The best down jackets for men and women

To face the cold, there is nothing better than finding the best down jacket. It is the garment par excellence to avoid feeling the cold of winter, but it can also be worn for mid-season.

A low-quality down jacket does not protect you from the cold. Besides, it may tear at the slightest opportunity. A model that is difficult to maintain is also unlikely to last long.

This is the reason why we made the selection of the best models available. Through this comparison, you will make the best choice by discovering the most trendy products on the market, according to consumers’ opinions.

The Best Down Jackets

What is the best down jacket?

down jacket

The best down jacket offers maximum comfort and warmth according to the needs and activities of the wearer. The high-end models are easy to recognize by their excellent quality construction materials.

No matter the jacket’s size and weight, it should adapt to its wearer style and elegant design. It is also easy to clean and transport while hiking or traveling.

If you are looking for a model with the correct price-performance ratio

Below we present the best down jackets to you :

1. Hood Noos Jack & Jmen’smen’s down jacket

It would help if you had a nice jacket to keep you sheltered from the cold while having a casual and chic look. This model from Jack & Jones will fit you like a glove. It is the best ally against the harsh winter wind, thanks to its 100% polyamide fabric.

And if your head is sensitive to frost as well, just put on the hood. This long-sleeved jacket is easy to put on thanks to its zipper. For cleaning, you can put it in the washing machine.

2. Mac in aMen’sMen’s Fleece Down Jacket

Winter is here, and this gorgeous, inexpensive down product will help you face it. With this jacket on your back, you can meet the coldest temperatures and stay warm, thanks to the duck-down filling.

This down jacket is very light and easy to fold up, and it can be carried easily in a bag. Very practical, the model is reversible, and you can choose between yellow and blue, always adorned with the reflective logo.

3. Black Crevice down jacket for men – Value for money

Want to stay stylish while staying warm during the winter? The world wouldn’t want to take off this down jacket once you put it on.

You can wear it as a simple outer jacket or as light thermal insulation against the cold. Besides, this down jacket is waterproof, and it is easy to put on thanks to its zipper.

Available in different colors, it comes in various standard sizes, and you can easily store it in your travel bag as it can be easily zipped up.

4. Pinmen’smen’s down jacket

Are you looking for a light and warm jacket for a mountain hike or not to catch a cold during this winter period?

The Pinkpum brand has made this model for you.

Depending on your tastes, you will have the choice between black, blue, and dark green. This jacket is trendy for its lightness, as it weighs only 380 to 400 grams. Equipped with anti-drilling technology, it provides excellent insulation against the cold. A large pocket inside is available to store your phone or other items.

5. Eono EssentWomenWomen’s Insulated Quilted Jacket

Incorporate this beautiful quilted jacket into your wardrobe this winter. You can wear it alone or with other clothes for extra warmth. With a comfortable design, it is very light and provides excellent insulation without cluttering you.

Its compact design allows it to be stored easily, saving you space in your suitcase or closet. The model has a hood to keep your head and neck well protected from the cold.

6. Kuala Marikoo mid-season ladies down jacket

You will fall for the caramel color of this compressible puffer jacket made by Mariko. Ifdon’tdon’t like this color, you can always choose from the 16 other colors, including blue, black, coral red, and pink.

The model is available in sizes L and XL. Very soft to the touch, the fabric is 100% polyester, and it can be machine washable at a temperature of 30 ° C. This jacket is ideal for mid-season or mild winters.

7. Quilted winter jacket for lady Amber Mariko

With a perfect fit, the outer part of this quilted jacket is made of polyester. Inside, we have 100% acrylic synthetic fur and lining. With a high closure and a lining, the collar protects you from the wind and the cold.

The golden zippers give style to this fitted and elegant puffer jacket. To warm your hands, you can plunge them into the two side pockets. You can quickly put this jacket in the machine at a temperature of 30 ° C

8. Quilted jacket for mid-season lady Lulana Navaho

This puffer jacket with faux leather appliques is available in all standard sizes from XS to XXL.

Depending on your style, you can choose from 14 colors. This is a mid-season jacket so that you can put it on in fall, spring, and winter.

With an excellent finish, it is on top of the trend with its slightly fitted cut. You can undo the drawstring to detach the hood easily. The lining and the filling are in polyester.

What are the different types of down jackets?

There are different types of quilted jackets depending on the design, weight, and many other parameters.

The down sweater

It is the most relaxed model. It can be worn every day during travel, light adventures, and winter sports.

