Best 3 Room Family Camping Tents

3 Room Family Camping Tents – Have you been looking for a family-size tent that is easy to assemble and offers protection against nature’s raw elements? If yes, then this article is for you! Today, there are several spacious and secure tents that can accommodate large groups easily. Advances in technology have led to the newfound popularity of tents. 

Designers have made tents spacious and airy. They are made of sturdy material that is waterproof and can survive harsh weather. Tents have also become budget-friendly, and as a result, middle-class families are now incorporating them into their lifestyle. The tents are available in several different designs and prices. This has opened the market for a diverse number of buyers. 

The market is brimming with three room family camping tents, and it can be hard to filter these products on one’s own. In this article, we have curated a list of some of the best three-room family camping tents. Read on to know more!

3 Room Family Camping Tents Product List And Review

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  • Robens Midnight Dreamer 4 Person Tent

The Robens Midnight Dreamer 4 Person Tent can accommodate four people and has three rooms. All the doors of this tent are made of mesh and have zippered panels. The windows can be shaded to enable privacy. 

A factor that makes the Robens Midnight Dreamer 4 Person Pipe especially user-friendly is the availability of a dry set up. This means you can set it up even if it is raining, and guess what? The interior of the tent will remain dry! 

The tent material has a 5000 mm waterproof rating, and it can withstand moderately strong winds. It has been tested for the wind speed of 150 kilometers per hour.  The poles are made up of rustproof aluminum alloy. 

To make the stay convenient, there are several pouches and compartments where you can keep tiny yet important things. The weight of this product is just 26 lbs (11.8 kgs)!

  •  H HANNAH Space 6 Person Family Tent

If you are looking for a versatile six-person tent, then your best option is H HANNAH Space 6 Person Family Tent! This tent has been made with an innovative dome shape design, with which you get three rooms. 

The layout is changeable. In the middle, you have a large room, and on each side, you get two separate sleeping tents. These sleeping tents, though independent units in themselves, are flaked by the overall tent, which acts as the middle room. So if you remove the small sleeping tents, you will get just one big room. But if you need three separate rooms, then you can include the smaller tents as well. 

This tent is free standing and has fiberglass poles. The two doors also have full mesh panels that facilitate ventilation along with the windows. A thick polyethylene material with a waterproof rating of 3000 mm has been used in building this tent.

  • Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent

The brand Vango has pioneered the technique of including air beams in their tents. One of their best products that have this technology embedded is the Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent. The air beams are easier and quicker in setting up than poles. It takes 10 minutes to install this tent, and one person is enough to complete this setup. An air pump comes along with the tent package. 

There are three rooms in this tent. However, you can remove the two smaller tents that are placed in the dome tent and change it into a single room large tent. Officially this tent is supposed to accommodate four people, but even six people can comfortably sleep in it if the layout changes to a single room. 

The single full-sized door in this tent has an additional mesh panel. Its weight is 38.1 lbs. So, in a way, it falls on the heavier side. The lights out design allow one to relax without outside disturbances. 

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  • Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent

A consistent problem with family size tents is that they are too expensive. Additionally, people are often not ready to invest money in something they are buying for the first time. If you are looking for an affordable group size tent, then the Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent is a great option! 

There are three rooms in the tent, which give it a total inner area of 116.3 ft. The space is sufficient for five people.  You can access this tent via two doors, one in the front and the other at the back. There are clear PVC windows and vents for air circulation. These features enhance the overall ventilation. 

The tent has inflammable beams, which can be set up with the help of an air pump that comes with the tent itself. You can get all these features with this remarkable tent at a very affordable rate!

  • Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent is one of those rare family tents that weigh less than 15 kilograms. This tent collectively weighs just 13 kilograms, which makes it very lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it in a car or even carry it physically. In terms of length, it is 130 cm tall, which is considered quite towering for a tent. 

The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent is constructed out of high quality 70 D oyster diamond material. The tent is made with inflatable technology and has made its place amongst the best inflatable tents! A manual air pump comes within the package and helps the user assemble the tent only within a few minutes!  

