The Best Bike Lock – Chain, Foldable, Bluetooth, Padlock

When I researched a bicycle lock recently, I first looked at the best folding locks. But, I then wanted to broaden my search.

I enjoy cycling.

I used my bike to go to school and then to university. It accompanied me on my first adventures, on vacation, and I met several people by bike.

I have many memories of cycling, and cycling is not just an everyday object for me. I still really enjoy walks in the forest or those with my little sisters.

So I try to do my best to keep my bike safe with a quality lock against theft because a bike costs a lot of money, and you can’t afford to repurchase one every week!

Here are my favorites:

  • Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 folding lock
  • ABUS Steel-O-Chain Lock 85 or 110cm

The best bike locks

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1. Recommendation – the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Folding bicycle lock

The folding padlock is an invention of Abus.

It is more effective than a lightweight spiral wave but a little less effective than large-caliber locks, but it dramatically reduces the risk of theft of high-quality wheels, as well as electric bikes.


The Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 has proven its high safety with great success in safety tests. The silicone-like sheath provides good Protection from the varnish. This sheath is pleasant to the touch.

The 5.5 millimeters and 85 cm long steel joints. This length is sufficient for most bicycles. The struts, joints, rivets, and lock housing are made of hardened steel. If you think your bike is too strong, you can opt for the same model in 120cm length as indicated above.

Safety and handling

The strength is reflected again with a weight of 1.6 kg, but the lock measures 26.7 x 14 x 7.6 cm when folded. The safety is protected against picking and drilling and is protected by a dust and moisture cover.

The key is an LED key; that is to say, the passport has a lamp that allows the lock to be used comfortably even in the dark in the countryside. This is a key with a code card to order several Abus locks suitable for the same access.

Abus has so far passed every bicycle lock test carried out by Stiftung Warentest, the ADFC, and major specialist magazines: This indicates that the Bordo Granit X-Plus folding is used lock in high places risk of theft is a good idea.


  • One key for several locks
  • Multiple burglary protection
  • Winner of several tests


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

2. Inexpensive – ABUS Steel-O-Chain Lock 85 or 110cm is a good lock for motorcycle/bicycle

A wave with top-quality chains. Many reviews have been done on this lock, and the reviews are very positive. The reviews are also excellent from the cycling clubs.


With 110 cm in length, the ABUS Steel-O-Chain Anti-Theft bicycle lock fulfills all the everyday use requirements, even if you own an electric bicycle, moped, or motorbike. Support is unnecessary since the chain is wrapped around the frame two or three times.

Even if you ride an electric bike, moped, or light bike, this lock is perfect. Support is unnecessary because the chain can wrap around the frame two or three times which does not take up space.

It has a fabric sheath that must protect the frame from scratches. Here is the only minor point of criticism but which leaves the security intact. It is that the fabric can be damaged, but the links of the chain will not move.

Safety and handling

Professional thieves have not had more success in trying to unlock this lock. The test consists of breaking the lock in less than 3 minutes with a saw, wire cutters, and any other object easily accessible by thieves. You can’t break the ABUS Steel-O-Chain with these 6mm square link chains. Hardened steel guarantees this high level of safety.

Also, the hardened steel cylinder of the lock offers more excellent resistance to manipulation, and it is difficult to force it. It doesn’t matter how you put the key in the lock because of the bilateral dentition.

Only with the key can you use the locking mechanism, also for opening. You can remove the key only after closing.


  • Protection against drilling
  • Cover on the lock
  • Reversible key


  • The sheath can tear
  • Heavy

3.ABUS U460 / 150HB / USH460 U-Lock for Bicycle

U-shaped padlocks are classics that are recognized for the Protection of bicycles. The ABUS U460 / 150HB / USH460 is very suitable for everyday life to hang your bike close to your work, for example. With this, Abus lock got an excellent overall rating in the April 2013 bicycle lock test. If you want to buy a U-lock, you can also look at Kryptonite New-York, which makes very secure locks!


The ABUS U460 / 150HB / USH460 bicycle lock is available with a 23cm long 12mm hardened steel bracket. The anti-theft device is 10.9 cm wide, limiting the places where you can hang your bike a bit.

