The NTK Texas GT – A Tent For Upto 7 Persons

NTK Texas GT Tent

The NTK Texas GT tent is a capacious tent that offers two awnings with two entrances and three windows. There is also an addition of a screened porch and an inner tent with a tall design. It brings you premium-quality with feasible pricing. Overall, it is a suitable selection for a company of 6-7 people. Let’s see how.

Features & USPs of NTK Texas GT Camping Tent:

  • Freestanding design to be self-sufficient
  • Two doors, three windows, and two awnings
  • Offers single room with screened porch
  • Poles included for inside
  • Fly-first system for pitching and full coverage
  • Premium material with waterproof qualities
  • Highly price efficient

Where Can You Buy NTK Texas GT Tent?

The tent is exclusively available on Amazon. Therefore, you can select your region to understand the shipping conditions. The pricing may vary depending on the country you’re in. 

Let’s Take A Better Look At The Design


  • Dimensions: 427 x 427 cm
  • Inner Area: 5.9
  • Vestibule Area: 5.9
  • Total Covered Area: 11.8
  • Peak Height: 210 cm
  • Weight: 20 Kgs
  • Packed Size: 76 x 38 x 38 cm and 76 x 25 x 25 cm 
  • Capacity: 7 people

This is a tent with a hexagon shape with an inner tent that expands up to half of the complete tent. It comes with a full-coverage fly for convenience. Inevitably, it offers a dual-layer tent for you. 

The walls of the tent are straight and supported by similarly straight poles. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a cabin type tent. The walls are quite straight with a steep design. Many cabin tents don’t come with a full fly coverage, so it distinguishes it from other models available at this price range and quality. However, if you seek, you may find some other full fly coverage cabin tent available in the market. Regardless, this is still one of the most prominent selections for a cabin tent. 

This tent comes with two entrances. Thus, there are two doors, each accompanied by awnings that can offer extra space. If you are someone who enjoys the shades of the tent, then you can utilize these awnings to help you sit comfortably. For ventilation, the inner tent has a mesh design that offers a seamless flow of the air. Additionally, you will find three doors for the internal tent. 

The porch area of the tent encompasses around three windows. One of these windows is at the front door, while the other two are opposite to each other. This offers apt ventilation for airflow. Additionally, each one comes with panels and has mesh, as stated above.

The mesh design is one of the most striking features that you can notice on doors and windows. This is to prevent any unwanted entrance of mosquitoes or other bugs during your camping trip. However, this means that you may have a restricted experience of a porch area in the tent, as the mesh is installed there as well. Thereby, it is more identical to a screen room.

Despite being a freestanding tent, it has a considerable amount of weight. Therefore, all of its six legs should be installed properly. Additionally, proper staking measures should be taken according to the manual provided. That would ensure a sturdy tent for safe housing.

family in a tent

What Are The Material Compositions?

The Material Of Tent

For longevity, the floor comprises polyethylene with a silver coating for the color. It has antifungal properties, and despite its seamless appeal, it is a highly durable material. Overall, it would seem like the design is too identical to the bathtub-like model. 

190T grade polyester is coated with polyurethane. What does it mean? This tent is highly waterproof (2500 mm), especially with a full fly design. Any seam is completely taped to prevent any leakage. While the outer tent is waterproof, the inner tent offers you a mesh roof and a polyester construct. Overall, this tent’s material meets the standard of CPAI-84. 

The Rigid Poles

The tent has a design that makes the poles appear from the outside, with sleeves provided at the outer section of the tent. Its lower side has clips to bolt the poles with the fly. These clips are designed to be pin and ting type for the tents and fly to connect with the poles easily. Overall, it is a layout that prioritizes the fly. Therefore, your inner tent, as intended, will always be protected by the outer tent. Thus, making it great during the time of rain. You wouldn’t have to face a wet tent that is prominent in the designs that have fly in the end design. 

Each pole is around seven feet long in height with two awnings. This makes it a fantastic construct. As for the material, the poles comprise of steel that is powder-coated to fight off the elements. Thus, it is not prone to corrosion, rust, and other problems. Similarly, fiberglass is utilized for the roof frame for aesthetic and protection purposes. 

The Ventilation And Other Prominent Features

As stated above, ventilation was given good thought. Therefore, for the material, you have polyester that is highly breathable and mesh design for most of the ventilation requirements. There is a roof with a mesh; the three doors of the outer tent also follow the mesh and panel material. For better ventilation, full fly with mesh on the door is a good choice. There are also vents provided on the fly. However, the best part is the screen room. Alternatively known as poch area with mesh covering for ventilation. Overall, this tent is one of the best-ventilated tents available. 

There are many other handy features that tent offers. It brings you:

  • Hanging loops for lanterns
  • Two carry bags for storage, very well designed to be aesthetically appealing
  • Capacious utility pockets are also available
  • For drainage of rainwater and to prevent cold drafts, you also get mud flaps across the ten
  • There is a gear loft provided for storage

All of these further enhance the appeal of this tent and make it a worthwhile and valuable selection. 

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Why Should You Buy NTK Texas GT Tent?

A Year-Round Tent

What it means is that the tent was designed to withstand three different seasons. Therefore, you can use this tent at any time of the year. It has fantastic ventilation and impeccable rain protection with waterproof material. Additionally, with the skirt, you get a great addition to prevent cold drafts. It is a full-fly tent, so you needn’t worry about that section. Apart from the mesh design, each door and window has another closing for extra protection from the elements that you can utilize. Thereby, it is a great selection for any season. 

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How About That Space?

While the company has attempted to provide a tent to accommodate 6-7 people, it is impossible. Primarily, it is due to the varying height, length, and width of the tent. Even if you manage to fit seven people, it would be suffocating. Therefore, it is better for three to four people, perhaps. Which means that if you’re looking to buy this for more people, then that won’t work out well. Even if we consider the inner and outer tent, their respective areas, and other points, it will still fall short. In simple words, space-wise, it is not accurate. However, other features make it worthwhile. 

As there is a screen room in the area of the inner tent, there isn’t any floor. So, while you can still attempt to sleep there, it is better for sitting and camping. In short, this tent is more suitable for a family, and in that regard, it is an exceptional addition to your camping trips. 

Convenience To Carry

It is true that the tent is on the heavier spectrum of things. The overall weight is around 20 kgs, but that is due to six leg poles and four awning poles. Additionally, you have roof poles and other integrations for reinforced construction to withstand any climate. So its heavy-duty performance makes it worth the weight. Of course, you should not carry the tent on a person, but in a car or some other vehicle. However, it is a good tent for its weight. 

Final Verdict With Results

The NTK Texas GT is one of the most brilliantly crafted tents. It is full of features and great integrations across the model. However, it is certainly more on the heavier side of the cabin-style tents. Similarly, despite intending to provide shelter for around seven people, it falls short on the space. Overall, if you’re looking for a tent that is premium-grade with great features, then you’ve got yourself a deal. It is a significantly feasible and high value for money in its league. Below are some ratings, pros, and cons.

Pros Cons
  • Full of features
  • Great ventilation
  • Premium-material
  • Great protection and waterproof capabilities
  • Highly feasible and conveniently functional
  • Bulky to pack or store
  • Equally heavy to carry
  • Less than the marked capacity


This article is intended to be a review according to a personal evaluation and experience. Therefore, these are just opinions. Nobody was paid to promote the product in any manner. This is for information purposes.