The Best Hiking Pillows

You have spent enough time or even a whole day exploring nature in all its fauna and flora diversity. Then you certainly want a good night’s sleep like a baby.

For this, a better hiking pillow is required if you’re going to enjoy more comfort. Therefore, we invite you to make your choice among the six best hiking pillows from our carefully selected selection.

What is the best hiking pillow?

Finding comfort in hiking pillows requires careful consideration of certain quality factors. In other words, it is up to you before any purchase of a hiking pillow to review the criteria of weight, size, shape, comfort, durability.

Below we bring you the best hiking pillows :

1. NUOLUX inflatable hiking pillow

This inflatable travel pillow is extra thick, ultralight, comfortable, and portable for all outdoor activities. To inquire about good quality indices, one should refer to its advantages such as:

  • rapid inflation and deflation to be more convenient to carry
  • a cleaning formula by hand with soap and water without the need for dehydration via a machine
  • a soft, hygienic, and thick fabric design.

2. REEHUT inflatable hiking pillow

Ideal for camping, lightweight and compressible, this inflatable hiking pillow is arguably what you need to achieve the ultimate in comfort while you sleep. It’s also ” inexpensive ” to suit most budgets and compact enough to fit into your luggage easily. We have chosen it particularly for:

  • its 80% polyester and 20% TPU, which makes it waterproof and anti-slip
  • its ergonomic design for better support
  • its versatility and ease of storage.

3. KOYOSO hiking pillow

This airbag is first the best choice to avoid neck pain when traveling by plane or car. But you can buy it affordably in today’s market to benefit from:

  • light in weight of only 55 g
  • multiple uses
  • optimal comfort thanks to manual inflation and deflation
  • excellent ergonomics and extreme durability even with people weighing more than 120 kg.

4. OUTDOORER hiking pillow

This hiking equipment is the Outdoorer brand’s pride, which has always had the pleasure of placing user comfort at the center of its concerns.

This is why this hiking pillow is filled with hollow fibers and can be easily compressed with its dimensions 40 x 25cm.

It is light, practical, and comfortable like most of the models in our selection.

5. SEA TO SUMMIT hiking pillow

We are surprised at the value for money of this small inflatable mattress of durable construction. It evokes an incredible level of comfort and solidity thanks to its 20 D polyester design. Sea To Sumit Trekking Pillow is also one of the models:

  • lighter
  • more comfortable to store and use
  • more versatile.

6. HOMIEE hiking pillow

This is an inexpensive and premium compressible pillow to complement your plane trip or your hikes and picnic at the beach. It is:

  • extremely light (90 g) and durable
  • foldable up to 5 × 2 inches
  • ergonomic, easy to use, and easy to clean
  • drop-resistant.

How to choose a hiking pillow?

pillow in boat

There are several types of hiking pillows, namely:

  • inflatable pillows
  • compressible pillows
  • hybrid pillows
  • folding pillows

But, whatever type of pillows you will need, it is crucial to stick to the following criteria before any purchase:


When going on a hike or a trek, you already take too many things: clothes, binoculars, the camping tent… to name a few. So, there is no point in adding the pillows’ weight, which remains an essential factor in portability.

It would be best if you made the weight of your bolster no longer an additional problem. For this, you must give preference to the pillows in our comparison. With their weight varying from 2 ounces to 9 ounces, they are light and extremely comfortable.


It’s not just useful for storage or determining what age category a pillow is for. The size of a hiking pillow is also characteristic of comfort. A small hiking pillow will provide more comfort and support for children than adults in camping conditions.

Conversely, larger pillows would be more comfortable for adults than children. Just by evaluating a pillow’s dimensions, you should realize its ability to support your head and give you comfort on a long trip.


The shape may seem less problematic to some people. Indeed, it all depends on how you sleep. If you nod off too much in sleep, choosing a pillow with an excellent ergonomic shape will be better.

This will allow you to keep your head in a good position while you sleep. But others still prefer only rectangle-shaped pillows. It must be said that it is just a matter of taste.


