Best Mountain Backpack

Nature continues to exert a high power of attraction over people, even though we are currently an urban species. We like to walk through beautiful landscapes, live adventures between rivers and mountains, even improve our physical form with long walks through lush forests. They may seem like simple activities, but nothing is further from the truth.

To go out to the mountain, we need the right equipment, elements, and tools that make the activity more straightforward and more comfortable. And to transport all that material, it is essential to have a backpack. In this guide, we will try to help you discover what features the backpack you need to carry out your adventures in the mountains should offer.

The most important points about Mountain Backpack

  • The backpack must be comfortable and adapt perfectly to the body without causing discomfort or chafing.
  • The activity to be carried out must mark the size and number of compartments of the backpack.
  • In the purchase criteria, we will check the importance of the load capacity and the manufacturing materials, which must be resistant and facilitate perspiration.

The best mountain backpacks

The wide range of mountain backpacks models allows us to choose the item that best suits our needs. We have products of little capacity, lighter and more comfortable, for short duration activities or in which many elements are not transported. On the other hand, there are heavy-duty backpacks for bigger adventures. Let’s see some options:


This mountaineering backpack is made of sturdy nylon and offers excellent durability. In the lower pocket, it has a waterproof cover that protects objects from rain or other humidity. It has a large load capacity: 50 useful liters distributed in a spacious main compartment and numerous pockets.

Its ergonomic design makes it ideal for long trips. It has thick, breathable, padded straps to reduce pressure on the shoulders. They are adjustable, like the chest strap or the belt strap, so the model is suitable for both women and men. It is available in four colors.

Lixada 50/60 L

The nylon material of this mountain backpack gives it excellent resistance to water and inclement weather and gives it outstanding durability. With 50 liters, it has a spacious main compartment and numerous pockets for all kinds of accessories. It has a robust suspension system and is portable.

Its ventilated back panel with airflow channels provides much comfort and reduces the burden of heavyweights. The shoulder straps are adjustable and thick padded mesh. The chest and belt can also be adjusted. It is sold in various colors, and some of the models have a capacity of 60 liters.

Salomon Trailblazer

The Salomon Trailblazer is a comfortable and light backpack with a capacity of 10 liters. It is optimal for any outdoor activity: from hiking, cycling, or a walk in the country or the city. Made of polyester, its outstanding resistance to humidity is already guaranteed. Stretch side pockets allow for easy storage when carrying items.

Adjustable using a partially removable belt, chest strap, and shoulder straps. These elements make this backpack adapt to the body and feel very comfortable, adding a back system and padded harnesses that prevent chafing. Available in six colors: red, black, yellow, gray, and two blue.

Highlander RUC180-RD Discovery

A backpack of excellent quality and great acceptance by users. It is made of polyester and equipped on the back with a comfortable and light air mesh system (high-quality polyester fabric with 3D mesh-like structure). The belt and shoulder straps are padded for user comfort.

The main compartment has a zippered pocket in the center to access it without using the upper area or emptying other items when you want to search for something in the background. It has several outer pockets and an integrated rain cover. It stands out for its impermeability and breathability.

Mountaintop 50/55/60/65 L

Ideal backpack for all kinds of outdoor activities. It is made of high-quality polyester, resistant to wear and abrasion. It is waterproof but also offers additional protection against humidity thanks to its rain cover. The back panel perfectly adapts to the curve of the back and distributes the weight evenly.

With a capacity of up to 65 liters, although we can choose between four options, it has nine compartments or pockets, apart from the main one. A drawcord at the top allows you to expand the space by 5 liters. The padded shoulder straps and straps promote air circulation across the back.

What You Should Know About Mountain Backpacks?

Many are the questions that arise before buying a mountain backpack. Knowing well the product that we are going to acquire can free us from surprises in the future and guarantee that we will not lose the investment in an item that does not meet the desired expectations. Next, we are going to clear up some doubts.

What is a mountain backpack?

A backpack is a container for carrying luggage, usually attached to the back utilizing straps tied at the waist, shoulders, and sometimes the chest. The mountain is similar to any other, but with small variations due to each of these outdoor activities’ needs. This article is so important since it is used for those as mentioned above and for travel, sports, military missions, transporting school supplies, baby carriers, and many other activities. They are usually made with resistant materials with good breathability, and that protect from moisture.

What types of mountain backpack can we find according to their structure?

Mountain backpacks have different structures to suit the diverse needs of users. It is convenient to carry the ideal backpack to complicate our activity or make us go through bad times during it.

How much weight should be carried in a mountain backpack?

Our health comes first. Excess loads can lead to back problems or any other type of discomfort or injury. Depending on the person’s training and physical condition, it is advisable to load between 10% and 15% of our weight. In children and in adults who travel long distances, it is better not to exceed 10%. If we use the backpack to travel by plane or other means of transport, the weight may not be so important. But in the case of using the mountain backpack for outdoor activities in which we have to make great efforts, inevitably we must take a series of precautions such as limiting the weight that we are going to carry.

How do you use the pockets of a mountain backpack?

