The best travel nets

Tired of mosquitoes in summer? Discover the travel mosquito nets that will allow you to protect yourself in your tent, on a bed or wherever you go. Easy to transport, these mosquito nets are quick to hang and will immerse you in an atmosphere worthy of four-poster beds. For protection of your skin and a more peaceful sleep, their very fine fabric curtain is suitable and presents no risk of suffocation if used correctly. Below are the top ranked travel nets.

Choosing the right travel mosquito net
1- Eklead – Travel mosquito net for 1 person
mosquito net military travel

Dimensions: 220 x 120 x 100 cm
Material: Polyester (Machine washable)
Weight: 150 grams
Black color
Price: View on Amazon
Perfect for your solo getaways, this mosquito net equipped with four pegs and a carrying bag is used for camping beds, cots and sleeping bags. You will be able to sleep under the stars without risking external aggressions.

Compact and light, its net is very fine and its weaving tight. It not only allows air to circulate, but also prevents the passage of insects and small animals between the nets. This exceptional mosquito net can replace a tent or an awning while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, it is ideal for the summer season.

Composed of 100% polyester, it respects the environment by banning chemicals and does not appear imposing in the landscape because of its transparency. It is easy to carry, whether your trips are short or long, in the jungle, camping or hiking, it is what you need!

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2- Care Plus – Ultralight impregnated mosquito net
2 person travel mosquito net

Dimensions folded: 9 x 23 x 32 cm, Dimensions unfolded (Dxh): 270 × 225 cm,
Materials: Polyester / Polyetrine
Weight: 485 grams
White colour
Price: View on Amazon
Are you traveling in subtropical regions or in Europe and you are worried that insects will transmit diseases such as malaria or yellow fever to you? Opt for this ultra-light impregnated mosquito net! Its Durallin technology neutralizes mosquitoes and insects before they even land on the mosquito net. This function allows you to avoid any insect bite through the mosquito net and to protect you from the diseases they carry.

With a long duration of three years, this net requires some precautions: in particular, be sure to wash your hands after handling it. Keep it away from children and animals and avoid exposing it to too much light. It is advisable to use this mosquito net in ventilated places.

Stable thanks to its ring integrated into the net, it is supplied with a compression bag and a suspension kit, making it easy to transport. In order to allow it to keep its effectiveness, be careful not to wash it. You can also use it above your beds, for one or two people.

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3- MosquitoHouse – Impregnated mosquito net for travel
mosquito net hiking bivouac

Diameter and height: 65 x 250 cm – Bag diameter: 29 cm
Material: Polyester / Permethrin
Weight: 340 grams
White colour
Price: View on Amazon
With its self-raising ring, this impregnated mosquito net is easy to install. It can be hung from a chandelier, a tree, a wall …

Its impregnation system repels insects before they stick against the mosquito net as seen above but also offers additional protection thanks to a physical barrier by its anchoring points on the ground and its mesh of 256 holes per inch. Lack of openness is additional insurance. Its effectiveness is proven in tropical locations. Easy to carry, it can be carried in a backpack without problem. When camping while traveling, its effectiveness is long lasting which means that you will not need to renew its impregnation. You have between three and five years of use for 25 washes. With this mosquito net, you will have maximum peace of mind!

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4 – Outdoro – Mosquito net with adhesives and hook for travel
mosquito net hook travel

Dimensions: 13 x 4.5 x 0.06 meters
Material: Polyester (Machine washable)
Weight: 480 grams
White colour
Price: View on Amazon
With its 12 adhesives, this mosquito net, simpler than the previous ones, is light and suitable for small budgets. The adhesives hold well, it is as effective when traveling as at home and can be peeled off several times.

Very well classified and meeting WHO standards, it can be installed for children and be washed. For more safety, you can also apply a mosquito repellent in the room and on this mosquito net but its 320 meshes are sufficient.

With this mosquito net, you will enjoy peaceful nights no matter where you are. Its generous size allows universal use on double or single beds, or for high ceilings, for more comfort in all conditions.

Buy the Outdoro Travel Mosquito Net on Amazon

5- Bwiv – Hammock with automatic mosquito net
hammock with mosquito net

Dimensions: 250 x 120 cm
Premium material, solid 210T nylon / polyester fabric
Weight: 770 grams
Colors: dark green and white
supports up to 600 kg
Price: View on Amazon
Want to go on an even lighter trip? Here is an automatic mosquito net integrated into a hammock! Space saving, lightness and high quality guaranteed!

