The best Portes-Skis

Are you looking for the best ski rack for your equipment? Whether it’s a roof rack or a trunk, the choice is quite broad. But finding the right quality can often be tricky.

You risk falling on low-end equipment, which will not provide adequate protection for your equipment, but which can also compromise your safety on the road. The following comparison offers a selection of the best models with good value for money.

What is the best ski rack?

ski rack

The best model is the right equipment for the size of your vehicle and your skis and snowboards. It attaches with stable and firm screws to ensure the safety of the equipment. Often fitted with a lock, it provides a perfect locking system with an anti-theft system.

According to reviews, equipment does not interfere with vehicle stability or driving on the road. The best model is equipment that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Versatile, it is suitable for all types of vehicles and all kinds of skis.

Below we present the best ski racks to you :

The seven best Portes-Ski

1. Thule six pair ski carrier

These sliding models from the Thule ¹ brand are essential equipment for carrying your ski equipment to the mountains or the resort. Thanks to their sliding design, they allow superb ease of loading and unloading.

Super expandable, it is not a roof bar, but racks that will be attached to the roof bars. So you don’t need to climb on the roof of the car to take them apart.

With a sleek and aerodynamic design, this equipment has been enhanced for transporting high binding skis, which will also avoid scratching your car.

Made of aluminum, these racks are resistant to shocks and wear. The interior is made of rubber to protect your equipment well.

2. Himalaya Ménabo ski carrier

This range of the Ménabo brand is a cheap model, which is suitable for small budgets. It still offers good results.

Its principle is to be easily attached to several roof bars. It is compatible with some brands. This model can easily transport four pairs of skis or two snowboards, convenient for the whole family. On the other hand, it is impossible to combine all kinds of equipment with support.

For the general aspect, it allows adequate protection of all your equipment. The rubber is very flexible and does not risk scratching your equipment.

This model is also equipped with a protective lock and an anti-theft system to maximize your belongings’ security.

3. Thule Deluxe Ski Carrier

The Deluxe model from the Thule brand is a mid-range version. It is adjustable in height and allows skis transport with high binding, which avoids scratching the car.

Large capacity, it can be suitable for six pairs of skis or four snowboards. Easy to assemble and disassemble, this model has a large push button that allows it to be opened easily while securing the equipment.

This model can be used on transverse roof bars and cars with square bars, such as T roof rails.

Besides, it is also equipped with One-Key System Compatible, an accessory that allows you to replace the barrels to use a single key with all products.

4. Mac Tools Magnetic Ski Carrier

This product from the Mac Tools brand is a piece of efficient equipment for transporting two skis pairs and two pairs of poles. It is also suitable for parabolic skis. This equipment can support a maximum load of 72 kg.

This equipment has two independent magnetic fixing blocks. Each unit consists of a base with a removable upper jaw made of flexible rubber and opens by simply pressing the “Push” button. A fixed, rigid rubber lower jaw accommodates the equipment.

The vehicle must have a metal roof with a flat surface and sufficient distance between the two magnetic mounting plates on the bracket for safe use and operation.

5. GEV ski carrier

GEV’s magnetic ski racks are the ideal equipment for securing your gear during the trip to the mountains. They keep them safe thanks to its four magnetic plates.

These models can contain five pairs of skis or two snowboards and two pairs of skis. They are perfect for a large family. They have a maximum capacity of 35 kg. This is to ensure the protection and safety of your equipment.

For easy assembly and disassembly, this equipment is supplied with two keys and a hook for removing the plates. It installs and removes easily on your car. Be careful not to force the lock too much, as it can freeze quickly.

6. Aconcagua Ménabo ski rack

Ménabo’s Aconcagua product is one of the most aerodynamic equipment on the market. Practical, it is designed to carry all kinds of skis and snowboards. With the magnetic design, it fits all types of vehicles.

Thanks to its load capacity, it can accommodate two snowboards or three carving or cross-country skiing pairs. It is also possible to put a snowboard in addition to a couple of skis.

With a magnetic system, it is easily attached to the roofs of your vehicle, ensuring the safety of your equipment. It also has an anti-theft system with secure security straps. Practical and resistant, this ski rack is immune to bad weather and shocks.

7. GEV ski carrier

The Gev brand offers here a universal model of Italian manufacture. It has high-quality, high-end manufacturing to guarantee the safety and protection of your equipment.

It is suitable for all kinds of vehicles and roof racks with a maximum width of 60cm. The aerodynamic design guarantees the safety of your equipment but also of your driving on the road.

This equipment allows you to transport all kinds of skis and snowboards, even carving or cross-country skiing. It can carry a pair of skis or a pair of snowboards only.

Universal, this model is even suitable for roof racks from other brands. The fastening system is solid and completely foolproof.

