The best hiking hats for UV protection

Wearing a hat during hikes and excursions in any season of the year is essential as it protects from the sun’s rays and inclement weather.

The hiking hat is essential in the winter against the cold and during the warmer seasons to defend against UVA and UVB rays’ damage.

Choosing the best hiking hat is essential because, in addition to protecting, it can make outdoor activities more enjoyable and decidedly less tiring.

It is one of the essential accessories for those who like to walk and immerse themselves in nature.

Some precautions to take and regarding the sun – if you go out between 12 noon and 4 pm, do not forget to wear:

  • covering clothing (t-shirt or shirt with sleeves and a bottom reaching below the knee at least),
  • a wide-brimmed hat,
  • sunglasses with enveloping frames and lenses with UV filter (CE standard, category 3 or 4).

What’s the best hiking hat?

The hat is a garment that has been around since man was a man, and in winter, it is a way to warm the head, and in summer, the best way to protect him from the sun.

Besides having the hood as protection for the upper part of the head, its usefulness is transferred to other parts of the head, especially the face.

Typically, the best hiking hats have a series of wings that provide shade and protect parts such as the face from direct sunlight.

For this reason, using the best hiking hat is an excellent solution to filter out the vast majority of the sun’s harmful rays.

Therefore, I have selected ten hiking hats with their descriptions, which will allow you to make a wise choice.

We bring you the best hiking hats below:

1. VBIGER Anti-UV Foldable Visor Cap

The Vbiger visor cap has sun protection and is anti-UV.

It is efficient because it folds up and can be transported very quickly in a small bag or backpack.

Its dual-use design, its zipper disconnects, and the visor close quite merely.

Made from 100% polyester, the cap is very comfortable and is pleasantly worn. Its usefulness is also suitable in summer as in autumn because it protects from the sun and the wind.

The cap is a design that leaves no one indifferent and is comfortable to wear.

2. Giyiohok UPF 50+ Straw Sun Hat for Men Women for Hiking

Made from natural straw (pampa pampeana), combined with a printed fabric edge.

UPF 50+ excellent sun protection, anti-UV, and breathable ventilation for all-day use.

The hat is ventilated and breathable, and the wide brim provides the best protection for your skin, perfect holiday hat, ideal for boating, camping, fishing, gardening, or any outdoor activity.

Equipped with an adjustable drawstring for fit and looseness, elastic band for a comfortable fit.

Keep it dry, do not wash it with water; after use, hang it in the open air in a cloudy place.

3. Columbia Bora Bora Booney – Sun Hat – Unisex

High-performance fishing hat with UV protection, headband, and ventilation net for added freshness, a favorite of anglers.

Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection for safety during long days outdoors.

Omni-Wick sweatband and ventilation mesh to extract moisture from the skin.

Adjustable drawstring and button at the back of the hat for a perfect fit

Columbia hat in synthetic fiber and has the advantage of being adjustable. Its color is everywhere because it is beige.

4. THE NORTH FACE Horizon Unisex hat

FlashDry ™ Fabrics are designed to accelerate moisture removal from the skin and speed up evaporative drying. FlashDry ™ helps you stay drier, more comfortable, and longer outdoors in various weather conditions and environments.

FlashDry ™ adds no weight or bulk and will never wash or wear out.

The sun protection properties of fabric or knit depending on the transmission, absorption, and reflection of UV radiation. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50.

The full brim of the Horizon Breeze Brimmer hat provides complete 360-degree protection for a wide range of outdoor activities.

The full brim protective hat for a wide range of outdoor activities is equipped with a branded headband, ventilation holes, and overlay. The cord is adjustable and removable.

rock climbing

5. Unigear Anti-UV UPF 50+ Hiking Hat

Elastic closure: ADJUSTABLE TO FIT MOST SIZES: Adjustable rear crown drawstring for a custom fit, suitable for approximately 22-24.5 inches head circumference Long adjustable chin bar with lace-up closure for a secure, windproof fit.

Completely protect your delicate skin: The Unigear Fishing Hat features a mosquito net, breathable mask, and neck umbrella that provides excellent protection to protect your face and neck from harmful UV rays and annoying insect bites.

The bucket hat has a UPF 50+ and a water repellent finish on its surface, which allows it to be worn in the sun and the rain.

