Best Camping Tables Of 2020

When we go camping , to a picnic or to the beach, we don’t just need a good tent. Sooner or later we will have to share a meal and for this we need a suitable camping table . Have you taken this detail into account? Especially if you travel as a family, you should know that a quality table can make a difference.

If you don’t know where to start looking for a good camping table , don’t worry. You have come to the right place. In this specialized article we will take a deep tour of all the valuable information that you should know about these useful utensils. We will tell you about all the advantages and benefits of these tables so that your experience is unforgettable.

The most important

  • Camping tables are a special type of table that is adapted to camping experiences or to contexts where we do not have much space. That is why they are characterized especially by being foldable, light in weight and very practical to transport and assemble together with the tent.
  • The use of camping tables is also common in motorhomes. Most are made of aluminum – due to weight and strength – and their shapes and dimensions can vary: some are for serving buffet -style food and others are dining-table style.
  • A good camping table must meet certain basic criteria. Before buying a model, we recommend that you pay attention to the following: design and general dimensions, materials used, assembly and folding system, and conditions suitable for cooking.

The best camping tables on the market: our recommendations

Camping tables are essential allies for outdoor experiences, whether with friends, families or couples. Fortunately, there are models for all situations and contexts. If you think that it may be difficult for you to choose between so many offers, take a look at the selection that we have prepared with the best options available. Your ideal table awaits you!

  • The best camping table for families
  • The most practical and simple camping table
  • The most versatile camping table
  • The best camping table with integrated chairs

- When we go camping , to a picnic or to the beach, we don't just need a good tent. Sooner or later we will have to share a meal and for this we need a suitable camping table . Have you taken this detail into account? Especially if you travel as a family, you should know that a quality table can make a difference.

The best camping table for families

The Amanka set is the one recommended by Amazon: it consists of a camping table and 4 stools. All items are 100% collapsible and come in a comfortable carrying case for easy transport.

The camping table in question is also adjustable in height (3 levels) and is made of aluminum: it weighs only 7.5 kg. It’s the ideal set for families on vacation!

The most practical and simple camping table

Aktive Sport’s camping table is Amazon’s best-selling. Its structure is made of steel and the table is made of wood. Its measurements are standard: 80 cm (length) by 60 (width) by 70 cm (height).

This table is distinguished by its folding mechanism: the two legs are stowed in a single movement to save space and, on the side, there is a handle for transport. The structure offers great stability.

The most versatile camping table

Uquip offers a camping table that adapts to any context: beach, mountain and garden. This is because the 4 legs are adjustable in height and allow an adjustable stability according to the surface.

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This camping table is made of aluminum and has an optimal format for 4 people. It is lightweight, weather resistant and weighs only 4.1 kg. It comes in a case for transport.

The best camping table with integrated chairs

The Outsunny camping table can be folded like a suitcase to take it with you wherever you travel. The best? It has 4 integrated seats so you don’t worry about a thing. All elements are made of aluminum.

This table has a hole in the middle for an umbrella. The structure is durable, stable and weather resistant. Assembly is quick and easy.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Camping Tables

To eat, to pass the time or as a point of support; Tables can fulfill very useful functions when camping or on planned family trips. Having these practical furniture is always a plus that helps improve experiences. In the section that follows, we will go through the most common questions that users have about camping tables .

What exactly is a camping table ?

Tables camping are tables specially designed for environments where space and therefore are intended for temporary use. With practical folding systems, these tables offer the ideal solution when camping, since spaces in tents are limited and it is not always easy to adapt to camping surfaces .
- When we go camping , to a picnic or to the beach, we don't just need a good tent. Sooner or later we will have to share a meal and for this we need a suitable camping table . Have you taken this detail into account? Especially if you travel as a family, you should know that a quality table can make a difference.

What materials are camping tables made of ?

The manufacturing materials of a camping table are essential for this furniture to be light, practical and resistant. If you don’t check that the materials are of the right quality, you risk the tables having a very short useful life. You should pay special attention to the board and the structure.

What components make a portable camping table ?

Regardless of the weight of the camping table , it is important to note that the elements or components of the table that help us to easily and conveniently transport. Among these are the handles, which help to carry or hold the table properly. The most usual thing is that the entire kit can be carried in the form of a suitcase or bag.In this sense, it is essential that the folding system allows to considerably reduce the size of the camping table . In short, this will be the aspect that will allow it to be easily carried once closed. In addition to the size, the design must be compact so that it does not bother you when you take it. Models that come in boxes should be avoided.

Is a camping table the same as a cooking station?

No, they are not the same. These pieces of furniture are both widely used in camping and in places where there are no cooking facilities, but their designs and functions are not the same.

Can you cook on a camping table ?

