The best hand warmers

It is essential to use the best hand warmer to warm your fingers after contacting ice quickly in winter. But a suitable quality device is not easy to find.

Indeed, the market is full of primary range products which do not heat your hands at all or very little despite the presence of a temperature setting. And conversely, it is possible that the device is difficult to control and that you could be subjected to a high temperature that could burn you.

In some cases, inadequate quality equipment can be challenging to pick up or not quickly recharge.

With this comparison drawn from user reviews and meticulous testing, you can easily find the product cheap but well-made.

What is the best hand warmer?


A hand heater is provided to release heat to warm your hands. With this in mind, the device you have to choose must perform this function. You should know that there are three types of models: gasoline, electric and chemical. The most widespread and the most used are, in particular, the electric model.

Besides, your choice must also be based on the comfort of use, practicality, and ease of recharging. Likewise, please consider the suitable options that suit you, like charging your cell phone.

Here you will surely make the best choice because, in addition to selecting products with good value for money, we also offer you a comprehensive guide.

Below, we present the best hand warmers :

The 8 Best Hand Warmers

1. Peyo 3 in 1 5200 mAH USB rechargeable hand warmer

The Peyo brand offers an ergonomic and high-end 3 in 1 hand warmer. Easy to use and equipped with a practical cord, this device allows you to quickly eliminate the cold on your hands while also recharging your phone and benefiting from a flashlight.

The device has a double-sided thermostat and three heating cells to heat in less than 30 seconds. Autonomy is also at the rendezvous because the 5200 mAH battery allows this model to be functional for up to 6 hours in 48 ° C mode and up to 4 hours in 55 ° C mode.

This product can be used as an external battery for new smartphone models. Likewise, it offers you a mighty LED torch that can illuminate you during your night hikes or your camping sessions in the countryside.

2. Aookey 5200mAH USB rechargeable hand warmer

Efficiency is at the rendezvous with this model. It warms your hands in just a few seconds, thanks to its high-performance heating system. This product’s handling is enjoyable because its external surface has been specially treated with silicone oil promoting a smooth and silky texture.

The device offers three heating modes with three different temperature levels. It also benefits from a safety system to prevent excessive discharges, short circuits, overheating, or overcharging.

You will benefit from a long autonomy with its 5200 mAH battery on the durability side, with an indicator that offers you the battery’s status. Note that this equipment can also be used as a power bank for your Smartphones.

3. The Heat Company Self-Heating Hand Warmer Patch

This is a model of a chemical heater that puts a lot of emphasis on practicality. This product works in contact with free air. The use is straightforward, remove the packaging and place the patch on your hand.

Upon contact with air, the patch reacts to provide the warmth your hands need. This product can warm your hands for up to 12 hours at a time.

Besides, this lot includes ten pairs of heaters, enough to promote multiple uses. You can very well choose not to put them directly on your hands. Indeed, it is also possible to place them in your pocket, so you could place your hands in your bags when you want to warm them.

4. Set of 4 WEB2O pocket heaters

This original pocket heater is very versatile. Indeed, this model can very well be used to warm your hand and relieve muscle or joint pain.

The use is straightforward. All you have to do is click on the metal pellet to activate the heating. Once active, all you have to do is put it in your pocket and place your hands there when you feel cold.

The heat is diffused efficiently for 30 minutes. But this model is infinitely reusable, even when the self-heating function is no longer available. To do this, you only have to immerse it for a few minutes in a radiator or a bain-marie, and it will deliver heat to you.

5. Omasi rechargeable electric hand warmer 5200 mAH

This equipment offers a double-sided thermostat as well as three heating stalls. It warms up your hands very quickly, whether you choose the 42 ° C or 55 ° Cheating option.

Practical, the portable format of this model allows it to be taken everywhere. Very useful when you want to warm your hands when you are in packed snow or hiking. The device offers an overheating protection system. When the temperature exceeds 57 ° C, it goes directly to standby.

Besides, the device offers a capacity of 5200 mAH with an autonomy of 4 to 8 hours depending on the heating temperature chosen. Again, it can also be used as an external telephone battery.

6.Four Heart USB / USB-C 5200 mAH rechargeable hand warmer

This model benefits from an incredible speed of heating. This is notably due to its double-sided thermostat and its three heating stalls, and the integration of a heating pad in the middle.

The device offers an electronic system making it possible to have three adjustable temperature levels, including a temperature of 42 ° C, 48 ° C and 55 ° C. Regardless of the heating intensity chosen, the large capacity of the battery allows it to provide a considerable autonomy, up to 8 hours.

Versatile, this equipment can also be used to recharge your Smartphone when you run out of batteries. And when it discharges, it can be restored quickly from a conventional USB or USB Type C outlet.

How to choose a hand heater?

Electric VS catalytic VS chemical model

hand in the sunset

When you choose your hand heater, you have three options in terms of energy source and combustion: electric, catalytic or chemical model. Each of these models has its advantages, but also its disadvantages.