Compressibility is another factor in portability, storage, and comfort. Here, the choice is mainly focused on inflatable pillows to be able to enjoy a predefined size.

But there are also the soft or stuffed hiking pillows. Only you must know how to compress them according to the space you have available.


No one can dispute that comfort during sleep is the primary goal of hiking pillows. A pillow can be useless if it is not comfortable both on the ground and in the camp bed or not. So it would be best if you stuck to pillows that can make your sleep healthy and pleasant. This forces you to choose the right design materials and types of pillows.


The best hiking pillow is one that equates to house pillows in terms of support and comfort. It should be good enough to cradle your head, back, and neck to prevent minor aches and pains, and irritation when you wake up.

Indeed, these body parts become a problem for your physical balance when they are poorly positioned during sleep. It is in your interest to adopt a hiking pillow at the risk of spoiling your outdoor adventure.


The majority of hiking pillows are indeed designed to last as long as possible. This is promoted by the use of modern materials in the manufacture of these products. This is the case with ripstop and inflatable, and ultra-solid fabrics.

The thicker a pillow is made from high-quality materials, the more comfortable and durable it is. However, we would like to point out that a hiking pillow’s durability depends mostly on the frequency of use and the maintenance one does with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiking Pillows

dog and a woman in a tent

1. Why do you need a hiking pillow?

The use of hiking pillows gives you more comfort during your sleeping moments, mainly when constructed with materials that absorb sweat. People who like the sleeping bag will also tell you that it spares them the pain in the back of the neck.

Some people prefer to sleep flat on the floor because it is good for the spine. But for this way of sleeping to be genuinely beneficial for their spine, their neck must be well supported.

Fortunately, hiking pillows are designed to give them that support. Otherwise, these people are likely to wake up tired or sore with pain in the back of the head due to the tendons’ restriction during sleep.

2. How do I wash a hiking pillow?

The first thing to remember about this is that hiking pillows are practically not machine washable. You will only have to use lukewarm tap water to drain the raw material from your pillow. Once it’s dry, you can deflate it so you can pack it more easily.

3. Are the hiking pillows and travel pillows the same?

We can say that they are substitutable in the majority of cases. It is not uncommon to encounter many people (drivers or passengers) who move with pillows on long trips by plane, train, or car. In any case, a travel pillow stands out for its smaller size because it is not used for lying down. Therefore, it cannot be used as a hiking pillow. But the reverse is possible: hiking pillows can be a valid substitute for travel pillows during your long journeys.

4. Should I wash my hiking pillow? If yes, how?

Camping is an outdoor activity. This is why hiking pillows pick up dirt very quickly. It is therefore essential to wash them often to ensure the hygiene and comfort necessary for rational use. And the principle of cleaning these products is straightforward. You can see how comfortable hiking pillows are to wash by relying on the instructions on most inflatable pillows.

These instructions say that you wash your hiking pillow by hand and then dry it in the sun. To be more explicit, the method of cleaning a hiking pillow is to prepare a soapy solution with lukewarm water and soap. In this liquid solution, you dip the pillow and scrub its sides meticulously, ensuring that no spot is left out. You can now rinse it with clean water, wring it out and finally dry it in the sun. But before starting the process, close its valve to prevent water from entering through the bladder.

5. How should I store a hiking pillow?

Proper storage of hiking pillows is crucial as they are used at times. Better storage of pillows also increases their lifespan. It consists of unfolding your cushion after camping or hiking and placing it flat in your closet. Note that it is strongly recommended not to leave the pillow in its storage bag for a relatively long time, especially with the valve blocked. Otherwise, you should expect very unpleasant odors.

6. Can children also use the same hiking pillows as adults?

camping view at night

All pillows converge towards the same goal: they bring you comfort and support during your moments of sleep. But they are characteristically different. The size of the cushions, for example, lets us know if they are made for children or adults. A more compact pillow will be more comfortable at a smaller head like children’s heads and vice versa.