Best Cooler Backpack Of 2021

Outdoor activities are an excellent option to spend time with our family and friends. It can be a day of hiking, a picnic, camping, an afternoon at the beach, or a trip to the mountains. All of them are magnificent alternatives to enjoy our leisure and nature.

The cooler backpack is a great companion in all these situations. Thanks to it, you can enjoy a cool drink at any time during your excursion. Besides, due to their design, they have the great advantage that we can carry it on our back and keep our hands free. So, join us on this journey to the best cooler backpack of 2021.

Most essential points about Cooler Backpack

  • A cooler backpack will help us keep our food fresh. One of its significant advantages is that it is easier to transport than a conventional portable fridge.
  • It is not essential to use cold accumulators with our cooler backpack. However, they will help keep food fresh for longer.
  • The ability of the backpack to keep the cold is one of the essential purchase criteria. It will be influenced by aspects such as the quality of the materials or the ambient temperature.

The best cooler backpacks

A walk in nature is a very healthy exercise. It also allows you to stop from time to time and observe your surroundings. During those breaks, a cold drink or fresh fruit will help you recharge your batteries. A cooler backpack is an excellent option to keep your food at a suitable temperature. Here we show you a section with some of the best models.

  • The favorite cooler backpack for online users
  • The best leak-proof cooler backpack
  • The best cooler backpack with a top opening
  • The best cooler backpack in value for money

The favorite cooler backpack for online users

The Campingaz model, with numerous positive evaluations, is one of the great winners among online users. This cooler backpack has a capacity of 14 liters.

It also has dimensions of 42 centimeters high, 31 wide, and 13 deep. It would fit, for example, three-liter and a half bottles. The Campingaz model is capable of keeping the cold for approximately ten hours. Lastly, it weighs 570 grams.

The best leak-proof cooler backpack

Tourit offers us an attractive leak-proof model. Thanks to its interior design with an insulation foam lining, this cooler backpack will prevent liquids from dripping. It is an exciting feature in case a drink is spilled or the ice melts.

This model has measures of 41 centimeters high, 30 wide, and 18 deep. Besides, its capacity is 22 liters, and it weighs 600 grams.

The best cooler backpack with a top opening

The main compartment of the Lifewit Cooler Backpack is designed to allow it to be fully opened. In this way, we can locate the different foods and drinks with great comfort.

Also, the exterior of this model is waterproof, which makes it resistant to splashing rain. When we are not using the backpack, we can fold it easily to take up less space. Besides, it is available in two colors.

The best cooler backpack in value for money

Luncia offers us a cheap option. This cooler backpack has a capacity of 24 liters. Besides, its dimensions are 40 centimeters high, 31 wide, and 20 deep.

The Luncia model incorporates, in addition to the main compartment, a front pocket, and two mesh side pockets. It also includes a hook that doubles as a bottle opener and serves to hang keys and other small items.

Shopping guide: What you should know about cooler backpacks?

A cooler backpack allows us to transport and keep our food and drink fresh. Also, thanks to it, we can keep our hands free. It is advantageous in the case that we walk through steep terrain or if we need to transport more objects. Before deciding on a model, we must clear all possible doubts, such as the ones we solve here.

Can I keep ice in my cooler backpack?

The answer is yes. In principle, cooler backpacks are designed with insulating materials that allow you to store ice inside. However, you must be sure that the model you choose is leak-proof.

Otherwise, the backpack could start to leak when the ice begins to melt.

It is also important to note that, on some models, the main pocket zipper is not waterproof. Therefore, if we lay down or turn the backpack upside down, the melted ice (or any other liquid) could be spilled. It is also a good idea to drain, from time to time, the water that has accumulated.

What are the advantages of a cooler backpack?

The main advantage of a cooler backpack is that it allows you to have your hands free while carrying it. In this way, you can avoid falls if you walk on slippery or dangerous terrain. But, of course, it is not its only positive characteristic. Next, we show you a table with another of its advantages:


  • You can carry it on your back. In this way, you free your hands to protect yourself in the event of a fall or to take other objects. Or only for convenience and for the pleasure of keeping your hands free.
  • It is easier to transport than a conventional cooler.
  • Some models allow us to fold them when we are not using them.
  • Specific alternatives can be used as a conventional backpack when we do not want to transport food.
  • There are models whose exterior is waterproof.
  • Many options include, in addition to the main compartment, other pockets in which to transport smaller objects, such as cutlery and napkins.


  • The zipper in the main compartment of some cooler packs is not waterproof. Therefore, if we lay it down or place it upside down, any loose liquids inside could be spilled.

Do cooler packs also keep warm?

Cooler backpacks are designed to isolate the interior from the outside temperature. In this way, they preserve the food’s temperature that we introduce for a variable time. This time will depend on different circumstances, such as cold and ambient heat. Or, also, of the manufacturing materials of the backpack. Therefore, most refrigerator backpacks also retain the heat of food if we introduce it hot. As they are made of insulating materials, they will prevent heat from escaping and slow down the cooling process. Keep in mind that the time they keep the cold does not necessarily have to be the same time they control the heat.

What recommendations should I keep in mind when using a cooler backpack?

