The best soft coolers

Tired of carrying big coolers at arm’s length? Or do you want a little cooler in your picnics? With our selection of flexible coolers, make your life easier! Today you can combine backpacks, shoulder bags, and coolers. You gain in lightness, which will allow you to go on an adventure in peace! No more hot water after hiking in the sun! No more trips wasted by the hard-to-transport cooler. It’s time to take care of your outings and picnics. Please don’t wait any longer to discover our quality coolers!

The best flexible coolers

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Campingaz – Soft cooler bag

  • Dimensions: 39 x 25 x 38 cm
  • Weight: 765 g
  • Materials: polyester
  • Volume: 5 to 30 L

Discover this cooler, flexible and sober! Thanks to its “ripstop” micro-frames, it is more solid! Foldable, it also comes with a front pocket. It’s 6 mm PE foam insulation, and its polyester coating on the outside makes it more resistant, especially abrasion. The interior is also protected by polyethylene vinyl acetate.

Its adjustable strap and zipper make it pleasant to use and allow you to bring your cooler anywhere. Practical, it can contain 5, 10, 20, or 30 liters according to your needs.

A great cooler to keep your food and drinks cool. Once use is finished, this flexible cooler is easily foldable and can be transported even more efficiently.

This type of cooler is more comfortable to wear than rigid coolers. It’s waterproof; if you don’t spill it, the seams work well. The outside pocket is simple, without lining or mesh. It could be better, but the price-performance ratio is outstanding. The thickness of the insulation is perfect. The 30 L version can easily hold a 1.5 L bottle when standing.

This cooler keeps food fresh, customers report using it for 4 hours on the beach and in the sun, and the water was still cool. But of course, we can not compare it to a rigid cooler; the rigid ones insulate much more but are also more uncomfortable to transport.

The soft bag cooler is made with quality fabrics and has good insulation material for extended cooling. You can clean the interior very quickly in the event of a leak. To facilitate empty transport, the bag can be folded without much effort, saving a lot of space.

Campingaz has been developing since 1949, s versatile, easy to use, and visually appealing products that always help bring a little more life to the outside world. They specialize in outdoor items for the beach, the mountains, or the campsite.

Their cooling products are ruggedly built and offer excellent performance. They offer a wide range of products for all uses: whether you are camping, on excursions, or on a road trip, snacks and drinks stay cool in Campingaz’s cool boxes and bags.

NASUM – Waterproof flexible cooler with handle

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 19 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 599 grams
  • Materials: waterproof oxford fabric, waterproof fabric
  • Volume: 10 to 30 L

High quality, this waterproof cooler has a waterproof oxford fabric on its outer layer. Suitable for food, it keeps a shallow temperature, and food can be kept hot, cold, clean, and away from moisture.

Easy to carry thanks to its handle with velcro, it also has a very fashionable elastic strap! It also has a large capacity and can hold bottles and food as you wish. You can select a 10, 17, or 30-liter bag depending on your use and your family’s size.

No need to add a handbag or backpack in addition to your cooler; you can also store your small items in the pockets on both sides of the cooler. If you have a problem using your cooler, you can call the seller or send him an email; he will get back to you quickly!

The bag is well insulated and allows you to keep everything you put in it cool for a reasonably long period. The construction of the bag is superior and stable. The inside and outside of the bag are made of a comfortable wipe-clean material, making the soft cooler easy to clean. So don’t wait any longer for your summer picnics!

B.PRIME – Soft isothermal cooler

  • Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 22 cm
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Materials: polyester
  • Volume: 20 L

This collapsible cooler bag is perfect for a family of 4. You can easily store everything you need for a picnic by the water. This flexible cooler will keep your meal cool even if it is exposed to direct sunlight. It is available in many colors; there is something for everyone.

This size cooler is suitable for families, as it can hold not only small cans but also 1.5-liter water bottles. If you want to distribute the cooler’s weight between two adults, you can also purchase two soft coolers.

The insulation of the cooler is based on a 3mm thick PEVA coating. This material is the high performance and of excellent quality. The soft cooler is relatively light at only 400g, plus you can fold it up once the contents are used.

The bag has beautiful colors; the stripes add stunning detail. It is fully lined inside, and the exterior zippered pocket is also lined, which is ideal for small, delicate items.

You can easily fit into this soft cooler: a large box (think a large cake box), two medium containers, four mini containers, two cans, a one-liter soda bottle, as well as two large blocks refrigerants (larger than A5 paper size).

The zipper is snag-free, and the carrying handle fits easily in the velcro pouch. The long strap makes it easy to carry the soft cooler and keeps all of your items cool all day.

Sakura – Electric and isothermal flexible cooler

  • Dimensions: 30.2 x 26.4 x 26 cm
  • Weight: 1.90 kg
  • Materials: polyester
  • Volume: 14 L

What is the difference between an electric soft cooler and other models? It is effortless: depending on the space available in the car, especially when the holiday car is filled to the brim, the bag’s size should be different. Many manufacturers produce slim models that can be placed between the front seats. This way, you always manage to reach for a cool drink, even while driving. Besides, this 12v cooler bag model can be used with the cigarette lighter. These electric soft coolers themselves produce the necessary cooling and can therefore be used regardless of the ambient temperature.

The first impression this cooler gives is that it feels pretty sturdy. Some customers have tested putting two cans at room temperature in the electric soft cooler and leaving them for 4 hours. The drinks are much cooler than you start but won’t be as cold as in a fridge. Therefore, it is better to put food and drinks already cold in the flexible cooler to keep them at the right temperature.