Detachable design and multiple uses: Detachable face mask, neck cover, and mosquito net ensure multiple-use, allowing it to be worn as a general hat, windbreaker hat, neck hat, round hat, or bug hat. Choose the most suitable type based on your protection needs.

Breathable and foldable: The inner polyester headband can wick sweat away from your eyebrow quickly and strategically placed ventilation holes and mesh fabric on the crown to keep you cool and to breathe.

100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days: If you are not 100% satisfied with this product for any reason, please contact customer service within 60 days, and we will refund the purchase price to you immediately – no questions asked.

6. TAGVO Unisex hiking hat with adjustable chin

Upper material: Well made in 100% polyester, with a mesh on the hat’s sides, which is breathable, light, and comfortable.

Sunscreen: The sun hat with UV protection function could block most UV rays from the sun.

Large: The fishing hat is wide and loose enough to cover the head, face, and even the entire neck. It effectively protects against the sun’s rays.

Adjustable chin bar: Don’t worry with a chin bar because the hat will come off when it’s windy, also, with an adjustable head strap, ideal for most heads.

Foldable and packing: The canvas sun hat easily folds or rolls up to make it compact and packable. Very practical to wear and saves much space.

Characteristics: The inside of the headband will stay cool in summer. Lightweight and convenient to take with you on vacation.

Ideal for many outdoor activities. Cycling, camping, hiking, trekking, fishing, climbing

Quality: Tagvo is involved in sports and outdoor activities to ensure you and your families a great experience during your travel and vacation using the products provided.

7. MFH US GI Bush Hat

Sewn to military defense specifications and made from shrink-resistant and wrinkle-resistant Cotton Ripstop fabric, this fully functional and durable Boonie hat from MFH is equipped with four metal mesh air vents for better airflow and ventilation. Multiple attachment points for easy customization.

Besides, the fully adjustable chin bar keeps the hat securely in place, while the wide reinforced brim provides excellent protection from the sun. A perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts, fishing, camping, hiking, or travel enthusiasts.

The Tactical Modular Boonie Hat is equipped with four metal mesh air vents for better air circulation. Wide reinforced brim for added protection.

The adjustable chin bar for a secure fit and several loops, is sewn around the hat. It is light, comfortable, and very resistant, and its manufacture is 100% cotton.

8. Anyoo Outdoor caps with UV protection

Ultralight and quick-drying: Anyoo Sun Hats are made of lightweight polyester fabrics and dries quickly after getting wet while swimming or playing in the ocean.

The absorbent material will not make your head hot and sweaty even in the scorching afternoon sun.

Machine washable and line dry.

Large and suitable for all: he hat’s circumference is 57cm, which is large enough to suit those with thick hair, and the size is adjustable with a drawstring around the hat.

Also, the adjustable chin bar with a fall prevention button is ideal when you want to take it off for a minute and throw it on your back. Besides, it helps to keep this niche hat stable in very windy weather.

Comfortable and breathable: This hat features larger openings for better ventilation, extremely breathable with multiple mesh areas so air can circulate easily.

The Omni-wicking headband ensures good breathability while keeping moisture at bay, helping to keep your head cool at all times.

Great sun protection: The hat’s top hat is 40+, the wide brim of the hat can keep your face and neck in the shade, and it provides more coverage than a swimming cap.

It offers outstanding protection against skin cancer, which causes the sun’s rays. It will save the lives of people living outside.

Multiple-use: These hats are perfect for people who engage in outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and many more.

With this hat, you can spend more hours in your garden mowing the grass. This time, don’t be afraid of the sun and enjoy nature.

hiker sitting in a nice nature view

9. Columbia Bora Bora Booney – Sun Hat – Unisex

High quality: Make sunny fishing days a snap with a hat that does it all. The unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat from Columbia is the ultimate in sun and moisture protection.

High-quality materials and renowned technologies set Columbia fishing gear and accessories apart from the rest.

The Bora Bora II Booney Fishing Hat is made from our comfortable, lightweight, soft-touch 100% nylon. The technologies used in this hat are unmatched.

UV protection: Our signature wicking fabric makes up the ultra-breathable headband to keep you dry and comfortable; Mesh ventilation also works to breathe and draw moisture away from your skin.

UPF 50 materials work hard against the sun to protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays and long term damage to the skin.

A fishing hat isn’t much without sun protection – that’s why we only make the best.

Unisex: Columbia offers our unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat in several colors and sizes. To make sure the size you choose is the right one, please refer to our size chart.

