The best travel kettle

We all know the famous kettle to heat water or other beverages in no time while saving electricity and gas consumption. Kettles are now available in three possible materials: plastic, glass, and stainless steel.

A new generation of kettles has emerged: travel kettles, sometimes cordless, easier to transport, and more compact. So, whether you are on vacation, on a business trip, or even on a camping trip,

This is why we will present you with different types of kettles, practical and of high quality, which will facilitate your daily life during your stays.

Comparison of the different travel kettles

bunch of kettles

1. AIGOSTAR – Compact Travel Kettle

The Aigostar kettle presents itself as a practical and compact kettle, ideal for trips and short getaways away from home. Indeed, it has a power of 650 watts, a cover allowing easy opening and protection against empty boiling. Also, the kettle base is directly integrated into the jar to allow easy transport without risk. With the Aigostar Travel Kettle, Water comes to a boil in no time, in just 3 minutes. Finally,

So you want to make your vacation more straightforward with the help of a compact object essential for everyday life? Opt for this kettle, guaranteed quality.

2. NAVARIS – Travel kettle

Another travel kettle model, the mini electric kettle proposed by Navaris, is plastic and stainless steel.

This kettle includes two included cups, and thanks to its small size and lightness, it can be easily transported anywhere. Among the advantages it offers, we can count on an anti-scald safety thanks to a double-wall allowing it to remain cold, even after boiling Water. An automatic shut-off system also enhances safety once the Water has reached its boiling point. Also, it does not work when empty, which allows optimized use in complete security.
So, do you need a suitable kettle for travel or to carry it to the office?

3. ZERODIS – Electric travel kettle

Not yet convinced by the models offered previously? You may be with this travel kettle from Zerodis, ideal for trips by car thanks to its possibility of plugging into the cigarette lighter. Indeed, this travel kettle consists of a connection system suitable for all car power supplies. Enjoy making hot Water simply with this compact travel kettle without even having to get out of your vehicle. Besides, this kettle consists of a ring seal on the lid, making it possible to improve its tightness and ensure the conservation of heat thanks to an excellent insulating effect. Finally, it also has an automatic light system: the kettle will remain red until the Watewaters boil, then the indicator light will turn green once the boiling is reached.

Going on vacation or a long car trip planned soon?

4. Adirigo: Foldable Travel Kettle

travel kettle in a smal gas range

Another compact and high-quality travel kettle model is the Adirigo foldable electric kettle, made of food-grade silicone.

Indeed, this travel kettle has a power of 600 watts and is supplied with a protective bag. Thanks to its foldable side, this kettle fits easily in a suitcase and is ideal for travel or any other movement.

This travel kettle has temperature control using three adjustment knobs to heat milk (40 ° C), coffee (85 ° C), and tea (95 ° C). After the Watewaters, the temperature is tempered between 90 and 95 ° C to keep the Watewaters and avoid having to heat them again.

So do not hesitate and choose this kettle, ideal for all your travels.

5. ROSENSTEIN & SÖHNE – Foldable Mini Travel Kettle

The latest model offered is the Rosenstein & Söhne durable silicone travel kettle, which is particularly practical to carry. Thus, it is a model of choice for traveling, thanks to an intelligent folding allowing to save a great deal of space and storage, with a space-saving of more than 60%. Indeed, this kettle is suitable for all types of the stove (electric, glass-ceramic, gas, induction, and halogen) and is easy to clean. Also dishwasher safe, it has a temperature resistance of – 40 ° to + 220 ° C. This travel kettle is also suitable for food contact and comfortable one-handed use, thanks to its lightness and easy handling.

It has a hinged lid made of heat-insulating plastic, ideal for keeping the drink warm as long as possible.

Are you planning a business trip or stay shortly? Or do you want to save space in your kitchen? So don’t wait any longer and order your travel kettle!

Questions to ask yourself before buying a travel kettle

How does a kettle work on the road?

The actual operation of a kettle depends on the model.

It essentially consists of the following elements:

The base, the container, and the heating element.

You place the container of your kettle on the base; the base is supplied with electricity. Fill the container with Watewaters place it on the floor. The heating element of the container then becomes hot. It is usually hidden at the bottom of the container and cannot be seen at all. The water vapor rises, the temperature sensor measures the temperature, when the target temperature is reached, the travel kettle turns off.

What are the advantages of a travel kettle?

A travel kettle is more convenient, smaller, and generally less expensive than the kettles you’re used to.

