The best picot bed – the quintessential military bed

People who go camping have the right to be comfortable. There are many ways to improve this comfort while camping. One of these possibilities is to install a picot bed in the tent. Thanks to this, you can usually lie down and sleep much more comfortably than with camping mattresses or with a simple meat bag.

In my 2021 picot bed test, you will find all the information about the different camp beds, such as the picot bed for one person, the picot bed with a mosquito net, or the 4 in 1 picot bed.

I also answer all critical questions about picot beds. For example, why and for whom a camp bed is useful and the advantages of picot beds over other sleeping devices such as camping mattresses. Of course, you will also find a selection of my favorites and their characteristics.

Comparison of the best picot beds

bed with great view

XXL foldable picot bed

  • Various colors to choose from materials
  • 100% polyester
  • Dimensions: (L x W x H): approx. 190 x 70 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Maximum load: 150 kg

Tectake is one of the best known and reputable manufacturers of picot beds. Just look at the number of reviews on this picot bed to realize the scale of this brand.

The Tectake XXL camp bed is designed to provide a comfortable sleeping surface for heavy or tall people.

With dimensions of 180 cm in length and a width of 70 cm, the famous picot bed falls into the XXL class. Besides, it has a high load capacity of up to 150 kg. This is why this bed for camping is also suitable for people with a heavyweight.

When folded, this military picot bed has a dimension of 94 x 18 x 10 cm, and with its carrying bag, it is easy to transport even if you are hiking.

  • Compact picot bed, 100% Aluminum, designed for camping
  • Materials: 7075 aluminum and 420D oxford polyester
  • Dimensions: 190.5 x 70 cm
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Maximum load: 110 kg

The FE Active picot bed offers excellent comfort for one person and a solid and stable frame. Compared to other camp beds, this one stands out with a lightweight, aluminum construction.

The FE Active picot bed is a waterproof camp bed perfectly suited for the outdoors. When unfolded, it has a sleeping surface of 190 x 70 cm. It is a relatively large picot bed with a comfortable sleeping surface. It is modern; it does not remind me of the old picot bed. A height of 17 cm prevents too close contact with the ground.

According to the manufacturer, it should be able to withstand weights of up to 110 kg. The bed is not at risk of breaking thanks to the aluminum.

This lightweight folding bed is the perfect companion when you are camping, hiking, trekking, and need to keep weight down with your backpack. There is, of course, a transport bag provided.

Military picot bed – Sturdy and stable

  • Materials: High-quality polyester
  • Dimensions: 204 x 79 cm
  • Maximum load: 100 kg

The XXL military bed from Portal has various functions. But above all, it meets the criteria of stability and resistance. This picot bed is extremely comfortable; it will guarantee you a good night’s sleep on your way.

As the XXL picot bed is an oversized camping bed, the dimensions are proportionately large. With a length of 204cm, it is also suitable for people over 1.85m tall.

Adult picot bed – US Foldable

  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions: 190 x 65 x 42 cm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Maximum load: 120 kg

With its extra US bed, Miltec offers a military-style picot bed with its matching transport bag. It is part of the standard camp beds and offers standard-sized people optimal comfort. The Miltec picot bed is also one of the easiest picot beds to install.

The Miltec picot bed can support weights of up to 120 kg. It is therefore also suitable for heavier people. The frame of the Miltec camp bed is made of sturdy metal, which guarantees a high load capacity and a stable sleeping surface. Since the fabric must also be able to withstand a lot of things when camping, polyester was chosen as the material. Polyester is well known for its high elasticity. Cleaning the cover is not a problem either.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a picot bed

Where will the picot bed be used most often?

A picot bed can be considered a movable bed; it is used where a real bed is not practical enough. It’s a kind of take-out bed for travel.

The most common use is camping: whether on vacation at a campsite, at a festival, or as an extra bed while fishing. The picot bed is focused on the outdoor space. It is not the same use as a hammock for two people, for example.

Even the military forces have picot beds in constant use, whether in camps or temporary medical posts. Since soldiers must be mobile at all times, a cot is a practical but comfortable substitute. It should be ultra-light and easy to assemble.

The scope of a picot bed is not limited to classic camping. A foldable picot bed can also be used as an extra bed when friends or relatives come to your house.

The advantage here clearly lies in the practical and quick assembly of the picot bed. Besides, you can easily fold your cot and store it in the cupboard or under your bed, for example, so it does not disturb.

Compared to a guest bed or an inflatable hammock, the picot bed is clearly distinguished by its convenient handling and easy assembly and disassembly.

Another function, you can use the picot bed as a garden lounger. Here, too, the quick disassembly is worthwhile, especially when the rain comes after sunbathing in your garden. Just put it in its storage bag.

