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Do you like to go camping? If you usually do it, we are convinced that you find many advantages to this type of getaway. Although they also have some disadvantages, for many, the worst is the challenge of having good hygiene during those days. If this is your case and you are concerned about this issue, you need to have a portable shower for your trips.

This article will allow you to enjoy a shower anytime, anywhere. Sometimes you won’t even need a water source, and with some models, the water will be warm. Do you want to discover more aspects of this product? Would you like to know the best options? So, don’t miss the information in this guide that we have prepared for you.

Portable Shower for Camping

You must choose the most suitable portable shower for the type of getaways you make. Not all models will be valid for your circumstances.

You’ll need to use each portable shower the right way to get the most out of it. Always pay close attention to all the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do you know what capacity the portable shower tank should have or if the water must come out with pressure? You will find the answer to these and other questions in our section “Purchase Criteria.”

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The best portable showers for camping

If you haven’t heard of portable showers before, you will want to know some crucial details to consider. For you to do this, it is best to start with a few recommendations. We have selected four models that we are sure of one thing: you will love them. Of course, do not rush and wait until the end of this guide to make your decision.

  • The best portable shower for online shoppers
  • Best budget portable shower
  • Best Portable PVC Shower
  • The best large capacity portable shower

The best portable shower for online shoppers – Kradl Pressure Shower – Portable Shower for Camping

This portable shower is a favorite for many people because it is made from high-quality materials. It works with solar energy and is capable of heating water to 45 degrees. It has different layers to avoid possible leaks.

It has 2.9 Gallons of water capacity and will allow you to shower with some ease anywhere. The showerhead comes with an on / off button, and you can regulate the water flow.

Best budget portable shower – Service Survival Camping Shower

If you are looking for an economical option, this is your portable shower. It works with solar energy and is capable of heating water to 45 degrees in three hours. Besides, it has a temperature indicator and has a capacity of 20 liters.

The showerhead is very comfortable and has a flexible hose that is too. It has a bag so you can put the soap and shampoo. Also, with a hook so you can hang it.

Best Portable PVC Shower – MEIKON Camp Shower, Portable Solar Shower Camping Bag 5 Gallon Ultralight PVC Black Bag for Summer Camping Outdoor Hiking Travel

This portable shower is made of PVC, a material that is respectful of the environment. It has a handle so you can hang it easily. It has different layers to prevent leaks.

The showerhead comes with a switch so you can quickly turn it on and off. Besides, you can regulate the flow of the water. It has a capacity for 20 liters of water and is heated with solar energy.

The best large capacity portable shower – Ivy Bag Portable Water Reservoir, 100 Gallon Storage Capacity – Water Plants & Trees Without a Connection, Use as a Camp Shower

If you are looking for a large capacity portable shower, this may be yours, as it has a 40-liter tank. 2 people or one more can shower thoroughly. It is heated with solar energy and retains heat very well. Its black surface can absorb heat better than other options.

It has on and off on the head and a handle to hang the tank. It is made of a resistant material that will prevent water leaks.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Portable Showers

How surprising is it to be able to shower anywhere with just a few liters of water, right? You have only known a few options; you still have to discover other models and their use. In the following lines, we show you all the information you need to make your purchase. Afterward, making your final decision will be much easier.

What types of camping portable showers can you find on the market?

What options do you have when purchasing a portable shower? You have already seen some in previous sections, but now we want to show you the main ones that stand out. Discovering its main characteristics will be essential so that you can make the best decision. So, take note.

  • 12 V portable shower: They have a 12-volt battery, which works when connected to the car’s socket or any other vehicle. The vehicle’s electricity powers the shower water pump, which sends the water to the showerhead. Then the liquid comes out under pressure. In most cases, you can control the temperature of the water.
  • Portable pressure shower: They usually have about 15 liters of capacity, enough for one person to shower. They weigh very little, and you only need a place to hang them. The usual thing is that they have a hose and that the water comes out under pressure. Its price is quite affordable.
  • Portable shower with the solar bag: It is one of the best options for showering outside. The water is heated thanks to solar energy, and afterward, the tank can maintain the temperature for longer. There are showers with different capacities, but most have 20 liters.
  • Portable camping shower: It is less comfortable than the previous model, but it also gives you the possibility of a quick shower. It is easily transported. It comes with a trigger that operates the water outlet. They do not have too much capacity, less than 10 liters, so you must assess whether it will cover all your needs.
  • Portable outdoor shower: They have a very light shower, and you can use the water from your tank or pump it from another place. So you can use the water from a river, a reservoir or a fountain to shower. They are very light, and you can take them everywhere.
  • Portable shower with submersible pump: It is a shower that needs a plug, or to is connected to a vehicle battery. When it is already plugged into the power source, it starts working. If you have a river or other water source, you will have water at all times to shower.

What other uses can you give the portable shower?

Indeed, portable showers are not too high a price, but you will still like to make the most of them. Therefore, you are interested in knowing that you can give other uses to this device. For example, clean your car in a suitable space or wash your pets in the garden with hot water. You can even use it for the comment and to go camping.

