Best Snowboards


If you are reading this guide, it is because you are looking for adventures in the snow. Anyway, you are not sure which modality to practice, and you want to find out about snowboarding. Maybe you have already decided and want to know which table is the most appropriate to start with. Follow us, and we will help you find the ideal snowboards for you to enjoy this fantastic activity. Winter sports have gained adherents. Gone are the times when you had to have some economic power to practice them. Besides, very engaging activities such as snowboarding have emerged in the last decades, a modality that deeply affected young people, especially among those who enjoyed surfing and skateboarding. The most important points about Snowboards The first step before purchasing a snowboard is to be clear about the modality you want to practice. For example, freestyle focused on skill or rapid descent around obstacles. If you are going to get started in this sport, bet on a simple, low-cost, and flexible board. During the apprenticeship, you will not need demanding benefits, so it is advisable to increase your equipment quality as you gain fluency and experience. Find a board with the appropriate length and width to support your weight. Ensure that the size of your boots matches the measurements necessary for the correct practice of the activity. In the purchase criteria, you will find the tips to carry out these analyzes successfully. The best snowboards When we go to buy a snowboard, we hope that it offers us the best possible benefits. It is a product that we will use in situations of maximum demand, sometimes in extreme conditions. And our physical integrity comes first. Please pay attention to our recommendations. You will be able to get an idea of ​​the …

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Best Snowshoes


If you are fond of walking through snowy mountains or ice areas, snowshoes are the ideal complement to your boots. With them, you can enjoy this physical activity comfortably and safely. They are currently products of excellent quality, with the best materials and designs that result from meticulous research. In this article, we will learn more about this tool that allows us to move through the snow and the best models that we can find on the market. All offer good performance, but they will be of little use if their characteristics are not suitable for the specific function we need. Important points about Snowshoes Snowshoes are essential to walk on the snow quickly and with the necessary stability to avoid sinking. Women often need models with narrower shapes and smaller bindings due to the smaller size of their feet. As we will see in the purchase criteria, it is essential to assess which traction and fastening systems are the most suitable for the activity that we are going to develop. The best snowshoes Snowshoes have been around for thousands of years, most of the time as much-needed tools, but at the same time tremendously rudimentary when compared to current ones. Undoubtedly, in recent years technology has advanced a lot and we can find models of extraordinary quality. We are going to know five exciting options: TSL Symbioz Elite Snow Shoes This flexible high-end racket allows perfect foot movement while adapting to the terrain. It has carbon reinforcements that provide stability and nerve. The wasp-sized shape facilitates a comfortable and natural gait. The closure system is fast and memorizes the volume of the footwear. The lateral adjustment integrates the entire width of the boot. On the back, it has a strap with pads and a zip closure. It also offers …

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Best Ice AX

Best Ice AX

When we practice any activity related to the mountain, especially in the winter season, we find elements such as ice and snow that hinder or prevent our walking. That is why we need to be equipped to face these situations. One of the tools that cannot be missing is the ice ax, essential to meet the most challenging climbs. In addition to this help, without which it would be impossible to face icy walls or steps, the ice ax also serves as life insurance when an uncontrolled slip occurs, either on its own or to secure a rope partner. Remember, your security is priceless. That is why in this guide, we will help you make the best purchase decision. Important points to remember about Ice Ax: An ice ax is a tool that cannot be lacking in mountain activities where we face surfaces, especially with more or less steep slopes covered with ice or snow. Resistance and lightness are two of the characteristics that cannot be lacking in any of the models, regardless of how we will use our ice ax. As we will see in the purchase criteria, manufacturing materials are essential in a product on which our safety depends. Highly recommended best ice axes  Recommending ice ax models is not an easy task. The high quality of almost all products makes a choice difficult. However, we are going to be guided by buyers. The number of sales and the ratings is reliable data when deciding on an item. We will also discuss the best options to carry out a specific activity. Online shopper’s favorite The best ice ax for technical mountaineering and ice climbing The best valued by users Classic ice ax for skiing and glacier hiking Online shopper’s favorite This is a classic T-type ice ax. The …

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Best Ski Goggles

Ski Goggles

A few decades ago, everyone skied with sunglasses on clear days and opted for mask-style goggles for windy and snowy days. Hence they began to be called blizzard goggles. This article will explain the most important aspects when choosing protection for our eyes in the snow. Goggles or mask? UV filter or not? Percentage of transmission? Sometimes it isn’t easy to ensure that our eyes are well protected in the snow. That is why we find it necessary to dispel some popular myths about eye protection and give you some tips to make an optimal purchase. The most important points about Ski Goggles At high altitudes, and because of the sun’s reflection on the snow, the eyes are highly exposed to ultraviolet rays, so it is highly recommended to use this accessory for skiing and snowboarding. If we do not use ski goggles, the sun can damage our eyesight, generate irritations, and lower the vision level. Even temporary loss of vision can occur, commonly referred to as “skier blindness.” There are numerous factors to take into account before getting ski goggles, some of them very surprising. Glasses are essential, as they help us prevent possible eye injuries. The Best Ski Goggles We show below the most popular ski goggles on the market. Both for its characteristics and its effectiveness when completing your sports practice. Take a good look at the technical aspects to choose the most suitable for your needs. Whether you are a man or a woman, here you will find the best glasses so that your site is correctly protected in the snow and at super affordable prices. eDriveTech Ski Goggles One of the best-selling models of ski goggles. And despite its price (which is not excessive), it is an excellent product. The grip on the head stands …

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Best Crampons Of 2021

Best Crampons

When was the last time you went hiking on snow or ice? Walking around these places is not an easy task: the cold, unstable terrain and other weather and terrain conditions can cause severe incidents if proper precautions are not taken. Among them, few are as crucial as having a good pair of crampons. Do you know what they are and what they are for? More and more people require the use of crampons when winter arrives. If you are not very into its use and utility, do not worry: you have come to the right place. The article you are about to read has been carefully prepared so that you know everything there is to know about these necessary accessories. Most essential points about crampons Crampons are traction accessories placed on the soles of particular boots to facilitate snow and ice adherence. Essential elements for those who practice mountaineering, trekking, and mountaineering are beneficial thanks to the sharp points that detach from the general structure and penetrate the ice. There are different types of crampons depending on the material from which they are made. And according to the purpose we use them, that is, according to what activity or winter sport. They differ in structure, tips, and fixing systems. Crampons need special maintenance so that they can guarantee safety when traveling on snowy or icy roads. Choosing useful crampons can make a difference on a hike or climb. For this, specific criteria must be taken into account, such as the material of the structure, the number of tips, the ease of placement, the weight and comfort when wearing them, and, of course, the added security measures. The best crampons Whether you are mountaineering, ski mountaineering, climbing an ice wall, or merely enjoying snowshoeing, you’ll need a good pair of crampons. …

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