The best 20 Liter waterproof backpacks

Summer is coming! Long walks in the sun, picnics, trips to the beach too! Is your old backpack no longer suitable? Do you need a smaller, more suitable bag that does not leak? Discover our selection of waterproof backpacks. With their 20 liters, they can contain everything you want to take without cluttering you!

Waterproof bags for your nautical activities, semi-waterproof bags for your hikes, and against leaky gourds, there is something for all requests!

Choosing the right 20 Liter waterproof backpack

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1 – LifeProof Squamish – Waterproof 20L Trekking Backpack

This backpack is suitable for trekking with its welded seams and its waterproof and dustproof Roll Top closure. It’s padding, chest strap, and adjustable waist belt allow you a comfortable wearing and an optimal fit.

With two side nets and a sliding elastic link on the outside, your things will be safe. Its PVC canvas offers you protection against wear. Ideal for those looking for simplicity and quality! 

2 – Overboard – 20 L White Waterproof Travel Bag

This tube-shaped bag with a front pocket is ideal for storing clothes and valuables. With its two adjustable shoulder straps, it can be worn as a backpack. Its carrying handle gives you additional portability. 100% waterproof, it floats safely in the water in the event of a fall. It can even very quickly find itself submerged underwater thanks to its very welded seams. Your content will also be protected from sand and dust.

For more landmarks, you can spot your bag at night or in the middle of the water, thanks to its large reflective patch. Sold with a clip of carabiners, it will transform your boat trips into a real pleasure. No more worrying about your luggage! In rainy weather, at sea, or the water’s edge, you will have peace of mind!

3 – Seibertron – waterproof military backpack

This bag designed for the military is ideal for assault, hunting, off-roading, hiking, is recognized for its high range. It is perfect for your daily use and all kinds of adventures. Made with waterproof fabric, it can easily hang around in the water, mud, withstand liquids and rain. However, the closure is not waterproof; it is recommended to be careful.

With numerous compartments, a mesh in the back, and two adjustable waist belts, you can rest assured that your equipment is safe, tidy, and wedged against you. An additional belt protects the various compartments. So if you forget a zipper, the belt will prevent your things from getting out of the bag. It will also lighten your loads by bringing them back to you. With its 27 liters, this bag will allow you to take everything you need. So dare!

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4 – FE Active Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack

This 100% waterproof bag allows you to keep your valuables, clothes, and belongings safe from rain, snow, dirt, dust, and sand. Adapted to small budgets, it delights with its bright color, which allows it to be seen from afar. Its 20 liters will enable you to store a sleeping bag and three adult-size jackets together. You can also put blankets, backpacks, keys, cell phones, laptops, towels, shoes – it’s up to you!

Equipped with a quick-release buckle (or “high-security plastic clasp”), its closure is robust, secure and can support a weight greater than 100,000 times the bag’s load. Quick, the closing buckle is triggered in three seconds. The seams of the bag are factory sealed and welded seamlessly. This allows for durability, lightness, and impermeability without fail!

Its 210T polyester taffeta fabric is resistant to hydrostatic pressure and can go up to 5000 to keep your things dry and clean! So you can enjoy kayaking, swimming, canoeing, sailing, rafting, boating without risk. You can also use it for any other outings like hiking, fishing, camping, or traveling. Easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface, it can also be rolled or folded when it needs to be stored.

5 – Piscifun Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack 

Airtight and waterproof, this double adjustable shoulder bag is suitable for all your sports activities. Its carabiners guarantee more solidity and allow a more secure port. Thus, if you are climbing, its shoulder straps will remain securely attached in case of sudden movements. You can also carry this bag by the handle.

Equipped with a waterproof 6-inch phone case, this bag will allow you to have easy access to your phone in an emergency or for your personal use while protecting your equipment from water.

Lightweight and durable, this bag is resistant to rapid total immersion in water, as well as snow. Its effectiveness is proven for all those who ride motorcycle touring in the river. It is ideal for fishing, sailing, hiking, cycling. Its tube shape allows you to store your sleeping bags, clothes, tent fabrics. So ready for adventure?

Buy a 20L waterproof backpack: How to make the right decision?

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We all encounter rain in our daily life or on our hikes. We cannot control it. But with a 20L waterproof backpack, you’ll never have to worry again.

Waterproof backpacks are real everyday heroes:

  • The contents are protected from humidity.
  • The material is generally of very high quality and durable.
  • There are some beautiful designs.
  • Many manufacturers cater to outdoor enthusiasts and produce with respect for the environment.

I show you how to recognize a sturdy and waterproof backpack. So you can quickly find out who can become your hero daily!

What Should You Consider When Buying A 20L Waterproof Backpack?

In your search for the best 20L waterproof backpack, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Difference between waterproof and waterproof
  • Materials
  • Closures
  • Stitching
  • Wearing comfort
  • Size and distribution
  • Intended use

Difference between waterproof and water repellent?

Waterproof means the backpack can withstand heavy rain or continuous rain. Water repellent means that the water will not drain off after a long time and cannot resist a lot of water. In this case, the material is only waterproof or water repellent.

I advise you to do the following test before using your 20-liter waterproof backpack:

  • Place a roll of toilet paper inside the backpack.
  • Pour a bucket of water over the backpack.
  • If the toilet paper roll stays dry inside, the test is successful!
  • Waterproof backpack materials.

