Best waterproof hiking jackets to keep you dry

Hiking is the favorite activity of the French this summer and depending on where we trek in the mountains or in the forest, we are not immune to a downpour, especially in this hot season.

As soon as it starts to rain, you need to be prepared for the rain and this is where investing in the best waterproof hiking jacket pays off.

Most of them are lightweight, so if they aren’t needed, they can be easily folded up and stored in a backpack.

Waterproof jackets also have the advantage of being versatile because they are not limited to their initial function, they are also practical for everyday life.

According to the BFMTV newscast, “hiking is very popular in summer. A trend accentuated by the context of the pandemic which means that many French people who have not been able to go abroad have fallen back on the mountains ”and for clothing:

Adopt the 3-layer system “You need a tight and breathable t-shirt avoiding cotton, a fleece to insulate from the cold if you are at high altitude, and a waterproof jacket”.

What’s the best waterproof hiking jacket?
For lovers of outdoor sports, hiking or camping, the waterproof hiking jacket is a must have in your wardrobe.

The less easy part is choosing which one is the best, because depending on climatic conditions and other factors, one is chosen over the other. Not all are good.

That is why it is important that you are familiar with the details of this product in order to purchase the one that you really need. Below we take you through which are the best waterproof hiking jackets you can buy based on the situation you find yourself in.

Many jackets dry quickly so you can put them back in your backpack soon after the rain stops.

Today almost everyone needs a waterproof jacket because we do not all have to face the rain whether it is after work, taking our bike or even during a hiking excursion.

But the choice is still quite wide because we each have a different use for the waterproof hiking jacket.

There are important criteria to consider such as the waterproofness and the hood that allow us to stay dry, the ventilation and breathability that prevent us from sweating, the lightness to store it in our bag without taking up space. , all these features together make it the best hiking jacket

Therefore, we present a range of 7 waterproof hiking jackets that will allow you to make a wise choice.

Below are the best waterproof hiking jackets:

1. The best Columbia waterproof hiking jacket
Columbia Challenger Windbreaker Windbreaker Jacket …

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Product Description

Columbia’s waterproof hiking jacket has an adjustable hood and is made with highly weather resistant fabric.

It is designed for outdoor activities, hiking and suitable for everyday use. Chopped off

It is practical and light, thanks to its half-zip closures with Velcro, zipped pockets on the arm and two large pockets for your hands in case of cold or more intense.

Drawstring hem for an ideal fit, lightweight and durable polyester

The Columbia jacket can be used all year round, and for various sports activities.

2. Highlander Stow and Go Mixed Jacket
Highlander Stow & Go Waterproof Jacket Men, …

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Product Description

The Highlander Waterproof Jacket is made of nylon on the outside which has made it very resistant to rain and wind. It is light and it is practical because it is compact and has its own storage bag.

Its practical side and goes everywhere allows us to store it in our small backpack if time permits. Easily compacted it does not take up space.

One option that is appreciable is the structured hood lined with mesh and zipped cover.

The raincoat protects us as much from the rain as from the wind and no matter where we are, whether it’s hiking, walking or walking with friends, you will always be safe.

For the storage of personal effects such as the phone, there are two large zipped pockets which are very practical and offer you maximum protection.

The jacket is available in several very trendy colors such as purple or charcoal and the finishes are appreciable because they ensure the best possible hold.

3. Geographical Norway waterproof jacket
Geographical Norway Men Soft Shell Jacket …

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Product Description

The waterproof jacket from Geographical Norway is reserved for men and this for all seasons and all uses whether sports or everyday life.

The jacket adapts to your sports activities such as hiking, mountaineering or even walking.

Superior quality thanks to its front zipper, and especially its fleece lining for extreme cold. It is practical because it has 3 front pockets.

Not only is it light and very functional, because in the event of heavy rain its water repellent option makes the jacket very waterproof and it dries very quickly and with its lining it keeps us warm.

It is a jacket of taste and with a design that does not leave you indifferent, it is as practical as it is beautiful, suitable for both sport and leisure

4.Naudamp Men Lightweight Outdoor Waterproof Jacket
Naudamp Men Outdoor Waterproof Jacket …

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Product Description

The waterproof jacket for men is very resistant to manufacturing with its Softshell fabric technology, It is waterproof and is perfect for hiking

A jacket that is also comfortable on the outside thanks to its professional water repellent coating which allows us to be warm during our sports activities without feeling the sensation of sweat or humidity.

A detachable and adjustable hood makes the jacket even more practical and comfortable during rain showers.

The finish of the jacket is fitted with adjustable handles that help keep the wind out and seal in the heat, professional water repellent coating.

