The best group tents for 6 to 20 people [2021]

Towards the end, you’ll find a short guide with the most important questions and answers about the best group tent.

But first, my personal favorites in advance:

The best group tents for 6 to 20 people

1. Vaude Badawi Long group tent six people

For years, the German brand Vaude has been a leading supplier of high-quality backpacks, suitcases, travel bags, and outerwear.

The Vaude Badawi Long 6 person family tent is just as well designed, where a whole troop can be comfortably accommodated under one roof.

The structure

The Badawi Long has a particularly wind-stable shape and well-secured shrouds made in one piece with winding and clamping. The outer aluminum poles connect the inner tent and the outer tent to be set up in one step.

Vaude is committed to the environment and does not use PVC in its tents.


Arranged in a sort of clover, the group tent has two sleeping cabins so that all sleeping areas are evenly distributed, and no one has to lie down “behind” the tent.

Twelve interior pockets store the personal belongings of family members or guests.

When there are six people in the group tent simultaneously, the VAUDE top vent system and large lattice windows ensure a pleasant climate and excellent ventilation.

The extra floor under the hallway keeps a lot of dirt on the outside, and the tent’s laminate floor is even formic acid-resistant.


The polyamide floor and the polyester tent’s walls with a water column of 3000 mm provide sufficient waterproofing even in the event of continuous rain.

The front door zipper, floor, and seams are waterproof.

Included in delivery: Packing bag, floor underlay for the hallway.


  • Storage pockets inside
  • Stable
  • Distance from the floor for adequate ventilation


  • High price
  • 2 people needed for assembly

2. QTDS Group Tent for 8-10 People

This is a very sturdy tent that will accommodate large groups when you go camping with others.

The structure

The assembly using fiberglass rods is very simple. You can first set up the mosquito net separately or in one step with the inner tent. The polyester used is light and resistant, which is good for children.

In front of you is a state-of-the-art tent with a waterproof entrance door, a semi-circular awning, and side parts that effectively protect against bad weather, wind, and dust.

Thanks to the mosquito net in the front door, annoying insects also stay outside.


You can enter the 10-person group tent through a front entrance.

A room divider divides the two bedrooms, where children and parents, for example, can sleep separately lengthwise and crosswise.

A heat-resistant coating and a ventilation system at the back of the family tent allow six people to have a pleasant night’s sleep on scorching summer nights.

Small windows are found along the living area, but this lacks a bit of light, and at the same time, you can keep an eye on your children playing outside.

If you want to maintain your privacy in the evening, just close the built-in curtains. 😉


The QTDS tent with taped seams keeps rain up to 1500mm water column, while the inner tent’s climate is protected by breathable polyester.

You can also make a campfire near your tent with a storm lighter to light it. This will help keep moisture away from your tent.


  • Quality / price ratio
  • Large bedroom
  • Waterproof and breathable fabric


  • Only difficult to assemble
  • Without additional ground cover
    3 tents at night

3. SKANDIKA Montana 8 Person Tent

With its small size and low weight, the Skandika tunnel tent, a group tent with a 5000mm water column, is the perfect companion for spontaneous short trips with family, friends, or camp.

The structure

The tent itself and all the accessories can be carried with a small car in a handy bag to save space.

The tent can be set up quickly, which is particularly beneficial when it is dark or raining. You can first set up the outer tent individually and hang up the sleeping cabin or set up the two together in the traditional way.

The sturdy fiberglass poles and tight guy ropes give the camping tent excellent wind resistance and stability.


For such a light 8-person group tent, the space available is very respectable.

Luggage can be stored there; the windows can be closed with a roller curtain.

There are three sleeping cabins in breathable polyester, the entrance to which remains insect-free thanks to the mesh fabric. With a height of 2 m, the tent has a perfect size, as adults can stand inside.


The awning is made of PU coated polyester with a water column of 5000 mm, the floor is made of PE, and the other surfaces are made of polyester.

All seams are sewn and sealed, as well as the sleeping cabin floor.


  • Lightweight and small packaging
  • Large chamber
  • Good ventilation


  • Fragile canvas
  • Long assembly (1h30)

4. SKANDIKA Casablanca Tunnel Camping Tent – 12 People

The Essen-based company Skandika is one of the pioneers in fitness and the outdoors. The Skandika Casablanca large group tent for 12 people is suitable not only for families but also for sports teams or excursion groups.

The structure

Repeat the setup with all participants before you start your trip, as a large group tent needs a lot of hands to get up. This large capacity tent comes in a carry bag containing stakes, a repair kit, and other accessories.

The fiberglass poles and the rigid side tubes stabilize the tent very well and do not unnecessarily increase weight.

Many details such as a cable outlet or a hook for hanging a lamp, two entrances with canopy, or tension straps for adjusting the tarpaulins on the stakes provide a comfortable stay in the tent.


Two sleeping cabins on each side of the tent next to each other for three people in the longitudinal direction. Each compartment is 2.10 m wide and long. The partition can be rolled up to create a room.

Entrances with mosquito nets and a well-sewn floor prevent crawling animals and mosquitoes from entering.

The spacious living room invites you to stay longer without back pain: Adults can move around naturally since the height is 2.05 m. Personal effects can be stored in zipped interior pockets.


5000 mm of water column sets the Skandika Casablanca family tent apart from its competitors. PU coated 185T polyester is resistant to heavy rain and snowfall. The zippers are covered, and the stay cables are protected from the rain.

The 185T breathable polyester inner tent ensures a comfortable climate, even when fully occupied. The group tent can accommodate 12 people.


