The Best Ski Bags

We know full well that you have spent a small fortune on your skis. In this case, you absolutely must have the best ski bag to store, protect and transport easily.

Your choice must be based on various criteria. Otherwise, you will end up with a bag that tears easily, not ergonomic, or cannot effectively protect your skis against scratches.

In this guide, you will learn how to make the best choice. We have also tested several models and evaluated several expert opinions to draw up the market’s best selection in this comparison.

The best ski bags

best ski bag

What is the best ski bag?

As the name suggests, ski bags should aim to protect your skis when you’re not using them. The best model must allow your skis to be protected from external aggressions such as scratches, humidity, or shocks with this in mind.

But other models still offer different options. This is the case, among other things, for models equipped with storage for other accessories, wheels to facilitate transport, interior, and exterior straps, etc.

Your choice should also be based on the value of money. There is no point in buying a cheap product if it does not hold up for a long time. And conversely, a more expensive product does not necessarily mean that it is of good quality.

Below we show you the best ski bags:

1. Brubaker Henry Carver Pro 2.0 reinforced ski bag

This Brubaker brand bag targets resistance explicitly. Indeed, this product is backed with a flexible canvas but highly resistant to withstand all conditions without tearing.

It may contain a pair of skis of a length up to 170 or 190 cm with sticks. Practicality has also been optimized thanks to the presence of carrying handles. These are also very ergonomic.

To this are added external clamps that ensure the stability of the equipment that is stored inside during transport.

2. Bag with AmazonBasics double padding

This model set is designed to contain a pair of cross-country skis, a pair of touring skis, or a pair of alpine skis that measure up to 170 cm. It is highly padded to ensure maximum safety and stability during transport.

Moreover, handling is also guaranteed with the presence of ergonomic handles in the middle. A convenient zipper is located along with this cover. Besides, there is also a small pocket on the side to store other accessories.

Solidity is not neglected in this model. The material of manufacture is indeed high-density polyester with a double weave. The outer coating is ultimately moisture-proof.

3. Complete set with Carver Performance Brubaker shoe bag and bag

Here is a high-end model which is at the same time design, ergonomic and solid. This set includes a highly padded ski bag with 10mm PU foam.

This is reinforced on the inside with inextensible and tear-proof fiberglass. The cover can accommodate a pair of 170 × 34 cm skis or a 190 × 34 cm model.

The included backpack will accommodate your other ski equipment, namely your ski boots, your helmet, and your gloves. The bag is designed with high-density 600D polyester.

4. GRM waterproof ski bag

This product relies heavily on simplicity and robustness. Its angular design remains very sober. Its construction material is 600 denier polyester. This is combined with a 5mm foam padding which provides good shelter for your skis.

This bag is completely waterproof. In particular, it can accommodate skis up to 190 cm in length and also ski poles.

In addition to this, you can also store other accessories such as your glasses, pants, or ski gloves. In terms of handling, you can count on an ergonomic handle that is easy to handle.

5. Driver13 children’s ski bag

If you want to buy a cover for your children, this is the perfect model. It offers enough space to accommodate a pair of 120cm skis. The zipper is well designed to allow your children to store their equipment after use easily.

This product is made with 600D polyester combined with double PU coating and sewn with a welded seam.

The interior is well padded to prevent your equipment from being easily affected by a shock. It is entirely waterproof, and the interior can be washed with water since it is water repellent.

6. Flexible Navaris Ski Case

With this model, you will no longer have great difficulty carrying your skis and ski poles. It offers an ergonomic carrying handle system. This is combined with external straps to keep your equipment well.

This product is made from 1680D polyester, which is both challenging and durable. The interior has a waterproof coating that prevents any infiltration of dust.

Versatile, this bag can accommodate both men’s and women’s skis, as its maximum capacity is 190 cm.

How to choose a ski bag?

To choose well, you must take into consideration a few factors:


There are two models: padded covers and non-padded covers. The cheapest models on the market are predominantly those that are not padded. To compensate for this lack of padding, they come with a thick outer coating.

Bags without padding provide the necessary protection for unconstrained transport like in a car. If you want to offer maximum protection to your skis, it is better to invest in a padded cover.

The padding helps to promote maximum protection when your skis are compressed in the hold of an airplane, for example. This prevents deformation on contact with other objects and scratches when rubbing with a tricky thing.

The capacity

bag in snow

There are also two types of covers in terms of capacity. Some models are only intended for transporting your skis, while others can accommodate all of your equipment: helmet, goggles, etc.

