Best Instant Tents For Camping

Are you looking for the best instant tents for camping in 2020? Then you’re in the right place. This list comprises tents that range in size from smallest to largest as you go by it. Ergo, you will find tents that can suit a small family to a large group of people. Moreover, these are all highly affordable with premium quality.

Please Note: This list has an instant cabin and instant dome tents. Of course, the standard canvas tents and teepee styles are also part of the list.  Some may have extra features such as a screen room, winter tents, and some may have wood stoves. There has been an innovation called dark rest technology for a tent, and you may see some of these tents loaded with this innovative technique. Overall, we have worked to bring you a compelling list of instant tents that save time and effort. 

If you’re looking for a tent that can set up instantaneously, this one should meet your requirement. It comes with a pre-attached frame and four leg-poles. However, the poles are not telescopic. They have a retractable design for the canvas of the tent with a support mechanism. This tent offers you a height of around 210 cm, making it one of the tall tents on the list. 

The tent comes with an abundance of stakes and pegs to bolt the tent for a firm structure to ensure stability. You get over a 6-meter square area with 250 x 250 cm proportions. Despite the name claiming that it can suit five people, it is only suitable for two or three people. 

Additionally, it is a more massive tent that weighs around 19 kgs due to the strong material composition for longevity. Thus, you can be assured of its sturdiness. It has three windows and a single door with a single room. Of course, you get mesh and panels for ventilation. Overall, it is a good tent with waterproof material.

man in a small tent

  • MODKOY Pop Up Tents for Camping 6 Person – Sets Up in 30 Seconds

The name says it all! This tent is capable of setting up within 30 seconds. It is also a tall tent that has a central pole. The material is a canvas that can suit any weather condition, especially the cold weather. Similar to other tents, while it says that it will occupy five people, it only has a 6.7-meter square area. Thus, it will only be suitable for two to three people comfortably. 

However, due to its instant 30-second setup time, it does not pack in a compact style. Thus, it still maintains 200 x 40 x 18 cm of proportions. Therefore, you will need a vehicle to carry it for such proportions. 

Due to its canvas material, you can expect it to be waterproof. Thus, it is suitable for different climate and weather conditions. However, it weighs around 25 kgs. It is one of the award-winning tents of its time with awnings and windows on the three sides with one big opening or entrance at the front.  The poles are telescopic, and you get a carry bag with the tent. 

  • Mobihome 6 Person Tent For Family Camping With Quick Setup

While this one is not an instant setup, it is undoubtedly a quick setup with a central pole that retracts and provides an immediate tent appeal. However, two extra poles need proper staking to support this tent. While it looks edgy and rectangular from the outside, it has an oval interior with 410 x 210 cm of proportions. Thus it has around seven-meter square of area.

It seems like occupancy has become more of a marketing tactic. If you want to fit six people, there won’t be any space remaining inside. Therefore, at best, it can fit around 3 to 4 people comfortably. To make this tent more affordable with lightweight, fiberglass material was used for poles. Therefore, it is not a very durable construct but weighs around 6.3 kgs, which is very light and easy to carry by a single person. 

You have around four windows that are three on one side and one on the other. It also has a single entrance. It is an extended dome type tent with a partial fly coverage.
small tent

  • Moon Lence Instant Pop Up Tent For 4-5 People

If you’re looking for instant free-standing tents, then this one from Moon Lence is pretty good. It is a dome-model tent that has around five windows for ventilation. There is one big door for the tent, and it is instant to set up. However, the poles are fiberglass material with waterproof fiber. It comes with steel pegs to ensure secure stacking.

Similar to other tents for five people, this one is also good for a couple and maybe a kid, that’s all. It is a three-season tent with a light weight of 4.65 kgs, and it is instant to set up within 30 seconds. However, due to its light material composition, it is also one of the most feasible options available for an instant tent. It has an incredibly cheap price range. 

Significantly, since 2006 it has been a popular choice for campers of all types due to its design and free-standing style. It has mesh windows and zippers to close the windows and doors. Overall, if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great choice. 


On the list of the lightweight tents, here’s another one that weighs around 6.8 Kgs at best. It is another dome-style tent with an instant setup that has an outdoor pole design. Setting it up is like an umbrella. Hence, it is a retractable tent. It also offers a compact size when packed (Around 109 x 20 cm), making it easy to carry.

This one comes at an incredible price range and has an integrated vestibule for convenience. Additionally, you get vents on the fly and above design for easy circulation of air. It offers around 8.1 meter square of the area and claims to fit around six people. The material is waterproof with a floor that has a bathtub like the design. Thus, the seams are elevated to prevent water from flowing inside. 

It has a peak height of around 6.2 feet and comes with one year of the standard warranty. This is a suitable choice for all three seasons due to its material that is breathable polyester with a 2000 mm waterproofing coat. 


With an area around 8.3-meter square, this might be an ideal family camping tent with instant setup options. It has a tall height with steel framing and a single layer to promote affordability. The tent stands around 72 inches in size, and it is one of the cabin type tents. It has a single door and about five windows for adequate ventilation.

You can set this tent within a minute, and it is relatively lightweight, weighing only 7.8 Kgs for its size and construction. It has telescopic legs with a free-standing structure but comes with pegs and stakes for bolting purposes. The material is standard waterproof. While it has windows, there is a lack of vents that would be troublesome in the rain. There is no additional fly, either. So it is a baseline cabin style.

While it is suitable for six people, it is more comfortable for a family with two parents and two kids. It is an all-season tent, but the rainy season might not be favorable. There is a one-year standard warranty with this tent. 

green tent


If you’re looking for a feasible tent option with dark rest technology, this one will fit your criteria. This tent comes with a darkroom design and has floor vents for apt ventilation. There are three windows and a single door, while the structure is free-standing. It has a zipper panel on the roof with vinyl windows.

