements. If you are looking for an automatic model, the Arvioo Waterproof Dome Tent Anti UV will suit you.

Its manufacture saves you the painful tasks during the assembly because it will do the work for you. The door has a double zipper. So you can easily open it in both directions. The outer surface is 201T polyester, with a PU4000mm coating making it waterproof. You will not have to fear the rain during your nights in the middle of nature.

The interior, for its part, consists of a breathable nylon mesh with 201T polyester and a 150D ripstop Oxford fabric floor. This gives it good resistance. In the package, you will find stakes and ropes to improve the stability of the product.

The Pros

  • Easy assembly: The popup construction of this article gives you the possibility to open it quite quickly. It will only take you a minute or two.
  • Durable: The floor is made of 150D ripstop Oxford fabric and the walls of 201T polyester. The set tolerates frequent use.
  • Stable: You will have stakes and cords to immobilize the tent better and no longer fear gusts of wind.

The cons

  • Complex folding: There are no instructions for the storage of this product. That makes it quite difficult for you.

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9. High Peak 10148 Instant Tent Mixed Adult

Going for comparison is the best thing to do before purchasing a 2-second tent. Perhaps this will allow you to find the best performing one. When setting up, you will find that some models, like the High Peak 10 148 Instant Mixed Adult Tent, only take a little time to set up.

In this case, for example, you will just have to throw it in the air and pull on the corners to raise it. You will notice a double door serving as a mosquito net on this specimen. So you can enjoy the view without feeling bothered by mosquitoes and other critters.

Two ventilation systems are placed on the roof, thus ensuring the passage of a draft for a pleasantly calm atmosphere. And thanks to its sealed seams, water won’t seep through the joints when it rains.

The Pros

  • Simple assembly: You will just have to pull on the four corners sending the roof part up to deploy this tent. It will take you less than a minute.
  • Waterproof: With its taped seams, this item will keep you sheltered from the rain in all circumstances.
  • You will stay dry.
  • Convenient: The door liner serves as a mosquito net, which allows you to have light inside without worrying about the flying critters coming to disturb you.

The cons

10. Frostfire Large Pop Up Tent

Getting the cheapest tent does not necessarily mean having the least efficient. The Frostfire Grande popup tent proves it. Its self-deploying design allows you to set it up in seconds.

This model has an integrated ventilation system, which ensures optimal ventilation inside. You will stay cool, even on hot days. With its dimensions of 245 x 145 x 90 cm, it is suitable for two people. You will enjoy enough space not to feel cramped.

Folding will be as easy as assembly, saving you time. You can then install it in its storage bag. This will make it easier to transport, especially if you plan to go hiking.

The Pros

  • Self-deploying: This model will only take a few seconds of your time to set up.
  • Good ventilation: Equipped with an integrated ventilation system, this specimen allows the passage of a draft, thus providing a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Spacious: With dimensions of 245 x 145 x 90 cm, this item promises excellent comfort for two people.
  • You won’t feel cramped inside, even with your stuff.

The cons

  • Monitor: Because of this characteristic, the impermeability leaves much to be desired. This equipment is therefore not recommended for use on rainy days.

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2 Second Tent Purchase guide

It is not enough to go to a price comparison to find a good quality product. Indeed, it is also necessary to know the characteristics to take into account before making a selection. This buying guide for the best 2-second tents will help you in your search. You will see the essential criteria to guarantee your satisfaction.

Reception capacity

When you purchase an item of this kind, its ability to receive should be considered first. Indeed, it is necessary to select according to the number of people who will sleep there. Be aware that if there is too much space, the product’s weight will follow accordingly, cluttering you up more than anything else.

Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable if you don’t have enough room. Comfort, therefore, largely depends on this characteristic.

Usually, the 2-second tent only has one bedroom. There are no compartments or partitions. You can sleep there alone, for two or three. The practical side of this type of product lies above all in the ease of assembly. Its small size makes setting up faster, because you won’t have much to do. And in general, the action is done automatically.

Of course, we can find larger models, which can accommodate at least four people. There are also a few exceptions, but their installation takes over a minute. We are talking about products dedicated to a maximum of 8 individuals.

