The 7 Best Camp Beds

Camping, hiking, or any outdoor activity requires the best camp bed. It is one of the equipments that determines the quality and the success of your activity. If you ignore this kind of device, you risk sleeping under the stars, under a rock, or a tree, and the night will not be easy.

In the morning, you will have back pain, and body aches all over the place. Finding the best choice can be difficult. The following comparison is selecting the best camp beds on the market to make it easier for you.

The Best Camp Beds

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What is the best camp bed?

According to user reviews, the best equipment is one that offers excellent versatility. Inside and out, it will provide good sleep.

With excellent robustness, the bedding is made with quality materials, either stainless steel, aluminum, or metal. The polyester canvas offers optimal comfort. It is flexible and exceptionally soft.

An exemplary assembly and disassembly mechanism are also required for ease of use. Besides, an easy-to-carry and space-saving model is ideal for travel. Well equipped, the best model may also have a camping bed cover.

Below we show you the best camp beds :

1. Canada Iso Trade camp bed

The Canada model from the Iso Trade brand is a sturdy and resistant folding extra bed. It is suitable for all types of use when camping or near a campfire. It can also be ideal for the garden, the terrace, the balcony, or the beach.

This model is perfect for a summer night’s rest. It can also serve as extra bedding in a guesthouse or hotel.

Easy to fold and assemble, this bedding is made of polyester, while the structure and fixing are made of stainless steel. The equipment has a snap-in mechanism that allows easy folding.

With a sleeping space 43 cm from the ground, this mat protects you from cold and back pain. Combined with a stable foundation, it can support up to 110 kg of load. This equipment can accommodate two people.

2. XL TecTake camp bed

Rather than sleeping on a camping hammock, opt for this model when you are camping, when you attend a festival, relaxing in your backyard, or at the beach. This device can also be used as an extra bed at home when you have a surplus of guests.

Thanks to its folding mechanism and carrying bag, this bunk is easily transported and stored. Very light, it unfolds and folds very easily. In a matter of minutes, she can be ready.

Featuring sturdy construction, this foldable mat is made of polyester. At the same time, the structure and fixing are made of high-quality ¹ PVC. The device has a maximum load of 150kg and weighs only 4.5kg.

Easy to wash, wipe the bed with a sponge or brush and wait for it to dry before putting it away.

3. Songmics foldable camp bed

This is a high-end camp bed from the Songmics brand that proves to be the ideal equipment for spending nights under the stars or an extra mattress or box spring perfect for a nap. It will give you comfort, quality sleep, and rest.

This product is ideal for outdoor use: camping, hiking, fishing, or at the beach. It can also be used indoors as an extra mattress for guests or as an emergency stretcher.

With a solid frame, the bunk is made of sturdy and resistant materials. The structure and legs are made with powder-coated iron. The canvas is made with 600D Oxford fabric and covered with a thin layer of PVC.

Once properly mounted, the canvas is well stretched. The anti-tilt system provides good stability. Non-slip pads and rounded fixings improve the safety level of this folding model.

4. Goods & Gadgets foldable camp bed

Perfect for spending the night under the stars while camping, hiking, or after the beach, this foldable bedding is a quality piece of equipment. This model can also be used as extra bedding for guests.

Robust and resistant, this bunk is made with solid and reasonable quality materials. The frame and fixings are made of aluminum. It is a material resistant to shocks and bad weather. The canvas is made of polyester and rigid and thick. It may seem stiff, but it is very flexible.

Easy to assemble, this foldable camp bed has a latching system that allows it to be set up in just 2 minutes. Safety is reinforced with non-slip feet and locked fastening systems.

This bunk fits in its carry bag for easy transport and storage. Besides, it is very light.

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5. XXL Ron Portal camp bed

The Ron product range from the Portal brand is the right equipment for your outings. Timeless, it is suitable for young and old alike. It can be used for camping, boy scouts, festivals, summer camps, vacations, just as it can be used as an extra bed.

The bunk is made of high-quality polyester. The non-slip surface provides a comfortable and secure fit. It is treated water repellent while the textile cover is flexible and very soft to the skin.

For optimal sleeping comfort, this model has no annoying crossbar. Its clever folding technique allows it to be set up and taken down in seconds. No installation is required.

To provide more security, stoppers on the feet guarantee secure support. This bedding has a maximum load of 110 kg and is suitable for one place. It weighs about 10kg and is easily transported.

6. Tresko foldable camp bed

With this foldable model, enjoy a comfortable and soft night’s sleep outdoors while enjoying the best value for money.

This berth is suitable for outdoor use, on vacation, fishing, camping, or just soaking up the sun in the garden or terrace. Indoors, it can double as an extra mattress when you have guests.

Featuring a reinforced structure, this sleeper has a strong metal frame that won’t squeak when you sleep.

The sleeping surface is made of Oxford fabric ². It is fabric flexible and very soft for better comfort.

The feet are made of sturdy metal tubes for added safety, while non-slip plastic caps prevent slipping.

This model is easy to fold and store. It can also be used in a camping tent.

7. VogVigo portable folding camp bed

This foldable camp bed is your ally to have a good comfortable sleep during summer nights. It is ideally offered for outdoor use: camping, summer camp, scouting, festivals, etc. It may also be suitable for indoor use, like extra bedding.