Due to its dark material usage, it regulates light better and maintains a lower temperature. The tent offers you the standard six people capacity, which is fitting for its 8.35 meter square of floor area. However, it lacks a little on the height with only 66 inches. For its features, it is relatively lightweight with 9 Kgs and compact packing of 109 x 20 cm. Additionally, you get an electrical cord option for the camping areas that have a supply unit or for your portable generator.


This one is a counterpart of the one given above. However, there are some notable differences in the features. It is an instant setup tent that can be up and working within 60 seconds. However, it comes with an integrated light system that makes it a highly convenient tent to use. That is not the only feature.

It has a steel frame with telescopic poles for compact packing. There are three windows and one door, which is a standard. Additionally, you get an organizer for storage and media pockets. All of this is to provide you storage options for gadgets and other belongings. There is an E-cable port that can work well with generators and other power options. It comes with two vents, so the airflow is efficient. With the apt size and weight, it is genuinely a six-person cabin style tent. 


Here you have another highly affordable tent on the list with an integrated rainfly. It has a single layer and comes with an express setup option with a simplistic design that resembles cabin type. There are windows on each side with a single door. It has a standard waterproof rating.  However, due to the lack of a vestibule, you will have to compromise the space for storage. Thus, it is suitable for 3-4 people at best. 

It is a free-standing tent with proper staking and pegs. The material is heavy-duty, so it weighs around 11 kgs. Additionally, it has 6.2 feet of standing height. Integrated fly means that the windows and doors are waterproof. You can also order a separate rain fly that can function well with the tent if you need it. Overall, it is the right choice for a year-around tent that suits all three seasons. 


This one is similar to the one listed above, in almost every way. You have a similar capacity, no vestibule, and it is single-layered with waterproofing. This tent can be used year-round and has a similar height. However, instead of an integrated fly, you get a fly that offers partial coverage. It also has a significant difference in the structure design. This one has a dual hub design instead of a central hub.

However, it is a free-standing tent without pegs and stake. So you might have to invest in them separately. There are telescopic poles, and it weighs only 9.6 for its durable construction. However, its packed size is not compact, so you will need multiple people, a trailer, or even a car to carry it around. 


Here you have a playful tent with a vibrant color theme that makes it suitable for a family. It is a well-built tent with an instant set up. Similar to others on the list, it is a free-standing tent on the list but comes with a full-coverage fly. Instead of steel or fiberglass, the poles are made of aluminum, which makes them light and highly durable. It comprises waterproof fabric, which is also temperature resistant, making it great for all three seasons. 

You will also find that the tent has two doors instead of one. There are two windows with a tall design. It offers surface area similar to other tents (8.4-meter square) and weighs reasonably low. Overall, it is one of the best six-people tents that you can get your hands on. 


Here is a tent that comes with around five windows and has a strong construct with steel poles. For your storage requirements, there are many options and a front awning. While you can set up the initial tent in sixty seconds, the extra awning and fly pole will take a little more time. However, it is nothing to sweat about. 

These are not the only features. It has a lot of other integrations, such as an E-cable port for power supply. You get a gear loft and UV-protected fly with a large door. It is waterproof, and you can aptly use it in any season. Additionally, with almost 100 square feet of surface area, it is indeed a six-person cabin tent. For all of the features and its design, it is one of the most affordable tents available.


Now, this is the tent that offers space, breathability, and favorable living conditions. It has several useful features for an authentic camping experience, such as a lantern hanging point with a gear loft. There is a large wall organizer, and you get an e-port similar to some other tents on the list. 

It is a free-standing tent with six-person occupancy, spacious with 99 square feet of area. With a peak height of 72 inches, it is easy to stand inside it, as well. From a weight perspective, due to durable material, it only weighs around 10 kgs, making it convenient to carry. Despite all of the features, it is one of the highly affordable tents. Perhaps this one is the best of all tents at the price range.

It works in all three seasons and has waterproofing elements. It comes with a separate rainfly and mesh ceiling for proper ventilation. 

How To Choose The Best Instant Tent?

sunrise view tent

All of the tents given above are easy to set up with instant leisure. However, that should not be the determining factor. There are other aspects that you should consider. Here, we will help you with a guide that showcases factors to consider. 


  • Storage Options: You and your friends or family will not be the only thing inside the tent. You need to consider apt storage for your bags and other belongings. Thus, vestibule, screen room, or awning becomes paramount to consider. Even if cooking and other things can be done outside, you will need to store some things inside.
  • Ventilation System: Not just the windows or doors, but also the vents itself need to be considered. Primarily, it becomes crucial to maintain an airflow if there is heavy rain. You can’t possibly open the windows; as such, it is vital to have vents in a tent.
  • Material: If you’re on a budget, it is understandable to go for a lower-priced option with weaker material. However, there are three industry standards available for a tent, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Fiberglass is the least durable but lightweight, while steel is tough and heavy. The aluminum is balanced.
  • Height: A tent should be high so that you can stand inside it. However, aerodynamics also plays a vital role. Thus, some tents may lack heights. Try to go for the one that has an apt size but also offers firm pegs and staking options for stability.


Additionally, it should be considered, but it should not be a primary determining factor. Usually, one door is sufficient, but the general rule for tents is that the more entries, the better the tent is. These are all the factors that you should certainly consider.


Final Thoughts

This list has a wide range of selection, including the evergreen or award-winning tents to the latest additions. These match specific criteria of trust and reliability with the credibility of the brand. We reviewed their features, convenience, and affordability. This article is aimed to offer you baseline information to make quick decisions. However, you can also look for an in-depth review of each product.