Best Mobile Tripod

Today, mobile phone manufacturers are betting on including higher quality cameras, even high-end ones, with similar results to those offered by conventional professional cameras. To improve the photographic experience, there is the possibility of purchasing a mobile tripod to reduce movement.

Although it might seem like a simple tool with few features when deciding on one option or another, the truth is that there are aspects that should be taken into account. Through this guide, we will help you clear up any doubts that may arise when looking for the most suitable model to use with your mobile device.

The most important points about mobile tripod

  • Typically, the different types of mobile tripod tend to have almost complete compatibility.
  • Many of them, even some inexpensive ones, have remote control via Bluetooth to facilitate your photographs from a distance.
  • You can choose between traditional tripods, with extendable but rigid legs that allow us to regulate the height and other octopus types. Their flexibility gives us the possibility of “grabbing” it to more unlikely materials and areas.

The best mobile tripods on the market

If you want to get the most out of your device, both for photography and video, the idea is to analyze which mobile tripod interests you the most based on your model, comfort, use, and budget. You can adjust several options to your needs. We are going to know some of them.

  • The best mobile tripod according to its value for money
  • The best mobile tripod with remote control
  • The best flexible mobile tripod
  • The most versatile mobile tripod
  • The best mini tripod for mobile

The best mobile tripod according to its value for money

For about € 20, you can buy one of the most complete on the market. It has universal support compatible with the vast majority of smartphones, with the horizontal rotation of 360º and vertical up to 90º. The mobile tripod legs can be extended from 48 cm to 128 cm, and the height can reach up to 135 cm after the installation of the mobile device.

It has a wireless remote shutter compatible with iOS and Android since the Bluetooth connection is enough. The mobile holder can be extended from 5.5 cm to 8.5 cm. It also has wide compatibility with cameras from popular brands such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Panasonic, or Olympus.

The best mobile tripod with remote control

An interesting option if you also want to have a selfie stick. It can be used conventionally, detaching the controller or turning it into a tripod. It has a non-slip pad on foot itself. The metallic material is made of aluminum alloy and has a 65 mAh rechargeable battery.

You can rotate the selfie stick itself, the rotation head together with the adjustable knob, and the rotating support, so you face a widely modifiable product.
Folded, its size is 19.9 cm, while in extendable mode, it can go from 27.5 cm to 67.9 cm. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The best flexible mobile tripod

This mobile tripod has the virtue of having flexible legs so that you can screw them onto railings, branches, and more. From 55 mm to 85 mm, its width makes it compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei devices, among others. Thanks to its adapter, it can also be used on GoPro cameras.

It comes with a remote controller that can be screwed onto the wrist due to its strap. This feature, together with the flexibility of the tripod, will allow you to take beautiful photos. Besides, it folds easily, is very compact, tremendously light, and very portable, so it will be convenient to carry around.

The most versatile mobile tripod

Another of the right options available in the market within the range of mobile tripods with flexible legs. As in the previous one, it can also be screwed into many materials, which gives it impressive maneuverability. Its waterproof rubber feet allow its use on wet surfaces.

It also has remote control via Bluetooth with an approximate range of 10 meters. The tripod head can be rotated 360º, and the legs can even be used as a selfie stick. It is widely compatible with mobile devices and also a GoPro camera. Its support reaches a maximum width of 8.5 cm.

The best mini tripod for mobile

We close with one of the simplest and cheapest tripods in its range. As in some previous options, its legs are also flexible, although plastic is covered with a sponge. This will also allow you to fix it to different surfaces. The tripod head can rotate 360º and allows the angle to be changed up to 136º.

Although its legs are not extendable, they allow it to be used as a small selfie stick. Although it incorporates a Bluetooth remote control of up to 10 meters, it seems more efficient as a tripod itself. It is also compatible with a wide range of smartphones. If we consider its materials, the price is entirely justified.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Mobile Tripods

The mobile tripod is a useful tool to take photos more efficiently or, if you want, to record videos with more excellent stability. It allows you to have good times with family or friends and for the most part, they are relatively easy to transport. We will know a little more about them so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

What is a mobile tripod, and what is it used for?

The mobile tripod is a usually foldable and articulated device that tries to make photography easier at all levels. Although a priori they turn out to be simple in terms of use, different types allow various customizations according to characteristics. Some of them are more robust, with extendable legs that give them a greater height. Besides, compatibility is not only limited to smartphones, since many are also suitable for cameras. Others are more flexible and smaller in size, ensuring that they can be attached to different surfaces, such as branches, pipes, or railings.

Advantages of buying an excellent mobile tripod

Now that we have known some of the best mobile tripods on the market, we can see the strengths that can convince you when purchasing one. All of them will help you improve your experience when taking photos, in the case; obviously, you also use your device for it. We see it in a simple table.


  • They help to stabilize the mobile when taking photos or videos
  • You can adjust the height
  • Allow choosing rotation and angles
  • Many models contain a remote control via Bluetooth
  • They are easy to handle and transport
  • They are compatible with conventional cameras


  • They are not always compatible with all smartphones
  • Tripods with flexible legs are not extendable in height

What types of the mobile tripod are there?

