The best portable toilets

The Covid-19 health crisis has triggered the rental of caravans and vans for travel. Today there are many families that have joined the nomadic life, although without giving up the comforts inherent in standard tourism. Because life in motion does not have to be at odds with well-being.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns when traveling is using the bathroom. The need for more neatness has accelerated with the pandemic. However, the market offers practical and hygienic solutions, such as portable toilets or toilets.

The model best valued by both experts and camping regulars in all its formats is the Porta Potti 365 from Thedford, a compact and lightweight chemical toilet that is hermetically sealed and is extremely easy to use.

What are portable toilets or toilets?

These are small bathrooms that, as their quality indicates, are movable and easy to transport. You will see them, normally, in caravanning and camping tourism or when you go out to the countryside.

Although hygiene is one of the main reasons to buy a portable toilet, many people choose this type of toilet when traveling with children or elderly people. They are also a great solution because they facilitate and solve the inconvenience of having to share a toilet at a campsite or stop at roadside bars.

Other people buy them for privacy or to prevent unpleasant situations when the need is pressing.

Types of WC or portable toilets
They could be divided into three large groups:

The traditional cube-shaped ones . They are the most common on the market and are characterized by being, normally, light. Compactly, it is emptied manually. Some usually incorporate a handle for handling or to leave the toilet paper (biodegradable, if possible). Made with high quality plastic to support the load capacity, you will find them in different sizes depending on the tank, whose capacity is measured in liters.
Chemicals . They are, to give you the idea, similar to those incorporated in caravans. Through specific products that are emptied into the water compartment, they decompose and eliminate odors from urine and feces.
They are more sophisticated than the traditional ones, with finishes that have nothing to do with other models on the market. Typically, it consists of a cistern, which is filled with water and activated by a pump when needed, and a sewage tank that collects waste. The portable toilet will notify you when to empty the tank, which is separated from the cistern for handling.
The chair ones . They are bathrooms with a potty designed for the elderly or people with reduced mobility because, unlike the previous two, they incorporate legs and armrests. This category could also include folding toilets which, due to their structure, are similar. In any case, in the following comparison they have not been included because they are not exclusively focused on camping or caravanning.
In the following comparison, a potty has been included – a word that you will also see referred to this type of article and which means “potty” in English – for children. They are highly recommended for those who are in the phase of removing the diaper and, obviously, act as a hygienic barrier.

To consider
Bearing in mind the toilets that you will find on the market, first think about which one suits your needs: do you travel alone or with your family? Do older people or children usually accompany you?

Once you’ve answered these basic questions, keep in mind:

The emptying . This aspect is crucial for models that require chemicals to dissolve debris. You cannot do it anywhere or in any way. In the campsites there are specific areas where to throw this type of waste. But what if you find yourself in an area where you don’t have a place to eliminate them? Expert advice is to always have toilet paper and biodegradable bags on hand that contain a powder that turns liquid waste into solid. You can bury it anywhere without polluting the environment.
Capacity . Think if the use is going to be family, couple or for you alone. For example, a 20 liter tank is ideal for a family of four.
Dimensions. Optimizing space is important, as well as taking into account who will use it. If you travel with older people, choose a tall model with a comfortable seat. The average height is around 37 cm, but you will find others that exceed 40.
Resistance . Generally, a portable toilet has a maximum load capacity of up to 130 kilograms. They are made of resistant materials, such as ABS plastic in the case of chemical toilets.
Cleanliness . Experts recommend cleaning the tank every time it is emptied. This prevents the appearance of bacteria and the accumulation of bad odors. If it’s not possible, make sure to do it at least once a day.
Other accessories
There are secondary elements that cannot be missing in your portable bathroom. As noted, you will need liquid, biodegradable toilet paper to dissolve waste. For greater privacy, there are small and lightweight tents that serve as a changing table or as a space to place the toilet. They are foldable and easy to install. So, if you are modest, do not worry because the nomadic life is also made for you and there are solutions of all kinds.

