The Best flexible water bottles

For outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to save space and weight, soft water bottles are increasingly popular. They offer enormous benefits when hiking, camping, traveling, or in everyday life. While standard bottles are quite bulky, these gourds can be folded up and are therefore incredibly space-saving. Besides, they are reusable and thus respectful of the environment! Here you will find the particularly recommended models, the differences, and the points to watch out for purchasing. The best flexible water bottles Kemier – Collapsible silicone water bottle Tank: 0.75 Liters Weight: 155g Temperature range: -40°C to + 100°C Material: BPA free silicone Dimension (inflated): 75 × 75 × 75 × 250mm Kemier’s reusable squeeze bottle has a lot to offer. In addition to a chic design, the bottle with a capacity of 0.75 liters has a practical flap cap that allows it to be opened with one hand. Ideal for sports, the outdoors, and travel! The closure has a safety valve and an air release button to allow comfortable drinking from the squeeze bottle. Also, the cap can be unscrewed for easier filling and cleaning of the gourd. Depending on what you want to do, you can use the gourd as a sports bottle (with a sports cap), a typical collapsible gourd with a wide mouth, or a water bottle with a classic screw cap. The material used is BPA-free and odorless silicone. The bottle is certified and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The only small point of criticism: as the material is not entirely transparent, depending on the color, the fill level is not visible from the outside (e.g., in color black). This flexible water bottle meets all the requirements of an entirely collapsible water bottle and is, therefore, the winner of the comparison! TriWonder …

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The best soft coolers

Tired of carrying big coolers at arm’s length? Or do you want a little cooler in your picnics? With our selection of flexible coolers, make your life easier! Today you can combine backpacks, shoulder bags, and coolers. You gain in lightness, which will allow you to go on an adventure in peace! No more hot water after hiking in the sun! No more trips wasted by the hard-to-transport cooler. It’s time to take care of your outings and picnics. Please don’t wait any longer to discover our quality coolers! The best flexible coolers Campingaz – Soft cooler bag Dimensions: 39 x 25 x 38 cm Weight: 765 g Materials: polyester Volume: 5 to 30 L Discover this cooler, flexible and sober! Thanks to its “ripstop” micro-frames, it is more solid! Foldable, it also comes with a front pocket. It’s 6 mm PE foam insulation, and its polyester coating on the outside makes it more resistant, especially abrasion. The interior is also protected by polyethylene vinyl acetate. Its adjustable strap and zipper make it pleasant to use and allow you to bring your cooler anywhere. Practical, it can contain 5, 10, 20, or 30 liters according to your needs. A great cooler to keep your food and drinks cool. Once use is finished, this flexible cooler is easily foldable and can be transported even more efficiently. This type of cooler is more comfortable to wear than rigid coolers. It’s waterproof; if you don’t spill it, the seams work well. The outside pocket is simple, without lining or mesh. It could be better, but the price-performance ratio is outstanding. The thickness of the insulation is perfect. The 30 L version can easily hold a 1.5 L bottle when standing. This cooler keeps food fresh, customers report using it for 4 hours on …

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The best travel pillows

The best travel pillows of 2021 Are you already planning your next vacation by the sea or in the mountains? No matter where your trip takes you and whether you are going on holiday by car, plane, or train, a comfortable arrival and departure is the key to a successful stay. Especially if you have a long commute, it can quickly become uncomfortable and exhausting along the way. If you want to relax for a few minutes or even take a nap, you certainly won’t be opposed to a comfortable travel pillow. If you’ve ever used a soft cushion for travel, you definitely won’t want to do without it in the future. There are travel cushions in different versions, which differ in shape and size. For example, very practical are the travel cushions and pillows that you can inflate at any time and put away in your luggage after use. In this comparison, I will present the various models that exist to help you in your choice. Travel pillows comparison SANDINI – Premium travel pillow with ergonomic support function Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 14 cm Weight: 249g Materials: microfiber and polyester The Sandini travel pillow’s development has been thoughtful, and a multitude of little practical things have been taken into account. I noticed especially positively that the neck pillow is available in different sizes depending on the neck circumference (XS for kids, XL for plus sizes, and Regular for S / M / L). For an optimal fit, you can also adjust it using a velcro closure. The neck support can be rotated 360 ° C and can therefore be positioned in different ways! When you try it on, you will immediately notice that the headrest is very firm, but the fabric is incredibly comfortable on the skin. You …

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The Best Insulated Water Bottles

