The Best Camping Showers

When we stay outdoors, we always worry about our good hygiene. This is the number one reason we should consider buying the best camping shower. However, before making such an acquisition, aim for seasoned campers’ opinions and compare the best models.

The trade offers different types of external shower devices. Aside from the variety of models, variability in terms of quality and price is expected. To make the right choice, it is more prudent to compare all the characteristics and the price-performance ratio.

What is the best camping shower?

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An excellent outdoor grooming device is offered as a kit. Ideally, it will include, among other things: a flexible hose with shower head, easy-to-fill tank with pump or switch, easy-to-deploy heating system compatible with the sources of electrical energy in the installation area, shower screen, and shower mat.

These last two points are optional but remain attractive. If you go to a place not served by electricity, count n solar models compatible with cigarette lighter or working with rechargeable batteries. Above all, pay attention to the excellent quality of the product.

Below we show you the best camping showers:

1. Portable Shower for Electric Laserbreak Camping

This kit includes a portable electric shower, storage bag, USB-DC cable, mounting bracket, a shower head with switch, and two rubber seals. The set weighs 550g, and the hose is 210cm. Its battery is charged via USB and allows autonomy of 60 minutes. It has a temperature range of 5 ° C to 50 ° C and offers a maximum flow rate of 4l / min.

This device is suitable for outdoor showers, pet grooming, washing vehicles in the garden, or camping.

Besides, it is pretty easy to transport and satisfies the most demanding hiker’s and campers’ hygienic need.

This outdoor bathing equipment benefits from its ease of transport and deployment. Its second significant advantage lies in the protection against overcharging and negligent discharge of its battery.

2. AUTOPkio camping shower with cigarette lighter adapter

In this kit, you will find a 20 l flap bucket, a 2-meter hose, an electrically operated pump, a rubber ring, an S hook, a storage bag, a four-power plug. Meters, and of course, a showerhead. The device plugs into a cigarette lighter. Besides, it has a button that adjusts its water flow.

This product is one of the cheapest and yet the most complete of this selection. For those looking for an inexpensive, low-burden outdoor bathroom option, AUTOPkio is a possibility to consider. You can take it camping or install it in your garden in summer to allow swimmers to wash it before swimming.
AUTOPkio benefits from its simple, complete, and intuitive configuration. The device also benefits from its ease of transport and storage.

3. Oztrail portable shower for hiking

The Oztrail brand offers its outdoor grooming device in a simple but effective kit. It consists of a 20-liter water bag and a pull-and-push operating hose. Besides, this kit’s tank captures the sun’s rays to then heat the water in it. Always place it in a sunny spot while it is heating up.

Oztrail is good hiking equipment. Indeed, as it is composed of only two elements, and because it is foldable and works without electricity, it allows hikers to enjoy a hot toilet during their stay in the open air. For campers, it can also be a good idea.

The product benefits from a relatively wide filling opening and nozzle, allowing the water flow to be adjusted more easily.

4. Pressure shower for camping Rinsekit

The Rinsekeit pressure shower consists of a large, easy-to-fill 7.5-liter tank and a hose with a manual tap.

You can adjust its water flow to 7 levels.

Rinse is recommended for all people who are not afraid of cold showers, as it does not have a heating system. However, you can always fill its tank with hot water if you have the possibility of heating water during your stay outside. Besides, it provides a good spot for extra grooming on a beach.

You can also use this tub and hose set to water your plants, groom your dog, or wash your car.

Its easy operation favors the product. It is also preferred by its robust design, which more than justifies its price. Also, it fills and washes easily.

5. Bramble solar shower bag outdoor shower

This shower bag offers a volume of 20 liters. It comes with a hose that connects to an on / off switch water outlet. Its packaging includes a hanging system with rope, hook, and PVC tube. The bag in question has a capacity for accumulating solar energy and thus allows water to be heated without electricity intervention.

If you are looking for outdoor shower equipment that is easy to install, fill, and use, choose this proposal from Bramble. If you plan to camp with three, the large capacity of this bag will be enough for you.

However, if you want to take advantage of the hot water for other uses, you must take more than one bag of this type of shower.

Its lightness favors this product. It also benefits from a robust design that allows repeated use over a year. Besides, its volume is quite advantageous.

6. Portable Brunner camping shower

The Brunner hand shower is composed of a showerhead, a hose, a hooking cup, and a cigarette lighter cable. Besides, its immersion pump allows a flow rate of 8 l per minute. It operates on a voltage of 12 V.

This portable hand shower is ideal for camping and outdoor use. It’s for you if you don’t feel like investing in one of these tank showers. All you need to do is immerse the hose in a bucket of water or any other type of tub and plug its cable into a 12 V electricity source to enjoy a revitalizing shower.

This device is advantageous for its easy use. It also benefits from a reasonable length of cable and hose.

Besides, it has the merit of being easy to transport, which is also a criterion highly sought after by hikers and campers.

7. Signstek portable shower for motorhome and outdoor activities

You will find in the Signstek packaging: a hose with a knob, a hook, a suction cup, a USB cable, and an instruction manual. This touchpad works with a 2200 mAh battery, with an autonomy of 60 min. Also, the battery charging time varies between 2 hrs to 5 hrs. As for the pommel, it offers a flow rate of 3 to 4 liters per minute.