They don’t need a lot of space in your luggage and are therefore the best travel or road companions.

Where is a travel kettle most often used?

The most common use of a travel kettle is camping. So if you’re a camping friend, a portable travel kettle must be on your list! There is also a special car kettle. You can plug into the cigarette lighter to heat the Watewaters; travel kettles are also increasingly bought by parents who want to heat Watewaters baby food on the way. So if you are often on the road, on long trips, often camping, or on vacation where you cook yourself, it is always worth investing in a travel kettle.

Where can I buy a travel water heater?

You can buy a travel kettle at any electronics store. You can also order it online, for example, on Amazon.

You can also go to a supermarket, like Carrefour or Lidl. With this option, you have to check in advance if the mini travel kettles are indeed in stock, and you run the risk that the choice is not so great.

What are the alternatives to a travel kettle?

There are alternatives to a travel water heater, which we have compiled.

A collapsible travel kettle

Travel (collapsible) kettle is made of silicone with a stainless steel bottom. You fold the top of the kettle and save a lot of space because the whole tank is not much higher than the base itself. Even. You place the entire kettle on a hot plate and the Watewaters heated.

Travel immersion heater

blck n whte travel kettle

An immersion heater is a heating element placed in a container filled with Watewaters then heats up. A travel immersion heater is much smaller than a travel kettle. Some are so small that they even fit in a cup. It is essential to choose a container that cannot melt.

However, in general, immersion heaters have almost completely disappeared from the market, as this design also has its drawbacks.

On the one hand, limescale and wear of a heating resistor can cause more damage to Watewaters which, particularly for people with allergies.

How much does a kettle cost to travel?

It is not that easy to answer this question. It depends on the material, volume, and power. You can buy the cheapest travel kettles from 10 euros up to 50 euros or more.

How to choose the right power?

Power describes two things for a (travel) kettle: the maximum capacity (maximum temperature + heating speed) and the appliance’s power consumption. Indeed, especially when traveling, the electrical connection can often only have a limited capacity, which must be sufficient for heating the travel kettle.

While conventional kettles intended for household use have a wattage between 2000 and 3000 watts, mini kettles have a wattage between 500 and 1000 watts. Accurate, this wattage limits performance compared to household kettles, but at the same time, the requirements for a travel kettle are much more limited than for home use.

If you want to buy such a travel water heater, you need to make sure that its power is 600-700 watts. It will then be ideally suited for use while traveling.

What types of travel kettles are available, and which one is right for you?

kettle with vapor

In principle, plastic travel kettles are recommended because they are very light, but you can choose between different travel kettles.

  • Stainless steel travel kettles
  • Glass travel kettle
  • Plastic travel kettle

What are the pros and cons of a stainless steel travel kettle?

A stainless steel travel kettle’s unique advantage is that it is very well insulated, and the Watewaters hot longer. It is also unbreakable and very robust, ideal for travel.


  •  Odorless
  • WasteWater hot quickly and stays hot
  • Robust
  • Easy to clean


  • More expensive
  • If the insulation is insufficient, it will also get scorching outside

What are the pros and cons of a glass kettle for on the go?

A glass kettle is probably the most elegant form of a travel kettle, but it is fragile. Dirt is also easier to remove. It is the most hygienic of all travel kettles; there are less mold and bacteria in a travel glass kettle.


  •  Very hygienic
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • A chic design
  • Easy to clean


  • Fragile, high risk of breakage
  • Frequent cleaning is necessary
  • Heavier than devices made of other materials

A plastic travel kettle, what are the pros and cons?

A plastic kettle is probably the cheapest of all the variations, plus it is not very hot on the outside. With this variant, you have the widest choice of models, colors, and patterns. However, an unpleasant odor can be caused by heating water in plastic, not the healthiest material for health.

Here’s the rule: don’t touch the inexpensive models! It is better to invest in a slightly more expensive model that is tested than to have harmful particles in the WateWater


  • Inexpensive
  • Perfect insulation
  • Lightweight and robust


  • There may be an unpleasant odor
  • Heated plastic is dangerous for health

With these criteria, you can compare and rate travel kettles

I want to show you below what measures you should pay attention to when making your choice and what factors you can use to reach and place different travel kettles. This will make it easier for you to decide and define precisely your priorities and the model that is right for you.

In summary, it is about.

  • Travel kettle material
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Ease of cleaning
  • The material of the travel kettle

As we have already explained above, there are different types of travel water kettle.

