How to make a solar shower yourself?

Ideal for a garden with a swimming pool, this accessory enhances the charm of the property. It confers both practicality and aesthetics.

Countless models of solar shower are on the market and come at very variable prices. But for die-hard DIYers, nothing can beat home-made. Discover with us the details on the subject.

A solar-type shower for the garden

With the wind in its sails, this type of equipment is becoming a must for the summer. It adorns the surroundings of swimming pools and allows owners to enjoy a simple, practical, and at the same time, decorative arrangement. During heat waves, the whole family can cool off outside. And even if the house does not have a large garden with a swimming pool, this accessory can always be installed there so that the children can enjoy it.

This tool also conditions the physique before a swim. Indeed, it is not safe to jump directly into the water after a few hours or minutes under the sun. Humidifying the stomach, neck, and head helps bring down your body temperature. Besides, to not infect the water in the pool, it becomes necessary to rinse to remove sweat, sebum, and other not very hygienic details that could inconvenience other pool occupants.

When leaving the water, it is also important to wash in the shower, hence the convenience of these installations. The cleaning products contained in the swimming pool have harmful effects on the skin. This is why it is best to wash off immediately after a day of soaking.

Essential equipment for nomads

girl in falls

Many people choose to travel around the world in their van. Of course, this type of vehicle provides optimal comfort to backpackers. However, questions about hygiene arise regularly: how to wash?

The answer is simple: the best solar shower to set up quickly. As the minibus does not have a large space for a spacious shower, these adventurers usually opt for this arrangement. Washing outdoors reduces the risk of humidity inside the van.

To enjoy hot water at all times, DIY enthusiasts decide to make their ready-to-use model themselves. Under these conditions, the tank is held directly on the roof of the car. So the liquid can heat up all day long, whether it is on the move or not. The remnants of setting up the equipment refer to that of a conventional and portable solar-class shower for camping.

The advantages of portable solar shower

Whether you decide to turn to factory models or DIYs, all have qualities and privileges for use. By purchasing these copies, you are becoming eco-responsible.

In these actions, you are not polluting the environment; on the contrary, you help protect it by drawing on solar energy. Along the same lines, you also reduce your electricity bill. In many ways, this is a good investment.

Order or DIY?

As the market is full of products in this category, the individual will have no difficulty finding the copy to make them happy. These items are available at different prices. Some cost tens of euros, while others are only accessible at exorbitant values ​​that reach 150 to 3000 euros. The first specimens are intended for a more superficial and elementary use. They are often seen near vans or camping cars. For high-end products, they are more suitable for gardens with swimming pools.

Moreover, because of these amounts, DIY enthusiasts can design a designer shower at a lower price. You need to appropriate the appropriate raw materials and follow the guides to set up the desired copy. Tutorial videos also exist on the web to support them and accompany them at each step.

How to make solar shower?

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The first step revolves around the gathering of elementary materials. For this, you need a tank. Often an aluminum tube 2 m long and 15 cm in diameter is preferred.

Capsules will be required to close the ends of the device. The person must obtain copper pipes, elbows, and other T-joints and wall feed-through joints to connect the assembly. And lastly, there are the shower accessories such as the mixer, the showerhead, and the hose.

To install the tank, connect the cold water inlet to the lower part of the machine and set up the hot water outlet to the room’s upper area. Gaskets are used to secure the assembly. The tank is installed on stable support using the brackets. We continue with the correspondence between the cold water and the collector and the latter’s rise towards the mixing valve.

The descent of the hot water is then refined. We finish with the connection of the two openings to the tap and the last accessories’ fixing. We wait until it dries up and becomes operational.

How to extend the life of your equipment?

Many of its followers also learn about the maintenance mode of this device before making their choice. And conveniently, this tool does not require any significant maintenance. It remains to check its joints and the quality of its pipes every six months. A purge at the end of each season is also suitable for swimming pool models.

In the clogging event caused by weather, pollution, and leaves, the outer tank lining must be cleaned. A wipe with a light brushing is enough to restore it to new conditions and effectively capture the sun’s rays.