Safety and handling

Once you have managed to attach your lock to a holder with a bit of patience, you can try twisting or clamping the lock. It will not budge. Abus did not wish to put a fabric cover to protect the theft device from dust.

The cylinder is a mid-range security level 6/10. So that confirmed bike thieves find no possibility of unlocking the lock with a drill or pliers, but I advise you to park your mountain bike in the safest environment possible.

The Abus padlock offers sufficient security and is an excellent investment to protect against bike theft.


  • Supplied with two encoded reversible keys
  • Robust
  • Hardened steel


  • Complicated installation
  • No cover on the lock

4. Fischer lock Ø 18 mm Length 70cm

If you belong to the lucky cyclists who have a supervised parking space, you only need a light bike lock while you are away.

The Fischer locks that you can buy inexpensively in 70cm length with a cylinder lock.

There are also anti-theft devices with combination locks that we will see later.


Under the cover are movable steel links surrounding the 18-millimeter armored cable with a body at the lock level to prevent dirt from entering the lock, allowing the key to working efficiently.

For fixing, Fischer provides a unique Velcro strip. But you have to buy it separately.

Safety and handling

One of the two keys on the essential lights an LED lamp which allows better handling of the anti-theft device when it is dark. Although a cover protects the cylinder, many buyers complain of the lock jamming for a short while if there is dust.

The highest security level 8 comes from an internal ranking. It is therefore not possible to compare this level of security with other anti-theft devices.


  • LED button
  • Cover on the lock
  • Cheap


  • Relatively easy to break
  • Locking the lock

5. Nean combination lock

I would like to present to you this 5-digit combination lock from the Nean brand. We can therefore have 100,000 different combinations.


With the 6mm thick hardened steel chain links, this lock is excellent. Neon has several combination locks for bicycles and motorbikes. This bicycle lock weighs about 850 grams. It is cheap and can fit big bikes like electric bikes.

A nylon coating protects the links from dirt, pollution, and the frame from scratches.

Safety and handling

The Nean combination lock has five digits which are more than the other waves, which often only have four digits locks, so we have many more combinations with this Cadena. The brand refers to high security in its description since it is impossible to find the correct variety with 100,000 different possibilities.

Customers receive this circumstance of feeling that they receive a returned item with the changed item view. That which has no mediumistic capacity to discover the code can reread in several customer reports. The castle of numbers with the movements determined at the cog can be opened.

All is explained in the package to inform a new combination to the lock. It is very, very not recommended to keep the default combination. Many youtube videos explain how to change this lock’s code and thus open the combination lock correctly.


  • Also suitable for motorcycles, scooters, etc.
  • Engraved numbers
  • 100,000 combinations


  • Not suitable for children’s bikes
  • Long to unlock

The Winner of our comparison of several bike locks

Due to the lack of Flexibility of the ABUS U460 / 150HB / USH460, I decided to choose the ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus folding lock as the big final Winner of this comparison.

State-of-the-art security from Germany: Abus has been producing locks for cyclists and motorcyclists for many years. The unlocking tests on these locks have very, very little success.

We talk about Abus locks in many biker and cyclist magazines. It is a brand with an excellent reputation.

Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 folding lock

ABUS Steel-O-Chain Lock 85 or 110cm

The Winner of the price-performance ratio of bicycle locks is around 60% cheaper than our big Winner.

It is simple to transport, has an elaborate locking mechanism, and in quality can have values ​​almost equal to the Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus: our low budget tip is the ABUS Steel-O-Chain.

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bike rack

What types of bicycle locks, and what benefits do they offer?

1. The U-lock

Since its centerpiece is a metal bar that forms a U, this type of padlock has been nicknamed a U-lock.

Sixteen-millimeter bars are the safest option against breakage. Cycling pros like the two-wheel couriers often buy 18mm locks, but it is costly, and I would advise against it if you do not have enough money. It is very often their company that pays for this type of lock.