A masculine jacket that has a very nice finish with its 2 large zipped pockets on each side, another pocket inside for our papers and finally a zipped chest pocket too.

For a better seal the sleeves are fitted with Velcro and all the pockets are with waterproof rubber closures

Its cut makes it a stylish jacket as much for its look as for its aesthetics.

A jacket that can be equally suited to our sports activities such as climbing, hiking, camping or fishing.

5. Hooded Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Jacket
GLESTORE Jacket Men Light Military Jacket …

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Product Description

The jacket from Glestore is a jacket that has nothing to envy others because of its low price one would have the impression that the quality is not at the rendezvous but not at all it is a jacket that is worth the hardly.

Made from 100% polyester, it has a very nice finish, first of all with its detachable hood with a zipper, zipped pockets to keep your personal belongings in safety as well as an inside pocket.

Adjustable handles for comfort when it’s cold or when it’s raining, drawstrings and a beautiful embroidery as a badge.

It is a jacket that is suitable for mountain or forest excursions and for everyday life thanks to its stylish cut, resistant to cold and rain and available in several

6. TACVASEN Waterproof Men’s Jacket with Retractable Hood
Military Jacket Men Casual Jacket Autumn …

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Product Description

The waterproof jacket from Tacvasen is a perfect hiking jacket due to its durable design.

It is light and very warm at the same time, thanks to its waterproof Sofshell technology, we are always sheltered from the elements.

It is comfortable in winter thanks to its fleece lining and sofshell coating which makes it waterproof and breathable.

Equipped with a hood that can be folded into the zipped collar. The jacket can be suitable for everyday activities as well as for outdoor sports such as fishing, hunting, hiking, trekking or jogging.

Its design has been neat to have the maximum of beautiful finishes. Several zipped pockets, one on the chest, on the sleeve, the back pocket for the hood and the 2 large side pockets.

It is a complete jacket that can be suitable for everyone who covers themselves in so much rain.

7. K-Way waterproof jacket for men
K-Way K004BD0 – waterproof jacket – Men – Black …

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Product Description

A brand that has nothing more to prove for its quality, the jacket is 100% Polyamide which makes it perfectly waterproof in rainy weather.

Very resistant and light, it gives the impression that we are not wearing anything at all.

Its legendary pocket which allows us to fold it up completely and put it at the waist is still as practical and secure as we always have to carry a raincoat on.

Equipped with an adjustable hood with its drawstring, and another drawstring at the bottom of the jacket in case of intense cold.

New line and new aesthetic which focuses on a perfect finish with very solid stitching. Good quality waterproof zippers.

The price is high but the investment is hardly worth it because it is a product that lasts over time because of its quality.

The most important things in a nutshell
Waterproof hiking jackets are suitable for use in inclement weather conditions. If they don’t, they are of no use.

In addition to protecting you, the jackets should provide comfort, since you can wear them all day.

The material is important. A quality product will last longer and will not be damaged easily.

What exactly is a waterproof hiking jacket?
The waterproof hiking jacket is a useful garment to contrast bad weather.

In addition to its use for wind protection, as the name suggests, most jackets you can find are waterproof, to protect you from high humidity and light rain as well.

It is the ideal garment for mountain sports like trekking or rock climbing, although the jackets can be used in other activities such as running.

They have become an indispensable item for practicing almost any sport in adverse weather conditions such as rain or wind.

The purpose of waterproof fabrics and clothing is to prevent the absorption and penetration of water from the outside to the inside.

Raincoats are therefore used to keep the skin dry when it is raining or snowing outside.

Waterproofing and breathability
An ideal waterproof fabric should prevent the absorption and penetration of water from the outside to the inside, while allowing the transmission of body vapor in the opposite direction (from the inside to the outside).

In other words, it must be waterproof, but also sufficiently breathable.

If a waterproof fabric is NOT breathable, the water vapor developed by the body cannot be removed to the outside; as a result, conditions of limited comfort are established, with a decrease in athletic performance and a significant health risk.

Evaporation of sweat is one of the most important methods of dispersing body heat if this mechanism is blocked by a non-breathable raincoat, body temperature rises significantly and this is a negative factor for health and sports performance .

This is why the so-called weight loss suits are so dangerous that some “Sunday sportsmen” mistakenly believe that sweating more helps them lose weight.

Breathable fabric is a fabric that allows body vapor to pass through, allowing adequate control of body temperature

What is the function of a waterproof hiking jacket?
Imagine going for a run. Using this jacket will allow you to completely isolate the inside from the outside.

