Best Screen Houses For Camping

People often use camping trips as an escape from their hectic daily lives. A camping trip allows you to have an adventurous yet relaxing time with your family or friends. Before you set out on your trip, you will need a comfortable tent. However, you wouldn’t want to spend the entire trip in your tent in case of heavy rains or any outdoor extremities.

Screen houses provide a perfect sheltered space to ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable outdoor experience. Whether you’re camping in a humid environment, near a water body, or in your backyard – a  screen house offers a shady spot wherein you can dine and relax without worrying about the unpredictable weather. The mesh walls covering the interiors also keep the pesky bugs out while letting in the cool breeze.

In the list given below, we have compiled some of the best screen houses from well-known brands in the industry. These screen houses may be instant or non-instant.

  • Coleman Back Home Instant Screen House

This is a great screen house for barbeques, picnics, campouts, and so much more! It is a hexagonal structure with two main diagonals of 366cms and 305cms, and it is fully freestanding. While this screen house isn’t exactly instant, the frame’s ingenious construction allows it to collapse in the center so that you can easily set it up in about three minutes.

All the fabric elements are separately removable, so the frame and the roof can also be used as a gazebo. There are two doors on opposite sides, and the telescopic poles have a pinch-free comfort grip technology.

The roof’s fabric is a UV Guard material, which offers 50+ UPF protection, and is also a waterproof Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric. The package also comes with guy-lines/guy-wires and stakes. However, there are no paneled walls.

With a height of 254cms and a floor space that has an area of 8.4 sq. mt, this screen house is quite tall and roomy. So, you could easily fit a round or square table as well as four or five chairs inside this screen house. 

This screen house weighs 20.5kgs, but it has a wheeled carry bag that makes it portable. It’s packed size is 122 x 35 x 26cms. Therefore, it is quite long.

  • Gazelle G6 Portable Pop-Up Gazebo Screen Tent

This 6-sided gazebo screen tent has a unique instant set-up design that has often been used by this brand. It has a pre-attached frame with X-shaped bars within the sleeves on all sides. So, one person can easily set up this screen tent by simply unfolding it, pulling the loops on each side, and pushing the roof up.

The frame for this screen tent has been made using fiberglass, and the roof’s fabric is a highly-durable 210D Oxford weave, which is also used for the sleeves and the shell. The material also has a 2000mm waterproof rating and offers UV 50+ protection. The structure is self-supporting, but it must be staked down efficiently. You can also buy accessory wall panels for extra protection from the rain.

This screen tent has a peak height of 218cms and a floor space area of 8.5 sq. mt. So, it is moderately tall and is very spacious. It can easily fit up to eight people, along with a table and chair. However, there is only one door.

This screen tent weighs 15.4kgs, and it has a packed size of 185 x 20 x 20cms. So, you will have to transport it by car. Overall, this is a great screen tent for dining, cooking, or relaxing.

  • NEMO Victory Screen House

This is one of the expensive screen houses on this list. It is a cabin-style structure made with high-quality materials. After it has been set up, the structure of this screen tent becomes freestanding due to the tension created by the fabric and the frame. So, you can move it around, but you must stake it down properly. 

This screen house has two doors with vertical zippers, and these zippers have step pads. There are also a few storage pouches on the walls. The package includes stakes, guy-lines, a duffle storage bag, and a repair kit.

This screen house uses four strong aluminum poles. The roof’s fabric is made from durable 75D PeU polyester, and it extends to the ground in the corners. The material has a 1500mm waterproof rating. There is also a splash guard all around the tent’s base to prevent splatter. There are vents on the roof to reduce condensation.

The screen tent’s peak height is 216cms, and its total floor space area is 9.3 sq. mt. So, it is big enough to fit a camping table along with four or five chairs inside. It weighs 7.29kgs, so it is relatively light. However, its packed size is 69 x 25 x 25cms, that is why you will need a spacious car to transport it.

  • Eureka! NoBugZone Screened Canopy Shelter 3-in-1

Here is another cabin-style screen house, which is also quite expensive due to its 3-in-1 design. It is a freestanding structure with two large doors on the opposite sides. One door has zippers on the sides, and the other door has a central zipper. The design includes a removable fly, which can also be used alone for a well-shaded space. When the canopy and the fly are used together, they provide more protection from the rain.

This screen house has a durable and robust steel frame, and the package also includes nine plastic stakes along with eight steel stakes. Due to this feature, the structure of this screen tent can be staked down properly. The fabric is 68D 185T polyester taffeta, and the mesh is 4oD polyester. The roof and the fly have an 800mm waterproof rating. You can also buy additional accessories for more protection.

The peak height is 234cms, and the floor space area is 10 sq. mt. So, the screen house can fit four to five people, depending on the furniture’s size. 

This screen house weighs 8.39kgs and has a packed size of 79 x 28cms. So, you can transport it by car.

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  • Browning Camping Base Camp Screen House

This screen house is relatively new in the market. Its unique poles with Y-shaped hub elements make it a fully freestanding structure. It has two large doors on opposite sides, and each door has a central zipper. There are also guy-lines, steel stakes, and a carry bag included in the package.

The screen house uses steel poles for the sides and fiberglass poles for the roof. The roof’s fabric is 68D 190T polyester material, and it is said to resist UV damage. All the seams are sealed in this screen house.