Versatile, this hammock can be used almost anywhere if you find two brackets to hang it. Unlike the others, you can even use it in the sand!

Even more practical: This hammock has an outer nylon bag, perfect for putting your cellphone, water bottle, etc. The use is facilitated by two zippers and the fabric is machine washable.

The automatic mosquito net is made up of two elastic semi-circles and can be closed completely for total protection against insects. You will thus have the impression of being in a flying bubble, a pleasant sensation which, accompanied by a spring breeze will rock you for magical moments.

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6. Mountain Warehouse – Travel Mosquito Net
mosquito net for camping holidays

Dimensions open mosquito net: 210 x 180 x 120 cm
Material: 100% polyester
Weight: 386 grams
White colour
Price: View on Amazon
For your trips to tropical places, camping or for your hikes, take advantage of an ultra-light travel mosquito net! Ideal for walkers and travelers, it is easy to pack and transport thanks to its pouch. With its delicate honeycomb net, it will protect you from mosquitoes and the smallest insects such as gnats for example. Your nights and breaks will be peaceful.

The net has 400 holes per square inch which is really good even against tiny insects. Once in your travel mosquito net you will be protected from all these small pests that prevent you from sleeping. Ideal in tropical countries.

Buy the Mountain Warehouse Travel Mosquito Net on Amazon

7. Foldable Pop Up mosquito net for 2 people
best 2-person pop-up mosquito net

Dimensions open mosquito net: 180 x 200 x 150 cm cm
Material: 100% polyester + stainless steel wire
Weight: less than 1 kg
Color: white and blue
Price: View on Amazon
A Pop Up mosquito net is an optimal way to obtain mosquito protection when traveling. You can use it on a mattress, in your garden, outdoors or while camping.

For little money you get a beautiful mosquito net. The tent is foldable and can therefore be easily taken on a trip. Customers also indicate the ease with which they installed the mosquito net.

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Travel mosquito net: the most important criteria
Finding a good mosquito net is not that easy. There are many questions about what really constitutes the perfect mosquito net …

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What can the mesh size of the mosquito net be?
Is it better if the mosquito net is round or square?
Should it be impregnated or not?
To make your choice easier and to help you find exactly the right mosquito net for your trip, I’ve put together the most important information and answers.

What is the best form? Round, box-shaped or tent?
In shops and online stores you can buy all kinds of mosquito nets in different shapes: box, pyramid, tent, etc. But which one is right for you and what are the differences?

In the following table you can see the advantages and disadvantages of mosquito nets at a glance:

Pyramid shape Box shape Mosquito tent
Benefits Very easy to attach
Small package
Lets light through
Convenient for most homes
Plenty of room
Better air circulation
Suitable for tall people
Often well suited for double beds
No fixing required
Can also be used outdoors
Disadvantages Little space
Not suitable for tall people
Low air circulation
4-6 suspension points
Heavier Bigger
Very heavy (tent poles, etc.)
Very large packaging
Not suitable for all types of accommodation

Which shape is best for you depends entirely on your personal needs and the area of ​​application.

If you are spending the night in nature, only a tent can be easily used. If you sleep in a hostel or bungalow, however, you can choose between a pyramid or box shape.

A round / pyramid mosquito net often rests on parts of the body, as the volume is quite small and therefore I prefer a square mosquito net.

Although it weighs a little more, it is also more comfortable. For double beds or traveling as a couple, a box-shaped mosquito net is much more practical anyway.

However, if every gram counts (for example for trekking or other outdoor activities), it is recommended to adopt a pyramid shape.

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The best material: cotton or synthetic fiber?
Most of the mosquito nets that are currently available for sale are made of synthetic fiber. This has the advantage of being much more robust. Cotton, as a natural fiber, is less artificial, but the decisive disadvantage is that it absorbs odors very quickly …

Our recommendation in this case: synthetic fibers!

Does the net need to be impregnated?
Many travel nets available on the market are treated with a mosquito repellent for additional protection against mosquitoes. This is to prevent mosquitoes from breaking through the net.

