The best goggles for snorkeling

The incredible underwater life is one of the great unknown, even for those who usually spend the summer on the beach. It is expected that, at times, the delight that the view of the sea offers is enough to satiate the senses, and we do not notice the luxury of the marine world. However, a pair of snorkel glasses is enough to appreciate the multitude of living and inert organisms that dwell in the water.

For snorkeling, there are hundreds of models that make the correct choice difficult. Among all glasses, the professional brand Cressi stands out above the rest. If you dive online, you will see that it is among the manufacturers with the best diving equipment credentials.

Of all its models, the favorite and the most sold is the Combo Set Perla y México, a set of glasses and tube that gathers the best of ratings for its comfort and adaptability to facial characteristics, as well as for its excellent fog-free vision and its ergonomic box. Likewise, the specialists also highlight its versatility since it is a kit suitable for practicing freediving and diving.

What is snorkeling?

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Snorkeling consists of swimming on the surface to observe the fauna and the underwater bottom. To do this, goggles are used to which a snorkel is attached, which is a snorkel. Unlike diving, which is practiced at great depths, it is enough to push off and dive for this modality, in any case, a few meters.

It is a practice that can be done by anyone who knows how to swim. For her, it is not necessary to go into the high seas, but any space near the sand is a fantastic place to enjoy. Of course, it is convenient to keep in mind other variants, such as the state of the sea and possible currents if you can swim with someone, much better!

Snorkeling specialists advise taking deep, rhythmic breaths, staying calm, and using a security code in case you need help.

What are the best places to snorkel?

As mentioned before, any place is an excellent place to dive. You don’t have to cross the planet to see underwater wonders. Spain offers a multitude of alternatives. The Diario de Mallorca has recently made a list of the best beaches for snorkeling. They are the following: Tabarca Island, in Alicante; Mutriku beach, in Guipúzcoa; Caló de San Agustí, in Formentera; Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs, in Malaga; Cala

Masen, in Sant Feliu de Guixols; El Cabrón, on the island of Gran Canaria; and the Cíes Islands, in Pontevedra.

To consider

Roughly, what any beginner or professional of snorkeling is looking for is that the goggles have good vision, do not fog up, and breathe correctly through the tube. We develop, below, these particularities:


The traditional scuba is placed around the head with elastic bands. They cover the eyes and the nose, but you will also find full-face models on the market. That is, they cover the entire face and have a built-in snorkel tube.

A basic rule is that they fit perfectly to the face and are airtight to avoid any leakage.
Another essential aspect to consider is the quality of the lenses. They are usually made of tempered glass or polycarbonate. Their high level of shock resistance characterizes both materials. However, diving experts say that glass ones offer better visibility.

The snorkel or breathing tube

It is the fundamental piece because it allows you to breathe underwater. It is a tube approximately 40 centimeters long and between 3 and 4 cm in diameter, attached to a clip on one of the sides of the glasses.

The tube has a deflector at the top to prevent water from penetrating and causing unpleasant gagging, and a mouthpiece, usually of a standard size, is inserted into the mouth. Some agents can cause pain in the gums, so they are made with soft silicones conveniently.

Some models you can dive with include a valve that blocks water passage when the tube is submerged, but most snorkel tubes are semi-dry. This means that they have an upper cover that partially closes the tube and that is designed with a particular inclination so that water does not enter and does not limit breathing. Therefore, specialists advise buying a tube with a valve when you are going to snorkel professionally.

The glasses and the tube are accessories that weigh little to carry in a suitcase (around 300 grams) and that do not represent a significant outlay within the vacation budget. You have simple models for an average price of between 20-25 euros. If you have never practiced snorkeling, we encourage you to do so.

Start in places that you know and do not pose any danger. Little by little, you will become fond of it.

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The best: Cressi Combo Set Perla and Mexico

Cressi is an Italian brand that has been manufacturing all kinds of diving equipment since 1946.

Professional divers trust it, but the company sells high-quality accessories at a very accessible price for amateurs, such as the Perla mask and Mexico tube set.