Ultralight, this model unfolds quickly, thanks to its locking mechanism. It also folds up quickly and can be carried in a sleeping bag.

High quality, the mattress is made with an aluminum alloy frame, superior aircraft quality. The fabric is made of waterproof Oxford fabric without stretch.

The unique feature of this berth is its large capacity. Spacious, it can be suitable for two adults and a child. It can withstand a maximum load of up to 200 kg.

Also, this bedding is easy to clean. You need to wipe with a damp sponge and rub in case of traces.

What are the criteria for buying a camp bed?

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Before purchasing this type of bed, here are some characteristics to take into account

Material and durability

To choose a piece of durable and well-made equipment, one must consider the materials of manufacture.

Common materials include:

Metal frame

Almost all camping berths are made with metal frames, usually aluminum or steel. While both are good options, they each have advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum is lighter than steel, but steel is more durable and can withstand higher weights.


A fabric blanket stretched over the frame forms the sleeping surface and is typically polyester, nylon, or cotton. While cotton can resist tears and damage, it is also difficult to clean.

On mattress

Many camping bunks have a frame and blanket, but others include a mattress topper for extra comfort.

Coil spring suspension foam mattress cushions tend to be the more durable option and hold up better than a cover that includes extra padding.


Design can make all the difference when it comes to tailoring your camp mattress to your camping style.

The primary design considerations include:

Single or stacked

While a single mattress works for more campers, a bunk is a great option for kids or those with smaller tents who want to save space. You may want to consider a larger camp bed if you prefer to share your sleeping surface with a partner or a child.

Pay attention to the length too. Some models are so compact that they will leave taller people with their feet in the air.

Ease of assembly

Just like tents, some models are more accessible to assemble than others. While some need to be unfolded, others require threading poles through the cover and locking the frame pieces in place.

Camping equipment can take up a lot of space. So you will likely need bedding that can be stored in a compact size.

The lighter and simpler models tend to fold more compactly, while those with more padding tend to take up more space.


Beds with an aluminum frame tend to weigh less than those with a steel frame. If you are not very tall, you can probably also get by with a shorter and, therefore, lighter model.


Even if you don’t pack your gear in a backpack, you need to carry it from your car and campsite. Some models are designed for portability. Many folds into a compact size that fits in a storage bag for easy transport.

Weight capacity

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All beds of this type are designed to support a certain weight. Many have a maximum weight of around 130 kg, although some can support up to 275 kg. Models with larger 2-seater dimensions have higher weight limits, as do models with a steel frame.

Guarantee and return policy

Dedicated beds for camping require a particular investment. Most will net you several hundred dollars, and you would expect them to last for years. For these reasons, choose equipment with a good warranty and a return policy.

Most camping cots come with a one-year limited warranty, which means it covers manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tear. Some companies offer lifetime warranties, but the more extended period is unlikely to matter if the conditions remain limited to defects.

A thirty-day return period is quite common for this type of equipment, although some companies offer extended trial periods.

Camp bed: Advantages

Here are the advantages of this type of bedding:

  • No final effect
    While your hips and other body parts often touch the ground with an air mattress, this will never happen with a suitable cot.
  • Versatility
    These beddings often come with extras that can improve the quality of your experience.These extras include pockets, a built-in table, cup holders, and even the ability to attach your bed to a backpacking tent.
  • Durability
    Although they have more moving parts than a simple inflatable mattress, a good, high-quality foldable camp bed can still last for many years, even if you use it reasonably regularly.

Camp bed: Disadvantages

Here are the disadvantages of one of these sleeping:

  • The cost
    Most of these beds will cost more than a simple inflatable mattress. This is because they take longer to design, design, manufacture, and more materials go into their construction. Overall, the cost difference is not that big, and there are some cheap models out there.
  • Heavier
    Due to their weight, most cots are not designed to take you to the top. The best model is equipment designed at ground level and designed for use in roadside campgrounds, at the beach, and for setting up the base camp for elk hunting. It can also be used at home as an emergency relief bedding.

Can cots damage the tent floor?

They can, but they don’t have to. Many people use beds in their camping tent and protect the floor by covering the bed’s legs. Some use tennis balls for this purpose.

Others will take small pieces of carpet with them and place them under the legs, while others will cut the bottom of the plastic bottles (as thick as possible) and use them as “coasters” for the cradle feet. . Each of these solutions will provide excellent protection for your tent floor.

How to sleep when you are camping?

There are two reasons not to sleep naked while camping. The first is modesty and respect for others you camp with (if you camp with others). The second is that some warm, dry clothes can relieve a cold night out.

Whatever you do, do not wear wet, sweaty, or dirty clothes on your bedding or when lying under blankets on bedding unless you want to risk hypothermia.

Moisture will prevent the inflatable mattress, camping bed, and sleeping bag from keeping you warm.

Put on your hiking boots, dry off, and put on dry underwear if you have any before you climb into your cot.

Also, if the night is freezing, bring warm socks, a woolen cap, and gloves.


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The best camp bed isn’t always the most expensive, heaviest, or most radical. It is the one that combines practical functionality with durability and a reasonable price.

We hope you found the above information helpful and helped you choose the most comfortable equipment for your next trip.