You can change the configuration of this tent, into three separate divisions or in just one big room. The total area of the tent is 117.5 ft². This is sufficient to accommodate five people if you change the layout into just one room. 

  • Portal Outdoor Unisex’s Two Beta 6 Spacious 2 Bedroom Tent

If you are looking for a lightweight and inexpensive tent, then get the Portal Outdoor Unisex’s Two Beta 6 Spacious 2 Bedroom Tent. It weighs just 11.3 kgs and can be hauled by one person who has a  moderate body build. The area you get is 117 sq. ft. Six people can comfortably be accommodated in this tent. 

The tent is made in dome style and allows you to modify the layout from three rooms to two or just one. This tent needs to be set up with the help of fiberglass poles. Hundred percent polyester, which has a waterproof rating of 4000 mm – has been used in this tent. 

However, people who are looking for a tent that has direct ventilation in the form of windows and vents might feel suffocated in this tent since it has no windows. The biggest appeal of this product lies in its budget-friendly price! 

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  • Jack Wolfskin Great Divide RT Tent

The Jack Wolfskin Great Divide RT Tent is an exceptionally well-made tunnel type tent. What sets this apart from other tents is its impressive use of space and design. This tent has three doors, four windows, and five vents. The presence of four windows and five vents makes the ventilation excellent. 

It has been made with high-grade plastic and has DAC aluminum poles. The quality of the material makes it durable and long-lasting. It rarely needs repairs or replacements. You get reliable sturdiness despite this tent weighing just 12.8 kilograms! The net internal area is 188 square feet and sufficiently accommodates six people. 

There are little additions that add to its appeal. One of its small but significant features is the presence of 14 inner pockets.  You can use these pockets to store valuables like a torch, charger, and snacks. There are also in-built loops that are used as small hangers. 

  • Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Tent

If you are into adventure camping and you have been seeking a tent that has a climate control option and blackout technology, then the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus Tent is a great option. Its blackout technology ensures that 99 percent of the sunlight is blocked from entering the tent. 

In addition to this, you get insulated rooms that keep the daytime temperature five degrees cooler than the outside. Its outer material is made with sturdy plastic that also offers SPF 50 protection and a UV guard. This feature prevents you from coming in contact with harmful rays at higher altitudes and also prevents sunburns. 

The total area of the tent can accommodate five people comfortably. There are five windows and three rooms in the tent. The presence of five windows gives ample amounts of ventilation. One limitation of this product is that it is not freestanding but needs support. 

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  • Coleman Da Gama Unisex Outdoor Tunnel Tent

The Coleman Da Gama Unisex Outdoor Tunnel Tent has established a reputation for itself, thanks to its stunning performance. This family tent has three rooms and a fully sewn-in floor.  The area you get is 121.6 square feet, and this much space is good enough for four to six people, depending on how you sleep. 

In terms of style, the tent is designed in a tunnel style.  There are two doors and solid PVC windows. To enable ventilation, there are floor vents in place which make sure the tent remains airy. Additionally, you will find an e-cable port, some velcro loops, and a lantern hoop tied to the ceiling of this tent. 

Steel poles are used to assemble the tent. Despite the steel poles, the tent weighs just 17 kilograms. You can use this product in all three seasons, including the rainy season. The waterproof material protects the users from rain and hail. 

  • Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent 4 Person

Wherever people talk about getting a tent that has the most advanced features, the name of Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent always comes up. This 127 square feet tent is apt for four adults and is suitable for all kinds of weather and terrains. 

To ensure proper ventilation, the makers have added four vents in the tent. The tent is made with a 185T polyester material that gives it full waterproofness. The PU coating makes it even more, climate protected, so you can freely use it during windy and rainy seasons. You will also be protected from the ultra hash sun while resting inside this tent. 

There are many small things that enhance the overall user experience of the tent, such as small internal pockets. You get a carry bag with a tent which makes the packing and transportation easy. 