10. Charmylo Sun Hat Men Women Cotton Foldable

UPF50 + sun protection: Effectively protects your skin from the sun, shading your face and the back of your neck, keeping you cool on sunny days.

Adjustable chin bar: The adjustable chin bar effectively prevents the hat from flying off in windy weather or during sports activities.

Sun hat for many occasions: You can wear it as a walking hat, wandering hat, beach hat, fishing hat, man hat, jungle hat, hiking cap, bush hat, or any other outdoor sun hat.

Hat for men: Charmylo Boonie Safari Sun Hat for Men Cotton Embroidery Visor Bucket Hats Fishing Hat for Summer Outdoor Wailking Fishing Hunting Hawaiian Desert

Things to consider when buying a hiking hat

falls view hiking

You will find hiking hats with a more or less wide brim, most of them made with materials particularly resistant to harmful UV rays.

The most common materials used to make hiking hats are cotton, polyester, and nylon, although you can also find them in hemp, leather, or paper straw.

They usually have a mesh liner ideal for protecting the head from moisture and an adjustable drawstring or chin strap at the chin, which prevents blasts. Some feature fold-down neck protection, ventilated sides, and an elasticated back.

You can also find foldable and ultralight hiking hats ideal to stow in your backpack or pocket. For rain or sailing sports, there are hiking hats made from waterproof materials.

There are different styles; Australian, bob, wide brim, camouflage, or Panama.

Edge width

The brim is a smart idea on a hat because it is what protects you from the sun. As a hiker, the brands suggest that you wear a wide-brimmed hat made from tightly woven fibers for optimal sun protection.

It is crucial as a hiker that you find a right balance in the width of the edge. A hat with a brim that is too wide or too loose can obscure the view, which is dangerous on the trails.

The most common suggestion is to buy a hat with at least a 7cm wide brim, and if the brim is dark in color at the bottom, even better. The dark color can help reduce glare.

Wing shape

UV rays can be reflected and scattered on various surfaces. One of the most reflective surfaces is snow, which can reflect up to 80% of rays. A dry range may reflect 15% and seafoam 25%.

The hat brim’s shape is an important aspect to consider as light can reflect off different elements and pass under the brim of your hat, hitting your face.

The best wing shape will be one that is curved down and comes closer to the face.

The proximity and the curve can help stop some of the UV reflection. However, the kite should be chosen carefully depending on your activity. If you are hiking or fishing, a hat with an overly curved brim can hinder your vision.


Lighter colors can reflect the sun better. It is best to choose a light-colored hat for protection as it can help distract some rays from your head and face.

A lighter color will not get as warm to the touch as a darker color.

Hats that have a dark color on the underside of the brim are even better. The dark underside can help absorb some of the reflected light, but it’s not likely to get hot to the touch at the bottom of the edge.

Lighter colors can be more challenging to clean. Therefore, natural off-white colors like beige, khaki, or ivory are an excellent choice for a hat color.


The material of your trekking hat should be suitable for your intended use and desired climate. For higher temperatures, lightweight fabric is preferable.

Even better if it’s breathable too. Remember that the type of material can change the way you wash your hat.

Some models will be machine washable, and some will not. The material of the hat can also affect the brim. There are rigid and flexible materials that give you different styles of edge.

Some brands of hiking hats have designs that are made of waterproof material. This can be ideal for anglers or water adventurers, as the hat will not sink and be lost if it is dropped in the water.


A hat is designed for protection. Its main job is to protect your head, face, and neck. You should find a design that maximizes your guard to make sure you don’t get burned in the sun’s rays.


Your hat must be comfortable for you. However, the comfort of a hat can depend on the activity.

If you’re rock climbing or hiking, buying a wide-brimmed hat is likely to be irritating as you’re continually bumping your back while looking around.

If you are a trail runner and have an ill-fitting hat, it can easily get lost in the wind.

You want to make sure you find a hat design that is comfortable for you but also works for your activity without obstructing your vision or becoming a nuisance.


A trekking hat must be breathable. A breathable hat will keep you cool, and it also tends to be lighter.

Hats can quickly become soaked in sweat when you put them on your head for long periods, especially when you are already sweating on the road.

A breathable hat can help keep you cool by letting sweat dry.


The strength of a hat can depend on several different factors. Primarily, color, material, and construction can affect how durable a hat is or not.