  • Lighter than chain locks
  • Cheaper than chains or folding locks.
  • Maximum Protection against theft


  • Maintenance is difficult
  • Difficult to transport

2. The foldable lock

With the foldable lock, Abus has achieved real innovation. The still relatively young system quickly won the hearts of cyclists.

The folding lock for bicycles and e-bikes consists of a lock cylinder and steel struts linked to joints. A synthetic coating protects it from scratches, wear, dirt and corrosion if you are near the sea.

The main advantage of these locks is that they have a good length to attach to larger or curved objects. In terms of security, it is equivalent to the U-lock.

Flexibility is better with chain locks, but the folding lock weighs less. Besides, its transport is easy, and it does not interfere even with a light sports bike.

Advantages :

  • Good Flexibility
  • Small size
  • Available in different lengths


  • Only a few high-quality folding locks
  • Low deterrent effect

3. Chain lock with steel links

It’s a classic when it comes to protecting bikes and scooters. A chain lock consists of a cylinder for safety and a piece of fabric covering the steel links.

The 12-millimeter links are of good quality and allow easy transport.

Links with a thicker thickness will have a much greater weight to transport.

Therefore, these chain locks are easy to install when working in a hurry or when visiting a tourist spot on vacation.

Advantages :

  • No support needed
  • Long enough for big bikes
  • Flexibility


  • High price

4. Cable lock

cable lock

It must be said that inexpensive but popular spiral cables are not serious safety for bicycles.

Insurance companies think the same thing and do not recognize these cables as approved anti-theft devices. It is easy to break with a strong kick or even with the bolt cutter purchased at any home improvement store.

A more powerful variant is the anti-theft device with a shielded cable. There are 2 to 5 meters, with a braided and hardened steel cable with rings connected to a padlock.

I instead see the cable lock as an addition to a more robust lock!

Advantages :

  • Several wheels can be attached
  • Easy handling
  • Very flexible


  • Opens without tools
  • The steel cables are stiff
  • Rather a deterrent

5. Lock with visible chain

Good quality and provides good Protection. This chain system can scare thieves because the appearance is correct and has an effect of solidity.

If you can pull the cylinder links apart and see the wire rope inside, it is easy to put on the wire cutters.

If the cable is covered with plastic, check that the manufacturer has opted for solid material and not an extremely fine fabric.

Advantages :

  • Flexible
  • Easy to transport


  • Not very solid
  • Hidden quality defects

6. Frame Lock

Many cyclists have known it since their childhood, the small anti-theft device on the rear wheel to lock it. We simply insert the lock between the spokes of the bike and close. By inserting the key and a little pressure, the frame lock is locked.

You attach the lock directly to the frame and immobilize the bike. When closed, a ring passes through the spokes of the rear wheel.

This essential Protection, like the cable lock, is easily deformed with a simple kick. Anti-theft devices with hardened steel rings, shockproof cases will be preferred to protect your bike.

So that a wheel is not simply disassembled and removed, a folding lock or chain lock would be preferred to attach your bike to an object in places with an average risk of theft.

Advantages :

  • Quick to install
  • Easy to transport


  • Cannot attach to objects
  • Low Protection

7. Code lock

The code lock is a combination of adjustable numbers and rotating metal cogs that close the cable lock. This type of safety does not get stuck. You cannot forget the key or lose it since it is enough to hold the combination simply.

This system lends itself well as a bicycle lock for a child. In case we forget the combination of numbers, we can decipher it with a bit of cunning and skill.

Otherwise, you can also decide on the “Abus Key Combo,” which you can open with a number combination or a key.


  • No lock override possible
  • No key


  • difficult in the dark
  • we can forget the combination
  • easy to crack if it’s a cheap lock

8. A bicycle lock with an alarm

If suddenly more than 100 decibels sound in the street, the thieves will run away. Installing an alarm on a bike can be fundamental Protection for your two wheels.

Especially if you own an electric bike, you will need an excellent lock.

The anti-theft device triggers an alarm when the cable is cut or when the padlock is forced.

This system had to be completed with a second lock, since the first model, the cable is relatively thin and limited, so it would be better to have a second like this; if the cord is cut, the thief can not go directly with your bike and the alarm sounds.