Now you need to decide what is important to you in a travel kettle.

Should it be light and well insulated? I would then recommend a high-quality plastic model. Is it more important to you that your kettle is as hygienic as possible when you are on the move? I recommend a mini glass kettle then.

Or do you think a travel kettle has to be able to take a lot of shocks? In this case, choose a sturdy stainless steel model.

The weight

The weight of travel kettles varies depending on the material chosen.

A glass kettle is heavier than a stainless steel travel kettle, and the lightest weight arguably weighs the plastic version.

You must, of course, transport it empty. To have Watewaters, you can store this WateWatera skin gourd to have an adventurous look.

Sound volume

Since you only use your travel electric kettle for a limited time, slightly noisier appliances aren’t much of a problem.

However, if it is essential to you that your freestanding kettle is particularly quiet because you are heating the WateWater your (still) sleeping baby, then look for a particularly quiet model when you buy it.

The simplicity of cleaning

The best way to heat your travel kettle is explained later in the guide.

However, there are no significant differences between the different materials; all models are relatively easy to clean.

What to know about travel kettles

kettle in red fire

What cleaning supplies do you need if the mini travel kettle calcifies?

It is better to clean your travel kettle with vinegar rather than chemicals. But don’t worry, your vinegar is very effective, or even lemon juice.

Just put the vinegar in a 1/3 ratio with the wateWater the kettle and let it boil. Then the calcifications must be dissolved.

It’s even easier with cola: put half a liter of cola in the kettle and let it act overnight the next day. The calcifications are gone.

If you want to boil wastewater from a river, I advise you to pass this WateWate through a water filter. This will provide double protection against bacteria and lime.

What else should you watch out for when buying a portable kettle?

Get an adapter so that you can use your portable kettle in the car.

Just plug the cable into the cigarette lighter.

But first, check if the kettle you have chosen can be used in your car!

Stop button

Some models have a stop button, and some don’t. You don’t need it. Travel kettles without this button automatically turn off, but if they have one, you can turn them off at any time.


It is important to note that you may often need to refill the kettle. The solution: a wide opening, easily accessible cover.


To extend the life of your travel kettle, be sure to turn off your appliance before removing it from the heating element. This way, the contacts will be less strained and will work longer.

Transport and store the electric travel kettle safely

Although the travel kettle is already predestined to be carried in bags or suitcases due to its compact size, sturdy exterior material, and low weight, there are still a few things that you need to be careful of when it comes to it. ‘involves carrying the kettle on a trip.

1. Cushion the kettle against knocks

With blankets, clothes, or rags, you can protect your travel kettle from bumps and damage during transport. It is also possible to use the original packaging, but it often takes up too much space, minimal hand luggage.

So I recommend that you never carry the travel water heater on the bottom or sides of a bag, but always pad it in the middle and on all sides. Even when the kettle is transported in a case, care must be taken to ensure that other devices and objects cannot damage it in the event of an impact.

2. Protect the device against humidity

Both during storage and transport, you must protect the travel kettle from moisture.

As this is an electrical appliance, you should not carry water bottles or other filled containers directly next to the kettle. These can quickly escape and end up in the cables and electronics of the travel kettle.

When storing the kettle, moisture can also mold growth in and on the kettle over a long period. The extent of the spread of this mold infestation on the device can render the device completely unusable.

Therefore, we recommend storing the device in a dry place and, at best, in its original packaging for long-term storage.

3. Avoid contact with children

It would be best if you protected the kettle from children and pets, both for children’s safety and for the kettle’s integrity.

When walking around with the appliance, it can quickly fall from a great height onto the hard floor, causing damage to the kettle and people. The same goes for pets such as dogs and cats, which can pose a danger to themselves and the travel kettle due to sometimes uncontrolled movements.

Caution is advised, especially when using the kettle with hot wateWaterhome or on the road. Burns is not uncommon if you are careless with the travel kettle. Especially on rough terrain at campsites or other travel locations, the device can tip over quickly and cause injury and damage. Constant monitoring is therefore essential.



The travel kettle is valuable and popular on the road as well as in student and personal homes. Above all, the low purchase price, compact size, and lightweight make this type of kettle a natural alternative to the large stainless steel or glass kettle.

When purchasing a travel kettle or mini kettle, you should keep in mind the guidelines and benchmarks that I have listed for evaluating the quality of kettles.