How to organize your travel bag?

When preparing your travel bag, it is good to put the documents at hand, because you will have to present them frequently. Fragile objects should be packed in unique bags and positioned among the clothes to reach the destination with the whole, and valuables are recommended to put in your hand luggage.

In the article below, we present some tips on how you should place your things in your luggage, store as many items as possible, and have easy access.

Put the documents at hand.

Regardless of the means of transport, you choose to travel with, you will need documents. In addition to the ID card, when you go to another country, it is good to have the passport or birth certificates of people who do not yet have an ID card.

When you board, it would be advisable to have quick access to travel tickets, as you will need to present them. It is best to put them in your wallet or bag, which you keep next to you.

Roll the clothes

When you go on vacation, you want to take as many clothing items as you, but space is limited. To capitalize on every inch, it is good to place the rolled and not folded clothes.

However, when wrapping them in rolls, make sure they are stretched as well as possible. Otherwise, there is a possibility that, when you arrive at your destination, you will not be able to put on your clothes, because they are wrinkled. By wrapping your clothes in this way, you will have space for other things you want to take with you on vacation.

You should also have raincoats among the clothing items, especially if you intend to walk a lot. They will protect you in case of pollution, and you will no longer have to put your umbrella in your luggage.

Pack your shoes carefully.

We know you want to have as many pairs of shoes as you to match each outfit. However, it would be good to have a comfortable and elegant pair in your bag and so you could cover almost any clothing style.

Also, avoid storing them in the bag, as the air inside the plastic will take up space. If you don’t want to get your clothes dirty and you can put them anywhere in your bag, cover the sole with a shower cap. This will prevent the dirt from reaching the surface of the clothes, but at the same time, it will allow you to put objects on top of the shoes without leaving unused space.

Reduce the number of cosmetics

No matter where she travels, a woman needs cosmetics. Their containers are bulky, so it is not advisable to take the entire amount. There are boxes for storing cosmetics, specially designed for travel.

They close tightly and have a small capacity (maximum 50ml), so you can take a small amount of product with you and not take up space. Using such boxes, there is no risk of liquid products spilling during transport, and you will be able to use the saved area for other objects that you want to take on a trip.

Take care of fragile and valuable objects.

Valuables must be stored in such a way as to reduce the risk of losing them during the trip. If you intend to go by plane, it is best to put your phone, multimedia equipment, and other things that you consider valuable in your hand luggage.

This way, you will have access to them at all times, and you will not be worried that you do not know what happens to them during transport. Besides, fragile items should be included in hand luggage because there is a possibility of damage during the transfer from one place to another.

So, to make sure that you arrive at your destination with handy things, carefully select what you put in your hold and hand luggage.

Put the money in more places.

The money is usually kept in the wallet to have easy access to it. However, due to carelessness or haste, there is the possibility of losing it.

It would be good to put the money in several places. You can put some banknotes in socks or an empty cosmetics box. You can use this money in case of an emergency or keep it for extra expenses.

Pack fragile items correctly.

Most people avoid carrying fragile items in their luggage for fear of breaking them during handling. However, if they are packaged and positioned correctly, the risk of damage is lower.

Wrap each fragile object in a bag with air bubbles. This is to protect it during a shock. Such a package takes up more space than a classic bag, but it is more important to reduce breakage risk.

Items packed in bubble bags are indicated to be placed in the bag’s center, among the clothes. The clothes form a soft shield, that’s why you will reach your destination with the whole thing.

Includes a first aid kit

When you go on the road, it is good to be careful. No one wants to get sick on vacation, but this is not ruled out. To not have to ruin your entire vacation due to minor health problems, make a first aid kit.

This should include scissors, sterile dressings, a disinfectant solution, and plaster. All this will help you in case you get hurt. You can also put in various dietary supplements (magnesium, zinc, calcium) and useful drugs in indigestion, headache, or fever.

Put the essentials on top.

The things you intend to use during the trip are advised to put them on top, so you will have access to them without opening the whole bag. Before you put things inside, think about the items you will use only at the destination and place them at the bottom of the bag. Try to put the others as close to the zipper as possible so that you can easily remove them when needed.