The best dressing tents for camping

Reserved areas are on the rise in camping and caravan tourism . There are many people who, for convenience, do not jump to a vacation in freedom, without stopping to think that today there are dozens of accessories to preserve privacy, such as tents or dressing rooms.

The one that gathers the most positive evaluations and, therefore, occupies the first place in this comparison, is the Wolfwise dressing tent . It is an instant or pop up model, which opens and closes in a matter of seconds and is characterized by having a waterproof fabric that does not allow ultraviolet rays to pass through. In addition, it stands out for its mesh fabric roof that allows air to circulate and that can be closed in the event of rain.

What are changing rooms or changing rooms for camping?
Tents or dressing tents are an accessory used, as the name suggests, to change, wash or place a portable toilet . It is a metal structure, shaped like a tent, covered with a waterproof awning. They usually have enough space to fit a person of 1.90 meters.

These tents are ideal to travel with them to the beach or the mountains because, when folded, they take up little space and are light to transport. In addition, some models are pop-up, so installation is a matter of seconds.

To take into account before buying a camping dressing tent
Measurements: Normally, dressing stores usually have standard measurements of 120 cm at the base and 190 cm in height. But you will find some more spacious and others, on the other hand, smaller. The tallest tent in this comparison measures 210 cm, while the shortest is 180 cm. The same thing happens with the base. There are dressing tents with measures of 110 cm or 130 cm.
The Materials: The changing rooms are typically made from high-density polyester and nylon. They are materials designed to withstand the elements and possible tears. Likewise, there are advanced models that, in addition to being waterproof, do not allow UV rays to penetrate. This is an advantage when using this type of tent for other activities.
The assembly: Like the tents, there are two types of portable testers: the instant or pop-up assembly and the traditional rod ones. The former unfold in a matter of seconds, while the latter require more time, but are intuitive and easy to lift.
The dressing made with simple materials typically have an average price of 30 euros, while structures made with quality fabrics and reach 70 euros. That is, they do not represent a large outlay compared to other camping accessories.

Favorite: Wolfwise Dressing Tent

Wolfwise is a company with a short history, but that in just a few years has managed to place some of its products in the best sellers on the market. This is the case of the favorite tent of this comparison, a pop up or instant model that opens and closes in just ten seconds.

It is a structure made of steel covered with a waterproof fabric that does not allow ultraviolet rays to pass through. With open measurements of 120 cm wide and 190 cm high, this portable tent differs by having great ventilation.

For now, the roof, made of mesh fabric, can be covered in case of rain . To do this, it is fixed to the tent with four hooks. But customers also appreciate its zippered windows on the side and rear that allow, for example, the placement of a hose or a shower head. Also, inside you will find hooks to place clothes.

As noted in the introduction, these are generally not space-consuming accessories, as they are designed not to interfere with mobility. In this case, the Wolfwise tent weighs only 2 kilos and, once folded, it measures 65 cm in diameter.

Another good option: Bestway Station Port

Another good option for those who prefer a more robust dressing tent with a traditional pole mounting is the Station Port model from Bestway. This brand is a leader in manufacturing items for outdoor use such as removable pools, inflatable mattresses or its extensive camping line .

Your Station Sport tent is ideal for changing clothes, going to the toilet or showering , since the base is removable so that the water can drain off without flooding the tent. In addition, it has a front roller blind that closes completely to maintain privacy at all times and two side windows that keep it always ventilated.

Its base measures 110 cm on each side and 190 cm high, making it, a priori, spacious enough for people of any size.

Made of resistant 170-thread polyester, it is assembled using rods made of fiberglass, a material that is characterized by its high resistance, lightness and flexibility.

Transporting and storing it is simple because it only weighs two and a half kilos and is collected in a practical rolled transport bag that is 60 cm long and 10 cm wide.

The most spacious: VidaXL

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-assemble and spacious portable walk- in closet , take a look at this one from VidaXL, an international online company that sells all kinds of home, garden and outdoor items at great prices and of great quality.

This cabin is characterized by the large space it offers inside: 130 cm wide and deep and 210 cm high. This feature makes it the largest and most spacious in this comparison. For this reason, it is an excellent option for families with children, elderly or disabled people who need help when cleaning, dressing or going to the bathroom.

Compared to previous dressing tents (and almost all of the selection) it does not include a floor and the door is opened by a side zipper that leaves a wide entrance to the interior.

It is made of waterproofed polyamide (PA), better known as nylon, a fabric that is highly resistant to tears and extreme temperatures.

Despite its simple design, it incorporates useful details such as two interior pockets where you can place the necessary objects for the shower or toilet.

Although it does not include instructions, any camper will be able to set it up without them. It is only necessary to insert the fiberglass rods and fit them into the fabric until the structure is lifted.