In terms of comfort, the camp bed is in no way inferior to a garden lounge chair. If you want a softer fabric, you can purchase different blankets.

Who is the picot bed for? What questions should I ask myself to find the right picot bed for me?

white matress in a van

The picot bed is suitable for anyone looking to replace their mattress when they are on the move. People who regularly go camping, fishing, or attending festivals are recommended a cot.

Before buying it, it is worth asking yourself a few questions to find the picot bed that is right for you:

  • What will the picot bed be used for? (camping, guest bed, etc.)
  • How often will I need the picot bed? (Once a year or more often, for example, every weekend)
  • Which extensions are worthwhile for me? (Picot bed with mosquito net, storage table, 4 in 1 crib)
  • Which picot bed is right for my height and weight? (XXL, etc.)
  • What comfort can I expect from a picot bed?
  • How much am I willing to spend on a picot bed? (meager higher price, good value for money)

Is it worth it for me to have a picot bed, or is it enough to buy an inflatable mattress or a floor mat?

People who rarely camp should consider whether a simple inflatable mattress or a groundsheet is enough. A picot bed often involves a significant investment, and it pays for itself over a few years of use.

Picot beds with mosquito nets can be useful, but very often, your tent already has a mosquito net, which will be more than sufficient.

If you want to go as a couple, I advise you to buy single picot beds because the double picot beds are less comfortable.

What are the alternatives to a picot bed?

There are several alternatives to the camp bed:

Depending on your taste, you can add an extra mattress or cover, or pillow for a better night’s sleep.

What are the advantages of a picot bed compared to an inflatable mattress?

Perhaps the most apparent advantage of a picot bed over an inflatable mattress is the lack of contact with the ground.

A picot bed rests on legs, so you will never be lying directly on the floor, which not only protects you from small animals and insects but keeps you clean and dry even in the extreme case of a flood. You will also be less affected by soil moisture.

Other advantages of a cot are, for example:

The longevity of a picot bed: once purchased, your picot bed will last for many years. This saves money in the long run and protects the environment.

The assembly of a picot bed is rapid and very easy. Compared to an air mattress, which must be laboriously inflated.

The dismantling of the picot bed is also simple. Also, the foldable picot bed can be packed compactly and stored almost anywhere. This saves space in the trunk as well as in the closet of the house.

A picot bed is a comfortable replacement for your real bed, but it’s much easier to transport. With a weight of up to 8 kg, the picot bed does not weigh much.

Depending on the model, picot can also carry heavy loads and will not break even if the person weighs up to 150 kg.

A picot bed is similar to a standard bed in terms of comfort and supports a healthy sleeping position.

Where can I buy military picot beds?

Besides shopping online from well-known sites like Amazon or eBay, you can also order your picot bed directly from the manufacturer.

Don’t like shopping on the internet and want to examine and touch your cot on the spot? Today you can buy your suitable picot bed in many stores like Decathlon.

For example, if you have an army store or a military surplus near you, go there. You will undoubtedly find what you are looking for, an army picot bed from the French army. Besides, stores are specializing in camping supplies and accessories.

Don’t want to pay a lot of money for a brand new picot bed, but instead buy a used one? Many sites offer used picot beds.

Which tent is suitable for my picot bed?

In principle, any tent can be suitable for your cot. To be sure, you only need to consider a few points: If you are looking for a tent for your picot bed, the first thing that you should always keep in mind is the dimensions.

It’s annoying if the tent is too small for your picot bed and it sticks out.

It would be best if you also considered the tent’s height, as your picot bed is at least 20cm above the ground.

A small tent or a 2-second tent from Decathlon is therefore not always suitable for your picot bed. The shape of the tent and the height should also be taken into account when choosing a tent.

An incredibly round or oval tent is not suitable for a picot bed. The simplest and most expensive is the picot bed with an integrated tent and mosquito net.

What accessories are available for a picot bed?

green bed

Camping accessories to match your camp bed are available in abundance! Perhaps the most important addition is the storage bag for your picot bed. Usually, the folding picot bed is already sold and delivered in a bag.

This bag protects the frame so that it does not rust. It also protects the sleeping surface from stains and direct sunlight.

It all depends on what you want for your picot bed, because there are many other accessories for the extra bed.

In particular, the picot bed with a mosquito net is a trendy accessory, but I do not recommend it.

Is it possible to rent a camp bed?

Yes, you can also rent a camp bed. Do you only need a picot bed once for a special occasion? Think you won’t be able to use this bed any other way?

It is then worthwhile to rent a picot bed through a camp bed rental company.

There are also stores specializing in renting camping equipment in some towns, which will undoubtedly rent camp beds. It is worth checking out in your city, as prices may be lower than with an online rental company.