The interior and exterior pockets are where, generally, we place specific items. In some cases, these compartments are adapted for something specific, such as a bottle of water, map, or compass. We have to avoid using these pockets because their volume is wildly exaggerated or there is an imbalance in the load. We are clear that the main compartment of a mountain backpack will be where we store practically all the elements that we want to transport, mainly those of greater weight and size. Besides, some backpacks have a separator that allows the main body to be divided into two sections, using only one of them.

What parts make up the mountain backpack?

Mountain backpacks can be divided into three main parts. A way to distinguish each one of them’ different utilities, since these articles could say that they form a single compact body. These three parts or zones, which have their characteristics, are the following:

  • Headboard: It is the “cover” that is located at the top of the backpack. It usually has a pocket on the top and sometimes another on the inside. Through this place, we have access to the stored objects. Hence it is advisable to place some food or sunscreen on top.
  • Body: It is the largest part of the backpack, where the items to be transported are stored. Sometimes it is divided into two sections connected by a zipper. On the sides, it usually has pockets or compartments.
  • Trellis: An essential part of this product. Protects the back from the rigid areas that support the backpack. It has two vertical straps and a belt, both padded, which provide adequate stability.

How to take care of your back when we use a mountain backpack?

One of the biggest dangers that misuse of a mountain backpack has is the damage that we can cause to our back. As we said in previous sections, excess weight is something that we must avoid at all costs. Here are some tips to take care of the health of your spine.

Ideally, you should not carry more than 10% of your weight, except on short trips or when your physical conditions are excellent. But not, even so, is it worth the risk.

Avoid imbalances due to low load distribution, especially in the outer pockets.

Secure the straps and belts well to stabilize the weight. The hips should take over the bulk. The shoulders should help in this task.

Adequate ventilation prevents annoying perspiration and its consequences.

What are the most recognized brands of mountain backpacks?

The firms that are dedicated to the manufacture of sports equipment have backpacks among their main products. They are prestigious brands that, in some cases, have been perfecting their items for decades. We are going to cite three of the most recognized and whose offers are well accepted by buyers:

  • Salomon: A French brand that has been on the market since the middle of the last century. Without a doubt, it is one of the most prestigious internationally in the manufacture of sports equipment.
  • Highlander: A Scottish origin firm born in the mid-eighties, when its founder began developing products to survive the rugged landscape and harsh weather conditions of the Scottish mountains.
  • Mountaintop: This Chinese brand offers excellent value for money. They are stylish backpacks, some with a secondary compartment provided with a zipper and separated from the main one. Many interior and exterior pockets, even hidden to hide beneficial effects.

Mountain backpacks buying guide

When you will buy a mountain backpack, you should know what activity you need it for. From there, it is a matter of looking for the product with the adequate transport capacity to carry out this activity. And, among other things, ensure that the fastening systems will allow us to be comfortable and distribute the weight well.

  • Exercise
  • Capacity
  • Materials
  • Impermeability
  • Adjustment


When we want to acquire a mountain backpack, we will carry out some activity that requires transport of material. Therefore, the first step should be to find that product that meets our specific activity’s needs. Depending on it, we have to choose a suitable size, construction materials, or adjustments.

A trip of a couple of hours on a trail is not the same as a weekend camping, a bike ride, or a long journey. Neither an adventure in intense heat or high exposure to water or humidity. Each activity requires a backpack with specific characteristics.


The mountain backpack’s capacity tells us its size, that is, the space available for the material we want to transport. Typically, we have the main cabin and several pockets or compartments, sometimes mesh, where we can store the items we will transport during our activity or trip.


The materials most used in the manufacture of mountain backpacks are nylon and polyester. We refer to the primary and most extensive part since plastics are also used for the closures and zippers. All the materials mentioned offer us good quality, but we recommend nylon to ensure more excellent resistance and more durability.


Manufacturers often provide their mountain backpacks with an internal coating that protects them from water and moisture. But there are situations in which it is not enough, either due to the harshness of external conditions or because water leaks through one of the closures. Make sure the backpack comes with a waterproof cover. They are light and do not take up space.


It is essential to look at the adjustment systems before buying a mountain backpack. They will provide us with comfort and better weight distribution. If possible, they should be adjustable, allowing us to find the ideal measurement and thus enjoy its benefits, since users differ between them in the size of the torso and the hip diameter.

Although not all backpacks have the four central adjustment systems, the ideal would be to acquire one that offers us all. The shoulder straps and those for lifting the load are very close together and generate an ideal fit, while the chest strap helps us distribute the weight, and the belt absorbs most of it.


The mountain backpack is one of the most used sports equipment. Not surprisingly, it is useful for all kinds of outdoor activities, sports, travel or transport of material, to name a couple of examples. Although some backpacks can do several of the functions mentioned above, it is best to acquire the most suitable for using that we are going to give it.

Depending on this activity, we will choose the load capacity, the quality of the materials, and the more comfortable and less damaging settings to our backs.

There are only minor details like betting on a nice color and going on an adventure knowing that we carry everything we need in our backpack.