Best Bicycle Saddle Bags

Bicycle Saddle Bag

The desire to ride a bike is doubled in summer. In this season of the year, many of us try to do without the car or public transport to go out more with our bikes. Going shopping and going on longer routes can become a problem since we don’t want to carry a backpack full of gear. Bicycle saddlebags are a great option. With different characteristics and load capacity, they facilitate transportation on our bicycles. With some saddlebags, you will be prepared to tour the city and face a good adventure. Have no idea where to start? In this article, we will tell you everything. Most critical points for bicycle saddlebags: Saddlebags are a kind of bag or suitcase that allows you to carry all your bike belongings. The capacity of bicycle panniers is measured in liters. There are from 25-30 liters to 60. The tightness, impermeability, and compartments are some of the purchase criteria you should consider. The best bicycle panniers on the market Next, we leave you the best saddlebags on the market. Remember that, before deciding on one or the other, it is essential that you study the load you will carry on your trip. The size of the saddlebags is significant, as it will determine the load capacity. Remember that it is measured in liters! Waterproof saddlebags for all types of trips Made from waterproof canvas, these saddlebags are very strong and durable. They consist of two side bags and one top, and numerous pockets to achieve maximum possible storage. The closure is made through straps and the fastening to the rack with buckles.   The top is removable and can be worn on the shoulder. They incorporate reflective printed letters to travel at night, and their load capacity is 30 liters. for long-distance routes.   These waterproof …

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