This is a very frequent question and to answer it you need to know the model in question. If you plan to cook (barbecues or support hot fountains or tables) you have to look for tables specially designed for this purpose. This means looking for those made of sturdy materials, which withstand weight and temperature.
The ideal is stainless steel.

If you do not find this clarification in the product description, better use the table exclusively to prepare something as simple as a sandwich or chop some ingredients or simply eat on it. Otherwise, the table is likely to warp, which could cause a serious accident.

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How do you assemble a camping table ?

One of the advantages of camping tables is their easy assembly. Don’t worry about this, as most models have a practically automatic mounting mechanism (that is, you will not have to assemble parts). The only step you need to do is remove the locks and lower the brackets until they are completely vertical.

Where to install a camping table ?

In most camping , on the beach or in places that are outdoors, it is not always easy to find comfortable spaces to set up a table, especially if you are going to spend several hours there. The first aspect to consider is the environmental conditions.
At any time of year you have to protect yourself from the sun, rain, wind or cold.

Secondly, if you have no place inside your tent, you have to find a stable and flat enough ground so that the table remains well balanced. In this sense, the models that have adjustable legs are very useful so that you can make the corresponding adaptations.

It is important that you also use the locking system well: these allow you to keep the legs and the rest of the table structure gathered, either through hooks or screws that are easy to remove. And they also serve so that it does not bend while you are using it.

How to maintain a camping table ?

The good news about camping tables , especially those made of aluminum and stainless steel, is that they don’t get ruined in the rain or outdoors. But inevitably, due to its function, your camping table is going to get dirty, so it is important that you clean it periodically to keep it in good condition.To clean it, use a damp towel that allows you to remove surface adhesions and then, for the task to be complete, add a mild detergent to remove stains that have not been removed in the first pass. Then remove the product with another pass with the damp towel. In the end, let it dry in the sun.

As other measures to maintain your camping table , we can recommend the following actions:

  1. Clean the table surface frequently.
  2. Always follow the step-by-step folding of the table, avoiding doing it abruptly.
  3. Use lubricants for the support points where the table structure unfolds.
  4. Do not overload the table with too much weight, since it usually can support amounts between 20 to 50 kg maximum.
  5. Place the table in places with flat surfaces, thus avoiding that the weight placed on it is poorly distributed and affecting the support and deployment points.
  6. Keep it in its compact state while not in use.
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- When we go camping , to a picnic or to the beach, we don't just need a good tent. Sooner or later we will have to share a meal and for this we need a suitable camping table . Have you taken this detail into account? Especially if you travel as a family, you should know that a quality table can make a difference.

Purchase criteria

When it comes to going on a trip or camping, there are many elements that cannot be missing. Among them, the camping table stands out for its usefulness, practicality and ease of use. Today, the market offers a great variety of these furniture and you can choose according to your uses and needs. If you’re not too sure, you can take a look at a number of essential purchase criteria.

  • Manufacturing materials
  • Transport, weight and design
  • Size
  • Folding system

Manufacturing materials

The materials of the camping tables are essential to guarantee their resistance and useful life. The most recommended models are made from a combination of synthetic plastics and metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Other models are presented in wood: they have a good finish, but sometimes they add a high weight to the table.

If we are looking for lightness, tables with textile mesh tops can be an alternative, although the format and its support is somewhat lower than those of other materials. The board must also be flat, smooth, waterproof and scratch resistant. The rounded edges prevent bumps and bumps and the alloy steel resists warping, providing stability.

Transport, weight and design

If you keep in mind that camping activities always have a nomadic seasoning, the ideal is to carry as little weight as possible. Aluminum camping tables are the lightest – many do not exceed 4.5 kg – and it is recommended that they have a folding system that allows you to transport them like a suitcase. If they have a handle to hold it, even better.


In terms of sizes and dimensions, the folding camping tables have different measures. In general, an average table that can be adjusted to different contexts has a maximum length of 1 meter and 80 centimeters wide. In other words, the ideal place for at least four people to sit comfortably and enjoy a meal.

Folding system

The folding system is the feature that makes the camping tables take up a minimum of space when not in use. The best models are those that do not need to assemble parts for the assembly of the table. Choose a table whose folding system only consists of removing the locks and lowering the supports. Thus, you will have your table in one easy step.


camping table is a piece of furniture intended for outdoor activities, such as camping, going to the beach or anywhere on an excursion. These types of tables adapt to any space and, thanks to practical folding systems, take up little space and are used for cooking or as a support point. They are very popular in camping and in places where there are no facilities.

The best camping tables are made of lightweight and strong materials, such as synthetic plastics and aluminum. In addition, they are very easily assembled so they can be used at any time and have a compact design that allows them to be easily transported. These tables can withstand the rain and be in the open; just clean them regularly.


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