Best Tents With Stove Jack

Tents With Stove Jack – It is quite tricky to choose the right tent for camping. There are a variety of tents available in the market to choose from. Most campers look for components like a pleasant interior setting and a high level of comfort in a tent. 

Stove jacks are sewn in the roofs or walls of a tent, which enables you to install a wood stove inside. With this, you can burn wood to cook food in a tent. A stove Jack tent offers protection against fire hazards. The gaps across the edges enable increased airflow and prevent condensation on the walls of the tent. 

This guide highlights the features of some of the best tents with stove jack available in the market.

  • Barebones Outfitter Tent

The Barebones Outfitter Tent has a house-shaped structure with four walls. This is a very versatile tent. It has the capacity to accommodate up to eight people. This tent can stand freely on its own with the help of the multiple poles. It takes approximately an hour to pitch this tent. The package comes with snap buttons for attaching the tent to the poles.

This structure ranks high in terms of volume. The peak height is good enough for anyone to stand inside freely. The tent is not equipped with dividers or internal doors, which makes it a single room design. 

The roof of the tent has a stove port that enables the installation of a wood stove. It also features a stove mat which is flame-retardant to protect the floor. The tent is suitable for use in any season since it is made from weather-resistant nylon and polyester. All eight windows come with mesh and panels. There are vents on the roof as well, which allow adequate flow of air. The tent is quite heavy and needs a four-wheeler to be transported to the campsite.

  • DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket

The DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket is a series of two tents, both of which have similar features. These tents only differ in terms of size. The larger tent can obviously accommodate more people.

This tent is not freestanding. You need to secure the tent firmly with the help of the stakes provided. Just like any other canvas tent, it is single-layered except for the double-layered openings. The waterproof rating of the tent is relatively high. 

The tent features two stove jackets on one of the sidewalls and the roof. If you are planning to use a wood stove, it is advisable to get something that will protect the stove jack. 

The tent appears like a canopy when set up completely. The claimed capacity is eight people. But it is recommended to use the tent for five-six people; otherwise, you might feel congested. The canvas tent is better suited for summer camping. However, you can use it during any time of the year. One person can set up a tent within 15-20 minutes. The doors and windows are equipped with mesh and panels, which prevents insects from entering inside. 

  • Guide Gear 10 x 12 Canvas Wall Tent

The Guide Gear 10 x 12 Canvas Wall Tent has a cabin-type design. The structure is freestanding with a self-supporting frame. The specifications do not state a declared capacity, but according to the 120 square feet area, three-four people can stay inside comfortably. 

The single door at the front is equipped with additional metal clips to provide strength to the structure. There is one window at the back with mesh and a panel with zip closure. The tent comes with provisions for the use of a wood-stove. 

The tent is very tall in height. The fabric used for making the tent is a breathable canvas, which is also fire-retardant. There are two vents at the top which allow the vertical flow of air across the tent. The tent can be used even during the monsoons since the built is strong and provides excellent stability.

The size of the tent is huge when packed, and it is also quite heavy. Hence, you will need a car to carry it along with you to the camping location.

  • Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Large Family Camp Bell Tent

The Playdo Family Camp Bell Tent has been manufactured in various sizes. The tents range from 3 meters in diameter to 6 meters in diameter. You can select the size depending on the number of people who are going to stay in a tent. You can also upsize it for added convenience. Even a five-meter diameter tent can accommodate three double beds. One person can single-handedly set-up the tent within a few minutes. 

Like all other tents on the list, this tent has a stovepipe jack incorporated. The stove hole is surrounded by fire-resistant fabric to avoid any hazards. The tent features a frame door and four windows. They are equipped with zip closures.

This tent is made out of high-quality cotton. The floor is made out of waterproof PVC. Overall, the waterproof rating of the tent is quite high. The fabric is durable and ideal for all weather conditions. During summertime or high humidity, it keeps the ambiance inside the tent cool. The seams of the tent are taped. 

  • Robens Klondike Tent Review – 6-Person PolyCotton 4-Season Tent

The Robens Klondike Tent Review – 6-Person PolyCotton 4-Season Tent offers great comfort. The tent has a port on the top to fix a stove pipe. It has a bell-shaped construction with a single pole at the center. Hence it cannot stand freely and has to be staked properly to the ground. 

It has a single layer structure with no dividers, which means it has a single room. The material used is a mixture of cotton and polyester, which offer great breathability. The tent has windows on the side walls with mesh, which improves the circulation of air. Two vents are also provided on the top, which can be opened with the help of integrated strings.

The peak height of the tent is 2.7 meters, which makes it one of the tallest tents out there. Around five to six people can be accommodated inside. It is suitable for use in all seasons. The tent went through high-pressure wind tests and was proven to be very strong and stable. The floor can be zipped and unzipped as per your preference. The floor has a bathtub design. 

  • Russian Bear Winter Tent With Stove Included

The Russian Bear Winter Tent is a dome-shaped tent. It can be set-up instantly by one person in a few minutes. The unique design of the tent makes it ideal to withstand even adverse weather conditions. The floor has a three-layered construction, which was specially designed for lower temperatures. The floor is heat-insulated and can be detached from the tent. The tent can also be used as a sauna room. It can be used for camping all around the year. 

The front wall of the tent can be pulled up and used as a roof. You can use this extended area for dining. There are multiple hinges attached to the inner layer of the tent, which can be utilized for drying off clothes. The entire tent frame is made from aluminum alloy.

A pipe jack is provided on the roof, which is surrounded by a heat-resistant fabric. The package also includes a wood stove. There are four-layered windows with mesh and panels. The door comes with a zippered panel that can be opened when required.

