The best foldable backpack

A trip or other move planned soon? More than departure always rhymes with organization, today we offer you a comparison of a flagship product, which will be an essential ally during your trip: the foldable backpack. Indeed, whether it is for a sporting trip or a simple tourist trip, the foldable backpack is a practical and compact product that will be of great help to you for your shortest trips.

So check out our list of the best foldable backpacks below to simplify your vacation and save you space in your suitcase!

Comparison of the different foldable backpacks

  • GONEX – Foldable sports backpack

The first model to present, the Gonex foldable sports backpack, available in four colors, made of high-quality nylon and waterproof and robust fabric. Indeed, this foldable backpack is a multi-pocket bag that folds into the interior pocket, which is itself ultra-compact. Thus, this allows you to put it in your suitcase without any worries while saving as much space as possible when you go on a trip, such as hiking, camping, etc. The Gonex foldable backpack is also equipped with compartments of different sizes to store your items in an organized and optimized way and transport them more easily. Finally, this bag is water-resistant thanks to its quick-drying and wear and tear; and is guaranteed for life.

So, planning your next camping or hiking trip? Need practical, compact, and high-quality equipment?

  • ZOMAKE – Foldable backpack

Another model, the foldable backpack from Zomake, once again ultra-light and compact, folds into a small pocket to save space and thus prove perfect for travel. This foldable backpack has multiple storage pockets, interior, and exterior to store as many items as possible. The Zomake foldable backpack, which places its particular strength on lightness and power, is waterproof and has a high-quality fabric and resistant seams, allowing a durable use of the bag without risk. Finally, if you are not satisfied with your foldable backpack,

So are you looking for a high-quality compact stackable backpack for your next trip?

  • UTOTEBAG – Foldable backpack

Still not convinced by previous models? You may be with the foldable backpack model offered by Utotebag. Indeed, this foldable, practical, and comfortable backpack is ideal for all kinds of activities, whether mountain biking, hiking, trekking, camping, or even fitness. Besides, this foldable backpack is waterproof. It does not allow water to pass through and therefore provides guaranteed protection for the objects it contains; and has a zipper, also water-resistant. This backpack is thus perfect for rainy days. Finally, it consists of the main compartment,

So, do you need a foldable backpack to make your vacation or any trip easier?

  • G4FREE – Foldable backpack

The fourth model to be presented to you, this foldable backpack from G4Free. Indeed, this foldable backpack, made of high-quality nylon, is water-resistant and designed to resist tearing. Besides, it has a breathable shoulder strap that can be adjusted to ensure comfortable transport and long-lasting use. It consists of the main pocket, a front pocket, and two side mesh pockets to optimally store as many items as possible. Finally, this foldable backpack stands out for its lightness and compactness, allowing it to keep it in his pocket or in his suitcase to save space once folded. Thus, this foldable backpack is displayed as multi-purpose and perfect for multiple occasions or activities, whether for a tourist visit, for use at the beach, or while hiking.

So, looking for a lightweight and practical foldable backpack that will accompany you everywhere and save you space when traveling or doing an activity?

  • HEXIN – Cheap foldable backpack

Do you feel like going on a trip soon and want to do camping or hiking activities, or do you just want a practical bag to take on your vacation? Then the Hexin foldable backpack might be right for you. Indeed, this waterproof and ultralight foldable backpack will become the ally of your holidays, by making your life easier, in particular by its compact side allowing an optimization of the space, in particular inside its suitcase. Also, the Hexin foldable backpack stands out for its comfort, ensured by the shoulder straps designed in breathable mesh,

So, looking for an ultralight, strong, and compact foldable backpack?

What is a foldable backpack?

tactical backpack

One category of backpacks that have become more and more popular in recent years is the foldable backpack. A folding backpack can be folded into a tiny package and stowed in a pocket sewn into the backpack. Just above, you could see the best foldable backpacks. I will also explain to you why the backpack must be waterproof.

The possible uses of a foldable backpack are numerous.

Folding backpacks from most brands and manufacturers are made of plastic. Nylon or polyester are generally used. Foldable backpacks are therefore very light. Some weigh less than a 90-gram chocolate bar. Foldable backpacks are unisex and can be worn by both men and women.