Another, less expensive option would be to contact different organizations where picot beds are part of the necessary equipment. They are often ready to rent new picot beds to individuals. Ask the Boy Scouts for more information.

You can compare and rate picot beds based on the following factors.

Below are the criteria you can use to compare and rate picot beds. This will make it easier for you to decide which cot is right for you.

  • Dimensions and sleeping surface
  • The weight
  • Resistance
  • Frame material
  • The fabric
  • Color and design

You can therefore have an overview of the various points discussed in the following paragraphs. You can then determine which point is essential to you and choose the best picot bed possible.

The dimensions and size of the sleeping surface of a picot bed

Therefore, the sleeping surface dimensions of your picot bed are, of course, decisive for your sleeping comfort. For your picot bed to be the perfect replacement for your bed, you must therefore be very careful about the right size.

In this case, it helps to compare different measurements and make sure the cot fits your size. As with a standard bed, there are picot beds of different lengths, widths, and heights.

Depending on the size of your tent and your preference for the length and width of the picot bed, many designs might be right for you. Besides, you can use a tarp rather than a tent so that your picot bed fits better.

For example, if you are a person who moves and rolls around a lot while sleeping, you should choose a larger sleeping surface. Depending on the height of the picot bed, you should check if the mattress fits your tent well.

There are also oversized picot beds; the so-called XXL picot bed has been on the market for several years. Thanks to its extra-large sleeping surface, it is also suitable for people over 1.90 m tall.

If two of you are traveling, the sleeping area of ​​a single picot bed is not sufficient. You then have two options: You can place two individual picot beds next to each other or buy a picot bed for couples. Here the sleeping surface is as wide as a double bed.

Of course, with large picot beds, keep in mind that they take up more space when folded. It would help if you kept this in mind when you store it in the trunk or even in your closet. Therefore, the dimensions of the camp bed are one of the most important criteria for purchasing a folding picot cot.

The weight of the folding picot bed

Most often, the folding bed is used outdoors and as a travel cot. To not have to carry heavy loads, one should pay attention to the weight of the picot bed before purchasing it.

Depending on the frame and size of the bed, the loads vary between two and ten kilos. If you are using your picot bed only as an extra bed at home, you can, of course, use a more decadent camping bed.

However, if you travel frequently, a lightweight folding bed can be much more comfortable to carry if made of lightweight material. This is much more practical in the bivouac.

It is best to make sure that the frame is not made of heavy steel or wood but light aluminum. This way longer distances (e.g., from the car to the festival area or the campsite) are also possible on foot. This will save you a few pounds in your luggage, and your back will thank you.

Resistance – How firm should your cot be?

Another issue to consider when deciding to purchase is the load capacity of the picot bed. Depending on the type, there are different instability.

Cargo capacity is one of the most important criteria to consider when making this purchase.

If you want to sleep on a picot bed with several people or looking for a bed for heavy people, then make sure that it is strong enough. Manufacturers are required to specify a maximum weight for their picot bed.

Beds that can support weights of 150 kg and more are usually a bit more expensive, but they are unbeatable in terms of stability. Even children who want to jump and play on the bed can do so.

The frame material

green matress

Depending on the manufacturer, they are offered with a metal, wood, or aluminum frame. You should take this into account when you decide to buy it.

First of all, you need to be clear about where you want to use your picot bed primarily. If you will be using it as a garden lounger for many years to come, a stable, hard steel frame is worth it. It’s heavier to carry, but it will last a long time.

A wooden frame is not suitable for long-term outdoor use. When exposed to the elements, wood quickly becomes brittle or begins to rot. As mentioned above, an aluminum frame is very convenient for transportation.

The material is very light and is also suitable for outdoor use. In terms of stability, the aluminum frame is in no way inferior to metal.

The fabric

You should also consider the fabric when making your decision. There are not only color differences but also tear-resistance and stability. Learn about the material the bed is made of.

Most often, the picot bed cover is made of nylon or polyester. The obvious advantage of these materials is that they are water repellent and therefore easy to clean.

A complete wash is almost unnecessary because you can easily clean the cover with a damp cloth.

Nylon and polyester also offer a significant advantage in terms of stability: they are incredibly durable and will not tear even after years. Also, the fabrics are breathable.

The color and design of the folding bed

white matress

The choice of colors and patterns is enormous when it comes to camp beds. You can choose not only your favorite color but also the frame design. The variations and combination possibilities are immense!

Besides the classic colors, such as black, green, or blue, the picot beds’ fabric is also available in camouflage or khaki pattern. If you want your picot bed to serve as an extra bed and blend in with your interior, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Indeed, the criterion of color or design is not as crucial as the picot bed’s quality. For those who attach great importance to the camp bed’s appearance, the information on color and design is also decisive when purchasing.