Its large size does not imply an extra weight. In fact, you will only add two kilograms to your luggage. It folds easily and compactly into a convenient carry bag.

The lightest: Qdreclod

The particularity and difference of the Qdreclod dressing room is its lightness . Its kilo and a half of weight is its greatest advantage over its competitors. And it is already known that when it comes to traveling, weight is always a drawback.

But, in addition, the tent is waterproof and resistant to UV rays. It has a zippered window on the back and an air vent on the roof. Likewise, you can hang your clothes on some hooks and, in a side pocket, store other objects such as your mobile or hygiene products.

However, you have to take into account two characteristics that are possibly possible drawbacks. It is a tent that is assembled with rods that are anchored to the ground and once opened they have a height of 180 cm. This means that, depending on which people and the use that you want to give it, it remains somewhat small.

Highest quality: Qeedo Quick Shower Cabin

It is one of the best rated camping dressing stores on the market. An unquestionable quality that you have to pay for, and that will make your trips to nature much more comfortable.

It has a floor for the shower, folding by the way, and permeable for drainage. Inside the store, in addition to saying that it can fit two people at the same time, you will find organization pockets and practical hooks to hang whatever is necessary. It also has two openings for ventilation.

The manufacturer counts by 30 the seconds it will take to assemble it. Thanks to the Qeedo Quick Up system and its telescopic linkage it can be assembled and disassembled in that amount of seconds that the manufacturer says.

The shower tent also has other outstanding features, such as the floor, which is made of mesh at the edges so that the water can flow out without the user leaving a closed canvas comfortably standing. The floor can also be folded completely.

The package includes a bag to facilitate the transport of the store.

Light and soilless: Aktive 62162

Specially designed to fit into any space in nature: camping, beach , mountain … it starts up in a few seconds thanks to its pop-up format so you can change or shower outdoors and is fixed to the ground with four pegs.

It is made of high quality 100% polyester and is coated inside with UV50 projection. It has a roll-up door with a double zipper to access the space.

Its transport is simple and light thanks to the practical bag with handles that it has.

Its measurements are 120 centimeters wide, 120 centimeters long and 190 centimeters high, so it can be adapted, practically, to almost any guest.

Snapshot: Outsunny

This model is made of 190T polyester nylon and is really easy to clean . In addition, it has filters and extra resistance to both water and ultra violet rays. Its design, with a robust frame, guarantees maximum protection and stability when you are inside using it.

It has a double zippered door that facilitates entry and exit and is assembled in a few seconds thanks to its pop-up system and has a comfortable bag to transport it from one place to another.

Its dimensions, in centimeters, are 100x100x185 -length, width and height-.

Keep in mind that it has no ventilation , beyond the door, something that will be appreciated in winter but should be appreciated for the summer .

The best of its uses is to change and have some privacy, beyond being able to use it as a shower. The lack of a place to introduce the artichoke from the outside, makes this task difficult.

Multipurpose: Hi Suyi

It can be used as a shower, as a refuge to keep away from prying eyes … and it is able to adapt to any setting.

It has waterproof protection and ultraviolet protection. And it is that, it is designed with a special high quality coated fabric capable of blocking harmful UV rays. It’s made of 180T nylon and strong, flexible steel, providing excellent shelter from the sun and rain.

Its assembly, pop-up mode, and its transport are very simple. Regarding this last point, the Hi Suyi tent allows it to be folded effortlessly and placed in its transport bag in the form of a backpack.

Best price: GE

If you don’t want to make a big outlay , the GE dressing tent is undoubtedly the best option . It is a pop up model, like Wolfwise’s favorite, which can be assembled and disassembled in a few seconds.

The difference is in the quality, so it is indicated for occasional use or for those who do not want to make a large outlay. Although customers note that the 190 thread count waterproof polyester is tear resistant and has strong seams.

The measurements are similar to the other tents, with a base of 120 × 120 cm wide and a height of 190 cm. However, it does not include a base, although it does include a comfortable rear window where the shower head can pass, as well as a mesh pocket to store the gel , shampoo or sponge.

To sit or stand: Lumaland Outdoor

It is ideal for camping, regardless of the place – beach, garden, mountain … – and be used by almost anyone with its ease of assembly: What you will have to do is pull the safety rope, unfold the tent poles and fasten the tent anchors for a stable fixation.

The steel extension tube provides an additional retention device.

It is designed in 190T polyester and the material with which its removable floor is made is mesh. In addition, the roof of the tent, being of high quality, guarantees effective protection against the sun, rain, wind … It also has a practical towel rail to facilitate showering.

Its window, which facilitates ventilation , can be darkened from the inside with a curtain to protect it from prying eyes.

This model has a height of 2.5 meters.