You can use this hand shower if you are staying in a motorhome. It is also possible to shower in the garden in summer or water the plants. If you want to save water when washing your vehicle, you can also use this hand shower.

Its integrated filtration system favors this product. It also benefits from its USB charging system.

Besides, it is light and compact.

Camping Shower Buying Guide


The different versions of outdoor toilet devices

You will find different types of outdoor grooming devices on the market. The diversity of models allows campers and users of all categories to count on a product compatible with their real intentions of use.

Here are the models of camping showers that you should know:


The solar model comes in the form of a water bag. This tank has a dark wall that captures the sun’s rays to heat the water it contains.

Solar showers are fitted with a transport handle at the level of their tank. Besides, they have a filling opening that closes with a simple stopper. These models also incorporate a nozzle that accommodates the hose.

This type of equipment is efficient for hikers and campers. Only, make sure to place it in a very sunny place for a minimum of 3 hours if you want to groom yourself with hot water.

Solar with the possibility of mounting on the roof of a vehicle

If you want to take an excellent thermostatic bath when you camp, consider the fixed tank showers on the top of your car. These heat the water thanks to the sun’s rays and must therefore be placed in a sunny place for a minimum of 2 hours.

Showers of this type are reasonably practical as they are constantly attached to the vehicle. However, they require long-term exposure to the sun and a temperature of 30 ° C to deliver hot water. If you are camping in the south in the summer, these are just ideal.

With heating system compatible with the cigarette lighter of a car

This model is widely used in commerce. With such a device, all you have to do is plug the operating cable into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and you will enjoy a little grooming moment at the optimum temperature. These devices exist in a wide variety and can even be declined in a shower-only format.

If you are camping or going on a trail and are transported, prioritize this model.

Pressure model

The external pressure showers work without electricity. However, they provide an adjustable water flow through manual pumping or pedaling. These models, therefore, do not heat water and are only suitable for summer use. However, it is possible to fill their tank with lukewarm or hot water if you are chilly.

Their use is also compatible with watering garden plants, especially for owners who want to control the volume of water better.

Compact models

On the other hand, the compact models come in the form of a foldable bag with a flexible hose that is easy to store. They are light and inexpensive and do not heat water. Like the models presented above, they can be pre-filled with hot water.

However, whatever their weak points are, they are well suited to hikers and campers who want to have the bare minimum for showering.

How to choose a camping shower?

Whether you are going wild camping or planning to stay in an outdoor area with water and electricity, you will always need a place to shower. It is best in both cases to bring your grooming kit.

Having your area to wash allows you to avoid jostling in a place with shared sanitary facilities. Being also dressed will enable you to enjoy a complete grooming session in places where there is no corner to wash.

Before making your choice, however, consider the following:

The weight

The weight of your empty and full equipment is decisive. If you are going by car, the heaviness of the available equipment is not a problem. However, if you plan to carry it around, consider taking a model that will weigh less than 500 g to avoid tiring yourself.

Regarding the weight of the device once it is filled, if the latter does not require a height mounting after filling, a capacity of 5 gallons, which will therefore weigh 20 kg, is acceptable. Otherwise, consider taking a model with less power.


The best choice is also made in terms of size. Make sure you have enough space in your vehicle before choosing your outdoor grooming kit. If you go in backpacker mode, prioritize foldable models with small accessories.

The heating system

water coming out from the shower cap

At this level, you would have the choice between battery or battery heating, the heated wall bag to expose to the sun, cigarette lighter heating, or even photovoltaic plate heating. You will also find models that heat water with gas. Also, you can opt for the devices to be filled with hot water.

For more convenience, models compatible with cigarette lighter are recommended. If you can’t use electricity, use solar models. For those who have time to kill, heating their water the old-fashioned way and then integrating it into the tank is a good option.

The water supply

If you are going in a group, choose a model withstands 2-3 showers in terms of water supply.

Otherwise, you may well take a tank for one person. Regarding the filling mode, choose a wide-opening tank if you do not have the possibility of filling it with a hose or a tap.

The showerhead

As for the head or the showerhead, the most practical are those with a water flow adjustment device.

These are also a priority if you want to save water.

Design materials

Having a high-end outdoor shower is an absolute pleasure for a camper. If you are one of those worried about this criterion, choose batteries made from solid materials. Most of the time, these devices are made of plastic. Ideally, go for PVC and high-density plastic.

Other criteria to consider

On the market, portable showers for camping are all worth their promise of practicality. Thus, we must always be vigilant and consider the following criteria in addition to those already listed:

  • The length of the pipe and that of the cable;
  • The strength of the tank and the way it is filled;
  • The method of fixing the tank;
  • The robustness of the hand shower;
  • The adjustment of the water flow.
  • The advantages of camping showers

A travel shower has several advantages. In addition to helping you maintain your hygiene, it will allow you to store more water for your stay. Then, it can be used to wash clothes or do the dishes. In short, it is special camping equipment.

How to properly use a camping shower?

girl showering

These portable showers are meant to be environmentally friendly equipment. In this sense, they must be used to save water. So do not minimize the role of the water flow regulator.

If you choose an electronic type one, be sure to fill it up before plugging it in. The solar bag type models must be exposed to the sun for 2 hours to 4 hours to function optimally.

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