The best sleeping bag sheets of 2021

The preparation of an expedition to the mountains, in the forest or on a classic camping and hiking trail includes questions of nomadic bedding. Beds, sheets, and extra pillows, everything must be ready before the big departure. Moreover, this review offers you to find the best sleeping bag sheet , through an informed selection and some buying advice.

The best models of sleeping sheets, whether in terms of price or quality, are offered to you in this post. The final choice is certainly yours; the opinions given here will only be used to refine your purchasing criteria.

The best mountain , camping or travel cloth stands out firstly for its good quality of manufacture and for a textile suitable for the local climate. In this sense, it is necessary to have an irreproachable finish with seam and reinforced corners. The softness, comfort, waterproofness and thermal contribution of the textile must also be taken into account.

It is also preferable to take a model with a pillowcase and a practical opening. In addition to these criteria: ease of washing and drying, optimal grammage, delivery with transport bag and of course, the value for money .

Below we bring you the best sheets for sleeping bags:

1. Sea to Summit thermolite sleeping sheet for backpacking and travelers

This inner bag for nomadic sleeping is made of an insulating material with a density of 100 g / m². Its length is 183cm and its width, 92cm. It comes with a cover.

You can equip yourself with this sheet during a classic or wild hike in cold weather; and this, to sleep in a bivouac or in a tent.

The equipment benefits from an excellent temperature supply. Machine washable, it has the merit of ease of maintenance.

2. Sea to summit thermolite sleeping bag sheet

The Sea to Summit brand still offers a thermolite bag with this model. The density of the textile is 110 g / m² and its temperature contribution is 14 ° C.

The equipment is suitable for a single person who intends to sleep in the open air or in an exposed shelter for a short or long stay.

This nomadic bedding has the advantage of being compact, easy to store and quick to dry. It is also favored by its soft and comfortable touch.

3. Unigear cotton and polyester sleeping sheet

This compact drapery for campers and hikers is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. The equipment is 220 x 90cm and weighs 470g. Besides, it incorporates a pillowcase.

Count on Unigear to increase the comfort of your nights sleep during your campsites, hikes or hotel stays. Please note, this model only offers one seat.

This removable sleeping cocoon interior is enhanced by a zipper which locks automatically.

4. 4UMOR camping sleeping sheet for 2 people

This model is made of polyester and is 220 x 90cm. In addition, it comes with a cover, presenting a carrying handle and a zipper.

4UMOR offers this model to those looking for a camping sheet for 2 people . It is also recommended for campers and hikers who prefer sleeping sheets for 2 with an opening on each side.

This bedding equipment has the merit of being particularly resistant to wear.

5. The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Sheet with Pillow Flap

This bag is made of polyester. It has a silky finish and has a pillow flap . Its width is 105cm and its length, 220cm.

Protect the interior of your nomadic cocoon with this drapery. You can also pack it in your luggage if you plan to sleep at the hotel, but are not very reassured about the hygienic side of the accommodation.

This model has a side opening in velcro; which is particularly advantageous for those looking for practicality.

6. SCM microfiber sleeping sheet

This microfiber sheet is 90cm x 220cm. Its interior is silky and allows it to slip into it more easily. It comes with a drawstring cover.

If you are looking for a soft and practical doubling solution for your cocoon travel cot, SCM is for you. It is quite compact and light and fits easily into the trail bag.

SCM benefits from high impermeability. In addition, it deploys easily and dries quickly.

7. MFT85 Cocoon Microfiber Ultralight Sleeping Bag Sheet

Cocoon, which makes people talk about its performance, is made of a fine and waterproof composite textile. Its length is 220cm, and its width 90cm. Cocoon is ultra-light , because it weighs only 290g.

This Cocoon sheet offers only one place and is suitable for those who travel, camp in the great outdoors or hike often.

The Cocoon bag benefits from a double stitched design and reinforced corners. These characteristics greatly enhance its longevity and resistance to multiple uses.

Sleeping Bag Sheets Buying Guide
What is a sleeping bag sheet?
best-sheets-for-sleeping-bagA camping sleeping sheet , also called a meat bag, is a cocoon drapery intended to line the extra bed in the form of a bag. Just like sleeping bags, it can have a rectangular shape or a mummy shape. This equipment must fit perfectly to the shape of the cocoon bunk to allow optimal comfort.

In addition, it is available in models for one person to two people. The number of places it offers does not affect its possibility of use as free protection for a classic or extra berth, when camping or in a hotel.

These extra sheets are always delivered in a transport bag which allows them to be compacted as much as possible in order to facilitate their transport. Also, they may or may not have a built-in pillow flap.