This combo is the best seller and has become the favorite of this comparison. The Pearl mask is the improved model of the Focus. Its assembly has been simplified, and it has adaptability of 85%. Besides, the buckles are more precise thanks to one-handed micro-regulation to avoid the usual breakage. The lenses, meanwhile, are made of tempered glass, and the silicone frame is so soft that it adapts to the face without leaving marks.

The Mexico tube, for its part, is made of very flexible polyurethane but with enough rigidity to adapt to the mask without damaging the air intake. It has a frankly studied design to fit the facial anatomy and can be placed on the left or right. The mouthpiece, with various thicknesses, makes it comfortable so that the jaw is relaxed. Also, the nozzle/tube connection is safe against possible accidental separation.

The experts also highlight its versatility. It is an ideal model for practicing all kinds of underwater activities such as snorkeling, apnea, and diving both outdoors and in learning centers.
You can choose the Perla-México set in various colors combined with transparent or black.

Runner-up: Pi-Pe

Another well-rated model suitable for both beginners and professionals is the Pi-Pe Pure snorkel set.

Its strong point is the silicone frame of the glasses, which adapts to the face’s shape using elastic bands, while the large glasses offer a wide field of vision. These lenses are made of tempered glass, whose main characteristic is to provide a clear view of the underwater bottom.

The tube, 40 cm long and 4 cm wide, incorporates a comfortable silicone mouthpiece and a clip to fix it on the glasses safely. Besides, it includes a purge valve (Silicon Purge Valve) that automatically removes excess water from the tube.

The nozzle is incredibly soft. Some users emphasize that, after three hours of use, it does not cause any discomfort.

Best full face mask: Flyboo

The full-face models are masks that cover the entire face and have a tube incorporated in the upper part.

They are, in appearance, bulkier than the traditional ones but ideal for all ages since you breathe naturally through the mask and without the need to carry the tube inside your mouth.

Another positive aspect highlighted by this sport’s lovers is that full face masks offer a panoramic viewing angle of 180º.

Among all the existing models, Flyboo offers a unique experience, with an anti-fog design through a dual flow system with two ducts: one to breathe and the other to avoid vapor formation.

The lenses are made of a special shock-proof glass with an anti-leak design that prevents water ingress, while the straps and surround are made of high-quality silicone to improve fit.

Best of all, compared to other goggles, it incorporates a sports camera- compatible appliqué to record dives.

The Flyboo mask is available in four colors – green, pink, black, and blue – and three sizes: XS, S / M, and L / XL. To find the right size, measure the distance between the bridge of the nose and the chin’s base. If it is 8-10 cm, the appropriate size is XS; if it is 10 to 12 cm, the S / M; and, from 12 cm, size L / XL is required.

However, it should be added that specialists do not recommend using this type of mask for other water activities such as swimming, scuba diving, or free diving.

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Professional design: Arkmiido

Looking for professional snorkeling gear without breaking the bank? Take a look at this Arkimiido mask and tube set, whose design combines the best materials with details that incorporate the most prepared

water sports equipment.

It is made with tempered glass lenses that contain an anti-fog film with which you will never lose sharpness. The two windows and the silicone skirt that adapts to any face allow a panoramic and crystalline vision.

The mouthpiece is liquid silicone with a pre-curved ergonomic design for a more natural fit. It is so comfortable that it does not cause jaw fatigue or gum pain despite prolonged practice for hours.

The tube includes a purge valve that closes automatically if the snorkel goes underwater and opens when it surfaces. This feature makes it an ideal kit for freediving or fast swimming.

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Best Price: Intex Reef Rider

The last place on this podium is occupied by glasses and the Reef Rider tube from Intex Iberia. A company specialized in the commercialization of inflatable items such as swimming pools, mattresses, or boats. Their catalog has also included a diving section in which snorkel sets appear but at an affordable price.

According to the experts, the Reef Rider is an ideal model for the occasional practice of snorkeling.

Although there are notable differences with their competitors, they are made with the best materials.

One of the positive evaluations it gets is that it is designed for the whole family, as it is suitable for children from eight years of age and adults.

Unlike the other four models in this comparison, the lenses are made of polycarbonate with a double window covered in silicone and rubber buckles that fit perfectly.

The standard tube, 41 cm high and 3 cm in diameter, include a safety valve, an anti-splash deflector, and an ultra-flexible silicone mouthpiece.