So if any part of your body touches the mosquito net at night, you are better protected. On the other hand, this coating is pure chemistry.

WHO recommends using an impregnated mosquito net when staying in risk areas (malaria, zika, dengue fever, etc.).

If you are traveling outside of these regions, this is not absolutely necessary. It is also important to know that the impregnation lasts about 1 to 3 years and that it goes away faster if you wash it frequently.

If your mosquito net has not yet been treated, you can simply do it yourself and spray it with a chemical or, better yet, a natural insecticide. But before sleeping underneath, it is essential to ventilate well!

Sometimes natural mosquito repellants can be purchased in the countries themselves. You can use it as a good insect repellant for your body (for example based on coconut or lemongrass oil).

The right size: how big should a travel mosquito net be?
Travel nets vary in size and dimensions among manufacturers. There are also special mosquito nets for one person as well as specially designed mosquito nets for two people.

The rule of thumb is this: the bigger the better. Because anyone who has ever slept under a mosquito net knows how easy it is to touch the mosquito net while sleeping and still get bitten (unless it is an impregnated mosquito net).

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It should also be large enough for the ends to rest on the ground or to secure the ends of the net under the mattress. Of course, it also depends on your own height and whether you are traveling alone or as a couple.

In the latter case, the travel mosquito net should be large enough for a double bed.

How do I choose the right mesh size?
If the meshes are too small, the air can circulate very badly. If they are too big, small insects and mosquitoes can simply get through. So what is the correct mesh size?

There is a special unit of measure to indicate the mesh size: the mesh. It indicates the number of stitches per square inch.

The larger the unit stitch, the smaller the stitches become.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, the minimum mesh size against malaria, yellow fever and dengue mosquitoes should be at least 25 holes per cm², which corresponds to> 156 meshes and a maximum diameter of 2 mm per mesh.

You must therefore ensure that your mosquito net has a mesh of at least 156 meshes!

The suspension: how to attach the travel mosquito net?
First of all, it should be said that all forms require fixing to the ceiling. In the garden, however, trees and branches are also a welcome aid in fixing. With the help of loops, the net can be fixed where it is needed.

Especially with large rectangular mosquito nets, one wonders: how to fix this mosquito net to the ceiling with four or sometimes even six suspensions?

For most fly and insect nets the threads and round hooks are already included in the delivery, which greatly simplifies the attachment. However, sometimes it takes a little creativity.

Travel nets that should not be hung up fall under the category of mosquito repellent tents. No drill is needed to attach this guard, as they can be assembled easily and quickly.

Entrance opening: with or without?
You can imagine the entrance of a mosquito net as two overlapping curtains. By overlapping the ends of the screen, mosquitoes can be prevented from passing through the opening.

If the mosquito net does not have an entrance, you must lift it to get out of bed.

In fact, this opening seems very practical, but it is not really the case I find. If it’s windy (or an air conditioner, fan), both ends of the mosquito net can easily move around and nasty mosquitoes get in. In addition, it may happen that you accidentally open the mosquito net even when you are sleeping.

In our opinion, non-entry travel screens are the safest.

Some mosquito net manufacturers have come up with the ingenious idea of ​​solving the problem of opening the mosquito net simply by using a zipper. The great advantage of this solution is that you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of an entrance.

What to watch out for when buying a travel mosquito net
In summary, when purchasing a travel mosquito net, you should consider the following criteria in particular:

The appropriate shape (pyramid, square or tent)
Material (synthetic fiber or cotton)
Impregnation (yes or no? Chemical or natural?)
Size, weight and packaging
Mesh (recommendation:> 156 meshes)
Mounting options
Entrance opening (if important to you)
How to impregnate my mosquito net?
If you want to impregnate your travel mosquito net afterwards, that’s no problem at all. All you need is insecticide, protective gloves and a mosquito net.

We must first find a product that is natural if possible. The operation is explained on the bottle of your product. Then you need to mix the solution and the fillet in a bowl or plastic tub.

Soak the solution in the net for 2 minutes. Then everything should rest for 5 minutes. You can then wring out the liquid remaining in the net.

Now you need to hang your mosquito net or spread it out on the floor. Leave the travel screen outside for at least one day. Also make sure that the net is protected from the rain, so that the water does not wash away the solution.