The fan makes a small noise, but it is not a disturbing noise. It is a nice light bag that does not fold completely but can be inserted into any part of your suitcase or your car. The flexible cooler to give you an idea can hold a bottle of wine and 16 cans of Coke, so there is more than enough space for one person.

Freshore – Small soft cooler

  • Dimensions: 25 cm x 15.5 x 18.5 cm
  • Weight: 400 grams
  • Materials: extra-textured PE foam, waterproof insulation fabric
  • Volume: NA

Lightweight and flexible, this softly rounded edge cooler offers you an amazing design. For one, two, or three people, depending on the size of the food you pack, this cooler is designed for workers, school children, or small families. It allows you to keep your food fresh wherever you go. Its size is an advantage: it is discreet and has the appearance of a bag, goes everywhere.

Depending on the bag’s version, its blue or red zipper sets it apart from the rest, and its adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry your provisions easily. With its extra-textured PE padding foam and waterproof insulation fabric, your lunch is protected. The long-term insulation effect ensures that your lunch stays hot or cold as desired. For more freshness, you can add an ice pack inside. If you stain your fabric, you need to soak it in the water!

What is a soft cooler?

In terms of size and shape, a soft cooler may be reminiscent of a large shopping bag. However, modern models have a large interior compartment and many practical compartments on the exterior. Especially for hikes or walks in a park, the soft cooler, also called cooler bag, can be ideal because it is more realistic than if you had to carry a rigid cooler.

The cool bag is not only bought as a pure bag; those who need it for a hike can also use it as a practical backpack. Cooler bags are available in many designs and shapes; the content measured in liters can also vary widely.

Some small models are suitable for a single person, but there are also large models of around 30 liters, which a family can use in the middle of summer. You can also use flexible water bottles inside, which allow you to fold everything up when finished.

If you remember the cool bags of the past, the cool modern bag is now a fashion asset that can also be taken to events.

How does a soft cooler work?

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Most cooler bags can guarantee the best cooling because they use walls designed for cooling. But some models can cool down because they can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter.

The car models called Electric Soft Cooler are ideal for extended vacation trips because instead of using ice packs, the user can rely on electricity to cool their soft cooler.

Thus, the cooling is always evenly distributed and, as long as the cooler is connected to the cigarette lighter, the 12 V power supply can provide permanent cooling.
Fill the soft cooler with ice cubes or plug it into the cigarette lighter and then fill it with chilled products, and the user can be sure that the contents of the bag are well protected from heat. With the help of a water bag, you can also use water from a cool river to cool the cooler.

What are the materials of a soft cooler?

A cooler bag is usually made of a flexible, soft fabric, such as synthetic or cotton, and insulating material. This has the advantage that the soft cooler is at the same time elastic, robust, and resistant. There are a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. There is something for every taste.

To ensure good insulation, the inside of the cooler bag is fitted with a cold reflective silver foil. Good models also have foam insulation. The soft cooler cover is usually made from water repellent and rigid materials like nylon fabric or similar fabrics.

The advantage of these smooth and soft materials is a real space-saving: when not in use after a picnic or a party, you can fold them flat, carry them easily and store them just as quickly. This is especially useful when there is no room for storage.

There are also many options in terms of design and color choice. With a very stylish cool bag, you are ready for adventure trips or romantic country dates. Thanks to its practical handles, you can carry the soft cooler in your hand or put it on your shoulder.

How to wash a soft cooler?

Most soft coolers do not need to be washed unless otherwise specified on the manufacturer’s washing label. If you can do this, I recommend using a gentle wash cycle at 30 ° C. In most cases, a gentle hand wash is always recommended not to damage the insulation and the cooler bag’s impregnation.

Soft or rigid cooler?

A rigid cooler will always have better insulation than a soft cooler, but the latter is much more restrictive to transport. Indeed, if you have to walk a little before reaching your picnic spot, the flexible cooler will always be the most practical. A flexible cooler can be folded once the contents are finished, which means that you don’t have a big, heavy, and empty rigid cooler to transport even when you need it more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I need a soft cooler?

A soft cooler is always useful if you like to go on excursions. Then, it allows you to avoid hot food and drink and even prevents the food from spoiling. Choose an electric soft cooler if you sit in the car for a long time or enjoy camping.

What volume do I need?

Mini Narrow Soft Coolers fit into any space in a loaded car and still offer plenty of bulk. The following points should also be considered in terms of volume: should the soft cooler contain only cans, or should it also have 1.5-liter bottles?

Of course, the volume also depends on the number of people. There are small coolers that are perfect for single people as well as larger versions for families.

Where can I buy a soft cooler?

There are many ways to buy a flexible cooler: you can find them in specialized stores in DIY stores, supermarkets like Gifi, Carrefour, Leclerc, Go Sport, Decathlon, etc. However, you will find better prices on Amazon.

How long does a soft cooler keep cold?

With a sufficient supply of ice packs, the air inside a cold cooler should stay cool for several hours. When the outdoor temperatures are higher, the insulation’s efficiency is reduced, and the cooling time is shortened.


When buying a soft cooler, you need to consider all of the factors mentioned above. The first consideration is always whether you want to buy a classic or an electric version. The next point is volume and ease of use. Always keep in mind your wishes and preferences and the application you want the soft cooler for. You will then find your favorite model with different patterns, colors, and sizes, allowing you to make a perfect choice.