How to choose your ski rack?

If you want to come across a cheap but good quality product, you need to consider the following criteria:
Vehicle type

You must take into account the compatibility of your vehicle concerning the racks. Make sure you have an excellent hitch or rails to accommodate the frames.


You should also take into consideration the maximum load of your car. In addition to passengers and luggage, a car has a weight limit that must not be exceeded to ensure users’ safety.



This helps determine what kind of equipment you are going to wear to define the space you need. Are they pairs of skis or snowboards? Do you need an extra luggage rack?

Different types of bars

The most common model is the roof rack, but there are also luggage boxes or bicycle rack models.

A roof bar

Roof racks are thin brackets that attach to the top of your car. They can carry skis and snowboards, but also bicycles or kayaks.

The roof bars are thin and discreet and do not obstruct visibility. On the other hand, they can compromise the clearance in height. It might not be easy to load the material so high.

Additionally, roof racks require frequent maintenance since they are exposed to the elements and are not designed for regular use.

Also, the aerodynamics of a roof rack can affect fuel consumption and the stability of the car.

A roof box

The roof box is more practical as it allows you to transport other camping, sports, or climbing accessories apart from skis and snowboards. It comes in different sizes, colors, and materials, choosing from UV-resistant options and waterproof options. Most boxes are equipped with an electric lock or lock.

The large capacity of this box is its most significant advantage. Also, it does not disturb the driving or the stability of the vehicle.

A hitch support

A hitch mount is an accessory that attaches to the hitch receiver on the back of your car. If your vehicle doesn’t come with a hitch receiver, you can usually install one. However, before buying it, you must check its compatibility with your car and the equipment you will transport with it.

These brackets are easy to assemble and disassemble. They don’t need to be lifted. However, this kind of support can make it challenging to drive when maneuvering in tight spaces.

A similar option to the tow bar is the spare tire carrier, which fits over the spare tire on the rear of some cars and can be adapted to carry all kinds of sports or camping gear.

Ease of use


Most racks are easy to set up, but you have to consider taking them apart if you have to do it every season. If you have trouble lifting it, prefer the lighter models. Hitch brackets on the back of your car are easier to load, but then they may obstruct access to your trunk.


Specific models of roof racks and towing brackets may cause an annoying whistling sound in certain parts of the road. If this is the case, all you have to do is raise or straighten the roof bar’s position.


Roof racks, especially when transporting gear, can cause wind drag on the top of your car, reducing your gas mileage.



Luggage compartments and roof racks add height to your car and make it challenging to access some parking garages. One of the options is the roof racks with adjustable springs. When it comes to driver visibility, roof racks are a safer option, as they don’t obstruct your view at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before making your purchase, here is some information you should know about roof racks:

How can we add a screw fixing to the roof bars?

The fixing screws keep the ski carriers on the rails. They serve to secure them.

You can take them apart, but since they are security screws, you need special equipment to dislodge them. The fixing screws of the roof bars are fitted and removed with a unique key.

Does my ski risk fall on it?

With high-quality models, the types of equipment are safe. There is no risk of them falling if the fasteners are correctly made. Just make sure the rack is locked correctly.

To enhance safety, you can use a lanyard attached from the skis or snowboard to the rail. If they did come loose somehow, the lanyards would keep them from crashing into the road.

What if my car does not have a roof rack?

Many vehicles do not have a roof rack but a simple front-to-rear mounting system to accommodate the luggage racks and roof boxes.

Fortunately, it is possible to add roof bars to accommodate your ski racks. You can also custom manufacture them according to the dimensions of your equipment.

Will adding a ski rack increase my fuel consumption?

Your equipment may affect the car’s gas mileage. If it does not have good aerodynamics, wind driving can lead to an increase in consumption.

Anything added to the car’s exterior will affect gas mileage, and such equipment is no exception.

How to reach your skis without having to get in the car?

Always make sure you choose the amount that matches the size of your car.

So that you don’t have to get in the car to reach your belongings.

Can we install a ski rack on an opening roof?

It is possible to install this type of equipment on a sunroof as long as there is sufficient support between the two structures.

Since the luggage rack and the sports equipment will be held above the sunroof and will not contact it, this is not a problem.

However, it is not advisable to open the roof if you have racks already installed, as this can cause destabilization of the car due to the air resistance. This can affect gas mileage.

Can you easily clean your car even if it has a ski rack?

Technically, it is not recommended to use a car wash with a ski rack. This can scratch the paint on the substrate or even reduce it ultimately. It is advisable to remove the holder and wash it individually and not with the car to clean it.

A metal cleaner is preferable over a regular car cleaner, as this should provide a protective layer against dust and save you from cleaning the rack as often.