What is its use?
The cocoon sheets serve primarily as a lining for the cocoon beds. It is therefore the first part of your nomadic bedding that will come into contact with your skin or your pajamas at bedtime. These extra bed sets not only serve to increase the temperature of your improvised bunk, but also to protect the beds from soiling.

Having a bag of meat in your luggage during a stay in classic accommodation or outdoors is also recommended for people with sensitive skin. Indeed, this equipment allows this category of person to better protect themselves from dust mites and other allergenic bacteria present on the travel bunk.

What about its weight?
When mentioning equipment for trail running and camping, questions related to the weight of the product are always mentioned. So, regarding the meat bag, it is certainly not as heavy as a regular blanket. However, it is heavier than a conventional sheet given the surface area of ​​fabric used for its manufacture.

In addition, this equipment weighs between 200g and 450g on average. The lightest models are made from synthetic fiber and the heavier ones are made from natural fibers. In any case, thanks to their method of compacting into a cover, they are always easier to transport than traditional sheets and blankets.

Why use a sheet for a sleeping bag?
Providing a sleeping bag with an internal protective layer firstly helps to preserve the down of the latter from perspiration fumes. Not only is it more hygienic, but it is also a way of increasing the longevity of the cocoon bunk.

Indeed, thanks to these sheets, you avoid soiling the inside of the bunk, which reduces its washing cycles and its risks of premature wear. Besides that, it is always easier to dry the sheets than the bags for lying outside. This is a significant point for lovers of hiking and camping.

The use of this bedding equipment also increases the internal temperature of the bunk during nights outdoors. In addition, the closed configuration of the equipment helps in temperature conservation. So instead of taking a blanket or quilt when camping, you can take a meat bag to avoid cluttering your stuff.

The different models of sleeping bag sheets
Different types of textiles go into making these meat bags in the market. Each manufacturer designs the perfect model by choosing the type of fabric that they think is appropriate for the budget and the needs of the consumers. Therefore, we are always faced with a multitude of choices.

However, more often than not, manufacturers use silks, cottons, fleeces and micro-fleeces, polyesters and thermolites in the manufacture of travel sheets.

The silk whether synthetic or natural is often considered high-end . Either way, only the weaving quality of the textile will determine its true price. It is interesting to choose this textile if you are looking for good insulation in cold weather and optimal breathability in hot weather. In addition, this textile is light and compact.

Although it is heavier and more bulky, this material remains hypoallergenic and yet inexpensive. If these last two criteria are of great interest to you, then choose this material when buying your cocoon sheets.

Polar and micropolar
The fleece is a popular fabric for its good thermal input. For a stay outdoors in cold weather, there is nothing more comforting. In addition, the microfleece dries quickly and is quite resistant to moisture. In terms of grammage, it exists in light, semi-heavy and heavy variants. On the other hand, it is somewhere between expensive textiles and cheap textiles.

Synthetic fabric such as microfiber and others are good outdoor living equipment given its breathability. In addition, it dries quickly and stretches easily. From these facts, it is well suited for hikers and campers who stay in their camping area for a long time.

This textile has a very high insulating capacity. In addition, it is able to increase the internal temperature of the layer from one therm to a good ten. This type of fabric is offered over a fairly wide price range. However, the prize is awarded based on the thermal insulation performance of the model.

In addition to being a good insulator, thermolite dries quickly. It therefore makes a good travel companion.

How to choose the best model of meat bag?
Comparison, opinions, model suggestions, and other advice all help you to find the best choice for the purchase of your travel sheet. You find discrepancies and compromises throughout all of this advice if you refer to your own selection criteria.

In this sense, in order to really make a winning choice, it is always interesting to take technical criteria into account. To choose a good sheet to integrate into your bagged bed, consider sorting by considering the following points:

Always prioritize lightweight models if you plan to walk for hours with your trail gear. On the other hand, if you plan to make an expedition in a particularly cold geographical area, you will have no choice but to bring a thick woolen or textile sheet and therefore heavy!

Whatever the weight of the equipment, however, consider storing it in a bag so as to make it as compact as possible. In this way, you will save space even if the lightness is not at the rendezvous.

One way or another, we take this gear to keep warm when sleeping outside. Certainly, the isolation of cold spots when camping outdoors is essential for a restful sleep. Therefore, always make sure to choose equipment that can fully fulfill this role.

When it comes to making materials, the most important thing is to focus on the comfort-performance ratio. So, always choose a model that will make you feel your best. For those who often go camping outdoors, it will also be necessary to count on the resistance of the textile to wear. So prioritize a rip-proof model , if that’s your case.