9. The electronic anti-theft device

We only see at second glance that it is a different U-shaped padlock: we do not see a keyhole or number wheels. This anti-theft device is connected to an application that exists on Android or IOS to the owner’s smartphone, which allows him to unlock the anti-theft device.

If the owner approaches the lock with a simple press, he can open it because there is a smartphone recognition. The technology, which is still young, still has minor problems for starting applications. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection can be challenging to do, and you have to wait a long time before unlocking your bike.

And when the battery is empty?

No problem, you still can enter a 4-digit code on the lock if the battery is empty.

The application of the same security standards as online banks makes manipulation impossible for hackers. A single AA battery is enough to power this lock and can produce 10,000 combinations before changing it.

Bike locks – 5 buying criteria

Bike theft is one of the most common thefts, with 1,076 bikes stolen every day in France. Bike theft ranks just behind shoplifting.

There are 400,000 thefts of bicycles per year in France, making one bike stolen per minute. There are still 100,000 per year. But very often, they are not returned to their owner because they cannot be identified.

If you travel to Europe, the statistics are not much better. Almost 2.9 million bikes are stolen each year.

1. How to choose your bike lock?

back bike

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Read lots of quality reviews and reviews.

I already advise you to look at the weight but not only:

The level of security,

The quality of the material,

The practical side

Of course, the price also plays an important role. A good bike lock is sturdy. It offers Protection against wire cutters, hacksaws, hammers, crowbars, bolt cutters, and portable grinders.

2. Complex locking system

Without causing exterior damage, bicycle thieves insert thin tools into the lock and open it with skillful movements.

It is, therefore, necessary to choose a complex and insurmountable locking system for thieves, which makes manipulation impossible. These two qualities are essential for your lock’s daily use, but be careful not to take it too heavily because it will be restrictive.

3. Easy transport of the padlock

Choosing a lock that allows easy transport is a good solution because it should not become a constraint. Choose a compact one that you can attach to the frame and don’t mind when you pedal.

Some locks are too bulky to be fixed in the middle of the wheel or on the electric bicycle battery. U-locks are a source of danger when you have an accident because it does not bend and they can injure you.

4. Please choose flexible fasteners!

Be careful to choose a flexible attachment. The non-slip Velcro fasteners are always suitable to hold your lock. For example, it is more difficult at the bottle holder with the clamping systems supplied with the lock, which must be placed like clamps around the frame. Their diameter must be suitable for the bar.

5. Don’t weigh down your bike

Choose a lock that you can attach to the bar under your saddle, or your luggage rack, or in the basket if you have one. However, two or three kilos for a lock on a bike that weighs very little will be disproportionate, so you will have to opt for a lighter safety.

If your bike weighs only six kilos, it is not a good idea to choose a two or 3-kilo lock, especially if you hike with it and have to carry the bike over your shoulder at times.

Of course, things are different when you are cycling in the city, where you store your lock in a bike bag or often leave your bike outside.

But of course, a heavy and massive bicycle lock is better at deterring thieves.

Which bike lock is the safest?

There are certifications for anti-theft devices, but they are often not taken into account by bicycle insurance. I advise you to inquire directly with your insurance to determine if your chosen one is compatible. There is, therefore, no safest lock, but I made a good selection for you to choose the one that suits you best.

Which bicycle lock has the highest level of security?


Manufacturers assign security levels with their internal criteria. Therefore, it is unnecessary to dwell on these criteria, unlike hiking shoes, for example, where external experts test safety.

So it happens that some manufacturer applies very different ratings while the product is similar.

Best bike locks in 2019

As each rider has their preferences, I preferred to go through a wide range of bike locks that I think are the most important, highlighting their specific characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. I hope this comprehensive guide has enabled you to form your opinion on bike locks.

Where is the bicycle lock attached?

Choose high connection points to the wheel, but please kindly never connect to meadow fences or other objects halfway up or a small post that would simply lift the wheel for the detach from the base.

The same with fences, it is easy to cut through a wall rather than a padlock trying to hang on to solid materials.


There are many great bike locks out there. Choose the suitable model for your situation or, better yet, for different situations.