Best Cold Weather Tents For Family Camping

Cold Weather Tents For Family Camping – Camping trips are always fun, no matter where you plan to camp. Camping gives you an adventure, scenic beauty, calm and peaceful surroundings, along with the opportunity to spend time with your family or friends.

Before going on a camping trip, make sure to buy the perfect camping tent for yourself! If you’re looking for the best tent for a family camping trip in cold weather, this article is meant for you.

Given below is a list of camping tents that are suitable for cold weather. Please keep in mind that this list includes 3-season tents, 4-season tents, insulated tents, extreme cold weather tents, etc. These tents are designed to preserve the warmth inside, and they also have high waterproof ratings. Some of the tents can also accommodate the usage of stoves!

  • Snow Peak Amenity Dome Tent L

This uniquely shaped, extended dome tent is a proper 4-season tent. Its fully enclosed design makes it perfect for preserving warmth even in a colder environment. And the high-quality aluminum poles used to build the tent give it a stable and self-supporting structure. The manufacturers claim that this tent has a capacity of 6 people.

The peak height of the tent is 165cm, which helps it withstand extreme windy conditions. The inner floor space provides an area of 8.7 sq. mt.. The tent has three doors and two vestibules. Weighing in at 9.8kgs, this is undoubtedly not a backpacking tent. The packed size of this tent is 73 x 27 x 23cms, so you would need to transport it by car.

The front vestibule of this tent is estimated to offer an area of 3.6 sq. mt., so it is large enough for relaxing, cooking, or storing larger equipment. The rear vestibule is relatively small, and it can be used to store boots or other small gear. Overall, this tent is highly durable, functional, spacious, and sturdy enough to handle even the savage weather conditions!

2 tents in a nice snow season view

  • Bushtec Adventure Alpha Kilo 4000 Canvas Bow Tent

Here is one of the taller tents on the list. This freestanding dome-style tent is also a canvas tent. It is a highly durable, 4-season tent. Its strong material may not have a high waterproof rating, but it will surely withstand heavy winds and preserve the warmth. 

There is mesh on the windows and the door, ensuring proper airflow even if you use this tent for a summer camping trip. The ventilation in this tent should not be a problem, as canvas tents are known to have breathable material.

This tent’s peak height is 213cms, and the floor space has an area of 9.3 sq. mt. The tent is said to have a capacity of 6 people; however, that might be quite uncomfortable for long camping trips. So, it is advisable to use this tent with only three people.

This tent’s only cons are that it is rather bulky with 40.8kgs and full size of 127 x 46 x 33cms. So, you would need a spacious vehicle to travel with this tent.

  • Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Basic Tent 10 x 10

This is another tall tent, which is suitable for all climates. The craftsmanship of this tent is high-quality and very reliable. The tent is not insulated, but its canvas structure and material provide more natural insulation than any synthetic tent. The tent’s fabric retains heat in the cold climate, and the tent can also be entirely breathable and pleasant during warm temperatures.

This is not a freestanding tent, but the package includes long steel stakes that should be staked down efficiently. Due to its peak height of 198cms, this tent might not be the right choice for windy conditions or high altitude mountain camping trips.

The tent has two windows and two doors. There is also a vast awning at the tent’s front, but you cannot store anything beneath it, as it is not covered from the sides.

With a total floor space area of 9.3 sq. mt., the tent claims to have a capacity of 6 people. However, you might want to use it with fewer people to avoid overcrowding in the tent. This is also a heavy and bulky tent, so that you will need a spacious vehicle for transportation.

3 tents facing sunlight

  • Robens Midnight Dreamer Tent

This tunnel-style tent is a 3-room structure, with two large doors and three windows. The hybrid design of this tent comprises a combination of a double wall and a single wall structure. The inner tent also has a divider that can be removed if necessary. The tent’s peak height is 185cms, and the total floor space area is 9.37 sq. mt. The tent claims to have a capacity of 4 people.

This is not a freestanding tent, so it needs to be staked down properly. The two large doors have mesh and panels, and the windows are firmly tinted. There is excellent ventilation in the tent due to the full mesh doors. This tent also has a high waterproof rating, and the fabric makes it breathable and durable. Due to its fully enclosed design, this tent is more suitable for cooler climates.

The tent weighs around 11.8kgs, and it’s packed size is 73 x 33cms. So, this is not a backpacking tent, and it needs to be transported by vehicle. While this may be an expensive tent, it is undoubtedly worth the price.

  • Kodiak Canvas 12×9 Canvas Cabin Tent

Here is another tent that is extremely strong, reliable, and also quite luxurious. This cabin-style tent has excellent craftsmanship, and it is suitable for all climates. This is one of the tallest tents on this list. With a peak height of 229cms, this tent enables you to walk around comfortably. The tent’s fabric is watertight, airy, and rigid.

