Best Headlamps Of 2021

Everyone knows that flashlights are necessary for all kinds of situations. But what about those times when we need to use our hands for something else at the same time? Not only in everyday life but also on excursions, trips, or camping. In these cases, the perfect solution is to have useful headlamps.

Do you know them? If you’ve never used one, or it’s the first time you’ve heard the name, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Headlamps are especially popular on the market as they adapt to many situations and are very user friendly. In this specialized article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these tools.

Important points about headlamps

  • A headlamp also called a headlamp, is a light source placed on the front of the head using a bracket. This tool is handy in that it allows you to perform a wide variety of activities, at night or in dark conditions, without using your hands.
  • The use of headlamps is especially advantageous on night excursions or camping and on specific jobs that are performed in dark conditions. They can be illuminated with a traditional bulb or LED lights and are battery or battery operated.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing a headlamp, there are some purchase criteria that you should take into account: autonomy, weight and comfort, resistance to dust or water, and light modes, among others.

The best headlamps on the market

The advantages of headlamps are varied since they are tools that adapt to many activities. Your experiences at night or in dark conditions will no longer be the same. Of course, there are many different brands on the market, and it is not always easy to choose. That is why we recommend you take a look at this selection with the best options.

  • The best Headlamp for beginners
  • The best Headlamp for excursions and night activities
  • The Headlamp with the most headlights
  • The most comfortable and lightest Headlamp

The best Headlamp for beginners

If this is your first time purchasing a headlamp, the Headlamp will not disappoint. It is the best seller on Amazon! It has four modes of white light and 2 of constant red light. It is equipped with state-of-the-art LEDs.

The headlights of this Headlamp can illuminate up to 180 meters. It weighs only 70 grams, and its elastic band is easily adaptable. Its battery is rechargeable.

The best Headlamp for excursions and night activities

This Headlamp has professional quality. It has three powerful headlights that can be used in 4 different modes, with a single switch. Its materials are ABS and aluminum alloy. The 10,000 lumens brightness is projected up to 500 meters.

This model is ideal for night activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, or other sports. The adjustable belt is convenient.

The Headlamp with the most headlights

Beteck’s impressive Headlamp has five front LED lights and up to 6 light modes to choose from. It works with rechargeable batteries and offers up to 15 thousand lumens with an autonomy of 8 hours.

This model includes a USB charging cable. The 90-degree swivel design allows you to adjust the angles of the lights according to the situation. It has a projection of 300 meters.

The most comfortable and lightest Headlamp

This Headlamp is ideal if you look for a comfortable tool that you can hardly feel when using it. It weighs only 59 grams! Resistant to water and dust includes three levels of light and the flashing SOS mode for emergencies.

It works with rechargeable lithium batteries that provide up to 5 hours of autonomy in high brightness mode and up to 15 hours in low brightness mode.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Headlamps

If you are going to go on a mountain excursion, if you have a camping vacation planned, if you go for a run at night, or if you need to look for something in dark places, think no more. The Headlamp offers you all the comforts you need. If you want to know more about it, take advantage of this section covering the most common questions.

What exactly is a headlamp?

A headlamp also called a headlamp or Headlamp, is a tool with a light source placed, employing a bracket, on the front of the head. The aim is to provide immediate illumination without the need to use your hands, which is very useful and comfortable for many night activities and for working in the dark.

In what contexts can a headlamp be used?

The uses for headlamps are quite varied and versatile. Although they were invented as safety lamps in coal mines in the early 19th century, they have been adapted to many everyday activities today. The designs of these tools have been diversified to give better results in each area. Some examples are:

  • Excursions in the open air, including sports such as hiking, mountaineering, or other activities in the mountains.
  • Sports such as hunting or fishing, where the hands are always busy with sports equipment.
  • Workout activities in town, like going for a run, walk or rollerblade at night.
  • Specific jobs or trades, such as mechanics and surgeons. They are also still used in mining and underground activities.
  • For home use, for example, when there are blackouts in the home, or simply if you need to search for something in dark environments.

What are the main advantages of a headlamp?

When the first headlamps hit the market, it was impossible to anticipate the popularity they would gain over time. But it was the comfort and versatility of this tool that made it an indispensable accessory for many activities. Among the main advantages, we can highlight the following:

  • They provide the necessary lighting while leaving your hands altogether free to carry out any activity.
  • The orientation of the light always accompanies the movement of the head. That is, the light bulb always points in the same direction as our eyes.
  • The headlamp does not generate shadows or dead spots since the angle of illumination coincides with our view’s angle.
  • Especially with LED headlamp systems, the power of light increases, and we can find models of astonishing intensity.

How intense can the illumination of a headlamp be?

It depends on the headlamp model and whether the source is a bulb or an LED light. The lighting power or intensity is the amount of light emitted in all directions and is measured in lumens. This is one of the main things to watch out for when buying a headlamp. The greater the number of lumens, the greater the light emitted. On average, a good performing headlamp is around 200-300 lumens. If your focus is right, this measure is sufficient to perform all kinds of tasks. Of course, if you need something more powerful, you can find models with 1000 lumens, and even more if you already need more professional tools.

Do all headlamps illuminate the same?