This structure can easily be used as a cooking and dining shelter, as it offers protection from the sun and insects. This screen house is better suited for a warm-weather camping trip. The roof is waterproof, so the center of the tent is well protected from the rain. However, you cannot use this screen house in windy conditions.

The peak height of this screen house is 224cms, and its floor area is 11.16 sq. mt. So, it is spacious enough to house a wide picnic table along with five chairs.

This screen house weighs 8.1kgs, and the packed size of this screen house is 69 x 20 x 20cms. Thus, it can be transported by vehicle. Overall, it will be an excellent addition to your camping trip.

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  • EVER ADVANCED Screen House Room

This screened canopy tent is a stable and sturdy cabin-style structure with steep and straight walls. It is also fully freestanding, so you can pitch it anywhere. However, you need to stake it down properly. Further, this screen house has two doors, which can be rolled to the side. While it is described as an instant setup tent, that is not entirely true. It is a collapsible structure, but two people can easily set it up in less than 10 minutes.

Like the previous screen house mentioned in this list, this one also uses steel poles for the sides and fiberglass poles for the roof. The package also includes 12 simple steel stakes and guy-lines. The roof’s fabric is waterproof, and it offers UV protection. 

The peak height of this screen house is 216cms, and its total floor space area is 11.16 sq. mt. Therefore, it can accommodate a picnic table and 4 to 5 chairs. It weighs 9.52kgs, and its packed size is 72 x 20 x 20cms. So, you will need to transport it by car.

  • Core Instant Screen House Canopy Tent 12 x 10

This is a pleasant and reliable screen house, and it also has a reasonable price tag to it. In addition, it has a pre-attached frame and telescopic poles, and one person can install this tent in just one minute! So, it truly is an instant setup screen house. It is a fully freestanding structure with zippered doors on both its narrow sides. The package includes guy-lines, stakes, and a carry bag. This screen house also has storage units, pouches, and a lantern hook.

The frame is made of strong steel, and the roof’s fabric is durable 68D polyester with H20 block technology. Thus, the roof is quite waterproof, and it provides 50+ UV protection. All the seams are fully taped to repel water.

This screen tent’s peak height is 213cms, and its base dimensions are 366 x 305cms. Considering this, it can easily fit a wide table and six chairs inside. This tent weighs 12.2kgs, and its packed size is 97 x 15 x 15cm. So, it can be transported by vehicle.

  • Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House

This is a sizable cabin-style screen house with a hybrid double-wall design. There are screens and panels on all sides to provide extra protection from natural elements. So, this screen house could also be described as a floorless tent. It is also a fully freestanding structure due to its pre-bent poles.

One of the best features of this screen house is its strong aluminum frame! The mesh is 50D polyester material, and the roof and the panels are a highly-durable UV resistant 150D StormShield polyester. The fabric has a waterproof rating of 1000mm. So, this screen house is suitable for all climates.

It is a tall structure with a peak height of 256cms. The interior floor space has an area of 13.4 sq. mt, and the tent has an awning, which provides an additional coverage area of 6 sq. mt. So, this screen house can easily accommodate a table, some chairs, and up to six people inside!

Lastly, this tent weighs 11.3kgs, and it has a packed size of 107 x 32cms. So, it is a heavy and bulky structure. You will need a spacious vehicle to transport it.

How To Choose The Best Screen House For Your Trip?

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While spending time with your family and friends outdoors, it is essential to stay safe from all the natural extremities. Screen houses are mostly used during camping trips, but you can also use them for social gatherings or any other outdoor events. When choosing a screen house, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Size: The size of the screen house should depend on how you intend to use it. Campers often choose a larger structure, which can accommodate a few chairs and a picnic table. So, take note of the dimensions of the furniture and the screen house to ensure that the guests will be comfortable. Also, check the height at the center and the sides of the tent. Even if the roof is slanted at the sides, make sure that the minimum height throughout the tent is 7″. 
  • Screens: While the mesh screen will protect you from the insects, you should also consider choosing a screen house that will protect you from the harsh sunlight or the heavy rains. Ensure that your screen house is waterproof and UV protected. Also, you will need side panels for the tent in case of heavy rains.
  • Durability: You wouldn’t want to buy a screen tent that will break down after just a few outdoor trips. It should be strong enough to handle even the harsher climate conditions. The quality of the tent’s fabric will determine its durability. So, make sure that the fabric is heavy-duty and of high-quality. Also, steel and aluminum frames are considered to be more sturdy and robust materials!
  • Flooring: While a floor in your screen house is a nice add-on, it may or may not be necessary depending on where you plan to use your screen house. If you’re going to use it in your backyard, then you may not need a floor. However, if you intend to use it for a rugged outdoor adventure, you will need a floor to keep the insects out and to keep your shoes dry. If you plan to use the screen house to cook and grill food, then use a model without a floor.
  • Convenience: You should always get to spend more time enjoying the screen house than setting it up. If you plan to change your location frequently, it would be advisable to buy an instant setup screen tent, as they are easier to use.


Social gatherings, camping trips, or general leisure days are the perfect occasions to use screen houses. In the list given above, we have narrowed down some of the best screen houses available in the market today. All of the products mentioned in this list have unique features with innovative designs that make them stand out from the others. We have thoroughly researched these products and thus have provided some basic details. But do remember to conduct your own research before making your final decision.