This non-freestanding canvas tent has a single-layer and single-room structure. However, all of the tent’s openings are double-layered, and they have mesh and zippered canvas panels built on them. This tent has four separate windows and two doors, which also have windows on them.

This tent offers a floor space area of 10 sq. mt. While the tent claims to have a capacity of 6 people, you may want to downgrade it to 2-4 people to ensure comfort for all.

The weight of this tent is 41.7kgs. So, it will have to be transported by vehicle.

a group of family snow camping

  • MSR H.U.B. 8 Tent – High-Altitude Utility Basecamp Tent

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This reliable tent is explicitly built for extreme weather conditions and high-altitude camping trips. This is one of the most expensive tents on the list. While this tent was created for professional expeditions, it can also be used for family camping trips. This is a tunnel-style single layer tent, and since it is self-supporting, you can pitch it on any surface.

The tent has an enclosed structure, with mesh and zippered panels on the doors to preserve the warmth inside. The thick aluminum poles with numerous intersections ensure that this tent remains sturdy and stable even during heavy snowfall. This tent has a single room structure with two doors, vinyl windows, and awnings on both doors.

The tent’s peak height is around 200cms, and the floor space provided has a total area of 10 sq. mt. As there are no vestibules in this tent, you may require extra space to store your equipment. So, despite the tent’s claim of accommodating 8 people, you might be more comfortable using it with up to 4 people.

With a weight of 22.2kgs, this is most certainly not a light tent. It is cumbersome and bulky due to the heavy poles. Overall, this is a strong and durable tent.

  • Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent

This is not a 4-season tent, but it can be used in most seasons. This tunnel-style tent has one large door and one window. Like one of the tents mentioned earlier in the list, this one also has a hybrid single/double-wall design. The unique feature of this tent is that, instead of classic poles, it uses inflatable beams.

While this tent is better suited for a cooler climate, it cannot be used in a snowy region. This tent also has an impressive waterproof rating!

This tent is a 3-room structure consisting of one inner tent on each side and one large living room at the center. The sleeping areas have dual flooring because the shell tent’s floor and the inner tents’ floors are sealed and sewn-in. Also, as the inner tents are pre-attached, the structure allows for a dry setup even when it’s raining.

The floor space of this tent has a total area of 10.2 sq. mt, and while it provides a generous amount of space for 4 people, it can also accommodate 6 people if necessary. This tent is also a massive structure with a packed size of 80 x 40 x 40cms and 17.3kgs.

light coming from a fgreen tent in snow

  • Big Agnes Mad House Mountaineering Tent

This stable and robust tent is suitable for all weather conditions. It is a double-layered 2-room structure. This is a dome-style tent, but it has asymmetric extensions on both sides, making it look like a tunnel-shaped tent. While the dome at the tent’s center is freestanding, the extensions are not, so they must be staked down properly. The extensions also create vestibules for storage.

The tent has two D-shaped doors on both of the narrow sides; however, one of the doors is lower than the other. The tent’s inside can also be divided into two rooms, and each room could have its door. So, if you’re camping with your kids, you can give them the room with the lower door.

This tent has a peak height of 185cms and a total floor space area of 11.5 sq. mt. Even though this tent is officially described as an 8-person tent, it would be much more pleasant to use it with up to 5 people.

  • Barebones Outfitter Tent

Here is an extremely reliable and sturdy cabin-style tent, and it is suitable for all seasons. It is a frame tent, which means that this tent’s frame is an entirely separate structure that needs to set up before adding the tent over it. While this tent may be expensive, its durability makes it quite an investment.

With a peak height of 274cms, this is one of the tallest tents on this list. And while it may seem boxy, its strong poles make it capable of handling extreme windy conditions and heavy snow accumulation.

This tent is a single room structure, with eight windows and two doors. All the windows and doors are double-layered with mesh and panels to keep you warm. The tent also comes with a stove port on the roof, so you can install a wood stove to heat or cook food.

With a total floor space area of 11.7 sq. mt, this tent would be more comfortable if used with a maximum of 4 people.

One downside here is that this tent is extremely heavy and bulky, so you cannot carry it around. If you intend to camp in one spot for an extended period, this is a good tent for you.

bon fire in snow camping

  • Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent

This is another typical tunnel-style tent, and it is very similar to some other tents mentioned in this list. This tent is a 3-room structure with a hybrid double-wall and single-wall design. The tent consists of the main shell tent and an inner tent divided into two sleeping rooms. The shell tent has a single wall and a single sewn-in flooring, and the inner tent has double walls and double sewn-in flooring.

