Best Thermos for Coffee

It has happened to all of us that we fall asleep, we have to run out of the house and do not have time to have a coffee. That coffee that makes us wake up, that we start the day well. That coffee gives us a boost of energy when we need our brain to keep working. But what happens when we cannot carry out that routine?

One option is to have a coffee on the way to work, another to take it from the office machine, but without a doubt, the perfect solution is to have a good thermos for coffee that allows us to take it everywhere, keep our drink hot and avoid we drop it. If you still don’t have yours, keep reading this guide and discover everything about this practical product.

Thermos for Coffee

  • A thermos for coffee is a container that helps us keep the liquid hot for longer. Besides, the fact that it is closed allows us to serve it more efficiently or drink it, preventing it from being spilled. Likewise, the thermos also offers the possibility of carrying a larger quantity than a regular coffee.
  • This container is ideal for coffee, but it can also be used to keep other types of beverages at the perfect temperature, whether hot such as tea or colds, such as juice or water.
  • As we will see in the purchase criteria when choosing the coffee thermos that best suits our needs, it is vital to consider factors such as design, capacity, or materials that make it stay insulated.

The best coffee thermoses

Whenever we have to decide, it is crucial to weigh the different options available to choose the best one. If it is the first time you will buy a thermos for coffee or are thinking of changing the one you already have, in this section, we offer you the five best options currently on the market.

  • The stainless steel thermos
  • The thermos for coffee with the capacity of 360 ml
  • The double-insulated thermos
  • The most elegant thermos for coffee
  • For design lovers

The stainless steel thermos

The Flintronic coffee thermos is made of stainless steel that has been approved by the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ), which guarantees safety and health when introducing any liquid inside. This container also maintains the heat above 42ºC for six hours and the cold below 10ºC for five hours.

Also, this 500 ml container has a waterproof LED display submerged in water and provides information on the liquid’s internal temperature. This way, you avoid having to test the content to find out what temperature it is. Thanks to the 360-degree rotation of the lid, the liquid does not spill.

The thermos for coffee with a capacity of 360 ml

Wilfred & Sons are committed to a thermos with which you can enjoy the taste of freshly brewed coffee for much longer. Made of stainless steel, this container keeps the heat for four hours and the cold for eight. Its 360 ml capacity makes it ideal for everyday use, whether at work, university, or outdoors.

The rounded inner edges and wide opening make the filling and cleaning of this container much more comfortable. Besides, its button closure makes its use more practical and comfortable, since you can use it with one hand while carrying out other activities or tasks. Also, this lid is 100% airtight and prevents your liquid from spilling.

The double-insulated thermos

This double-insulated stainless steel container keeps drinks hot for six hours, while cold beverages keep them at their ideal temperature for four hours. With a capacity of 380 ml, this thermos becomes the perfect complement for a day-to-day laden with coffee since its size allows it to be carried comfortably.

Its button closure and silicone base are two of the most practical features of this product. Since being hermetic and having stable support, they prevent the liquid from leaking out and the container from tipping over. Also, its removable lid allows it to be easily cleaned, something significant so that the flavor of the content is not altered.

The most elegant thermos for coffee

Contigo offers a wide range of thermoses created to maintain the temperature. Its sleek and modern design makes it perfect for a long road trip, an excursion, or use on the workday. Thanks to the button closure of the Contigo West Loop and its size, you can use it with one hand without fear of spillage.

Its vacuum insulation technology keeps beverages hot for four hours and cold for twelve. Its 470 ml capacity allows a larger quantity of coffee to be carried so that you can enjoy this drink for longer. Also, Contigo offers this thermos in eight colors: steel, black, blue, orange, white, green, red, and pink.

For design lovers

The Emsa coffee thermos is the perfect solution to enjoy coffee, soup, juice, or tea at any time of the day, anywhere. Thanks to its airtight closure, it keeps the drink at its optimum temperature for a longer time. The cold ones are kept for eight hours and the hot ones for four.

