Best Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles

Did you know that the use of trekking poles allows the hiker a greater consumption of calories and prevents high blood pressure? Indeed, we have just discovered two of the benefits derived from trekking poles in the mountains. If you are planning a long route, do not hesitate. The longer your walk, the more performance you will get. The cane helps that weight and effort do not fall solely on the legs, thus minimizing injury risk. Despite being widely criticized, the trekking pole is gaining many followers. More and more trekkers and mountaineers do not hesitate to have this accessory, already essential, in their backpacks. The most important points about Trekking Poles Trekking poles distribute both our weight and the weight we carry in the backpack throughout the body, thus avoiding overloading the legs. There are several types of poles, although telescopic are the most popular. Before buying some trekking poles, you should study their weight, length, grip, and closing mechanism. The best trekking poles Trekking poles have become an essential tool for any activity related to the mountain. Next, we show you the most outstanding ones on the market. Some are lighter than others, made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. Do you already know which one best suits your needs? Canes trekking ultralight and very resistant Canes trekking mechanism with anti-shock Canes trekking carbon fiber Aluminum and carbon fiber trekking poles Canes trekking high quality and very resistant to wear Canes trekking ultralight and very resistant. These trekking poles are made of 7075 aeronautical quality aluminum alloy, so they are very resistant. They are ultralight (280 g) and show great strength against impacts. Its length is adjustable, reaching from 105 cm to 125 cm. The ergonomic EVA foam handle absorbs moisture and sweat, thus preventing our hand from …

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Best Trekking Backpack

Trekking Backpack

Trekking backpack: which is the best of 2021? Trekking or hiking (in Spanish) is a sport in which it competes not. It consists of traveling through isolated landscapes with difficult traffic, such as mountainous areas or remote places without trails. It is carried out autonomously and generally on foot. Trek is an Anglicism used to describe a longer and more complicated journey. We should not confuse trekking with hiking, as the latter takes place on marked trails, with safety guarantees, and is usually done on the same day. However, they are close disciplines, hiking being the forerunner of hiking. Among the necessary elements for trekking is the backpack, which we will talk about in this article. The most important points about Trekking Backpack Backpacks must be light, comfortable, and resistant. The duration of the activity or the trip will determine the capacity of the backpack to choose. Waterproofing and ventilation are critical in the backpack to successfully cope with humidity or high temperatures, which we will see later in the purchase criteria. The best trekking backpack The trekking backpack must adjust to the demands of the activity that we are going to carry out. In the market, there are models with different characteristics to respond to these needs. In some cases, we can find versatile products that will allow us to use them in different situations. We are going to know some articles of proven quality: Onyorhan 70 L Trekking Backpack Made with Oxford polyester (high quality and lightweight fabric used in the manufacture of shirts). It is a comfortable, waterproof trekking backpack with long-lasting performance. Its ergonomic design relieves pressure on the shoulders and distributes weight, while the padding on the belt reduces the impact on the waist. It has a large capacity, 70 liters, which is ideal for …

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