A good waterproof hiking jacket does not make you suffer from the cold and the body will do so without interference of any kind. The same goes for the rain. Since the jacket is waterproof, the body will stay dry inside.

Most waterproof hiking jackets (especially those suitable for running) have a dual function.

The first is to protect ourselves from the outside, as in the case of cold and rain. The second concerns the inner layer which has the function of expelling the sweat and humidity accumulated inside.

What are the main characteristics of the waterproof hiking jacket?
Jackets that help fight wind and rain have a number of key features.

Without these they wouldn’t make sense, they weren’t worth it. In the table that we are going to show you now, we have summarized the main features that you should know about this product:

Little weight
One of the strengths of the waterproof hiking jacket is that it doesn’t feel worn out, given the low weight and lightness. Thanks to the materials they are made of, they are much more flexible and comfortable than conventional waterproofs.

If sometimes you don’t want to wear it, you can easily take it off and keep it on for the rest of the sport. The low weight and flexibility help.

Large choice
More and more people are using this type of jacket. You will find that there are a large number of waterproof hiking jackets.

You can also find the sleeveless ones, ideal for running, for example, on a day without rain but with a little cold.

If you buy a waterproof hiking jacket, you can use it for anything you want. You don’t need to exercise, you can even do it just for a spin.

What is not a waterproof hiking jacket?
We have already seen that one of the main functions of these jackets is wind protection. But to understand the product 100%, you need to know what it is not. For example, it is not a raincoat.

Yes, it is true that it can protect from light rains, but it is not intended for heavy rains.

It’s not even a coat. It is a very thin garment and does not have a great capacity to retain body heat, as would a thermal garment for example.

Why is it important to choose a waterproof hiking jacket with soft fabric and seams?
A waterproof hiking jacket should have a flexible structure to allow every movement with maximum comfort.

To do this, choose a size that is not too big to prevent moisture from accumulating between the skin and the garment, and that it is not too small because it would prevent you from moving freely.

In addition, the flexibility of the fabric and the seams determine the resistance of waterproof hiking jackets.

For sports, waterproof hiking jackets are the best, since being outdoors it is possible that in the mountains, crossing rivers or along difficult to access paths.

Wearing this type of clothing can help in the most adverse conditions. This way you can protect yourself from moisture and wind, although for the cold you may need to wear thick clothes underneath.

Why is it important for waterproof hiking jackets to be waterproof?
Waterproof fabrics are necessary to counter the winter cold, rain and humidity. Otherwise, if you play any of these sports, you may experience hypothermia soon after starting the sport.

This is why many athletes use waterproof hiking jackets during the winter months.

What types of waterproof jacket are there?
There are two types of waterproof jackets.

Waterproof hiking jacket
As the name suggests, these jackets are ideal for running, although they are useful for playing other sports like soccer or basketball, where light clothing is required for you to play. and to run with freedom and flexibility.

They are ideal for training days that do not exceed two hours. In addition, they are reliable during exercise.

Trail running waterproof hiking jacket
Trail running consists of running on terrain where there are no well-defined paths or tracks. Trekking is very similar to this practice, although in trail running you have to run and try a lot.

Waterproof hiking jackets suitable for this run are generally more water resistant and can be used for several hours.

Why buy a waterproof hiking jacket?
There are plenty of reasons to buy this product. As you have seen in this guide, there are many aspects that make waterproof jackets a must have piece of clothing for any outdoor sports enthusiast.

They improve training performance
To get the most out of it during training, it is convenient to be completely dry and without temperature changes that can lead to hypothermia during activity.

They are durable clothes
Buying a waterproof jacket is a real investment. With one (if used correctly), you won’t need to buy more for a long time. Some can last up to 3 years of constant use.

Some waterproof jackets can be used as informal clothing
Some models on the market hide their real use and pass for a “normal” garment. Using this type of waterproof hiking jacket that fits the build, in dark or flashy colors, may be a deliberate choice.

What are the main advantages or disadvantages of waterproof jackets?
Now you clearly know the main things to keep in mind when buying a waterproof hiking jacket. Below we show you the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of product.

Ideal for running.

They maximize sports performance.

Useful for other sports.

They match other clothes.

Very resistant

They are not thermal.

The torrential rains do not resist.

Purchase criteria
When shopping for a waterproof hiking jacket, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Below we have included the most relevant aspects for the purchase of the product.

To make sure you make the right decision and buy one that meets your needs, try following these criteria:

If you want a suitable and durable product, quality is one of the main aspects. There is no point in saving on a mediocre product because in the long run you will pay for the need to buy another immediately.

That’s why a quality jacket is better than a cheap and mediocre jacket.