The choice of the capacity is personal because maybe you are only looking for a bag for your ski, or also you want to use a single bag for all your ski equipment.
Seasoned skiers often suggest putting all equipment in one storage case to avoid losing it.

The number of skis supported.

You should know that some covers only support one pair of skis. However, others can accommodate several.

To determine your needs, therefore, it is essential to know if you will use a single pair of ski boards or if you are going to buy several in the future. This is where you will define the capacity of the bag.

The wheels

Even if this kind of case is designed to be as easy to handle as possible, however, carrying them on your shoulders or your hands can become tiring in the long run.

Thus, bag models with wheels are always top-rated. The wheels are convenient for moving your cover when you are on a smooth surface. But be sure to read reviews from past customers to taste the build quality, as many wheeled models are of inferior quality.

It should also be noted that the presence of wheels may be excessive in some instances. For example, if you ski a lot in the mountains, you will probably not find a flat surface for the wheels.

Choose between rigid and flexible bags.

green ski bag

It is often difficult to make the right choice between a rigid or flexible model. For you to be fixed, you must know the specifics of each.

Complex cases are known for their extreme level of protection. They protect your skis well, whether it is from bumps or scratches. However, they are much heavier and can be challenging to store.

Soft covers offer much less protection. On the other hand, they are very light, and when you do not put your skis in them, you can fold them up to store them in your pocket. Also, flexible models offer more storage space for other accessories.

Length and width

big ski bag

In most cases, the sellers directly indicate the size of the ski supported by the cover. But if not, you need to take action. And you should know that the length of the bag must always be greater than that of the board.

If your boards are 180cm long, you need to buy a cover that is 190cm. Make sure always to have at least 4 cm extra when it comes to a ski case.

The color

ski bag orange detail

Color is just a matter of preference. But most of the brands make models in black color. The reason is simple: the black color is resistant to dirt.

But suppose you will take the plane with your cover and that there are also ten skiers with you. Indeed, most of the colors of your cases will be black. To distinguish yourself, do not hesitate to embroider or hang distinctive signs of paint on your cover.

Internal and external straps

The interior straps are intended to prevent boards, poles, and other accessories from slipping or moving inside the cover. The exterior straps allow the entire bag to be compressed for greater compactness. A good backpack should have as many interior and exterior straps as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ski Bags

💡 Do the airlines accept to carry a ski bag?

Most airlines accept to carry ski and snowboard bags. However, there is no specific rule regarding the price.

When planning to take your case on an airplane, ask the airline about the limits and prices for this equipment. Sometimes it can cost you around sixty euros to transport it by plane.

Which model offers the most protection?

If you are looking to protect your ski equipment, then the best solution is to opt for rigid models. They provide optimal protection for your equipment, no matter the circumstances.

But be aware that wooden ski racks are more expensive. If your budget is tight, but you still want good protection, know that there are soft covers that can provide optimal protection.

Should we favor wheeled bags?

This is a matter of practicality. For example, when you go to a ski resort that is close to the parking lot and only carry a skis pair, this is not necessarily necessary.

On the other hand, if you have a heavy bag where you put all your ski equipment and drag it over a long distance, it is better to invest in a model with wheels.

Do you have to attach your equipment separately in the case?

It is advisable to attach your various equipment separately. The reason is that if you bundle them together, they can rub inside the cover. And when we talk about friction, it causes scratches. It will cost you a lot of money to restore your equipment when it is scuffed.

Can we put other materials inside?

If you have a hard case, it is relatively difficult, if not impossible, to store other materials inside.

However, you can insert flexible objects such as gloves or socks into them. But don’t count on it to accommodate a snowboard.

Also, you can find models of cases that offer additional compartments. That is to say, they have an external storage system for putting on shoes or even a snowboard.

Should I use a single or double bag?

A single cover can accommodate a pair of skis, poles, and bindings. The remaining space can accommodate a few small items such as gloves, a hat, etc.

A double cover, on the other hand, offers additional space. You can insert two pairs of skis with their poles and binding. Or if you only have one pair of skis, you can occupy the remaining space with other equipment: shoes, clothes, etc.

Can I carry a snowboard in this kind of case?

It is more expensive to invest in two different carrying cases: one for the skiboard and another for the snowboard. It is quite possible to use a cover for both.

You can alternate them depending on what you will do (skiing or snowboarding) if you have a simple case. You can also put the two items of equipment in the same bag if it is a double bag.