But whatever you choose, always remember that you are also carrying luggage and that you will not be putting it outside overnight. So check that the dimensions of the product allow you to put them inside.

This will prevent wild animals from tampering with your things or malicious people stealing from you while you sleep.

The weight

Since you will be carrying this item on your back or in your hand, do not neglect its weight, especially if you will be hiking. Granted, two-second tents are usually light, but keep in mind that you will get more tired as the day goes on. Too heavy equipment may slow you down and reduce the enjoyment of the trek.

Consider comparing the products you find to determine which one is right for you. On average, the lightest weigh around 3 kg. We are talking about models with one or two places. You will therefore have no worries about transporting this kind of specimen. But we can find up to 6 kg, or even more. In this case, these are usually tents for four or more people.

Also, note that weight and compactness go hand in hand. A reasonably heavy model certainly has a structure with a reinforcing skeleton to guarantee stability. These do not fit in a small bag, and the transport may tire you out faster. Then prefer an article that bends as much as possible, avoiding too much space.

Of course, if you don’t need to carry this traveling dormitory on your back, you can go with the one that offers you the most comfort.


No matter what type of tent you buy, the set-up is usually different for each model, even for those with the same brand. Therefore, be sure to look at the instructions on setting up the tent before you get it.

In the case of the 2 seconds, you will see various means of doing this. For some, it will be enough to pull on the four corners while sending the top in the air. You won’t even spend 1 minute doing this. Of course, these references do not have an external skeleton but only flexible reinforcements hidden by the seams.

For others, the exoskeleton placed on the outside complicates the task a bit. Indeed, it is still necessary to take it out and pull it upwards so that the whole is put in place. The fabric part usually automatically follows this structure.

You will also need to stick stakes all around the tent and tie them with cords for added stability in some cases. This will reduce the pitch caused by the wind if you land in a place with a strong draft.

There is always a technical sheet that gives instructions for assembly and folding. You just have to study them carefully to pitch the tent quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who invented the 2-second tent?

The person who created the 2-second tent is called Abderrahman El Elaammari. Growing up in the Sahara desert, he saw various tourists pass by with their tents, but especially the nomads who set up their camps with difficulty each time. He, therefore, had the idea of ​​designing a model that avoids wasting time and excess effort. Its invention has earned it the title of allying festival-goers.

Q2: Is a 2 second as durable as a classic tent?

A tent’s longevity will vary depending on the manufacture materials, whether the equipment is 2 second or standard type. Specimens designed with polyester only exhibit low strength, unlike those made from polyester mixed with cotton.

However, instant models are generally made of polyester. The popup side also creates high tension with each opening, which is not the case with a conventional product.

So that gives you a little idea of ​​the longevity of these two types. However, it also depends on how you handle your tent, deployed mode, and the storage bag. Also, avoid any contact with sharp or abrasive objects.

Q3: How to fold a 2-second tent?

To start, remove all cords and stakes. Close the doors and windows so as not to have annoying folds. For the rest, it all depends on the model you bought.

For an inexpensive tent, there will be no rigid structure to remove. You just have to press on the roof, take the far ends to bring them together and do, and so on until you get a little bundle and put the product in the bag.

For the more complicated, there are still the rods placed on the outside to bend. Unlock the stop systems before folding each element from the top. The fabric part will automatically follow the procedure.

Of course, you will usually find a manual for assembly and folding included in the package. You will just have to read the instructions according to the model you have in possession.

Q4: How to clean a 2-second tent?

Users offer various tips for this step. But for more efficiency and not to miss some parts, set up the tent before you start. Then use a garden hose and a soapy sponge. Rub well, without pressing too hard, at the risk of tearing the canvas. Do the same for the interior and exterior. For the surface that comes into contact with the ground, this process will also work.

However, avoid using a clothes brush, even if there is a stain that will not come off. Then rinse thoroughly to get rid of all traces of soap. Let everything dry and fold up your tent, then put it away. She will therefore be ready for new adventures in the heart of nature.