The electric hand heater

It is the most popular model on the market. Its use is straightforward because you have to activate it and put your hands on it to gain heat. You can turn it off at any time if you want to save battery power.

This kind of device can be rechargeable. Also, they can offer other practical options like external phone batteries, flashlights, etc.

The advantages: The advantages of this model are, in particular, the fact that it is rechargeable, it does not emit any odor, it is very affordable, and it allows you to recharge your Smartphone.

The disadvantages: The lifespan of this device is shorter compared to catalytic models. Besides, you will always be limited in use based on battery life.

The catalytic hand heater

The catalytic hand warmer is a fuel model. More precisely, this type of device uses gasoline which is ignited to produce heat. These models were top-rated before the advent of electric models, and they are still used by a lot of people today.

The advantages: This model offers an autonomy of up to 15 hours continuously. It can run on any fuel as long as it is combustible. Also, their style is often very original.

Cons: Combustion generates an unpleasant odor. The risk of burns is considerable in the event of negligence.

The chemical hand warmer

This kind of equipment works in principle on an exothermic reaction from the oxidation of iron. When iron powder mixes with water and carbon and is exposed to the air, it produces a chemical reaction that produces heat.

These hand warmers are widely used in ski resorts due to their compactness and efficiency.

The advantages: They are straightforward to use. Their compact shape is efficient. Also, they are not very expensive.

Cons: They are not reusable. Black residues can be produced during the chemical reaction.

The duration of heat emission

Autonomy is an essential factor when purchasing your hand warmer. Depending on the device, the battery life can range from a few minutes to several hours. For an electric model, the autonomy is around 2 to 8 hours.

For a chemical model, it takes around 6 to 12 hours. And for a catalytic model, the autonomy runs between 6 and 15 hours, or even more.

Reusable or disposable hand warmer


Of course, a reusable hand warmer will be much more expensive than a disposable model. But you have to take into account the advantages of each to make the best choice.

A disposable model is notably more practical, less bulky, and easy to use. A rechargeable model can be used over time and can be multifunction.

The temperature level

It should be understood that electric heaters do not heat as much as fuel and chemical heaters. Also, the latter rise much faster in temperature than an electric model.

But you should also know that it is not always possible to adjust the temperature with these last two models. In any case, a device that offers a heat source of around 50 ° C is acceptable.

What are the areas of use of a hand warmer?

Hand warmers can be used in many circumstances. Most often, it is used for skiing or snowboarding. Skiers and snowboarders mainly use chemical models which slip easily into their gloves and boots.

But you can also use the hand heater for other activities. This is the case, for example, with fishing (especially ice fishing), mountain camping, golf, etc. There are even some musicians who use it to warm their hands during outdoor concerts.

Choose a hand heater according to your needs.

The choice of a hand warmer is based mainly on your lifestyle.

To work: Your needs boil down to using a device to warm your hands in the car, on the subway, or at the office. The best choice would then be a rechargeable device because the device will be used occasionally but regularly.

For Skiing – If you often ski touring, snowboarding, or other winter sport, your best bet would be to use the chemical heaters. They are practical, inexpensive, and can easily slip into your gloves or your boot. Plus, you only use them when you need them.

For more style – If you plan to wow those around you on the occasion of occasional meetings with old friends, for example, the catalytic heater is perfect. Its original style will give you more authenticity while allowing you to have warm hands.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where to put a hand warmer?

The best place to place an electric hand warmer is in the pocket of your jacket or your gloves. It should be noted that there are now gloves that are equipped with a small pocket system and which can accommodate a heater.

If you are using a catalytic model, it will be way too bulky for your gloves. So, the best solution is to put it in your pocket.

For ski enthusiasts, you need a product that slips into the gloves. The chemical model is then the best choice.

Are chemical hand warmers dangerous for the environment?

These models are generally neutral and harmless to nature. The vast majority of these models are made from powdered iron which generates heat as it oxidizes. As we all know, iron is a natural mineral, therefore non-toxic to the ecosystem.

However, the fibers associated with the hand warmer pack can be considered to pollute nature. In winter, they fall all over the place, and when summer arrives, we end up with white fibers all over the place.

Can they be used in a shoe?

It all depends on the size of the heater. But what is certain is that the chemical models can be donned without a problem. For others, you have to see if their size allows them to fit into your boots or if your shoes have a special compartment for this type of device.

You should also know that you can now find boot warmers everywhere, called foot warmers, specially designed for shoes.

How long can I keep my hand warmers?

Even if we are talking about a rechargeable hand heater, it has an expiration date. Also, chemical models, once you have opened them, cannot be stored.

When to use a catalytic model?

This type of device is often very bulky that it is not possible to insert it in your gloves. But there are circumstances when its use is much more convenient and practical. This is the case, among others, of ice fishing. However, you can still use it as long as you have a large pocket to put it on.