We are not facing too extensive a field in terms of variety. However, there are some differences that you should know since each one of them has characteristics that are essential when deciding on one option or another. In the end, although few, they also have an impact on functionality. Mainly, the differences lie in the type of tripod legs, beyond other variants. There are those with extendable legs, which usually offer greater customization in height (traditional). Also, others whose legs are flexible. The latter is called “octopus” because they allow a greater possibility of attachment to other materials.

Traditional tripod “Octopus” type tripod
Extendable legs Flexible legs
Adjustable height Possibility of “grabbing” the tripod to branches, railings, etc.
More professional photographs More original and carefree photographs
Great compatibility More affordable prices
Greater Stability Greater lightness

What mobile tripod gives us more excellent stability?

The traditional tripod, due to its characteristics, it’s opening in the legs, and its rigidity, is the one that gives us the most stability when taking pictures in situations that require it. Besides, some even offer a counterweight between the legs themselves to reinforce that fixation further. The flexible or “octopus” type tripod, precisely by its nature, does not provide the same stability and could penalize you in photographs that require it. In return, it offers you the possibility of taking snapshots in more sporty or aggressive situations, something that rigid ones will not provide you.

Does size matter on a mobile tripod?

Size matters depending on how you intend to use your tripod. If you want it for adventure, to take photos of yourself on trips or take a picture with your friends, the idea is that you bet on the little ones. It would be ideal considering that you are going to transport it from one place to another. Remember that there are them for less than 15 cm. If what you are looking for are other types of photos, as we have said before, more professional, and you do not mind that even when folded, it covers a little more, the idea is that you bet on a traditional and rigid one. They are the most suitable if the snapshots are taken on more or less flat surfaces.

Is it possible to find a competent mobile tripod for less than ten dollars?

Depending on your needs, yes, it is possible. In fact, in the list of five options that we have drawn up, one falls below ten dollars. We are talking about the Alfort.

Mini Tripod, which is compatible with practically any phone with less than 5.5 inches of screen. It is a good option for limited budgets. It is not the only one that can offer good benefits for less than 10 euros. There are other similar or somewhat more minimalist options that can do some useful functions according to what demands, but the Alfort has a remote control, which others, for the same price, do not have.

Mobile Tripod Purchase Criteria

When choosing between a mobile tripod or another, you must consider a series of factors to make a choice more successful. Due to the simplicity of the mechanism and its characteristics, a priority does not seem that the option is exceptionally complex. However, there are determining factors.

  • Budget
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Quality of the camera of our smartphone
  • Connection with other devices
  • Type of photography


One of the factors to consider when looking for a mobile tripod is the budget we have. The differences are usually very disparate, and the existing offer is extensive. However, you must keep your feet on the ground to not deposit your money in an option that is useless or excessive for what you are looking for.

Specific differences depend on whether you prefer a traditional one, which is usually more complete, complicated, expensive, or a flexible or “octopus” type, which generally tends to be somewhat more affordable and easier to handle. It is in your hands, although you will find what you need to know to make the right choice in the next sections.

Smartphone compatibility

Another aspect of assessing is that the mobile tripod we choose is fully compatible. In general, almost all of them are universal, and there are usually no problems with it. However, sometimes, depending on the inches of the screen of our mobile and the head of the tripod’s total width to which it is fixed, it may not grip the device well.

Quality of the camera of our smartphone

It may seem like a truism, but we must also know our smartphone to see the performance it can offer when taking pictures. This will also indicate a little to us how far we can get to assess the characteristics of a mobile tripod that makes the most of its possibilities.

It is not worth spending much money on a mobile tripod, regardless of the style, with many compatibilities, Bluetooth remote control, or a wide variety of rotations and angular possibilities. If there is not a minimum of quality in the lens, you will offer a minimum of photographic features.

Connection with other devices

There is the option of mobile tripods that allow us to connect our terminal and GoPro cameras or other more conventional professional cameras. Usually, the more adjusted to different possibilities are the traditional or rigid ones, since many of them even have several supports.

Type of photography

It is another criterion to take into account. After checking the compatibility, knowing that it is worth knowing how far your smartphone’s lens can go. And assessing if the tripod you want to use with other photographic devices, it is convenient to know that traditional tripods are more focused on professional photography.

If what you are looking for is support that minimizes movement but allows you to make more casual and playful captures. A much more comfortable transport, your option is the “octopus” type tripod, since its flexible legs allow you to grab it to different places and, besides, they turn out to be smaller and more compact.


As you have seen throughout the guide, there is a mobile tripod that will always adjust to your needs and those of your smartphone. There are not many criteria that must be taken into account. Of course, the ones we analyze are essential for maximizing the enjoyment and experience to take your best photographs.

Remember, it is vital to check the compatibility above all and then decide based on your needs, which are already in your hands. Only then can you choose without mistake between the existing possibilities in the market. Although there are many, you should know that their characteristics may be more focused on professionalism or fun.

The intention is that, with this guide, your doubts have been completely dispelled, and you can decide with the necessary knowledge. Buy your mobile tripod and get creative!