Best Snorkel Mask

Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface. Under this great body of water, true wonders of nature are submerged. Snorkeling is an excellent activity that allows us to discover them. Unlike diving, snorkeling is practiced in shallow waters and does not require excellent prior knowledge.

On the other hand, it doesn’t require a great team either. If you have fins and know how to swim, you are already halfway to practice it. What do you lack? A snorkel mask. Thanks to it, you can enjoy the seabed in all its splendor. To help you, we have put together this guide so you can complete your snorkeling equipment.

The most important points about Snorkel Mask

  • A snorkel mask is a device that allows us to dive close to the surface. Thanks to it, we can breathe naturally through the nose and mouth while observing the seabed.
  • One of the significant advantages of snorkel masks is that they provide a wide viewing angle.
  • The mask must have an excellent anti-fog system, one of the crucial purchase criteria. Failure to do so may cause the mask to fog up while wearing it.

The best snorkel masks

Unlike classic diving goggles, mask snorkel completely covers our faces. This allows us to breathe naturally through the nose and the mouth. Besides, they provide a wide viewing angle for observing marine fauna and flora. Next, we show you a selection of the best snorkel masks of 2020.

  • The favorite snorkel mask of online users
  • The best snorkel mask in value for money
  • The best snorkel mask with a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • The best snorkel mask with flat glass

The favorite snorkel mask of online users

The Hovnee snorkel mask is one of the most popular options for online users. This model, which has received many positive reviews, has an integrated tube and a viewing angle of 180 degrees.

Inhaled air enters through the upper part of the mask, while exhaled air exits through the lower part. Thus, natural breathing through the nose and mouth is facilitated. This mask is available in two sizes.

The best snorkel mask in value for money

Wotek offers us an alternative at a very affordable price. This snorkel mask is designed to prevent fogging during use. Its viewing angle is 180 degrees.

This model is constructed of silicone for an optimal leak-proof seal. On the other hand, the Wotek mask includes straps to adjust it correctly to our face. This is a fundamental element, as it is only available in one size.

The best snorkel mask with a wide variety of colors and sizes

Hengbird offers us a model with a wide range of sizes and colors. Thus, we can choose the option that best suits the size of our face and our tastes.

This snorkel mask incorporates a bracket to install a sports camera. In this way, we can record our aquatic expeditions. The tube of this model can be folded into the mask for easy transport.

The best snorkel mask with flat glass

The flat glass of the Unigear mask prevents distortions in vision such as the fisheye effect. Also, the tube of this model is removable, which makes its transport and storage easier.

Furthermore, this snorkel mask incorporates three independent channels for airflow. In this way, the inside of the glass is prevented from fogging up, and carbon dioxide exhales from accumulating.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Snorkel Masks

Before diving into the hidden wonders of the ocean, we must have the right snorkeling equipment. The mask is an excellent alternative to the classic glasses with a separate tube. However, before choosing one, we must resolve all the doubts that may arise. Therefore, here we will try to answer the most frequent questions:

How do you wear a snorkel mask?

The snorkel is a type of diving that is done in water. The person who practices it does not dive to great depths, as happens with other diving modalities. With the snorkel mask, we can continue breathing while observing the seabed. Unlike diving goggles, the mask allows us to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth. To use a snorkel mask, we must make sure that we choose the right size. The mask must be well adjusted to our face to prevent water from leaking inside. The usual thing is that they incorporate straps so that we can tighten them correctly. When swimming, the tube must be positioned above the surface to allow oxygen to enter.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a snorkel mask?

Snorkeling is a fun activity that does not require cumbersome or expensive equipment. The ideal is to practice it with fins and, in case of doing it in cold waters, a wetsuit. Without forgetting, of course, the snorkel mask, thanks to which we can thoroughly enjoy the experience. We tell you its main advantages and certain disadvantages:


  • Combine goggles and tubes in a single kit.
  • They allow us to observe the wonders of the seabed.
  • Thanks to it, we can continue to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth.
  • They provide a wide viewing angle.
  • There are many sizes available so that we can find the one that best suits our face.
  • Many models include support to place sports cameras to record or photograph the underwater landscape.


  • If it does not fit well to our face, water can enter the interior.
  • As a general rule, they are not suitable for diving to great depths.

Can I wear a snorkel mask if I have vision problems?

To fully appreciate the marine fauna and flora, we must see well underwater. If we have any vision problems, such as myopia, there are solutions. First of all, there are snorkel masks with a magnifying glass.

If you don’t have a lot of diopters, this option might be enough.

Another alternative is to wear contact lenses. We advise you to talk to your eye doctor to recommend the most appropriate for this activity. Finally, there is the possibility of inserting prescription glasses inside the mask. Different tutorials on the Internet show how to do it, although it is worth consulting with an expert.

What are the parts of a snorkel mask?

Before launching into the vast ocean, we must know our snorkeling equipment in depth. Being familiar with it will help us to use it correctly. For this reason, below, we explain the essential parts of a snorkel mask. Of course, its components may vary from one model to another.