They can also be folded into a minimal volume. The best foldable backpacks have a folded size of just 12 x 7 x 5 centimeters when folded. A small pocket is sewn into a folding backpack, in which you can fold and insert the whole backpack. Folded like this, it can be taken anywhere without taking up space. But when unfolded, it offers all the advantages of a regular backpack.

A foldable backpack is particularly suitable for the following situations:

  • as a foldable backpack for a city trip
  • as an additional backpack as it is easy to store in the hand luggage when flying
  • as a foldable hiking backpack, if you want to carry an ultralight hiking backpack
  • as a backpack for shopping, if you’re going to do your shopping after work without having to take a backpack all-day
  • as a lightweight mini backpack for concerts and festivals
  • as a foldable backpack for trips to the countryside

If you only need a bag for certain parts of the day or looking for a very light backpack, you should choose a foldable backpack. Thanks to its lightweight and small size, a foldable backpack is a perfect companion.

A foldable backpack should have a volume of around 20 liters.

If you buy a foldable backpack, you should pay attention to the size of the model when folded, as well as its volume. The volume indicates the space offered by the foldable backpack and is expressed in liters.

If you are looking for a versatile foldable backpack, I recommend the 20L foldable backpack. Such a backpack can be used in many different ways. For example, it looks great as a collapsible travel bag. It is compact and weighs only 100 to 300 grams.

If you need a foldable hiking backpack, or if you want to take your 20L foldable backpack when camping or use it for a short trip or day trip, I recommend choosing a bag of my comparison. Tests of foldable backpacks on the Internet show that such a model offers enough storage space for everyday items.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a backpack containing a lot of material, I advise you to buy a 50 L backpack.

The following table gives you information on what you can find in the folding backpacks of the different categories presented.

Type Volume Sample content
Mini folding backpack 8 – 18 liters water bottle (1 liter), sweater, smartphone, wallet, keys, etc.
Foldable backpack 18 – 30 liters Laptop (max. 13 inches), sweater, water bottle, smartphone, external battery, wallet, keys, etc.
Foldable hiking backpack 30 – 50 liters jacket, laptop (max. 13 inches), thick sweater, toiletry bag, water bottle, smartphone, rechargeable battery, wallet, keys, etc.

The criteria for buying foldable backpacks: what you should pay attention to

The waterproof folding backpack helps keep contents dry.

In the United States, it rains more than 120 days a year on average. To be able to use your foldable backpack even in bad weather, it must be waterproof. So you can make sure that your things will not get wet. For outdoor adventures, hiking or camping, it is advisable to buy a foldable backpack with waterproof material. You can also easily carry electrical devices, such as a cell phone or laptop, in your backpack.

Most backpacks are made of nylon or polyester. Both fabrics can be coated with relatively little effort to make them water repellent. Therefore, many inexpensive foldable backpacks are also waterproof easily. However, such a coating does not last forever. You must consequently soak your backpack regularly.

So I advise you to choose a water-resistant foldable backpack. This will keep the contents of your backpack dry and carry electrical equipment, even in bad weather. This is particularly advantageous when traveling.

An additional interior pocket ensures order in the bag.

Some foldable backpacks have an additional inside pocket, which is very convenient. It is located inside, directly from the bag at the back. Interior pockets of this type have little space but are nevertheless very useful.

For example, documents can be stored in the interior pocket. These do not interfere with the rest of the backpack contents, and documents do not wrinkle. Besides, you can find the contents of the additional interior compartment very quickly. When traveling, for example, it is advisable to keep your identity card and tickets there. Pickpockets also find it challenging to access the contents of such a compartment. Some manufacturers do without an additional interior pocket for space reasons to keep the folded backpack’s size as small as possible.

If you use your backpack for work and frequently carry documents, I recommend a folding backpack with an additional inside pocket. Such a backpack is also the right choice for travelers.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a foldable backpack with an inside pocket compared to a bag without a pocket:


+ Documents are not folded

+ You can find Content quickly

+ Content is difficult to steal


– Extra weight

– Wider

Padded shoulder straps provide additional carrying comfort.

man facing unknown

In addition to the volume of a backpack, the most important is its transport comfort. Your foldable backpack should be so comfortable that you barely notice it when you’re wearing it. If a backpack nicks your shoulders or presses badly in some other way, it will quickly be thrown away.

