The best bicycle alarm

Bikes are very popular with thieves. Bicycles can be parked everywhere, and we would sometimes like to protect them better against theft. Whether a bicycle alarm system makes sense to the affected owner depends on several factors:

  • place of residence and associated bicycle theft rate
  • the value of the bike to be protected.

It is hardly interesting for a bike of 100 euros to buy an alarm system for 50 euros. On the other hand, it is an excellent idea to add extra security for a high-end bike or a folding electric bike.

A bicycle alarm system does not replace locking with a conventional bicycle lock! If you secure your bike only with the alarm system, you will not be able to count on your bike insurance in the event of theft.

Comparison of the best bike alarms

bike sillouhette

1.XIAOKOA Tail Lights – Quality bicycle alarm

This bicycle alarm is an excellent quality alarm that is worth the price. The warning seems solid and aesthetic. It can be used as a rear light which makes it much more discreet.

The remote control is supplied with the alarm. The buttons are well protected, which prevents them from being activated inadvertently. The sound is compelling. It lasts about ten seconds and starts again if the bike is not put down.

The device is easy to install at the seal, but you can hang it in another location if you wish. The battery is recharged with a convenient USB cable!


  • Powerful alarm signal
  • Easy installation at the seal
  • High quality and solidity


  • Does not locate the bike
  • No instructions in French but easy to understand

2. Tchipie – Bicycle Anti-theft Alarm

This bicycle alarm is a great anti-theft device to protect your electric bicycle when it is parked outside. The alarm works with vibration detection; if your bike is moved or has a minor collision, it triggers a 110db siren of 3 beeps as a warning. If the problem continues, the alarm will sound ten times. This signals the danger to users around the bike.

This bicycle lock is made of a robust aluminum alloy which prevents it from being easily broken. The anti-theft device works with six batteries and has an autonomy of 8 to 10 months.

The lock with alarm also blocks the wheels of the bike, which prevents it from rolling quickly. It is waterproof so it can stay in the rain for hours without being damaged.


  • visible
  • Supplied with batteries
  • High quality and solidity


  • Does not locate the bike
  • Not SRA4e approved

3. The alarm system with GPS tracker for bicycle


Mainly for very high-quality bikes and expensive electric bicycles, alarm systems with GPS are interesting.

A GPS tracker installed on a bicycle is difficult to detect by thieves. The GPS tracker has a SIM card that sends the owner up-to-date information on their bike location.

The entire program works via a free smartphone app. If the bike leaves a virtual territory, the application sends an alarm signal concerning a possible theft.

The virtual territory can be configured using the app to avoid a false alarm.

The setup is usually done in the home and garden or the workplace. The application only sends an alarm when the user leaves the preconfigured zone.


  • Good protection thanks to the location of the bike
  • Fairly simple configuration
  • Instructions in French


  • High but justified price
  • Works with Smartphone

4. Wireless bicycle alarm system

These alarm systems are particularly suitable for classic or low-cost bikes. These bicycle alarm systems without GPS react very sensitive to vibrations.

If the bicycle is moved, an alarm signal sounds with a very high-pitched tone of around 110 decibels. The sound is comparable to that of a rock concert or a chainsaw. Passers-by or neighbors, therefore, hear it.

For thieves, leaving the premises immediately is a deterrent.


  • Powerful alarm signal
  • Easy installation
  • Low price


  • Does not locate the bike
  • It can be triggered inadvertently

What is a bicycle alarm system?

A bicycle alarm system is additional protection and the classic padlock for the bicycle. An alarm system is mounted discreetly so that it is not visible to potential thieves, and some other alarms are placed to be visible.

When the bike is in motion, a loud sound is emitted, which can sometimes reach 115dB and muffle the typical ambient noise. Thieves usually immediately refrain from attempting to steal the bike, and they run away.

The alarm can usually be deactivated through a fingerprint, code, key, or smartphone app.

A bicycle alarm system is just additional protection. It would be best if you never did without a bicycle lock.

Who is a bicycle alarm system suitable for?

bike at night

Bicycle alarm systems are suitable for anyone who wants to protect their bicycle against theft.

Since thieves are generally familiar with regular bicycle locks, it is easy for them to break into them in a short time. Protection is, therefore, generally only weakly provided. An additional alarm system thus offers increased security and is suitable for any bicycle owner.

For cars and motorcycles, alarm systems are generally quite common. For bicycles, on the other hand, the use of alarm systems is less common, although they are no less worthy of protection.

A bicycle alarm system increases security and offers additional protection compared to the conventional bicycle lock.

Where can I buy a bicycle alarm system?

Bicycle alarm systems can be found in specialty stores and department stores, and many online stores. Besides, it is possible to purchase bicycle alarms directly from your local bicycle store.

All the bicycle alarm systems that I present to you on this site are provided with a link to an online store. If you’ve found a device you like, you can buy it right away.

What are bicycle alarm systems?

With bicycle alarm systems, significant price differences are possible due to the different functionality.

If it is enough to chase the thief through a sound signal, about twenty euros is enough for an alarm system. If it is an expensive bike, a good password is not enough, and the optimal choice is an alarm system with a GPS tracker with a price range of 50 to 150 euros.

Various manufacturers also offer a smartphone application for controlling and monitoring the alarm system.

How to choose your bicycle alarm?

Here’s what you can look out for when buying a bicycle alarm:

  • GPS or no GPS
  • Smartphone app
  • Bike value
  • Visibility of the alarm system on the bike
  • The criteria provide information on the value addition of a bicycle alarm system.

Is there an alternative to a bicycle alarm system?

bike in road

A bike security system basics include an excellent secure lock that should keep thieves busy for a long time, and ideally, a second bike lock (a good U-lock or a folding lock). This increases security, as thieves may not be prepared for both types of locks or may be deterred.

But even the best bike locks can be cracked or broken by experienced thieves because, unfortunately, no bike lock in the world is unbreakable.

Therefore, additional protection in the form of a bicycle alarm system should always be a good choice.

How many bikes are stolen in France?

Crime statistics show that around 400,000 bicycles are stolen in France each year. This works out to about 45 bikes per hour.

Thefts are mainly made in cities and public areas.

Conclusion: Is the bicycle alarm a helpful system?

The answer is yes. But only from a specific bike price and only as a supplement to a good bike lock.

Now there are no longer just ordinary bicycles. Still, more and more electric bikes require special locks to have additional security; there is no better alternative than a sound alarm system. for bicycles.