A cooler backpack is a convenient compliment since it allows us to keep our food refrigerated and transport it comfortably. However, to get the most out of the model we choose, it is crucial to consider specific recommendations for use. Here are the most important ones:

  1. Refrigerated Food – Make sure to refrigerate food before putting it in the cooler backpack. The backpack is designed to maintain food temperature as long as possible, not to chill it. However, if we also introduce ice or cold accumulators, we will lower the temperature of the food. In any case, food and drink will last longer fresh if we put them already cold in the backpack.
  2. Ice and cold pack – Both ice and the cold pack will help keep food fresh for longer. You can also put the ice in the glass of your drink so that it is colder if you wish.
  3. Leaks: Before putting loose ice in your backpack, make sure it is designed to be leak-proof. If it isn’t, it could start to drip when the ice begins to melt. Besides, some models recommend not putting the ice directly into the backpack to damage the insulating material inside. Make sure your model allows it. An alternative is to put the ice in another container before putting it in the backpack.
  4. Humidity: We must be careful with the objects that we put in the backpack. Melting ice or liquid from an improperly closed bottle could make them wet.
  5. Cold and hot: Due to their design, refrigerator backpacks also allow food to be kept warm if we introduce it hot. However, adding hot and cold food at the same time is counterproductive. It is therefore not advisable to mix them.
  6. Safety: Make sure the food is in good condition before eating it. It is also a good idea to always keep the inside of the backpack clean. It is also essential to take into account the manufacturer’s specifications and their instructions for use.

Is it essential to use cold accumulators with our cooler backpack?

A cold accumulator (also called a thermal accumulator) is a device usually made of low-density polyethylene. Although it is possible to find them in other colors, they typically have a very characteristic blue hue. There are also flexible models, and their interior is usually filled with a eutectic gel. Its operation is straightforward. It is placed in the freezer at least two to four hours before use. Then it goes into the cooler backpack. This will help keep refrigerated food cold. Its use is not essential. However, it will keep our food fresh for a longer time.

Cooler backpack buying criteria

A cooler backpack is a convenient hiking companion. It is also an effortless complement. However, we must take into account certain criteria before deciding on a specific model. We refer to aspects such as the capacity of the backpack or its weight, among others. Here are the most important ones:

  • Weight
  • materials
  • Cold preservation
  • Capacity
  • Leakproof


The food and drink that we want to take with us on our excursion can be heavy. Therefore, the refrigerator backpack we choose mustn’t suppose a considerable extra weight. Most of the models reviewed for this guide have an approximate weight of between 500 and 600 grams. Of course, some models reach two kilos.

It is, therefore, vital to pay attention to this aspect when we doubt between different options. Between a backpack of 500 grams and another of 600, we will not notice a big difference. On the other hand, we can get to notice it with one of two kilos. On long hikes, the total weight of our backpack can make a difference.


When choosing a cooler backpack, we must make sure that it has resistant finishes. The last thing we want is for the food’s weight to break the seams or the straps unravel. The same goes for zippers: they must also be resistant. Also, the materials and design will influence the comfort of the backpack.

On the other hand, we must look at the insulating materials it includes.

Some are lined with aluminum, for example. Others, instead, include an insulating foam. It is also essential that the part that comes into contact with our back is well insulated. If it is not, the heat that our body gives off could be transferred to the inside of the backpack.

Cold preservation

It is common for the manufacturer’s specifications to indicate the number of hours that a cooler backpack can keep cold. It is therefore vital to take a look at this information. We can find models that keep food fresh for four hours. Other options, however, arrive at fifteen hours.

Of course, the ideal is that our cooler backpack keeps our food refrigerated as long as possible. As we have already mentioned, the backpack does not cool its contents but prevents it from getting hot. However, its ability to keep the cold will be influenced by certain factors. Here we tell you:

  • Ambient temperature: the heat outside the backpack will affect how long the food will stay fresh. On hotter days, food and drink will heat up earlier. If the sun’s rays fall directly on our backpack, its interior will heat up sooner.
  • Food temperature: as we have already mentioned before, it is essential to put fresh food in the cooler backpack. The colder they are when you put them in, the longer they will stay fresh inside.
  • Thermal accumulators and ice: if we introduce very cold thermal accumulators in the cooler backpack, the food will take longer to heat up. The same happens if we put ice inside the backpack.
  • Quality of the backpack: Of course, the backpack materials will influence how long it can keep cold. Therefore, as we said in the previous section, it must have the right insulating materials.


The capacity of cooler packs is measured in liters. This aspect will include the amount of food that we can transport in our backpacks. There are models with a large capacity, up to thirty liters. Of course, there are models with much less capacity. Consider whether you need a model for extended excursions or enough to fit a few water bottles.


Many cooler packs are designed to be leakproof. This feature will prevent the backpack from leaking underneath if any liquid is spilled. If we intend to bring ice inside, this aspect is essential. No matter how good the backpack is, the ice will melt sooner or later, and we do not want the water to seep outside.


If you are a lover of outdoor activities, the cooler backpack is your ideal companion. Thanks to it, you can take your fresh food wherever your adventure takes you. Are you more beach or mountain? Camping or hiking? No matter what your preferences are, you are sure to appreciate stopping for a cold drink.

Our cooler backpack will help us keep food chilled. Thus, we will prevent it from being damaged by the effect of heat. Its great advantage is that it allows us to keep our hands free by not having to carry a conventional portable fridge. With the backpack on our back, we will be much more comfortable, and we will walk lighter.