Best Multi Tools

Carrying a complete set of tools with you everywhere is not always practical, or rather, it never is. But sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you really wish you had a wrench, screwdriver, pliers, or knife handy and you are out of luck. It is exactly for these kinds of situations that multitools were invented.

A small multi-tool can even fit in a pocket or purse and contains a variety of different tools, all in one compact device. A good lightweight multitool can literally save your life in many situations. However, there is a surprisingly wide variety of different types available on the market.

The most important

  • Multi-tools have been manufactured, generally, to be able to carry out various tasks that are not very different from each other. In that sense, if you do not know much about tools or if you are starting on your own, one of these utensils may be a good idea for you.
  • It is important to note that multitools are not specific tools, but rather exist of various types, so if you are looking for one, it should be appropriate for the type or types of work you are going to do. However, this term generally refers to pocket multi-tools.
  • To make a good choice of your multitool you must know the most important criteria that are decisive in the quality of the product you are going to acquire. Among these aspects we have the amount of utensils included, the types of tools, the weight and the portability.

The best multi-tools on the market: our recommendations

Searching for multi-tools can be quite a difficult task, as it is a very general term and there are several types. For this reason, we have prepared a small list based on criteria such as the most purchased online, the best for military and professional uses and the one that offers the best value for money.

  • The online shopper’s favorite
  • The favorite for military or hunting uses
  • The favorite for professional uses
  • The one that offers the best value for money

The online shopper’s favorite

Swiss army knives continue to maintain their popularity, and are known worldwide for their original manufacturer, Victorinox. It includes 33 functions, being perfect for stripping cables, skinning fish and cutting or sawing wood.

It is worth it if you are planning to spend a lot of time in outdoor activities. It is 91 millimeters in size, so it is recommended to use it with a case on the belt.

The favorite for military or hunting uses

The manufacturer Leatherman is one of the most prestigious in the creation of multi-tools of all kinds of high quality. Its MUT model is for military use and has 16 built-in tools, as well as an adjustment accessory, making it perfect to use on your rifle.

It is designed to be operated with one hand. It measures 12.5 centimeters and its warranty is for 25 years.

The favorite for professional uses

Another Leatherman multitool that offers great versatility with its 17 built-in functions. It has a safety belt cutter that can save your life and can be opened with one hand.

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It has 10 centimeters in dimension while its main blade reaches 7.37 centimeters. Its warranty is for 25 years.

The one that offers the best value for money

Despite the low price of this multitool, it offers high quality and many built-in tools, being available in a version with 14 or 25 functions.

It has been based on the Leatherman Wave and its users comment that it works wonderfully. Includes hook release, so it is ideal to use in fishing. Works well to be a replacement.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Multitools

The best multitool is the one that has the types of tools you need most often. There are so many different types with so many different options that you can definitely find the right one for you, but you’ll have to do your research first. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out what you need to know about your multitool.

What are multitools?

Simply put, a multitool is a small utensil that has different tools built into it. Generally, they include scissors, knives, bottle openers, and more. They offer many functions to be used according to your needs, in addition to being small enough to fit in your pocket, and can include from four to twenty-one utensils.

What types of multitools are there?

There are many types of multitools that have been created to be used in the same type of activities. However, when referring only to multi-tools as such, we must understand that we are talking about a rectangular-shaped tool (generally) from which you are removing various built-in utensils. We can classify them into four:

  • Common Multi-Tool (Pocket or Swiss Army Knife): This is a pretty standard multi-tool, except that the top priority (or the most developed tool) on the device is the knife. It is designed to be highly functional. This is one of the first examples of a multi-tool.
    It is ideal for someone who only needs one general tool every day. It has the basics you need, because if you really don’t need a lot of extra features, there’s no reason to spend the extra money on them or carry the extra weight.
  • Keychain Multitool: They are smaller and more compact, but efficient in portability. However, the smaller size of the tools makes it more difficult to use at first. Generally, they include only the essentials.
  • Military Multi-Tool : Military Multi-Tools are designed for both survival and on-the-go repair. May include rifle cleaning / disassembly utensils. Therefore, they are excellent for both soldiers and campers, hikers and hunters. They are very easy to operate and are often constructed of extremely strong materials that can withstand extremely harsh treatment or excessive use. As a result, they tend to be the most expensive, but if you are willing to invest in them, you will have a multitool that will last for decades.
  • Card-type multitool: They turn your wallet into a fully functional device, but we suggest not using them for camping or outdoors. They are used as a last option. Mainly, these tools have a sharp edge that can go through a ruler, a bottle opening knife, and some small keys.

What is the difference between the different types of existing tools?

Surely, you are wondering which of these types of multitools is best for you or what are the big differences between them. Despite not changing in many things other than in size or quantity of built-in utensils, it is important to always make a brief comparison of their characteristics and peculiarities.

What are the most common and essential utensils in a multitool?

Although carrying a large toolbox is not possible for many people, almost everyone can carry a multitool consisting of the most common tools used for everyday tasks. In this section, we’ll show you the six most important tools a multitool can have.