The isothermal water bottle can be used at the office, during sports practice, or outdoor outings. It is a nomadic version of the thermos offering refreshing drinks in summer and hot in winter. With the variety of models, finding the ideal container becomes more and more difficult. To make your job easier, we have two of the best-selling items available today. The HoneyHolly Stainless Steel Water Bottle attracts attention with its premium composition. It is made of food-grade stainless steel. Along with this product, the Jarlson Children’s Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle is easy to transport, thanks to its compact size. The Best Insulated Water Bottles Reviews Best Insulated stainless steel bottle 1. HoneyHolly Stainless Steel Water Bottle Many customers wonder how to buy an insulated water bottle that is better value for money. If this is also your case, our practical advice consists in favoring this copy of HoneyHolly. It has been given a rugged finish but comes at a reasonable cost. Its manufacture in stainless steel justifies its resistance. This component can withstand shocks even if the container accidentally falls to the ground. It tolerates high temperatures and retains heat for a long time. Food grade 18/8 stainless steel does not contain any substance harmful to health. Added to this, it does not transfer the sour taste of the metal to the drink. Its powder coating remains pleasant to the touch. As for the color, this product is available in multiple shades. You just have to choose the one that you like the most. Pros Good Composition: If strength, durability, and reliability are among your selection criteria, this item can be classified as the best insulated water bottle around. It meets all these conditions, thanks to its quality manufacture in BPA-free stainless steel. Two caps supplied: These accessories are …

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How to make a solar shower yourself?

Ideal for a garden with a swimming pool, this accessory enhances the charm of the property. It confers both practicality and aesthetics. Countless models are on the market and come at very variable prices. But for die-hard DIYers, nothing can beat home-made. Discover with us the details on the subject. A solar-type shower for the garden With the wind in its sails, this type of equipment is becoming a must for the summer. It adorns the surroundings of swimming pools and allows owners to enjoy a simple, practical, and at the same time, decorative arrangement. During heat waves, the whole family can cool off outside. And even if the house does not have a large garden with a swimming pool, this accessory can always be installed there so that the children can enjoy it. This tool also conditions the physique before a swim. Indeed, it is not safe to jump directly into the water after a few hours or minutes under the sun. Humidifying the stomach, neck, and head helps bring down your body temperature. Besides, to not infect the water in the pool, it becomes necessary to rinse to remove sweat, sebum, and other not very hygienic details that could inconvenience other pool occupants. When leaving the water, it is also important to wash in the shower, hence the convenience of these installations. The cleaning products contained in the swimming pool have harmful effects on the skin. This is why it is best to wash off immediately after a day of soaking. Essential equipment for nomads Many people choose to travel around the world in their van. Of course, this type of vehicle provides optimal comfort to backpackers. However, questions about hygiene arise regularly: how to wash? The answer is simple: the best solar shower to set up quickly. …

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How to organize your travel bag?

organize your travel bag

When preparing your travel bag, it is good to put the documents at hand, because you will have to present them frequently. Fragile objects should be packed in unique bags and positioned among the clothes to reach the destination with the whole, and valuables are recommended to put in your hand luggage. In the article below, we present some tips on how you should place your things in your luggage, store as many items as possible, and have easy access. Put the documents at hand. Regardless of the means of transport, you choose to travel with, you will need documents. In addition to the ID card, when you go to another country, it is good to have the passport or birth certificates of people who do not yet have an ID card. When you board, it would be advisable to have quick access to travel tickets, as you will need to present them. It is best to put them in your wallet or bag, which you keep next to you. Roll the clothes When you go on vacation, you want to take as many clothing items as you, but space is limited. To capitalize on every inch, it is good to place the rolled and not folded clothes. However, when wrapping them in rolls, make sure they are stretched as well as possible. Otherwise, there is a possibility that, when you arrive at your destination, you will not be able to put on your clothes, because they are wrinkled. By wrapping your clothes in this way, you will have space for other things you want to take with you on vacation. You should also have raincoats among the clothing items, especially if you intend to walk a lot. They will protect you in case of pollution, and you will no …

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15 gift ideas suitable for mountain enthusiasts