The tent has one large door and five windows. These reliable windows have steel straps integrated into the zippered panels, and this creates a unique self-rolling design when you unzip the windows.

The tent’s enclosed design makes it better suited for a cooler climate, and the tent mostly relies on its four vents for a regulated airflow.

This tent’s peak height is 200cms, and the floor space of the inner tent has an area of 11.8 sq. mt. The tent has a capacity of 4 people; however, it can accommodate more people if necessary.

  • Marmot Lair 8 Person Tent

This is an excellent winter camping tent as it is built for extreme weather conditions. This dome-style tent has two doors and a single vinyl window on the roof.

Due to the lack of mesh areas, this tent is only suitable for winter and other cooler climates, so it is not a 4-season tent, and it cannot be used in warmer climates.

The tent is a semi-freestanding and semi-double-layered structure. It consists of a self-supporting dome tent and a fly that covers most of the tent and forms a vestibule. This vestibule is not freestanding, so the tent must be staked down efficiently.

The tent is very tall, with a height of 244cms. The estimated floor space area is 11 sq. mt. While the tent claims to have a capacity of 8 people, it might be more comfortable with fewer people. This tent may seem quite expensive, but it is definitely worth the price.

yellow tent in a snow

  • Robens Aero Yurt 8 Man Airventure Air Tent

Here is another expensive yet high-quality 4-season tent. This tent has an octagonal structure, and it can be categorized as a cabin-style tent due to its straightened walls. Like another tent mentioned in this list, this tent also uses air beams instead of poles, and these air beams can be inflated through a single valve.

This tent is completely freestanding, and it can perform well even in windy conditions; however, it cannot withstand the weight of snow. The tent’s poly-cotton fabric provides better insulation than synthetic materials. The fabric is also very breathable and waterproof.

The tent is a single room structure with two PVC windows and one door with mesh and a panel. There are three-floor vents in the tent.

The tent’s peak height is 270cms, so it will be very comfortable to walk around inside. The tent has a total floor space area of 16.8 sq. mt., which is certainly spacious enough for 8 people. With a weight of 31.4kgs, this tent will have to be transported by vehicle.

  • Vango Purbeck Tent 600

This is an enormous tent on the list. This luxurious 5-room structure includes a porch, a living room, and three sleeping rooms. This is a tunnel-style tent with a hybrid single/double-wall design similar to some of the tents mentioned in this list. The tent has eight windows, two external doors, and four inner doors. The only difference between the living room and the porch is that the latter does not have a floor.

Due to its enclosed design, this tent is suitable for colder climates. The tent’s fabric has a high waterproof rating, and the structure allows for a dry set up. However, this tent should be pitched on flat ground to avoid any problems while zipping up the doors.

The tent has a peak height of 207cms and covered floor space, an area of 19.38 sq. mt. The official capacity of this tent is 6 people, but it could accommodate more people if necessary.

some random rent in snow

How To Choose The Best Cold Weather Tent?

You may experience some rather harsh weather conditions during a winter camping trip, like snowfalls or excessive winds. The cold weather camping tent that you choose should withstand these weather conditions and keep you and your family warm and comfortable. Here are some factors to consider while purchasing a winter camping tent.

  • Size: During a winter camping trip, you may spend a lot of time inside your tent, so it is essential to consider size while choosing a tent. You may also carry extra equipment, extra clothes, and larger sleeping bags.
  • Vestibule: A vestibule is an enclosed space beyond the tent’s inner wall, and it is often used to store shoes and other camping gear. You can also use this dry space to set up a stove for cooking. A vestibule is also helpful as a transition space between the warm temperature inside the tent and the harsh cold weather outside.
  • Shape: The tunnel-shaped tents are often lighter in weight and easy to pitch. They also have larger vestibules. However, strong winds might be challenging for these tents. Tunnel tents are useful if you are always on the move. Dome tents are heavier and slightly tricky to pitch, but they are very stable in windy conditions. They have smaller vestibules, and they are better suited for camping in one location for an extended period.
  • Stability: Winter tents should be strong and sturdy enough to face any extreme weather conditions. The material of a cold-weather tent is designed to be airtight and remain dry even under heavy snowfall. You may also need extra poles to increase the stability of the tent. 


Mother nature can be highly unpredictable, so you should be prepared for all weather conditions during your camping trip. Camping in winter or any cooler climate will be fun only if you have the appropriate gear for it. The list above includes high-quality cold weather tents from reliable brands. We have thoroughly researched these products and provided some necessary details for each product. However, before making a purchase, you should conduct in-depth research of these products to make a well-informed decision.