This jacket style’s temperature range depends on layering and effort, but it is suitable for around 2-10 degrees Celsius.

Ultralight down jacket

Ultralight down jackets are designed for hiking, climbing, cross-country skiing, and other outdoor activities.

They generally have the same fill weight as down models but are ultralight due to their premium down filling, thin fabric, minimalist zippers, and pockets. Most people wear it in town. This is a generally high-quality jacket.

Medium-heavy models for winter

down jacket

Models in this category are a bit warmer than down and ultralight styles. They are designed for harsh winter conditions and are worn during rock climbing and mountaineering.

The weight of the filling is reduced from about 100 grams to 200 grams or more. These jackets offer better protection against the cold.

They are also much puffier than other models with more down and take up a little more space in your backpack.

How to choose your down jacket?

Different parameters are taken into account when choosing this type of garment. Your comfort depends on it.

The heat

Down insulation is ideal, as loose feather clusters are great for retaining body heat. The quantity and quality of down in the jacket determine its lightness and its thermal insulation capacity.

Filling power

Fill power measures the quality of the down and its quantity. The number is calculated based on the space occupied by each cluster down in a cylindrical tube. This is called”the “amount of”loft.”

The more loft a jacket has, the more body heat it retains. In other words, to get the same amount of warmth with less fill power, you need more down, more weight, and more bulk to achieve the same comfort goals.

The estimated temperature scale

a girl in the winter

It is difficult to determine with precision the ideal temperature range for each person. Factors like fit, stratification, level of effort, circulation, and wind are considered in this case.

Generally, lightweight down jackets offer a different temperature of between 2 to 15 degrees Celsius if the wearer exerts the minimum effort.

You can opt for a slightly lower temperature for a model offering an additional 5 to 15 degrees of heat, depending on its thickness and quality. These types of jackets are ideal for three-season alpine use and in cities, except in extreme cold.

When the mercury drops below freezing, you will be more comfortable wearing a medium or heavy-weight down jacket.

The total weight of these jackets should be at least 200 grams. For extreme cold and climbing the highest peaks, and even heavier parka may be necessary.

The weight

For uses such as hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, or when you need to carry your gear, the total weight of your down jacket should play a big part in your purchasing decision”. “Ultra” light” is a buzzword you will often hear in down jacket reviIt’s

It’s worth noting that there are no hard and fast rules as to what qualifies. Regardless of the manufacturer’s name for a jacket, keep a close eye on the garment’s fill weight and total weight.

The fibers of the fabric

Denier (D) is the measure of the weight of a yarn fiber. The lower the number, the lighter the weight.

However, a lower denier index means the material is less durable and more prone to abrasion. Much of the difference in weight of an ultralight jacket is offset by softer denier fabric for the outer part.

Ease of compression

ease down jacket

Down jacket enthusiasts love its compressibility. An ultralight jacket can be slipped into its pocket and become much smaller than a bottle jacket’s compressibility means you can easily carry it in a backpack.

Keep in mind that the higher the fill power, the easier the jacket is to compress.

Hydrophobic and DWR treatment

Down jackets, unfortunately, lose much of their insulating capacity when wet and turn into a clump of soggy feathers.

This is why some people prefer a synthetic jacket that still offers a good quality of insulation even under humidity.

Recently, various manufacturers have designed water-resistant models. This is possible thanks to the addition of a polymer to the down of the jacket. To make the down jacket waterproof, manufacturers also use the DW” or “Durable Water Repe”lant” treatment outside the coat.

This treatment helps prevent water droplets from forming and entering the garment. Neither a DWR finish nor a hydrophobic down will protect your down jacket from moisture, but they are good lines of defense against light to moderate precipitation.

The cup

The fit is specific for each jacket, but there are two primary considerations to consider. First, down sweaters have a more relaxed fit than ultralight jackets. The fit also varies significantly by brand.

With or without a hood

Most down jackets, especially women’s models, have a hood. The hoodless version is slightly cheaper and weighs less, but don’t take advantage of the hood’s extra warmth and comfort.

Many people opt for a vest without the hood for casual wear or skiing and wear a separate beanie instead. For hiking and climbing, many opt for hooded models.

What about synthetic jackets?

Insulated jackets made with synthetic fibers provide better insulation than down when wet. They are also more ventilated and less expensive. However, the down jacket is still the best ally against the cold.

The warmth to weight ratio is unmatched, as is the compressibility and comfort.