The unique selling point of this product is its self-rolling panels, which automatically roll up whenever you unzip them. You will be impressed at the smoothness with which this feature works! 

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  • Skandika Weatherproof Tonsberg Unisex Outdoor Dome Tent

The Skandika Weatherproof Tonsberg Unisex Outdoor Dome Tent is amongst the most spacious tents on this list! Even though its total area is just 135.6 square feet, its layout design opens it up for close to 10 people who can comfortably sleep in it! This makes it appropriate for a large group. 

The dome style tent is made of steel, polyester, and fiberglass. These lightweight and yet durable materials give it a weight of 15 kilograms. You can use it for your summer camps and cozy winter getaways. 

The aesthetics of the Skandika Weatherproof Tonsberg Unisex Outdoor Dome Tent are modern and minimalistic. Its look is sophisticated and speaks of quality workmanship. You get a bag – in which you can pack this tent, and comes free of cost – with a tent. Additionally, you also get an important and effective repair kit that has everything you will need to repair the tent if it ever gets damaged. 

  • Ferrino Meteora 5 Tent

Think of a strong and wind-resistant tent, and the name Ferrino Meteora Tent will come to your mind. This tent is spacious and extremely strong. The 136.7 square feet space is enough to place five to six people without any congestion. 

There are three rooms in the tent and two doors. The tent is pretty tall, measuring 195 centimeters in height. With just 12.8 kilograms in its weight, you may consider this a lightweight tent that can be easily carried around. 

It has been made of 700 diamond polyester fabric that ensures protection from water and external moisture. Many people who like to camp near waterfalls like to take this specific tent because of its water-repelling capacities. What makes it even better is the fact that you do not have to shell a ton of money to own a Ferrino Meteora Tent since it’s quite affordable! 

  • Robens Cabin 600 Adventure 6 Man Tunnel Tent

Robens Cabin 600 Adventure 6 Man Tunnel Tent has been in the EU market for several years now. This tunnel tent places itself amongst the best adventure tents out there! It is not a freestanding tent, and one has to make use of aluminum poles to bring and keep it in shape. Being made from aluminum, the poles do not get rusted. 

The dark rest design helps a person sleep soundly, even if it is too bright out there. You get three rooms and four tainted PVC windows in this tent. All windows and doors come with a mesh as well as a zipper. This way, you can adjust the flow of air and light according to your requirements. 

You can use this tent in all four seasons because it is designed with versatility and has accommodating features. It can withstand winds up to 110 kilometers per hour!  If you are a regular camper, then this tent is a good investment! 

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How To Choose The Best 3 Room Family Camping Tent?

Choosing a family size or group size camping tent is not a straightforward task. There are a few important pros and cons that need to be considered. It requires one to look for certain factors before making a purchase. Here are some of them:

  • Material: The construction material is the most important thing in a tent. If the material is not made of premium quality, then the safety of the user can be compromised. Always go for a tent that has waterproof and industry-grade plastic. The poles should be of high-grade fiberglass or alloys so that they are protected from rusting or corrosion. If your tent has been tested for withholding wind speeds, then it’s even better! 
  • Design: Design is another important aspect of a tent. A design that is versatile and flexible should be picked over the rigid ones. Tents with dome style can be modified according to one’s need for space and privacy. You should also seek tents that are uncomplicated, such as the ones which can be set up by one or two people easily. It should not take too much time for one to set up a tent. 
  • Area: If you are looking for a tent that can accommodate four people, then the interior area should not be less than 80 square feet. The tents, which have an area of more than 110 square feet, can easily fit six people without any constraints! 
  • Ventilation: No tent should be without ventilation. Look for windows and mesh panels that allow the cross moving of air across the tent. If windows are not there, then look for tents that have vents. 

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Final Thoughts

All the tents mentioned in the list are some of the best ones out there! They are designed in such a way that makes the user experience convenient, but at the same time gives the best results and has the most advanced features. Additionally, the tents are spacious and reliable. You will not regret purchasing any of the products recommended above!