  • Pliers: Pliers come in various shapes and sizes, used for purposes such as cutting and bending wires. Some have other uses, such as grab rods or for pipes.
  • Knife: Although they are smaller than usual, they are ideal for light cutting tasks. Straight edge knives are the most useful and serrated ones are useful when you need to cut foods like bread.
  • Screwdriver: Most multi-tools come with a single flat-head screwdriver. However, the high-quality ones will also have a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Bottle opener : A bottle opener is a tool used to remove metal caps from bottles. Some come with a corkscrew to help remove corks from wine bottles.
  • Saw: It is perfect for cutting smaller objects, such as tree branches, or for basic craft activities. While it won’t be used as much as a knife, a screwdriver or pliers is essential.
  • Scissors: Some people complain that the scissors are too small to do most tasks. Still, scissors are an important tool to always have on hand.

Why do you need a multitool?

Let’s face it, emergencies happen all the time and, above all, when you least expect them. Natural disasters, intruders or other ailments are easily fixed if you are prepared. Having a multitool can substantially increase your chance of solving the problem while reducing your risk of injury or death.

When is it necessary to have a multitool?

Having a multitool on hand will never hurt, in whatever situation it is, whether you need to cut something, open an envelope, a package, open a beer or your favorite drink. However, there are some activities for which having one of these tools is considered essential. Here we mention them.

To camp

Imagine that you are camping outdoors. Making fire is a difficult task if done manually. On average, it will take at least three hours to prepare the wood to burn next to the flint. Having a multi-tool reduces this time, making it easier to cut wood with its knife and saw function.


Some include a hook removal tool. Since you will be close to water, look for a multitool that is resistant to corrosion and rust. Any tool that is exposed to rust will fail at any time, especially if you plan to fish in salt water.

Survival situations

There are times when you can face an unwanted predator in the wild. A multi-tool increases the chances that you will avoid their attacks and save your life. Also, look for a multitool that has a wrench to open oxygen tank valves.

Daily tasks

A multitool is perfect for your basic daily tasks. For example, a knife with a one-handed opening mechanism will help you with simple cuts. Plus, they are small enough to fit in your pocket.

What are the advantages of a multitool versus a single-use tool?

Sometimes it’s better to have a multi-tool by your side than to have a bunch of different tools in one big box. This generates, mainly, the complication of not being able to carry them from one place to another so easily, even less when you do outdoor activities. Let’s see why:

Although a multitool is much more versatile, if you really need a specific tool, for example, a hammer, pliers or flashlight, it is better to buy them separately. Combining a multitool with a couple of single-use tools is something that will give you more benefit and better results.

Purchase Criteria

Whether you’re looking for multitools, pocket knives, or another tool, make sure you know how to identify the one that’s right for you. It is important that you make sure that you do not buy more or less than you need. So in order to do that, look at the following purchase criteria to help you find exactly what you are looking for:

  • Portability
  • Type of multitool
  • Number and type of built-in tools
  • size and weight
  • Brand


Should it be mounted on your belt so you can easily grab it and put it back on? Or is it okay if it’s in your pocket or purse? This will determine if you need some kind of paper clip or how heavy the multitool should be. If you’re using it at work, you probably want it in an easily accessible position.

However, if you take it on a hiking trip, it is fine to keep it in a backpack pocket or trouser pocket. You can also look smaller if you really need something ultra-portable. However, they do not offer as much versatility as a common multitool.

Type of multitool

The type of multitool that suits you best has a lot to do with how you intend to use it. In that sense, it is logical to think that if you dedicate yourself to various electrical tasks, you should look for a multitool for electrical purposes and if you repair bicycles, a specific one for it. Remember that not all these utensils have been created for the same purpose.

Number and type of built-in tools

Having forty different tools sounds convenient at first. But if you only use five or seven of them, the other thirty tools will actually only add weight. Rather than buying a tool that has everything that ever existed, it is better to look for a more specific tool that includes precisely what you need.

Size and weight

This criteria will depend on how often you use and carry a multitool with you. Currently this utensil is offered in various versions depending on its size and weight. If you carry it every day, a pocket version or even a keychain version. If this is not a problem, you can go for a full size or a heavy duty one.


There are so many multitools on the market trying to lure you in with gimmicks and false promises. While a multitool can do a lot, it doesn’t mean that it can do everything – it’s not meant to do it. Remember that when investing in a multitool it must be versatile, useful, of very good quality and durable.

In that sense, being a tool that can save your life or help you survive in certain situations, we recommend that you look for a multitool from a reputable brand, such as Victorinox, Gerber, Leatherman or SOG, which make quality products and backed with full or unlimited warranties.


This overview of different multitools should help give you an idea of ​​the range of options available to you in today’s market. Whether you primarily need a variety of blades or screwdrivers, or just something more general purpose, you can find it if you’re willing to put the effort into searching.

If your needs are extremely specific, you may even consider getting a custom multitool designed for your exact needs! With so many options, you won’t have a problem finding a great, highly rated multitool that is the perfect fit for your needs.