Best Climbing Holds Of 2021

Best Climbing Holds

Climbing is a complete sport in which almost all the body muscles are worked in addition to performing the mind and self-esteem. With climbing, fun is guaranteed. If you are a fan of this sport, you know what we are talking about. But if you haven’t taken your first steps yet, now is the time. On this occasion, we come to talk to you about climbing holds. A fundamental element in this world. To learn basic climbing techniques, we advise you to visit a climbing wall. You will like it, and you will be bitten to the point of wanting to build one at home. Then, a lot of doubts will assail you about the prey to buy. Are you coming? Most essential points about climbing hold Climbing dams are one of the essential elements of climbing walls or climbing walls. The holds are of different shapes and colors, although the most important thing is the grip, which will depend on the user’s level. Before buying the dams for the assembly of your climbing wall, you should study several purchase criteria, among which we place the user’s level and age and the functionality of the wall. The best climbing holds You are determined to set up a climbing wall at home. Either for you or the whole family, we recommend that you study thoroughly what prey to buy. Next, we leave you the most impressive sets of the target on the Internet. All are valid both indoors and outdoors. Time to get down to business! The best children’s climbing hold set The ideal climbing hold set for sloping terrain The perfect climbing hold set for the little ones in the house The right children’s grip set for rock climbing The excellent children’s climbing holds for practicing The best children’s climbing …

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Best Gaiters And Leg Warmers For Hiking Of 2021

Best Gaiters And Leg Warmers

At last, came that hike up the mountain that we were waiting for so long. When we are about to cross that small stream, and when we get wet in the cold water twists all our bones, we remember: where are the leggings or heaters when we need them most? There are garments that, at first glance, seem a little useful until when the pertinent occasions arrive. Do you know what we are talking about? Surely yes. Leggings are one of the best weapons against the cold that we can count on, but we don’t always take them into account, and we don’t know to what extent they can help us in countless situations. We have put together this specialized article to tell you all about these clothes and how they can change your life. Most important things about leg warmers and gaiters Gaiters are garments that, depending on their style and function, protect the leg against cold, moisture, or other weather or terrain conditions, especially the ankle. Its use is similar to that of socks, but they are much more effective in warmth and protection. They have a tubular shape and are attached to the foot with different fastening systems. Although historically leggings were used by farmers and shepherds, today, their use is very popular with children and various sports or leisure contexts. They have different structures depending on the benefits and can be made of other materials. To acquire a good pair of leggings, we must focus on some key aspects, such as the purpose of which we will give it, its impermeability, its weight and measurements, the comfort they suppose when wearing them, the material from which they are made and how breathable they are, among others. The best leggings If we are thinking of our next …

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Best Mountain Sunglasses

Best Mountain Sunglasses

If it is always essential to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, it is even more so in the mountains, where factors such as snow or altitude make it even more necessary. Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause severe damage to the retina, such as blindness. That is why if you practice activities in nature, you cannot miss right glasses with a high quality filter. These, in addition to having protection on both the bottom and the sides, must have adjustable temples and bridge (so that they adapt better) and have adequate ventilation (so that they do not mist). The most important points about Mountain Sunglasses Glasses are an essential but we must know that not just anyone will do. Low quality lenses, which do not filter radiation, can cause problems in our vision such as increased fatigue, redness and even alterations in the cornea such as cataracts. More serious than you thought? The treatment applied to the lenses determines the quality of the glasses. But it is not the only thing. The sharpness with which it is seen through the glass is another factor that determines whether it is a useful item. For this, the glasses we buy should be made of polycarbonate or derivatives. Mountain sunglasses have evolved a lot since the first models. Before purchasing some, you should consider some purchase criteria, such as temples, ventilation, versatility, type of lens and lightness. The best mountain sunglasses To make a right purchase decision, it is crucial to know in depth the different options we will find. If you are thinking of getting this accessory or changing the ones you already have, in this section we offer you a series of recommendations with the four pairs of glasses that we consider the best. Best for extreme sun …

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Best Climbing Helmet Of 2021

Best Climbing Helmet

The equipment is essential in any physical activity, as it helps us do it, even sometimes it is essential to carry it out. But of all these elements, there is one that, in addition to being necessary and protecting us from possible injuries, can be considered our life insurance. We talk about the helmet. In many sports, it is a mandatory tool. It is the helmet of climbing. We must protect our heads from any object that may fall on us, such as carabiners, safety devices, or only rocks or ice. It can also save us from severe consequences in a fall. Most essential points about climbing helmets The use of a helmet is mandatory in any activity in which our head is exposed to receiving impacts. The helmet has to be resistant but also light and comfortable. As we will see in more detail in the purchase criteria, helmets must bear a label or inscription, EN 12492, certifying that they comply with current safety regulations. The best climbing helmets The market offers various climbing helmets, even some compatible with their use in other sports or physical activities. Big brands of sports equipment are behind these models that protect our heads from blows that, in the worst case, can be fatal. Let’s learn more about some of the best options. The cheapest climbing helmet – Salewa The Salewa brand offers this practical, functional climbing helmet at an unbeatable price. It is light, resistant, and made of ABS plastic. The interior is made of foam to resist possible impacts. It has a fully flexible adjustment wheel. Besides, it has four large hooks for the headlamp, and the pad is removable. Available in 2 sizes and various colors. It has more than 60% 5-star ratings. The highest quality climbing helmet – Mammut …

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Best Hiking Boots Of 2021

Outdoor activities are all the rage. Many people in the world practice hiking, adventure sports, or mountaineering, to name a few examples. The great marches for days are also famous for various demanding routes, such as the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela or others of greater severity. Among the essential items or equipment for this type of activity are hiking boots. It is highly resistant footwear that protects our feet and has unique soles to overcome rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions without losing comfort and lightness. Most essential points about hiking boots Mountain boots must be light, comfortable, resistant, flexible, and waterproof. Good perspiration is essential for the health of our feet. In the purchase criteria, we will see the importance of the sole or the manufacturing materials for the benefits we will obtain from the boots. The best hiking boots: our favorites Due to the different activities that we can carry out outdoors and the large number of brands that manufacture equipment for them, we find ourselves in the market with a wide range of mountain boots, some for specific situations and others multipurpose. These are the articles that are having the most success among consumers: These hiking boots are made of 100% polyester material. It is a lightweight shoe highly recommended for hiking, although it can also be used in other outdoor activities. They are comfortable, safe, and highly breathable boots, suitable for medium altitudes, wet or dry areas, and rocky terrain. The soles are made of durable carbon rubber and the outer fabric of nubuck, a top grain cowhide leather that has been sanded or polished to produce a velvet surface that is also very strong and durable. The closure is made of laces and is available in sizes from 41 to 46. Salomon Speedcross 4 This is …

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