No, they do not illuminate the same way. In addition to the intensity of light that each headlamp has, there is another aspect to consider: the light beam or cone of light. This refers to how the lighting power is distributed. There are models whose focus is broader and others where it is more concentrated. According to this criterion, we can find different headlamps:

Light beam type What it offers
  • Wide and diffuse lighting.Wide field of view.
  • Easy to see up close in the dark.
  • Concentrated lighting.Ability to project long distances with precision.
  • A combination of the two previous modes.
  • Flexibility for situations where we need to adjust the light beam.

Are headlamps with LED lights better than those using conventional bulbs?

For a few years now, LED technology has revolutionized lighting in general. In headlamps, it is no exception. Although these tools may have acceptable results with conventional bulbs, LED lights offer higher performance with lower energy consumption. This translates into higher lighting power. On the other hand, headlamps with LED lights have greater autonomy. Plus, light-emitting diodes (hence the name Light Emitting Diode ) don’t burn out, so you won’t be left without light when you need it most. They are very safe lights: they are not flammable. Therefore they are suitable for explosive environments or with extreme temperatures.

What types of light do headlamps emit?

Headlamps are not all the same. One crucial aspect in which they differ is in the type of light they are capable of emitting. We don’t always need the same thing every time we use the headlamp. That is why the best models include different light modes depending on the situation or according to the needs. Some examples are:

  • High or brightest light (100%)
  • Medium-light (30%)
  • Low light (10%)
  • SOS flashing light, for emergencies
  • Blinking light
  • Red light

What power source do the headlamps have?

Headlamps usually work using two types of power sources. On the one hand, some use conventional batteries, generally, type AAA. The autonomy of these models is usually between 4 to 6 hours approximately. They have the disadvantage of being somewhat heavier, although you can always change them easily if you run out of them. The other, more modern alternative is headlamps with rechargeable batteries (via USB cable). These models are more comfortable to use since we can plug them into any compatible port for charging. The cable is usually included with the purchase. The autonomy is variable, depending on the brand, and a power bank<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”> can be used if necessary.

How do headlamps fit on my head?

By definition, headlamps fit the head. This aspect is essential because it is what allows us to have our hands free for other tasks. But it also means that the support must be very comfortable. Otherwise, we will get tired of the tool and stop using it, especially if we need them for very long activities.

Headlamps are attached directly to the forehead, held in place by a strap system. Some models use conventional straps: they allow us to maintain the flashlight on our forehead using a flexible elastic band, similar to the one used by tennis players and other athletes. This is the most straightforward system, although scratches can be annoying.

Some helmet-type models add a superior band to the traditional one surrounding the head. This allows for better weight distribution across the head and offers more excellent lighting stability, especially when walking on tricky terrain. Besides, this type of adjustment is usually more precise, and comfort is more significant.

What types of headlamps are there?

Over time, the headlamps that appeared on the market were adapting to different scenarios. Although we can find many classes of these tools, there is a standard classification according to their design. These are those for occasional use, those for traditional use, and the most popular: the compact ones. The following table will show you more details.

Headlamp type characteristics
Occasional use
  • They are light and small.They get us out of trouble and unforeseen.
  • They have the basic benefits.
Traditional use
  • The battery holder is separate from the bulb.In general, they have a triple strap to attach to the head.
  • They are manageable with gloves.
  • They have a long range (greater than 300 meters).
  • Its weight is variable.
  • Very comfortable to use.They have many benefits without adding a lot of weight.
  • They have built-in battery holders and combine different headlights.
  • They have a medium range (on average 120 meters).

Hiking headlamps purchase criteria

The use of headlamps is a must for activities at night or in dark conditions. They are comfortable, light, and practical. Choosing one model or another will depend on your needs or the activities you carry out. However, there are some purchase criteria that you should always consider so as not to choose the wrong model. We present them to you.

  • Autonomy
  • Weight and fit
  • Number and type of lights
  • Resistance


The first fundamental aspect that you must take into account is the autonomy of your headlamp. Nobody wants to be without power when they need it most. The most recommended models to ensure the best sovereignty are the models with LED lights that work with rechargeable lithium batteries. The best flashlights exceed five or six hours of autonomy.

Weight and fit

When wearing them on your head indefinitely, the headlamp should be so comfortable that you don’t even realize you’re wearing it. In this sense, the first thing you should look at is the weight. Models that weigh more than a hundred grams can be annoying. On the other hand, you should also check the type of support: the best is the adjustable helmet model.

Number and type of lights

Although there are still many brands with conventional bulbs, the best headlamps work with LED lights: they last longer, illuminate better, and consume less. On the other hand, you will see that most models have only one headlight, but others can have up to five. It will depend on your activity to decide which is more suitable.


If you consider buying a headlamp for risky excursions, such as mountaineering or mountain hiking, you should make sure you have a sturdy model. The best flashlights are made of aluminum and ABS materials. Please do not consider the plastic ones, as they will last little. Also, check that they are waterproof.


Headlamps are headlamps that are attached to the head using a bracket with bands or straps. They are placed on the forehead and allow lighting in the same direction as the angle of view without using the hands. That is why they have become trendy in night sports or activities. And also in any job that is done in dark conditions.

The best headlamps use LED lights because they are safer, have greater autonomy, and consume less energy. Models may differ by the types and amount of lights or by the bulb they emit. This versatility is what makes them such useful tools for users. They are usually light, compact, and comfortable to wear.