The price
The double tank models, which are explained below, are the ones with the highest price, but also the most hygienic and safe. On the other hand, those with a cube format are easy to use and clean. The prices between one and the other range between 25 and 80 euros.

Favorite: Thedford’s Porta Potti 365

The portable toilet chosen as a favorite by the experts and regulars of the campsite is the Therford brand. A familiar model with a natural height design that is comfortable and easy to use.

The Porta Potti 365 is a chemical toilet that works with two independent tanks: one as a 15-liter cistern and the other for wastewater with a capacity of 21 liters. This feature is useful because you do not need to download it daily.

In addition, for safety, it includes an exclusive space to store chemical products (not included), which keeps them out of the reach of children, as well as an accessible drain where waste is emptied.

The two blocks are separated to make cleaning and emptying easier. And, to know when to do this, the Therford has a visual indicator that marks the level and when to clean it.

The experts also highlight its structure, solid and durable, which supports the weight of large adults, in addition to its capsule system and cover design prevents possible leaks and bad odors.

The alternative: Campingaz Easygo WC

If you are a camper, surely you have among your belongings some product of the well-known brand Campingaz that, on this occasion, has designed a magnificent WC for country breaks.

Easygo WC stands out at first glance for the height of its seat, 41 cm (the highest in this comparison), its generous width, which makes it really comfortable, and its large load capacity, up to 130 kilograms.

On the one hand, the waste tank is 20 liters, ideal for a family. On the other, the cistern has a capacity of 16 liters of water, which is discharged by means of a powerful piston pump. Both are easily connected thanks to the Lock & Spring system.

It also has a locking system and handles to facilitate transport without incident.

Finally, specialists positively value that it has a lifetime antimicrobial treatment on the seat and bowl that prevents the production of mold, bacteria and fungi that cause bad odor.

Compact and simple: Giganplast 3573900 WC

If you are looking for an economical, simple and practical model, take a look at the Giganplast portable toilet, which is characterized by its compact and easy-to-use design.

This Italian company has been creating all kinds of plastic products for both industrial and domestic use for more than five years.

Within its extensive catalog is the 3573900 WC, made of PVC plastic, which forms a solid and stable structure with a standard height of 38 centimeters and capable of supporting a weight of up to 130 kilograms.

It is made up of a main bucket inside which is inserted another smaller basin that is easy to disassemble. In this way, emptying becomes a simple task.

Its use requires the purchase of a chemical product that destroys waste, bacteria and prevents bad odors. The lid also helps to keep the smell out if, for example, it is at night and it is not cleaned at the moment.

For the kids: Nikidom’s HandyPotty

Classified as the best portable potty on the market for children, this model is ideal for those families with children of age to remove the diaper who do not want to give up their travels or their nomadic life.

We are talking about the HandyPotty by Nikidom, a well-known Spanish brand that has created this comfortable accessory that works as a portable urinal or as an adapter to place it on any public toilet.

In this way, it is really practical as a potty for trips, excursions or, why not, on a trip to the park. It has been designed in a compact size to fit in a backpack or cart basket. Of course, inside its custom-made plastic sleeve.

To use it as a potty, 3 disposable bags are included in which the child will relieve himself. More units are bought separately, but any plastic bag like those in supermarkets also works.

The only downside that childcare experts put the HandyPotty potty is that, when used as a reducer in the toilet, it is somewhat unstable and can slip, so adult supervision is always required.

Best price: Branq

In the last place there is a toilet with an ergonomic and firm format that will not cost more than 25 euros. It is Branq’s portable model, one of the best sellers and best valued for its simplicity and comfort.

This brand designs and manufactures essential products for everyday life at home in Poland. So much so that their logo includes the words Home Essential, claim or slogan that defines their creations.

It has a cube format with a height of 37 cm, a capacity of 22 liters and a resistance of up to 130 kilograms.

The base is stable and firm and, although the lid is not airtight, it prevents bad odors. Also noteworthy is the carrying handle, which works like a paper roll holder.

A trick of many campers who prefer to do without water and chemicals is to place a trash bag of cat litter at the bottom to cater liquid waste.