How to get intimate with a portable shower?

For many people, using a portable shower can present a drawback: the lack of privacy. You can indeed look for a more hidden place or shower with a swimsuit. In the first case, it cannot be guaranteed that no one will see you; in the second, the shower will not be as effective.

If you are concerned about this matter, you can bet on a portable shower tent.

They are small tents, but they have the necessary height so that you can stand. Besides, they have an opening that serves to introduce the shower hose. They are assembled in a few seconds and help you achieve that intimacy you are looking for when cleaning. You can also use them to change clothes.

If you are concerned about this matter, you can bet on a portable shower tent.

How do you use a portable solar shower?

Portable showers that use solar energy to heat the water are one of the best options. Its operation is not too complicated, as you have already seen. Of course, you must bear in mind that you must fill the water tank and place it in a place where the sun is good. Interestingly, it has a thermometer so that you do not burn when showering.

How to use a portable shower safely?

Most portable showers are ready to hang. It would be best if you always looked for the support that supports the weight. Think that it can be about 40 kilos in the case of the largest. Some vehicles have the support of this type; check the weight for which they are prepared.

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What material is the best for the tank of your portable shower?

We cannot say that you will find a wide variety of materials when buying your portable tank shower. They can be made of PVC or fabric. We have prepared the following table so that you can better see their differences. You will know that they are very similar options.

How long should the shower hose be?

We recommend that the hose of the portable shower you choose is at least two meters long. Keep in mind that otherwise, it will be difficult for you to shower standing up and without bending over. Most of the models have this measurement, but we advise you to check it. Nor do you want it to be much longer, since its use is worse.

Is a portable shower with a tank or with a rechargeable water pump better?

In most cases, tank water showers allow you to enjoy hot water since they work with solar energy. Those with a rechargeable water pump offer you a continuous flow, and you don’t have to worry about how long the shower lasts. Of course, you will need to be near a river, a lake or a reservoir. If you bet on a shower with a deposit, make sure you have a place to fill it up. If you finally opt for a pump shower, you must make sure that you will camp in the vicinity of a river or any other water source. In the latter case, you must be willing to shower with water at room temperature. It probably won’t be too hot.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable showers?

Why were you tired of going days without showering when you go camping? Without a doubt, it is not comfortable or very hygienic. With a portable shower, the toilet will be part of your adventure. Before discovering a few criteria that you should know before making your purchase, we show you its main advantages and disadvantages.


  • They allow you to wash anywhere
  • They are straightforward to use
  • No need installation


  • Its capacity is sometimes limited
  • Not all heat the water

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Portable Shower Purchase Criteria

What portable shower to buy?

Indeed you are already having clearer which is going to be the chosen model. Without a doubt, the information that we have reviewed in previous sections has been of great help. Before making your purchase, we recommend that you do not overlook any of the following points, and your decision will be a success.

  • Water use and supply
  • Capacity
  • Water temperature
  • Water pressure
  • Weight and size

Water use and supply

The use that you are going to give the portable shower is key to choosing the model. If you only want one to rinse a bit or to clean your car, either will be more or less useful. However, if you are going to use the shower a lot, the best is a 12 V model in summer and winter. Think that it will offer you an adequate supply of hot and pressurized water.

Also, take into account if you will be camping near a natural water source or if you will need to fill the tank before reaching your destination. If you are going to camp near a river, you are likely interested in having a shower that can extract its water and offer you a constant flow. Don’t overlook this feature when choosing a specific model.


With a shower of up to 20 liters, you can take a shower relatively fast but effective. If you bet on a model with 40 liters of capacity, you can shower for longer, washing your hair in detail. It can also be suitable for more than one person to shower without having to refill the tank.

Water temperature

It may not cost you too much to shower during the day in the middle of August with cold water. However, things change if you have to do it at night or when the temperatures are low. In those cases, you are interested in getting a model with which you can count on hot water. Besides, the ideal would be that you could regulate the temperature so as not to burn yourself.

Water pressure

We recommend that you bet on a portable pressure shower. Remember that if you don’t have it, the water flow will be minimal, and you will spend more when showering. Ideally, you should have about 8 liters of water per minute. Of course, we recommend that you always turn off the tap while you are not using it.

Weight and size

If you go camping, you go hiking; you are interested in betting on a lightweight, portable shower model. If you go in a car or a caravan, a heavier model with more capacity will not be a problem. Also, look at the volume, whether it can be folded, and the space it occupies. Remember that it should be a help and not an inconvenience.


No more days without being able to shower, not even one. With a portable shower, you can clean yourself anywhere and without significant complications. You need to find a model that meets the requirements you are looking for and fits your budget. Before making your final decision, we invite you to analyze your own needs.

It is a product that, in most cases, does not have a very high cost. Still, it would be best if you tried to make the best purchase possible. It will reassure you to know that you can enjoy a shower after a tiring day and in contact with nature. It will become an essential element in all your adventures, do you already know which one you will buy?

Indeed you have found the information in this buying guide impressive. So, please share it on your social networks and leave us a comment with your opinion.