Most manufacturers use:

  • tear-resistant nylon fabric
  • plastic or PVC

Backpacks made of impregnated fabric are usually only waterproof, but not waterproof. The 20 L backpacks in my review are entirely waterproof, so you can buy them in complete safety.

Your backpack needs an opening to fill it. But it is still a weak point for water. The safest solution is, therefore, a roll closure. It is also called roll-top closure.

With a roll-top, the opening is hidden under several layers of waterproof fabric when rolled up. The seams also represent tiny openings. To indeed resist water, the seams of the backpack must be taped.

What a lot of people don’t know about waterproof backpacks:

If not, the manufacturer can only write “waterproof” on their product.

Wearing comfort

Comfort is an absolute must. This is the only way to enjoy carrying the backpack for a long time.

The best wearing comfort:

Padded shoulder straps are ideal. The wider the straps, the better they distribute the weight. For heavy luggage when hiking, the backpack should be equipped with chest and hip straps. This allows you to spread the weight over as much area as possible.

Backpack size and layout

The size of the backpack is a matter of need. The hikes require more space than the daily trip to the university, for example:

10 – 20 liters: A volume between 10 and 20 liters is sufficient for a laptop, files, etc.

30 – 60 liters: for treks, you should use backpacks of 30, 40, or even 60 liters.

The distribution of the different compartments also depends on your needs:

  • External pockets: for hikes, outer pockets for bottles and hiking equipment are essential.
  • Interior Compartments: If you have valuables with you, you should make sure that there is a separate interior compartment.
  • Laptop Compartment: If you want to use the backpack on the way to college or work, you should use a waterproof backpack with a laptop compartment.

You can also buy a foldable backpack if you want to be able to use two backpacks but only one waterproof at one time. This will then allow you to store it in the 20 L waterproof backpack.

Intended use of a backpack

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Choosing the best waterproof small backpack depends a lot on its use:

  • Waterproof: While kayaking, hiking in torrential rain, or on the SUP, the backpack should be waterproof enough to survive a full descent.
  • Water repellent: If, on the other hand, you are only looking for adequate protection against medium to heavy rain or splashing water, a highly water-repellent backpack is quite sufficient.

How much does a 20-liter waterproof backpack cost?

Typically, you will find your 20-liter backpack in the price range of € 15 to € 130. However, if you focus on quality and specific features, the price will increase accordingly. A waterproof 20L backpack price also depends on the brand, with some brands in a higher price range. You need to make sure that you are paying for good quality and not just for the brand.

What are the alternatives to a 20L backpack?

The obvious alternative would be a different volume than a 20-liter backpack. Depending on your needs, you may need more than 20L of volume and use a larger backpack.

Of course, the reverse would also be true if your 20-liter backpack is a little too big for your usual excursions or everyday life, and you don’t need the space. In this case, a smaller version would suit you better.

Tips for maintaining your waterproof backpack

Why are lightweight waterproof backpacks not allowed in the washing machine?

To keep the material waterproof, it is often coated, and the seams are welded. This coating can come off under the strong influence of detergent, towers, and heat in machines. The backpack may then leak.

The 20 L waterproof backpacks are therefore only cleaned by hand:

  • Use a mild soap mixed with baking soda (1 tbsp for disinfection).
  • Mix everything with hot water in a bucket.
  • Rub the backpack with the mixture and a rag.
  • Leave to dry on the clothesline.
  • If necessary, you should also use a disinfectant for spraying.
  • Warning: Never wash your waterproof backpack in the washing machine. They are also not suitable for tumble dryers.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Water Proof Backpacks

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What makes a backpack waterproof?

Waterproof material, taped seams, and coated zippers make the backpack waterproof. 20L waterproof backpacks are always welded and look like they are made from one piece.

Zippers should be coated and covered by the fabric. The material itself should not be woven. PVC fabrics or coated and impregnated plastics are therefore often used.

Are 20L waterproof backpacks waterproof?

Manufacturers can only use the term “waterproof” if the backpack does not allow water to enter. Otherwise, it is called waterproof or water repellent.

Is it worth buying a 20L waterproof backpack?

Buying a waterproof backpack is worth it for anyone on the go. It can range from commuting to the office, shopping to a hike. Documents and electrical equipment, in particular, must be effectively protected from moisture. Otherwise, their replacement will be expensive.

What is the best waterproof backpack?

It depends on the use of the backpack and your needs. My 20L waterproof backpacks comparison will help you in your buying decision.

Can I wash a waterproof backpack?

Yes, but only by hand and with mild soap. Otherwise, the coating on the backpack may peel off, and the material may leak. You should never put a waterproof backpack in a washing machine or dryer.

Where can I buy waterproof backpacks?

Various outdoor stores like Decathlon offer a wide range of waterproof and waterproof backpacks.

Amazon offers the widest variety of waterproof 20-liter backpacks for women, men, travel, and trekking.

Conclusion: 20 L waterproof backpacks

A waterproof backpack is useful for everyone. It can even save money, as electrical equipment and essential documents are effectively protected from damage in the long run.

Therefore, I advise you to buy a waterproof backpack with a volume of 20 L, which is more than enough for everyday life.