  • Stout Bell Tent 100% Cotton Canvas 4M & 5M

There are two versions of the Stout Bell Tent 100% Cotton Canvas: the Pro and the ultimate. The Pro version is more sturdy and heavier as compared to the ultimate version. The remaining features are more or less similar.

It can easily accommodate five to six people. It has a conical roof and lowers vertical walls on the sides. The steep roof does not allow water or snow to accumulate in the tent. Also, the center pole is exceptionally sturdy, and it can withstand any amount of weight. This makes the tent very strong and durable. Single-pole structures are not freestanding. Hence, it has to be staked to the ground firmly. 

The packed size of the tent is rather long. You need a good amount of space to carry it along. The floor is made out of thick waterproof plastic, which prevents groundwater from entering inside. The tent has a built-in stove pipe jack. When you’re not using it, you can cover it with canvas. 

There are four double-layered windows with mesh on the walls. They enable adequate cross-ventilation across the tent. The door is a unique construction with bug netting and an outer layer of canvas. 

  • White Duck Outdoors Alpha Wall Tent 12 x 14 – Canvas Tent For 10 People

The White Duck Outdoors Alpha Wall Tent has a claimed capacity of 10 people. This is a large tent with multiple color-coded tubes, which makes it a freestanding design. It is again a single room structure with no dividers. The tent has a ready-to-use stove jack incorporated. The canvas used for making this tent is impregnated with fire and water retardant chemicals.  

It is an all-weather tent. The waterproof rating is not very impressive. Hence, it is not recommended to use the tent during heavy rainfall or high-pressure winds. The tent is quite bulky and comes in two different packages. You need two to three people to set it up. 

The floor of the tent is not sewn-in. The material used for the floor and walls is synthetic polyvinyl.

The four mesh windows at the sides come in handy during warmer climates. The windows have flaps that work well during colder climates. There are no condensation issues because of the efficient ventilation mechanism. All in all, this tent offers a luxurious experience outdoors.                                                                                                                                

  • White Duck Outdoors Avalon Canvas Bell Tent

The White Duck Outdoors Avalon Canvas Bell Tent is made from premium quality cotton, which is impregnated with water and flame-retardant chemicals. A combination of extremely breathable material and multiple mesh windows facilitates good air circulation inside. The double-layered door is equipped with a three-way zip closure. The floor has a coating of polyvinyl and a zipper that runs across the edges, which makes it detachable. 

The tent comes with a single large pole at the center, which is made out of galvanized steel. There is a galvanized frame for the door in front as well. The tent is quite easy to set-up. One person can pitch it in about 15 minutes. 

The insulation properties make it ideal for colder climates. The roof has a flapjack surrounded by flame-retardant fabric. It works well for warmer climates, too, because of the highly breathable fabric. The tent comes with a two-year workmanship guarantee.

  • WHITE DUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent Premium

The WHITE DUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent comes in three different sizes. Let’s talk about the 13 ft. diameter tent over here.

This tent takes the shape of a bell when set-up completely. It has a central vertical pole that has been made out of galvanized steel. The tent does not stand freely and has to be secured using stakes. Around six people can sleep inside the tent comfortably. It has a single large door with zippers and mesh panels and three-layered windows on the vertical walls. 

The height of the tent is very impressive. It has a single-room design. But you can add accessory mini tents to create rooms within the tent. The tent is equipped with multiple openings with mesh. The roof has vents too. This provides a lot of airflow throughout the tent. The pipe jack feature allows you to use a wood-stove for cooking and for keeping you warm during winters. The tent is ideal for use in all seasons. 

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How to Make the Right Purchase of tent with stove jack?

Whether you’re buying a tent for the first time or planning to upgrade it to a larger, contemporary one, it is sensible to invest in a durable and strong one. A wrong tent can ruin your camping experience. It is necessary to take your needs and requirements into consideration before buying a tent. Here is a list of a few factors that should be considered before choosing a tent.

  • Ease in Use

You may find a tent that is versatile with a lot of rooms, storage space, and great accommodation capacity. But is the tent easy to pitch? Or does it require a small army to set it up? This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing a tent. Otherwise, you will end up spending hours trying to set-up a tent.  

Also, keep the campsite in mind before buying the tent. Some campsites might not be suitable for accommodating huge tents. They have not leveled and free from tree branches always. Hence, select a size that might come in handy in any kind of location.   

  • Materials of the Tent

It is imperative to select a tent that is waterproof and weather resistant. The material must also be robust and durable. Otherwise, the tent might not withstand strong winds and heavy rainfalls.  Some materials also prevent UV rays from entering inside the tent and are great in terms of breathability. It makes sense to invest in a tent that is made out of high-quality material.

  • Number of People

Specifications of tents that say it will be able to accommodate four people mean that the area is ideal for four people with no extra space for essentials or luggage. Hence, it is advisable to look for a tent that can fit at least six people when you’re a family of three or four. This will give you additional space for luggage and other belongings. This also comes in handy when one of the members is claustrophobic or if you’re planning to get a pet along with you. If the weather conditions are not favorable, that extra space will prove to be very useful. It will add to your comfort and convenience. 

It is practical to look for the qualities mentioned above before making your purchase. Apart from them, you also need to look for other factors like the size and the number of doors and windows, whether there are vents provided inside the tent which facilitate good cross-ventilation, whether the tent is ideal for use in all seasons, height of the tent, etc.

Final Verdict

An ideal tent should be a perfect blend of utility and functionality. Hence, the specifications and features must be checked thoroughly before making a purchase. Stove Jack tents are a great option for winter camping. All the tents mentioned in the list are made out of extremely light-weight and breathable fabrics. These tents rank high in terms of brand credibility and quality. We created this guide to help you make a quicker decision for your purchase.  It is advisable to check the detailed reviews of each tent, which have been listed on the official website.

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