The best hats are off-white. This is because the coloring is not as likely as a completely white hat. The hat’s material should also be sturdy, and you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in the high quality.

For example, always choose a nylon hat rather than a straw hat. Nylon will be much more durable. Finally, a well-constructed hat should last a long time.


Similar to strength, durability is essential. A high-quality outdoor hat should last for many years, even in extreme weather.

By taking good care of your hat, you can increase durability and make sure your hat is always ready for the next adventure.

Maintenance and upkeep

girl in hiking hat

Each hat will have a different maintenance and care routine depending on the manufacturer and the materials used. It is best to see if the manufacturer provides advice on the care and care of your hat.

Most hats should be able to withstand hand washing. To wash the hat by hand, use cold water and a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, with mild soap. You can gently brush off the stains.

Do not use fabric softeners as they can degrade the material of your hat. When the cap is still wet, you need to put it back to its original shape.

It is imperative that you perform regular maintenance and care on your hat.

Sweat and the salt in the sweat can quickly break down a hat and allow dirt to build up. When you are not wearing your hat, you should always store it in a dry place.

UPF / Sun protection classification

UPF is the ultraviolet protection factor, which determines the intensity of the sun’s rays and the degree of protection you need. Typically, you will see UVA / UVB ratings, which determine the height of the UPF rating.

The best hiking hats will block UVA / UVB rays, which means having a high UPF rating.


Fit is important because it is what keeps your hat comfortable and secure on your head. Outdoor hats should fit well as they will move around a lot when you wear them.

You should be able to move your head freely without worrying about your hat falling off. A well-fitting hat also has better wind resistance. Even a light breeze can easily displace a hat if it is not correctly fitted.

The better the fit, the more likely your hat is to stay on your head.


The style of the hat is related to the activity you will be doing in nature. The type of adjustment, side, back, or front guards and shape must be right for you to feel good when using it.

You probably don’t plan on winning any style prizes on your outdoor outings but remember you should wear this first if you want to reap the benefits of the hat, so a style that works for you is also an aspect. To consider.

Style is always a personal preference, so when choosing your hat, you see yourself wearing it. Otherwise, avoid wasting your money and feeling like a fool by selecting a different option.

Quality / performance / price ratio

Not all trekking hats are the same; for the occasional use, it may be worth going for a cheap and inferior hat.

On the contrary, if you plan to make long trips, itineraries, or excursions to places with extreme climates. It has to be quality and performance.

Adjust your budget to purchase a mountain hat according to the activity’s duration, hardness, and location.

Type of activity

It is not the same to buy a hat for trekking in the desert as it is to go rafting. In one situation, the best will be a breathable, resistant, and light hat, and the recommended option will be a waterproof and comfortable hat with a good fit.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s specifications and the activities they recommend with each type of hat to make your right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Hats

rock formation

Is a hat better than sunscreen?

A little, but certainly not enough to make you forgo the use of SPF on your face and exposed areas of your body. Wearing a hat provides instant shade, which increases your total cumulative sun protection factor by at least 10.

Whether or not you are wearing a hat, you should apply a sunscreen of at least factor 30 as the ultraviolet light is reflected off the surfaces.

Should I wear a sun hat?

Wide-brimmed hats that wrap around the head – covering the face, nape, and sides of the neck and face – will offer the most UV protection as the fabrics are UV UPF 50+ treated with the highest index high for a material.

Tightly woven fabric hats generally offer more protection than canvas hats and straw hats.

The lowest UPF rating a garment can have is 15, while the highest is 50+.

Do black hats make you warmer?

It is quite common to hear that “wearing black makes you sexier”. While this can be true if you are completely stationary, it can make you more relaxed if there is even a light wind.

Black absorbs heat from the sun faster than white, but black also absorbs heat from your body.

Should a hat touch your ears?

The ears are as sensitive to the sun as the rest of the head, so it is best that the hat you wear covers your ears not only to prevent sunburn.

What does an unstructured hat mean?

Structured hats will be reinforced with a more substantial fabric called buckram, which is cotton fabric soaked in a plastic-like bath.

In the structured hat, there is a white buckram reinforcement behind the two front panels. In contrast, the unstructured cap does not feature the white buckram panels.

Can you shrink a hat in the dryer?


Place your hat in a garment bag, put it in the machine with a warm setting and take it out of the washing machine if you want it even tighter, put it in the dryer, then wear the hat in the open air to allow fibers to stretch and adapt to your head.