The main base of anoraks is polyester. In addition, they are sometimes reinforced with polyamide to have more resistance to tearing. Some models also feature elastane and fabrics that provide more flexibility and adaptation.

There may also be polyester type parts for greater flexibility.

The design of the anoraks is also an important factor. In the case of this product there are two trends:

fit to the body, to make sure they don’t get up with the wind or revolt, the wide cut, to allow you to wear under the backpack, put it on and take it off without having to take off the jacket.

It is also important that the windbreaker model includes at least the hood and a pocket in which you can fold and retrieve the same jacket so that you can quickly hold and remove it if necessary.

The third layer is the jacket. The ultimate raincoat has at least three properties: waterproof, waterproof hiking jacket, and breathable. You will only find this with very expensive raincoats. If you don’t want to pay the top price, you’ll have to make concessions somewhere. There are also other things to consider when buying a raincoat:

Inner lining
An interior lining can be very comfortable. It provides an extra layer so that the jacket is warmer and possible perspiration is better transported.

The jacket is heavier and has more packing volume.

The hood
The hood preferably has a visor that prevents rain from entering your face and maintains the shape of the hood.

The hood should also be adjustable so that it can be snug and not fall in front of your eyes. Also pay attention to whether the hood rotates with your head.

The zipper
The zipper is preferably waterproof or has good overlap. It’s only a good transfer if the wind can’t blow the rain anyway. There, a strip of velcro is better than a few snaps.

The collar must be able to close tightly so that water does not enter and body heat does not escape.

It is also important with the bags that they can be closed in a watertight manner, either by a waterproof zipper or by a good transfer.

If you are carrying a backpack, it is useful to check whether you can still reach your pockets or if they are closed with the hip belt.

An additional collar in the jacket or velcro around the sleeves ensures that cold and rain are excluded.

Additional ventilation
The jacket’s additional ventilation options can be very nice, especially if the jacket is not breathable.

Consider additional (waterproof) zippers, for example under the arms or a wrap on the back.

Waterproof: how are they made?
waterproof jacket
The waterproof characteristic of a fabric has conventionally been achieved with coating methods. In practice, a synthetic coating of polymeric nature is spread on a textile support and adheres thereto.

The most widely used coating has long been PVC (polyvinyl chloride), one of the best known and most widely used plastics.

The most important limitation of PVC is precisely the lack of breathability and the limited user comfort of the garments made with it.

Better results are obtained by replacing PVC with microporous polyurethane (PU) or neoprene, but the real revolution has come with the development of so-called laminated fabrics.

Use of membranes
Laminate fabrics are based on the use of waterproof and breathable membranes of a synthetic nature; one of the most widely used materials for the manufacture of these membranes is microporous polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

This material makes it possible to create very thin films interspersed with billions of micropores, the diameter of which is small enough to prevent water penetration and large enough to allow the passage of body vapor.

In layered fabrics, the breathable membrane is typically inserted “sandwiched” between two textile substrates, one of which is in contact with the skin (liner) and the other with the external environment.

In addition to microporous membranes, there are also hydrophilic continuous membranes (such as Sympatex or Dermizax) which, although free from micropores, are vapor permeable and waterproof.

These characteristics are obtained through the use of a hydrophilic skeleton, which through a physicochemical process promotes the transport of water vapor through the tissue.

The hydrophilic component can also be inserted into the pores of microporous membranes to increase their impermeability and promote the evacuation of body water vapor.

The main limitation of hydrophilic membranes is the loss of breathable function under conditions of high humidity and high outside temperature

In fact, steam tends to migrate from environments with high temperatures and humidity to cooler and drier environments.

In general, microporous membranes are more breathable than hydrophilic but less durable. In addition, hydrophiles have better protection against the wind.

PLEASE NOTE : The waterproofing properties of laminates are also importantly dependent on the fabrics to which the membrane is coupled and the way the garment is made (for example, whether or not taped seams are used).

In particular, to increase the waterproofing capacity of the outer fabric, the latter can undergo a water-repellent treatment.

High density structures with the use of microfibers
An alternative to membranes – microporous or continuous – is given by the use of high density microfibers; this concept, developed by brands such as primaloft, uses a structure of compact fibers capable of forming an insulating structure that is water-resistant and therefore waterproof.

The finer these fibers, the greater the softness and flexibility of the clothes. In fact, one of the characteristics of these fabrics is to offer high thermal insulation despite surprisingly lightness and compressibility.

Waterproof or breathable?
In general, the more resistant a fabric is to rain (waterproof), the lower its breathability.

As we’ve seen, many laminates offer a good compromise between the two characteristics, but a great raincoat – whatever you say – will never be great breathable, and vice versa.

