The best inflatable paddle surf boards

inflatable paddle surf boards

Many reasons attract us to this aquatic activity. In the first place, it can be practiced at all ages since when going with a paddle, the movement is more comfortable and requires less balance. We can also enjoy your practice without the need for waves. Thus, swamps, reservoirs, lakes, or quiet beaches become great alternatives to enjoy outdoor sports. Once decided to practice paddle surfing, we bet on the choice of an inflatable board. They are cheaper, ideal for those who are new to this sport, and easier to transport after being deflated. And most importantly, as they are softer, the falls will be less traumatic. That is why they are highly recommended boards for beginners and children. Measurements Inflatable paddle surfboards tend to be large. But when choosing, we must be very clear if we want them to catch waves, race on water, or both. Our decision will influence the length of the table. About 255 centimeters long, they have the inflatable boards indicated to catch waves in the sea. If we compete in a lake or reservoir, we will need larger boards, starting at 3 meters. An intermediate measure will help us become fond of either of the two types of this aquatic practice. Materials and weight Inflatable paddle surfboards should be as light as possible and usually range between 10 and 15 kilos in weight. Manufacturers specializing in these products are continually innovating to reduce weight without reducing the stiffness of the board. It is important to emphasize one detail: the thicker our board is, the more stability we will achieve when we get on it. In the market we can find boards made in 3 different ways: The single layer, composed of a PVC sheet at all ends, which are joined by threads. They are less …

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Best Paddle Surf Boards

Paddle Surf Board

Are you a lover of water sports? For many, these sports boiled down to kayaking, sailing, or water skiing; for the more adventurous, even diving or surfing. However, a new form of the latter has been born. And he has come to stay. We talk about paddle surfing. This sport, practically new thanks to its followers’ constant growth, has become a genuine claim on the coasts and inland water areas. Do you want to know more? Well, stay with us, because today we have prepared for you a complete guide to becoming an expert this summer. Here we go! The most important points about Paddle Surf Boards One of the hallmarks of paddle surfing is the ease of practicing it, in addition to the expectation that it generates that you only need one board, of course. Although, yes, you will also need a paddle! It is a sport that has been evolving, and that consists of several modalities or disciplines, which allows you to explore its many facets. Thanks to its versatility, different equipment types depend on the level of modality you are going to practice. Besides, and to know how to choose well, we must bear in mind purchase criteria such as material, use, dimensions and weight supported age, or necessary maintenance. The best paddle surfboards Still not sure if this sport is for you? Before deciding anything, let us show you a selection of the best paddle surfboards you can find on the market. As you will see, there are them for all tastes, modalities, and ages. Check out! The best paddle surfboard in the allround mode The best paddle surfboard for touring The best paddle surfboard for beginners The ideal paddle surfboard for children The best paddle surfboard in the allround mode This is a board defined …

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