What is more beautiful than being able to give a person important to you, a suitable gift, to enjoy and please him. Suppose you are passionate about mountain excursions among those close to you. In that case, you will find in the article some ideas, various objects, and at different prices, so that you can quickly orient yourself. Regardless of the season or occasion, a gift in this field is welcome and appreciated for a mountain lover. You have an extensive range of such items at your disposal for all pockets, and you will make a pleasant surprise. To help you decide what to take, here are some ideas:   A book For Christmas or rabbit, a book about the mountains, with the experiences of great climbers, mountain trails, or guides, is a good investment for a colleague or a friend who loves hiking. He will be a good companion during the trip or can help him plan his next trips. Survival kit Useful and practical, this gift will please him and will help him on the mountain. They are in the form of kits that contain several necessary items, including a first aid kit (with some useful things such as elastic buttocks, bandages, patches, disinfectant, some pills for headaches, digestive problems, etc.), needle and thread, staples, matches, string, whistle, compass, etc. A flashlight You can choose a flashlight or a headlamp, which provides light in the evening or explores certain caves or caverns. Picnic dishes Here you have several options, and you can choose complete sets with plates, cutlery, cups, towels, made of durable materials and easy to clean, which are well organized so as not to bother you during transport. You can also opt for thermoses for hot tea, a thermal cup to enjoy your morning coffee in …

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Top 6 applications with a compass worth trying

applications with a compass

The compass is now available in the form of many variants of applications worth trying, especially if you are passionate about outdoor travel. In case you like walking on mountain roads, hiking, or going out in a tent, you need certain things that you should not miss from your luggage, including the compass. If you are not a climber and take relaxing walks with easy routes, to not load your luggage, where every gram will count, you can choose to download an application on your mobile phone that has the function of a compass. Thus, you have provided the orientation function, and you do not load your extra luggage. Even if you can find the compass online, there are several applications, and we present some options that you can try: Compass 360 Pro Free It is an Android application and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, which occupies a leading place, with over 10 million installations, 4.5 stars out of 5, and numerous comments. You can download it for free, being easy to install. To work, you need the phone to have a magnetic sensor. The graphics are straightforward and elegant, with a compass drawn on the whole screen that allows you to easily view the cardinal points and the direction you are following. For more information – such as longitude, latitude, altitude – you can opt into the Setting section for GPS activation. You also have a level that can help you in certain situations. The application provides you with several themes to find a variant of graphics that you like. It is one of the most popular compasses for Android. Altimeter GPS Pro It is a professional application that can be more difficult for beginners, being very complex. You can download it for free. It is …

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Best Tourniquet


How much do you know about first aid? Have you ever found yourself in an extreme medical situation? Although nobody likes to go through these experiences, reality tells us that we have to be prepared. When blood is involved, for example, few instruments can be as useful as a tourniquet from a wound. Do you know what it is about? If you’ve never heard of him, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Tourniquets can make a big difference in serious health situations. Not everyone, however, knows how to take advantage of its benefits or take them into account when going on a trip, for example. In this specialized article, we will tell you all about it. Here we go! The most important things about Tourniquet A tourniquet is a first aid medical instrument whose primary function is to compress the veins. For this reason, they are beneficial to stop bleeding, control blood flow or allow the rapid location of individual veins. Tourniquets are mostly types of elastic bands or bracelets. Using a tourniquet is very simple, whether for personal use or applying it to another person. Different types are depending on the materials and the way of service, but the mechanisms are similar. Tourniquets have also been standard instruments in military equipment. Having a tourniquet may be more important than you think. If you are looking in the market, you should probably consider specific purchase criteria: ease of use, reusability, adaptation to different parts of the body, and manufacturing materials. The best tourniquet Whether you go on a hike, drive, go camping, or on vacation, tourniquet are those instruments that you would never want to use, but that you must have just in case. You never know when they can come in handy. Of course, there are …

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Best Thermos for Coffee

Thermos for Coffee

It has happened to all of us that we fall asleep, we have to run out of the house and do not have time to have a coffee. That coffee that makes us wake up, that we start the day well. That coffee gives us a boost of energy when we need our brain to keep working. But what happens when we cannot carry out that routine? One option is to have a coffee on the way to work, another to take it from the office machine, but without a doubt, the perfect solution is to have a good thermos for coffee that allows us to take it everywhere, keep our drink hot and avoid we drop it. If you still don’t have yours, keep reading this guide and discover everything about this practical product. Thermos for Coffee A thermos for coffee is a container that helps us keep the liquid hot for longer. Besides, the fact that it is closed allows us to serve it more efficiently or drink it, preventing it from being spilled. Likewise, the thermos also offers the possibility of carrying a larger quantity than a regular coffee. This container is ideal for coffee, but it can also be used to keep other types of beverages at the perfect temperature, whether hot such as tea or colds, such as juice or water. As we will see in the purchase criteria when choosing the coffee thermos that best suits our needs, it is vital to consider factors such as design, capacity, or materials that make it stay insulated. The best coffee thermoses Whenever we have to decide, it is crucial to weigh the different options available to choose the best one. If it is the first time you will buy a thermos for coffee or are thinking …

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