Its removable lid makes it easy to clean this product made of stainless steel and a non-slip base. It has a capacity of 360 ml, but Emsa also offers the possibility of buying 500 ml and 200 ml. Apart from red, this thermos can also be found in black, lilac, brown, blue, and sky blue.

Coffee Thermos Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About

The thermos for coffee is a product widely used by all lovers of this drink. Having the possibility to drink coffee anywhere and at any time is one of the characteristics that makes it essential in your day to day. To know all its advantages and functions, we answer the most frequent questions that usually arise in this guide.

What is a thermos?

A thermos is an insulating storage container that allows a considerable increase in the time during which the temperature of its contents remains hot or cold, depending on the liquid introduced. It is used in many different situations by its consumers, whether for an excursion, a trip, or to take it to the office and the university. The thermos has a structure that, through a double-wall, isolates the inside of the container from the outside. Generally, the internal part is made of stainless steel, a material that has proven to be the best for this type of product since it keeps the flavor of its content intact, it does not scratch, and it is effortless to clean.

What advantages and disadvantages does the thermos for coffee have?

Thanks to its characteristics, the thermos has become the best ally for those who need to carry their favorite drink, the one that makes them stay focused and enjoy a good day. However, as with everything, coffee thermoses also have their drawbacks. Read on and discover the pros and cons of this product.


  • Maintains the ideal temperature for longer.
  • Help stay hydrated all day.
  • It can be taken anywhere.
  • It allows carrying a large amount of liquid.
  • Wide variety of designs.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Save money.


  • It cannot be easy to clean.
  • It can deteriorate over time.
  • If it doesn’t have a good seal, the contents can spill.

How does the thermos for a coffee keep the temperature of the drink?

This type of container works with a technology that maintains the content at its ideal temperature with vacuum insulation. It has a double-wall between which there is no presence of air. In this way, it is achieved that the ambient temperature does not directly affect the liquid inside. The material with which the coffee thermos is made, thickness, and depth of walls collaborate in the conservation of heat or cold. Currently, stainless steel is the most widely used material to produce these containers since it has been shown that it maintains the temperature better than plastic.

How long does the coffee thermos keep the temperature?

Nothing in the world is perfect, which is why the insulation process for coffee thermoses isn’t either. This explains why maintaining the temperature of its contents is not eternal. However, your favorite drink will always keep heat or cold for longer than if you carried it in another type of container. From four hours to eighteen, depending on the model of the thermos you have, it is the time that your coffee, juice, tea, or water will remain in its optimal state. Generally, these products are more used for hot beverages than cold ones since this type of packaging conserves heat for a more extended period than cold.

How are coffee thermoses insulated?

For a thermos to maintain the ideal temperature, it must be well insulated. The less cold and heat from outside enter, the better the contents will be preserved.

Depending on the type of thermos and its manufacturer, we find three different ways to isolate the inside’s drink. These can be separated in three ways:

  • Vacuum insulation: It is how the temperature is best preserved. This type forms a double metallic layer on the two walls, causing this coating of the layers to let the internal heat temperature escape nor allow the external temperature to enter.
  • Air insulation: It is the most economical and is used mainly in thermal cups or glasses. Its name is because between both walls; there is the air that allows insulation. This is the worst option if you want to keep warm for a long time, but it is ideal for short trips.
  • Foam insulation: This type of insulation includes foam between the two walls of the thermos. As a result, the internal temperature is maintained for a longer time, and the external cold is prevented from penetrating the first wall. This system can keep the coffee hot for three hours.

What material is the best for coffee thermos?

The two most common materials with which the thermos are made are plastic and stainless steel, although some produce them with glass or ceramic. However, according to experts, the most recommended is stainless steel since it maintains heat for longer, does not break, and does not transmit odors or flavors to its content.

Plastic thermos tends to be more affordable, but they retain the temperature for less time and are less resistant and harmful to the environment. On the other hand, the ceramic ones are easy to break and barely retain heat, so they are not recommended. This is why consumers prefer stainless steel.

