Best Tent Heaters For Camping

The tent is the shelter where you sleep when camping. Nowadays, tent manufacturers also offer tent heaters with tent itself. The tent heater tends to attach on the inside of the tent. This type of product is popular because it can provide more warmth for all types of tents that are available in the market today.

What is a tent heater?

A tent heater is a tent product that releases heat and warmth inside the tent. It provides more comfort and warmth for tent camping tent users. For sure, when using this tent product it can provide greater comfort for tent camping tent users.

The best tent heater offers more warmth and comfort for those who intend to sleep in a tent. In addition, these tent heaters are available as electric tent heater or tent gas heater. Electric tent heater is convenient because it does not require combustion process that may produce harmful substances to human health even though it can be used indoor. On the other hand, tent gas heater usually uses tent bottled gas or tent compressed gas. Besides tent heaters, there are also tent fans and tent lights which not only provide warmth but also provide comfort for tent campers who want to sleep more comfortably.

Therefore, before buying a tent heater for camping tent, there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind first. These considerations include tent heater types, tent heater performance and tent heater safety. If you want to know more about these tent heaters for camping tent, keep reading this article until the end where we will provide tent heater reviews as well.

Tent heaters types

There are three main tent heaters that can be used during your camping time at night. These tent heaters are tent electric heater, tent gas heater and tent catalytic tent heaters.

Tent Electric Heater

Electric tent heaters are powered by electricity which can be used anywhere you want. These tent heaters are safe because it does not have the risk of causing indoor or outdoor fire accidents. The best thing about these tent heaters is that it can provide warmth inside tent even if there is no sunlight.

Tent Gas Heater

These tent heaters usually require tent bottled gas or tent compressed gas to work. However, sometimes you need to burn this tent heater in order to produce the warmth that comes out of tent heater exhaust pipe. Unfortunately, this tent heater type has a risk of causing tent fire accidents.

Tent Catalytic Heaters

It is the safest tent heater for camping tent because it heats up tent by converting a solid substance into gas without any combustion process. Therefore, it does not have the risk of producing harmful substances just like tent gas heater. On top of that, tent catalytic heaters do not require tent bottled gas or tent compressed gas.

Tent heaters performance

No doubt the tent heater has become very important equipment during camping tent time. But, you also need to know each type of tent heater mentioned above has its own performance level so it is better for you to understand this tent heater performance comparison first before deciding which tent heater to use during your tent camping time.

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black Tent Electric Heater

This tent heater is tent electric tent heaters. This tent heater type is popular among tent campers because it only requires electricity to work. But, this tent heater has its own performance level which can be briefly summarized as follows:

The 4,000-9,000-BTU Heater is a small-sized, portable heater designed to provide heat throughout an area of up to 225 square feet. It’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use, has a low carbon footprint, and is nearly 100 percent efficient.

It has easy grip handle. Its safer for tent heater because it does not require tent bottled gas or tent compressed gas. High tent heater performance because this tent heater type has strong heating power which can warm up tent in short time.

Comfort Zone PowerGear CZ285 1500 Watt Portable Ceramic Utility Heater with Pivoting Cradle Base

This 1500-watt ceramic utility heater is ideal for garages, workshops, basements, and sheds because it delivers efficient heat.

A top-mounted control panel has an adjustable thermostat, two heat levels, and a fan-only option that allows you to customize the temperature for your convenience.

This electric shop heater has a pivoting cradle base that adjusts the heat to wherever you want it. A sturdy metal frame and careful carry grip ensure long-term service.

The portable shop heater has a fan-forced heating system to ensure that the heat is uniformly dispersed throughout your business area.

An overheat protection sensor, a tip-over cutoff switch, stay-cool body and power and caution indicator lights are among the safety features.

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater

This tent heater has a low price which is suitable for tent campers who have a limited tent budget. Its tent propane tent heaters thus it does not require electricity to work. On top of that, this tent heater type has its own performance level as follows:

A portable propane heater for rooms up to 95 square feet that is indoor-safe. This device is not designed for use in a golf cart or an automobile with a motor.

Heating element that is odor-free and has a 45-degree angle of heating. 7000 Feet Above Sea Level Is the Maximum Elevation (Ft). Automatic low oxygen shut-off system (ODS). Ideal for heating small enclosed places like tents up to 95 square feet.

On/off buttons in a simple design; 1-pound disposable propane cylinder (not included) is required. The minimum and maximum btu values for this heater are 5.6 and 19,000, respectively. Due to the constant movement of the vehicle, the fan will fail to operate properly resulting in poor ventilation while operating this heater. This tent heater has tent electric tent heaters performance.


It’s tent season so here are a few tent heater safety tips to keep in mind this camping season. Only use the tent heater outdoors where it is not near anything combustible, so wooded campgrounds are NOT ideal places to have a tent heater. If you must use your tent heater at home, keep it on a non-combustible surface, keep flammable items away from the heater, turn the tent heater off when you are not in your tent so if it does get too hot or sparks, there will not be anything readily combustible to catch fire. When you go to sleep at night leave the tent heater on low heat and unplug it so there is no chance of the tent heater tipping over and starting a fire.

If you do not use tent heaters, know that tent camping can be very difficult especially in cold weather. You need to get creative with ways of staying warm at night without tent heaters such as taking more blankets than you think you will need and wearing your cold weather gear to bed. You can also use tent heaters but if you do always make sure that the tent heater has an automatic shut off in case it gets too hot.

If tent camping with children, know how to prevent tent fires and prevent tent heater fires so everyone can have a safe tent season!

The tent heater’s instructions will list all of the precautions you need to take when using your tent heater. There are also tent heaters that are safer for use around children, so it helps to know what kind of tent heater you have before you go camping with it. If there is no instructions to follow, tent heaters should be operated at a safe distance from anything combustible and have an automatic shut off if it gets too hot.

Tent heaters should always have a tent around them in case they get knocked over, so tent heater safety is very important even if it seems like the tent heater has an automatic shut off. Tent heaters are not toys and can be dangerous to use around children who might knock it over or touch it while it’s hot.

If you have a tent heater, always read the tent heater safety tips before using it and review tent heater safety every time you use it. Always follow tent heater safety rules so everyone can have a tent camping trip they remember for all of the right reasons.