Best Mountain Sunglasses

If it is always essential to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, it is even more so in the mountains, where factors such as snow or altitude make it even more necessary. Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause severe damage to the retina, such as blindness.

That is why if you practice activities in nature, you cannot miss right glasses with a high quality filter. These, in addition to having protection on both the bottom and the sides, must have adjustable temples and bridge (so that they adapt better) and have adequate ventilation (so that they do not mist).

The most important points about Mountain Sunglasses

  • Glasses are an essential but we must know that not just anyone will do. Low quality lenses, which do not filter radiation, can cause problems in our vision such as increased fatigue, redness and even alterations in the cornea such as cataracts. More serious than you thought?
  • The treatment applied to the lenses determines the quality of the glasses. But it is not the only thing. The sharpness with which it is seen through the glass is another factor that determines whether it is a useful item. For this, the glasses we buy should be made of polycarbonate or derivatives.
  • Mountain sunglasses have evolved a lot since the first models. Before purchasing some, you should consider some purchase criteria, such as temples, ventilation, versatility, type of lens and lightness.

The best mountain sunglasses

To make a right purchase decision, it is crucial to know in depth the different options we will find. If you are thinking of getting this accessory or changing the ones you already have, in this section we offer you a series of recommendations with the four pairs of glasses that we consider the best.

  • Best for extreme sun
  • Maximum protection in extreme conditions
  • The best for mountaineering
  • The best windshields

Best glasses for extreme sun

Erebos sunglasses have specially tinted lenses with category 4, allowing only 3% to 8% of incident sunlight to pass through. The glasses are ergonomically shaped and fit entirely on the head. Its wide temples guarantee additional protection against glare.

UV400 protection blocks out dangerous UV rays. Polarized lenses increase contrast and relax the eyes. Its nylon frame is as elastic as it is light. The unique rubber coating ensures a good fit and maximum comfort.

Maximum protection in extreme conditions

These are mountain sunglasses that offer maximum protection in extreme conditions. Perfect against the wind and intense sunlight. They have leather side protectors with anti-fog vents. Besides, the polarized anti-reflective lens they have reduces reflections from snow, ice and water.

They have flexible, curved, and enveloping temples, which guarantee a non-slip grip and absolute comfort. The product includes a case, microfiber cover for cleaning operations, and elastic cord.

The best glasses for mountaineering

These mountaineering glasses have an eye-catching yet timeless design. And, to celebrate its 125th anniversary, the Julbo brand has reissued legendary Vermont. Its round glass and the protections on the sides make these lenses a perfect item.

They have adjustable temples, flexible up to 360 degrees, and with leather support. They are available with lenses in orange, yellow, blue, and black. They also stand out for their excellent manufacturing material: polycarbonate.

The best windshield mountain glasses

These are mountain glasses with category four protection. They have complete lateral sun protection with a leather insert on the temples. Includes a security tape. The bridge is adjustable.

Users who have acquired it highlight that they are comfortable and ideal glasses for both mountains and on-road motorcycles. They also comment on how useful they are on very sunny days, thanks to their lenses’ high quality.

Mountain Sunglasses Buying Guide

What You Should Know About Mountain Sunglasses?

Do you want to buy some mountain sunglasses to wear on your outings to the field? At, we guide you to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Follow our advice, and the success of your purchase will be assured. And don’t forget that your health is the most important thing. Take care of your sight!

Why is it essential to wear mountain sunglasses?

If you do sports outdoors, especially if you go hiking, a good pair of glasses is never missing in your outfit. But what is it that makes them an essential element in your outings on the field? In addition to the sun, other factors such as dust, tree branches, wind, or water cause our eyes to need protection. Exposure to ultraviolet rays and the lack of visibility due to the sun’s reflections make it necessary to wear glasses in the mountains since, you can severely damage your eyesight without them. Besides, if there is much snow, the danger increases because the rays reflect on it and hinder our visibility entirely.

What should I keep in mind before buying my first mountain sunglasses?

Before launching into the purchase of our first mountain sunglasses, we must ask ourselves some critical questions. Stay with them and start your purchase decision here.

  • What sport will we practice in the mountains?
  • How often?
  • Will we use a helmet?

Other details such as that the glasses fit nicely on the nose and are fully supported and do not move are essential aspects that we should not overlook when we buy our first mountain sunglasses.

Why is it important to buy good quality mountain sunglasses?

We should never buy low quality mountain sunglasses, which can have worse consequences than not wearing anything. Also, low-cost lenses not only do not filter ultraviolet radiation but also dilate the pupil, further aggravating the complications derived from UV rays. We must verify that they meet ISO quality standards. Full eye protection (including suitable lenses with appropriate side shields) should be worn in mountain or snow environments to prevent UV keratitis (inflammation of the cornea). This ailment can be a minor ailment with good quality mountain sunglasses.

What types of mountain sunglasses are there?

When we talk about mountain sunglasses, we must distinguish between polarized or photochromic sunglasses. Which one is better to use? The answer is clear: it is not that some are better than others, but that each type is recommended for a sporting discipline. Next, we will tell you which one improves our visual performance in every sport.