Padded shoulder straps keep your foldable backpack comfortable. They distribute the weight over as large an area as possible and are made of a soft material that does not cut the shoulders or cause unpleasant pressure.

If you want to use your folding backpack regularly or for a long time, I recommend a folding backpack with padded shoulder straps, as these increase the comfort of transport. If you want to load your backpack heavily, it is also advisable to use padded shoulder straps.

The material of foldable backpacks

The material of foldable backpacks should be durable and tear-resistant while being lightweight. Some folding backpacks are made from ripstop nylon, which makes them even more tear-resistant.

Folding backpacks are also often made of waterproof or water-repellent materials. A folding backpack’s seams are rarely waterproof unless they are sealed, covered, or tied with duct tape. However, as long as you are not traveling in the pouring rain, water repellent material is sufficient.

Questions and answers on the topic of foldable backpacks

How to clean a foldable backpack?

If you use your backpack regularly, you will have to clean it sooner or later. Foldable backpacks are no exception. Some foldable backpacks are not suitable for the washing machine. It is also not recommended to wash it using the washing machine, as the washing machine may damage the curls and coating.

So you need to clean your foldable backpack by hand. Use a cloth for this with a little soap. After cleaning, however, be sure to store the backpack in a dry place to prevent mold from forming.

What is the lifespan of a foldable backpack?

Foldable backpacks are made of a skinny fabric and therefore do not seem very strong at first glance. However, they are made of nylon or polyester. These fabrics are characterized by high resistance despite their low thickness.

So you can take your foldable backpack with you when you go hiking. However, you should not put any sharp objects in the backpack. These can punch holes in the fabric.

What are the alternatives to the foldable backpack?

For some activities, a foldable backpack is not the first choice. The alternatives are:

  • Waterproof sports bag: for water sports and outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, surfing, sailing
  • Sports bag: for school sports or sports lessons on vacation and during leisure time
  • Roll-top bag: for hiking, more prolonged activities, school, work, university

The advantages of the foldable backpack are its lightweight and small dimensions. The downside is the lack of comfort.

Where can I buy a foldable backpack?

You can buy a foldable backpack online from the comfort of your home. The choice and offerings from different manufacturers are enormous. When you buy online, you get several benefits at once. Many online stores offer discounts and specials. In addition to facilitating purchases, the Internet also provides direct sources of information on various products. Compare and buy as you wish. It is also possible to make a retail purchase in the nearest town center.

What are the different types of foldable backpacks?

hiker in mountain view

Adapted to your needs, you can choose from different types of folding backpacks. It’s the type of closure that makes the most significant difference. Known variants are the folding backpack with a zipper or with roller closure.

Folding backpack with zipper

The interior compartment is opened or closed with a zipper. Additional compartments for storing small items, documents, snacks, or drinks are also equipped with zippers. Integrated side pockets are located on the outside. The foldable backpack with zipper has several advantages: It can be opened or closed quickly and easily, has several compartments of different sizes. The only downside: the foldable backpack is not entirely waterproof.

Foldable roll top backpack

For this minimalist design, no zipper is used. A click buckle closes the foldable backpack. The parts of the closing mechanism are located on both sides of the opening. To close, just roll the top edge down. Click on the two pieces together: The foldable backpack is closed. Manufacturers forgo side pockets and interior compartments to keep a bag with a simple appearance. The advantages of the top roll backpack are better waterproofing and reduced weight. The downside is that the foldable backpack usually only has one main compartment.

Sports bag with drawstring

Sports bags are light, foldable, and small. Fun bags printed with modern designs, sayings, or colors are becoming more and more popular. Until a few years ago, their use was limited to school gymnasiums. Nowadays, sports bags are a bag substitute in various places of use. Cords are also used for carrying on the back and for closing bags. The lightweight and minimalist design of drawstring sports bags are considered an advantage. Disadvantages: When closed, the bag has a small capacity in weight and size. The cords do not hermetically seal the opening.


two hikers

If you are looking for a small practical bag that you can carry everywhere easily and that does not cost a lot, you will find what you are looking for in this comparison. The foldable backpack has become an essential item to have with you when you go on a trip.