  • Crystal: it is the largest part of the mask, which separates our face from the water. It is usually made of tempered glass or polycarbonate. As a general rule, they provide a wide viewing angle, usually 180 degrees.
  • Tube: it is the part through which the air enters the mask. Its shape may vary from one model to another. However, all of them are designed to remain on the water surface when we swim with our face submerged. Many snorkel masks include a tube that can be folded or even disassembled for easy transport and storage. Some models have a locking system on the tube. In this way, even if we submerge it completely, the water will not enter through the tube.
  • Straps: these are the tapes that allow you to adjust the mask to your face. They are usually elastic and resistant. Although there are different sizes of masks, practically all include an adjustable strap system.
  • Breathing System – Some models have a multi-channel breathing system. In this way, the flow of air from outside enters on one side, and exhaled air leaves. In a fascinating system so that the mask does not fog up or carbon dioxide accumulates inside.
  • Skirt: it is the part that joins the snorkel mask and our face. Usually, it is made of silicone so that it adheres easily to our faces. When placing the mask, we must take special care in the part where our hair grows. If the skirt remains on the hair, it may cause water to leak inside.
  • Camera support: it is a piece, generally located between the mask and the tube, that allows the placement of sports cameras. In this way, we can record or photograph the seabed. The camera must be equipped with excellent waterproof housing.

What care does my snorkel mask need?

The most critical care in a snorkel mask is its cleanliness, mostly if we use it in saltwater. Sand and salt can scratch the glass. Therefore, it is necessary to wash it with fresh water after each use, including the tube and straps. You can let it air dry or use a cloth that does not leave fibers. Also, check that nothing is blocking the tube.

Snorkel Marks Purchase Criteria

Indeed you are looking forward to jumping into the water with your snorkel gear. But have you already decided on a good mask? It is normal to have doubts about the great variety of possible models. The criteria that we discuss below will help you choose the best snorkel mask available today.

  • Vision angle
  • Anti-fog system
  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Size

Vision angle

One of the significant advantages of snorkel masks is that they offer a wide viewing angle. Most of the masks available today offer a 180-degree angle. We must pay attention to this aspect when reading the model we choose to ensure that it meets this requirement. If it doesn’t, it would be advisable to find another model.

Anti-fog system

Mist can be a significant inconvenience when snorkeling. Fogging up our mask can prevent us from seeing clearly. In the worst case, we will have to stop the activity and remove the mask. Therefore, the model we choose must have an anti-fog system.

Some snorkel masks have separate air inlet and outlet channels. In this way, fogging is prevented inside the mask. In these cases, the nose and mouth area is usually isolated from the vision area. Some models have an anti-fog valve. It is a good idea that the model we choose includes one of these options.


Safety is essential when practicing any sport, especially those that require us to submerge ourselves in water. Of course, we must know how to swim to snorkel. But it is also essential that we take into account other safety tips before choosing our snorkel mask. Here we tell you the most important:

  • Safety standards: The snorkel mask must meet the safety standards of the United States. This applies to both the materials you use and the ventilation system. We must choose a model in which carbon dioxide does not accumulate.
  • User Reviews: Sometimes, the product description can be a bit confusing. Therefore, it never hurts to read the opinions of other users regarding the safety of the mask.
  • Don’t dive too deep:Snorkel masks are generally not designed for diving to great depths. Therefore, even if they have a tube that blocks the water inlet, we should not stray too far from the surface.
  • Practice snorkel not intensively: snorkeling is an activity of low intensity. Therefore, we should not go to great lengths while wearing our masks. Also, some experts recommend snorkeling for a maximum of twenty minutes at a time.
  • Know how to swim: as we already mentioned, it is essential to know how to swim to snorkel and, therefore, to use a mask.
  • Experience: if this is the first time you are going to snorkel, it is good to do it with someone who has experience in this activity. As an alternative, you can also take a course that introduces you to this practice.
  • Children: In children’s cases, it is crucial to choose a suitable model for them. Besides, they must always snorkel under the supervision of an adult and in areas where they stand.


To snorkel effectively, your mask must be comfortable for you. The skirt will influence comfort since it is the part that comes into contact with our face. The type of strap you include can also affect this aspect. The ideal would be to try on different models to be able to choose the one that is most comfortable for us.


Many models are available in different sizes. Make sure you choose the one that best suits your face. If we choose a model that is too small, it cannot be very pleasant. On the contrary, if we decide on a too-large model, water could enter the mask’s inside. The size that corresponds to us varies depending on the distance between the nose and the chin.


Snorkeling is a fun activity that allows us to approach the underwater world’s wonders. To practice snorkeling, it is crucial to have the right snorkeling equipment.

The mask is one of the critical pieces. It is an excellent alternative to the classic diving goggles, with the tube separately.

One of the significant advantages of the mask is that it allows us to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth. Besides, it offers us a wide viewing angle. Thus, we can fully enjoy the underwater flora and fauna. But don’t forget that safety comes first. Therefore, make sure you buy a model that meets all safety standards.