Type characteristics What sports are they used for? View
Polarized lenses They contain a special filter that blocks reflected light and only lets through useful light. Sports in which we are in contact with water, asphalt or snow. No reflections and much more comfortable.
Photochromic lenses They darken when light hits the lenses and clear when radiation stops shining. Suitable for outdoor sports that are practiced at any time of the day. They adapt to the UV radiation of the environment.

What do the categories of mountain sunglasses mean?

When we are faced with the purchase of mountain sunglasses, the first thing we will do is select their category: a value between 0 and 4 that indicates the amount of luminosity that the lens absorbs. The glass of category 0 glasses is almost transparent, and that of category 4, the darkest. Category 4 glasses are recommended for high mountain sports, skiing or activities, and water sports, where the sun’s incidence is extreme. They are very dark and have only one drawback: you are not allowed to drive with them. They are only recommended when category 3 is not enough.

Can mountain sunglasses be graduated?

Whether you have hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism, you should know that all good quality original glasses can be graduated in specialized optical centers. If you suffer from presbyopia (tired eyesight), you are also in luck since mountain sunglasses are usually adjustable with progressive lenses.

How should the frame of my mountain sunglasses be?

The temples of our mountain sunglasses must be ergonomic. Why do we say this? Because they must be comfortable and adaptable both in curvature and in grip on the nose and ears. Therefore, when we go to acquire some, we must check that the weight is well distributed and feel comfortable with them.

Furthermore, if the temples and the part of the bridge are adjustable, the glasses will be immovable despite our sports activity’s dynamism. It is essential to check that the sunglasses adapt to the facial profile and do not nail us if we wear a helmet. Finally, the frame should have ventilation windows so that they do not mist with sweat.

What do the colors of the lenses of mountain sunglasses mean?

It is possible that if you have never had mountain sunglasses, you do not know how a yellow lens differs from an orange one, for example. And it has little to do with an aesthetic issue! Next, we will tell you what colors the lenses of the glasses can be and what each of them is for.

  • Brown lens. It produces a relaxing effect, so glasses with lenses in this shade are perfect for outdoor activities in general.
  • Gray lens. It is a lens that respects colors, which makes them the most used for driving.
  • Yellow lens. It is ideal for both cyclists and walkers. Increase contrast on dark or foggy days.
  • Green lens. They are used in water sports since they make us perceive the colors almost the same.

Purchase criteria for mountain sunglasses

Before buying mountain sunglasses, it is essential to pay attention to some factors. There is an extensive range of these accessories for sale, so you should choose the most suitable glasses for your needs. Next, we offer you the most important criteria for you to make a good purchase.

  • Sideburns
  • Ventilation
  • Polyvalence
  • Lens type
  • Lightness


When we are going to buy mountain sunglasses, it is precious that they have adjustable temples and bridge. In this way, we will achieve a better adaptation.

The straight temples may be more aesthetic for you, but the truth is that they are less practical since we could lose the glasses by not holding them so well.

The flexible temples fit our face better, which is very important because, on steep climbs, mountain climbing, or even in sports like Mountain Bike, they will fail if they don’t adapt. Besides, the more ergonomic the temple, the less it will stick in our face, even when wearing a helmet.


As we told you, right mountain sunglasses must have adequate ventilation to prevent them from fogging up at critical moments. There are even some with hydrophobic systems: treatments that, applied to the lenses, repel water and make it slip. Also, this type of product keeps the lenses protected from dust, scratches, and humidity.


It is possible that in addition to hiking you like to practice other sports. For people like you, a useful feature of your glasses is modular (that makes it possible to change lenses). Thus, we will have a single element that works for everything, although you should know that it will provide more or less protection depending on the activity and the environment in which it is practiced.

Lens type

It is imperative to be comfortable with the color and luminosity that reaches the eye. And this is something that is defined by the type of lens chosen. Suppose we manage to choose the right lens for us. In that case, we will achieve total comfort and reduce the level of accumulated fatigue and, of course, more fantastic sports performance regardless of whether we are wearing glasses.


The glasses that we decide on must be light, comfortable, and adapt perfectly to our face’s physiognomy, from the beginning to the ears and nose. You must bear in mind that the traits are different in each person.

That is why the glasses that suit your friend may not be the best for you.

Besides, it is also essential that the frame is as imperceptible to the eye as possible. In this way, we will also enjoy the much-valued lightness. If we achieve that this accessory is well attached and does not move, even with rough exercises, we will be in front of the perfect mountain sunglasses.


Protecting your sight when practicing your favorite sport should be a fundamental factor. Especially with sports such as mountaineering, in which the sun reflected in nature can be harmful. That is why, for those who go hiking or trekking, having glasses is synonymous with the fact that practicing this sport is safe and comfortable.

We do not doubt that you are convinced that mountain sunglasses are as important as any other safety accessory after reading this article. Thanks to them, you will be protected from UV rays and other mountain factors such as branches, rain, or dust, which can interfere with your vision while hiking.