  • Large available space
  • Height for tall people
  • Waterproof up to 5000 ms


  • A single ventilation
  • The windows are not entirely darkened
    camping site

5. SKANDIKA Hurricane 12 to 18 People

This Skandika brand tent is a tent with four bedrooms that can accommodate 12 people. But it is possible to use the central space to sleep six additional people and thus increase the tent’s capacity to 18 people.

The structure

The Skandika 31.5m² group tent is only a medium-sized travel suitcase.

After unpacking the parts, the instructions inside the bag are brought to light, with which even newcomers can pitch the tent in 40 minutes.

Just assemble the fiberglass poles and pull them through the flaps of the tent tarps.

After mounting and securing the cabins, clamps connect the poles and fabric, and guy ropes increase stability.


The interior has been optimally divided: 2 m standing height in the lounge area, which spatially separates the two sleeping cabins and ensures adequate ventilation.

On each side, six people can lie lengthwise to the entrance and enjoy even more fresh air thanks to the interior mesh doors.

The material of the tent is flame retardant, so it is better protected from fire.


Drafts and insects stay outside because the polythene bedroom floor is welded all around, and all seams are securely sewn and glued.

The entire construction has proven itself against wind and rain with a water column of 5000 mm.


  • Black night corner for sleeping
  • Mosquito net and ventilation


  • High weight
  • Large carrying bag

The best group tent test winners of 6 to 20 people

Of course, the recommendation of a group tent depends not only on the number of people but also on its weather resistance, space, and comfortable furnishings. Based on these criteria, I consider the Vaude Badawi Long 6 Person Group Tent to be the best in this comparison.

Best group tent – Vaude Badawi Long 6 people

Cheap group tent – SKANDIKA Montana 8 People

The Skandika Montana tunnel tent is a high-quality yet very affordable family tent: its size offers weekend campers or festival-goers dry and comfortable accommodation.

Buying a Group Tent – Important Considerations

Camping is an increasingly popular destination because its price remains very affordable. If you have a 3-person tent, this will not be enough to go in a group.

Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, campsites with excellent facilities, friendly neighbors, and a relaxing atmosphere in beautiful landscapes are a great temptation.

Before purchasing a group tent, you should think about the personal requirements it must meet in addition to being waterproof and windproof.

How long do you live there with how many people and is there enough space if everyone is inside in bad weather?

  • Which group tent is right for you?

The first information to consider is the number of people and the age of the children. If you are traveling with two adults and two younger children, you will need four berths in two separate cabins.

When teenagers in a tent often want a place of their own to sleep, you may need three cabins in your group tent.

A group tent very often starts from 6 people with partitions for the berths.

If you are traveling alone, consider purchasing a lightweight single person tent.

  • Fixed or flexible location?

Team tents, group tents, and family tents are available in different configurations, with varying floor and standing height areas.

The more or less complicated construction and the total weight are related to these parameters. At least two people are needed to set up a large group tent.

If you want to get to know the country and its people and travel every two or three days, the assembly should be quick and easy. However, if you stay on a campsite during your vacation, the tent may be slower to pitch and more sturdy.

Pay attention to the weight of the tent and the actual size of the package, as your trunk fills up quickly on vacation with clothing, travel gadgets, and sports gear.

  • What material is a good group tent made of?

Look at the features, the differences, and the pros and cons in the following overview. You can see the water resistance from the water column values.



  • Lighter than polyester
  • No rotting
  • Tear and abrasion
  • Resistant
  • Coating increases UV resistance


  • Nothing to say



  • Lightweight and tear-resistant
  • Does not rot
  • No expansion in wet conditions
  • Moderate UV resistance


  • Moderate weight



  • Better breathability properties
  • UV resistant, durable


  • Waterproof only with impregnation
  • Water penetrates the surface
  • Less resistant to tearing
  • High weight

PU coating


  • Creates a waterproof surface
  • Reliably seals groundsheets


  • UV radiation permanently attacks the polyurethane

Other important properties

camping sitee

The more people there are in the tent, the better the ventilation should work. Pay attention to the double-leaf mesh doors and the number of ventilation slots. You can also buy a compact sleeping bag to improve comfort to feel like you are in a bed.

A large awning with lots of windows becomes a meeting point where you can eat and play together.

The interior space must be variable thanks to roll-up partitions or removable sleeping cabins, allowing space to be created as needed.

Details that enhance comfort:

  • Interior pockets in the walls
  • a cable passage
  • an additional side entrance
  • pendant lights for lamps
  • or blinds on the windows
  • A tent with a 2m or more roof, where adults can stand normally, is cost-effective for more extended periods of use.

This brings us to the shapes of the tents.

Group tent – Different shapes of the tent

  • The igloo tent

It is a classic, also called a dome tent, is currently experiencing a new boom. Their simple and lightweight construction is suitable for hiking, protected from the outdoors, wind, and weather.

A new variant for one or two people is the disposable tent, the poles of which are already set up with the tarpaulins.

The throwing movement unfolds the tent in a few minutes.

  • The tunnel tent

This shape offers a lot of divisible space inside, so many group tents are of this type.

The rounded outer walls, however, provide an attack surface to the wind.

Tightly taut side hoops provide stability and guy ropes secured to the ground with stakes.

  • The tipi tent

The cone-shaped tipi tent with only two tent poles and a tarp brings back memories of old Indian movies.

This type of tent is often thought of as a children’s tent set up in the garden.


big white tent

Are you already looking forward to your next camping vacation? Last year I went to the mountains and my next destination is on the coast.

If you want to buy a new group tent, buy a larger size if in doubt, always have space in reserve if a surprising visit presents itself.