Therefore, when buying a technical garment, the first question to ask is the intended use.

It is clear that the clothing used for an ultratrail must have different characteristics (maximum breathability) from that used for light trekking, which in turn will be different from that required in cold environments requiring long stops, perhaps under a driving rain (maximum impermeability).

It is also necessary to take into account the internal variables of the user, such as physical structure, resistance to training, body fat and the degree of tolerance to high or low temperatures.

How are waterproofing and breathability measured?
The tissue is placed under a column of water of fixed diameter (10 cm) which increases in height until the liquid passes through the tissue.

Clearly, the greater the height of the water column necessary to overcome the resistance of the fabric, the greater the impermeability.

The indicative values ​​of the water column are:

Water column from 500 to 1000 mm: poor sealing
water column from 1000 to 2000 mm: sufficient tightness
water column from 2000 to 4000 mm: good sealing
water column from 4,000 to 8,000 mm: excellent sealing
water column greater than 8000 mm: excellent sealing
Generally two reference parameters are used, which are MVTR (water vapor transmission rate): expressed in = g / m2 / 24h:

As the value increases, the breathability of the product increases. Currently, it is possible to manufacture impermeable fabrics which allow the passage of body vapor of the order of 1000 g / m 2 / day or more; as an indication, a good breathability value must in all cases be greater than 15,000 g / m 2 / day

RET (ISO 11092 standard), whose reference values ​​are
RET 0 to 6: extremely breathable fabric
RET 6 to 13: good or very breathable
RET 13 to 20: satisfactory or breathable
RET 20 to 30: unsatisfactory or barely breathable.
Basically, lower RET values ​​equate to better sweating, and vice versa. Therefore, those looking for a fabric for sports activities should look for very low RETs.

How to wash jackets and waterproof clothing?
Waterproof jackets should never be washed with ordinary detergent or fabric softener. The chemicals in the detergent can break down the composition of the fibers with each wash and strip the fabric of its waterproof coating.

A cleaner specifically designed for technical outerwear is recommended.

Steps for washing waterproof clothing:

Before washing, brush off any mud or dirt.
Close the zippers and flaps of jackets and pants.
Make sure the detergent compartment of your machine is clean of any detergent.
(You can also run your washing machine on a hot wash with nothing in it to remove detergent or fabric softener residue).

Pour the cleaner into the detergent compartment.
For Wash n ‘Proof, it will be 60 ml per garment

Place your waterproof clothing in the drum.
Do not wash your waterproof jacket or clothing together with other items or more than two items of clothing at a time.

Run the full wash and rinse cycle at 30 degrees.
Remember to always check your garment label for exact care details.

Clothes can be air dried or tumble dried.
Clothes should only be tumble dried on low or medium heat if the care instructions allow it.

If you notice that the fabric of your jacket or pants is absorbing rather than repelling water, you may also need to reprimand your clothing.

You don’t need to reprimand with every wash, but it is recommended that you reprimand if necessary.

Rain protection is one thing, but comfort is another. For starters, you won’t feel too hot.

The benefits of hiking are so numerous to prove, and the best waterproof hiking jacket is a must have for people who trek in all weather conditions.

In this way, the more adventurous will be able to practice their favorite pastime throughout the year, while the less voluntary will no longer have the excuse of the weather.

The waterproof hiking jacket not only protects against the rain on the outside, it is also comfortable on the inside.

No longer stay holed up at home on rainy days and enjoy what you love most all year round regardless of the weather.

frequently asked Questions
Can you run with a raincoat?
The fact of running with a waterproof jacket is not especially discouraged, because they are studied for the resistance to the rain but they also have a particularity it is breathability which is a capital factor to avoid perspiring during the excursions which can last some time.

In addition, it is more pleasant to run with a waterproof jacket and a hood when it rains.

Why does my rain jacket get wet inside?
The most technologically advanced jacket can get wet if not worn as recommended. There is a rational explanation for this, the jacket should not only protect against rain, but also remove moisture and vapor from the body so that it does not get hot.

Therefore, waterproof outerwear has two main characteristics: water resistance and vapor permeability.

The waterproof index allows you to understand in which weather conditions the jacket is suitable, that is, with what intensity and how long it can protect against the rain.

The second indicator, vapor permeability, shows how much the jacket breathes, that is, it removes moisture and vapor from the interior.

Should I wear a jacket when running?
The manufacturers of waterproof jackets have so much to choose from depending on the sporting activity you do, so there are waterproof jackets tailored specifically for running, they are thin and light so you don’t feel like they are carried.