Which closure is better to preserve the temperature in the coffee thermos?

The lid is one of the fundamental pieces of the thermos and an essential element. Maintains thermal insulation, facilitates the consumption of its contents, and helps to prevent spills or drips. The most productive closure is the hermetic one since it better preserves the temperature and prevents the liquid inside it from spilling.

However, despite the closure being the same, we can find different types of covers that offer other facilities. Easy-open lids allow easier consumption. The button lids make the thermos a more comfortable product to use. And the screw cap that prevents the liquid from spilling, but when drinking is more uncomfortable.

Can the thermos for coffee be washed?

You can’t; you must. Since keeping the thermos clean is essential, mainly if you use it daily. If you use it for coffee or tea, you can wash it with water every day, but after a couple of days, it is vital that the cleaning is more thorough. This can be done by adding a little detergent to the water and shaking the content before rinsing it. Another trick to clean your thermos inside and restore its original shine is to use baking soda or effervescent tablets. Leave them to act for half an hour, and then rinse your container. Stainless steel thermos is generally easier to clean than plastic ones. The cleaning method you use is solely up to you, but you must do so.

Coffee Thermos Purchase Criteria

In addition to all the information that has been exposed in this article, there are five aspects that you should not overlook when you go to buy a thermos for coffee.

These criteria will help you choose the product that best suits your needs and allows you to take your favorite drink with you in the best possible way.

  • Isolation
  • Materials and resistance
  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Cleaning


The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a thermos is the quality of its insulation. This determines how long the container will keep the temperature of the contents intact, one of the main functions of this product. Therefore, it is imperative that before purchasing one, we check its ability to isolate the content.

This is what sets the cheapest thermos apart from the high-end ones. Although cheap thermoses can be suitable for short-term use, some have difficulties maintaining the temperature for more than two hours. Still, the generous offer in the coffee thermoses market allows you to find some reasonable price that fulfills this function very well.

Materials and resistance

This criterion is directly related to the previous one since the insulation level is determined by how the thermos is built. The best ones are made of double-walled stainless steel, but there are also plastic or ceramic ones. That is why knowing the materials with which they are made is vital before making the purchase.

On the other hand, depending on the material, the coffee thermos will be more or less resistant. Plastic, apart from having little insulation, must be changed more frequently than steel. And ceramic or glass is too fragile to ensure the necessary strength of a coffee thermos designed to be moved from one place to another.


How much coffee am I going to drink? Where do I want to take it? What am I going to use it? These are three of the questions we have to ask ourselves before buying a thermos for coffee. We can find the different sizes and capacities in the market search the ideal thermos for us become complicated.

However, if the answer is clear to us, choosing the best suits us will be simple. If what we want is a thermos to carry coffee to the office, it will be large to have more coffee. If the idea is to take it in the car for breakfast on the way to work, its capacity will be less.


The size and the insulation are the most important, but there are also other characteristics to consider to make the right decision when buying your perfect coffee thermos. These containers can be adorable when you add a non-slip finish to them.

Having a lid that turns into a cup is very useful.

If you see that they have a grip, handle or strap, keep them in mind because they are convenient accessories. Design and color are essential to get the thermos that best suits your style. But indeed, this is the most straightforward criterion to weigh since, with the wide variety of thermos in the market, it will be difficult not to find one you like.


As explained in the article, keeping your coffee thermos clean is very important. However, not all containers are easy to clean, so before buying a thermos, it is essential to ensure that it can be washed and put in the dishwasher. Besides, you can complete your purchase with a brush that facilitates the cleaning work.


A thermos for coffee is a container that maintains the temperature of its contents in perfect condition for longer. This makes it the best ally for all those who have a favorite drink since they can enjoy it anywhere and at any time and carry a larger quantity.

Coffee lovers are the regular consumers of this product, but any drink can be the protagonist of your thermos for coffee; it does not matter if it is cold or hot. With this container, you can enjoy it for longer and in greater quantity. If you have not yet included the thermos among your priorities, what are you waiting to do?