The best foldable bicycle helmet

Most bicycle accidents happen in town, but in France, wearing a helmet is not compulsory. Putting on a bulky helmet and wearing it later by hand is too dull for many riders, or your hairstyle suffers. The excuses are endless. So you have to find an elegant foldable bicycle helmet!

This alternative has even convinced fans of bicycle helmets: the folding city bicycle helmets have shown below put an end to the often ugly look of classic bicycle helmets.

Comparison of the best folding bicycle helmets

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1. The sportsman: Cairbull foldable bicycle helmet

The Cairbull foldable bicycle helmet in the basic version is ideal for sporty men and women.

Those who like more discreet colors can buy the black or gray version, but you will also find what you are looking for if you are looking for more fun colors.


The five segments’ arrangement could be described as “accordion”: it is divided into two side discs with two bands on each side.

Nine movable straps connect the seven parts, which means that the foldable helmet cannot be folded but can be tightened by around 20%.

Wearing comfort

Although the helmet makes a somewhat flexible impression in hand, it is nonetheless very sturdy. An elastic band secures the movable segments, and continuous padding gently lines the interior.

The straps can be fine-tuned on plastic sliders, and two pushers close the chin closure.


The head ventilation works well as there are many openings on the foldable helmet that ventilate the head in the best possible way.

2. The most futuristic: the Override adult folding bicycle helmet

The Override brand enjoys an excellent reputation as manufacturers of foldable helmets and secure saddlebags. This high-quality head protection for cyclists has a unique innovation because the helmet volume can be divided by 3.

The helmet is, therefore, convenient. It can easily be stored in a bag after a ride with your folding electric bike or even your backpack.

The foldable helmet is sold with a carrying case and foams of different thicknesses to adjust the helmet correctly to your head.

There are also colored accessories to personalize the helmet: protection for the rain or even a visor.


The sides mainly surround the face, giving an unlimited field of vision, and there is also enough room for those who wear glasses.

Override gave their helmets a very sporty design. The foldable helmet looks a bit like the BMX helmet.

It’s a helmet that will provide you with a youthful and trendy look!

Wearing comfort

Here, users benefit from the inner frame, which holds the helmet firmly to the head with strong rubber bands. When you put it on, the helmet gives an impression of lightness; the soft padding is covered with a piece of lovely fabric.

The helmet is certified to CE EN1078 standards, which guarantees optimum efficiency. The helmet is light, and it will not weigh you down too much on your head.


Four small openings and air ducts provide excellent cooling. The Override folding bicycle helmet also outperforms its competitors in terms of safety.

3. Urban style: Closca foldable bicycle helmet

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Loop, the foldable bicycle helmet by Closca, comes from a large design studio. This innovative head protection has already won very respectable awards.


The helmet can be folded up very easily and quickly by half at the touch of a button.

A colored band on the Closca Loop foldable helmet’s back allows for a different design between the helmet models. When worn, the helmet is elegant.

Wearing comfort

The band at the back of the foldable helmet provides good head support and thus improves comfort.

Removable and washable pads keep the helmet hygienic.

Although the Loop weighs only 340g for size M, it has two essential safety certificates, the European standard EN1078, and the American CPSC.


The efficient ventilation system is invisible: the airflow enters through openings at the top edge of each segment and is directed above the head, and exits through the back and up.

How comfortable is a foldable bicycle helmet?

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Thanks to adjustable elastic strap systems, foldable helmets are often securely attached to the head and provide enough comfort that the helmet does not bother.

There is not necessarily a ventilation problem on hot days with a foldable helmet. There are small ventilation holes between the different folding elements that let air in and thus provide the head with sufficient ventilation. Fresh air.

How often should a bicycle helmet be replaced?

If the foldable helmet is visibly damaged (cracked outer shell, foam or broken inlay, or other damage), it is best to stop using the helmet. Your head is at stake! Please note that the protective effect is then partially or lost. The damage of a folding helmet is not always visible.

I recommend replacing the helmet every five years.


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The future belongs to the foldable bicycle helmet. Many people are already wearing these folding helmets, but the flexible head protection has long become a stylish accessory for modern urban cyclists.

The futuristic design is also convincing in terms of safety, as the flexible elements absorb the energy of side impacts better than conventional bicycle helmets.